watching movies with the sounds off

  • Aries: *scrolls through pictures of sexy people on Instagram*
  • Taurus: *turns on pleasant rain sounds*
  • Gemini: *thinks about their past decisions in life and cringes*
  • Cancer: *watches a sad movie until they knock out*
  • Leo: *counts sheep and realizes that its bullshit and doesn't work*
  • Virgo: *scrolls through Tumblr until they get bored*
  • Libra: *jacks/jills off*
  • Scorpio: *writes a blog until they get tired*
  • Sagittarius: *stares at the ceiling*
  • Capricorn: *can't ever fall asleep*
  • Aquarius: *thinks about the most deep shit ever*
  • Pisces: *takes a sleeping pill*
Underage Little Stuggles

Me:*in class at the end of the day hearing the buses being called*

Me:*gets phone call and answers*

Me:*in normal teenaging voice* Hello

Daddy: Hey princess, how was your day

Me:*still in teenaging voice* Fine, I just have stay after for stupid ass play practice

Daddy: *chuckles and uses deep dominant voice* Hey watch your mouth

Me: *trying to normal in front of my friends because daddy knows what that does to me* y-yeah okay sorry

Daddy: Good princess

Me:*internal screams*

Daddy: Since you’ve been so good let’s go to the movies tomorrow, yeah?

Me:*practically biting lip off so i wont squeal and scream* Sure, yeah, sounds like fun

Daddy: huh, you don’t sound so happy, what’s wrong with daddy’s good little girl

Me:*can’t take it anymore and voice get high and excited* nothing daddy, I’m your happy good girl, see, see

Daddy:*laughing* I see, well I better go your friends are probably waiting

Me:*looks up at friends*

Friends: wtf fam

some things alec would totally say to his glittering warlock boyf

  • “i hate people. no offense”
  • replying to “fuck you” with “not now i’m in the middle of something”
  • very specific appearance compliments. “i like your triangle eyeliner”
  • “if we’re gonna watch this movie, you have to promise to cry too”
  • insults that he asks izzy to come up with. five minutes after an argument is over he goes to magnus & reads “dating you is like hugging a cactus in slow motion twice a day” off his phone screen
  • “you would tell me if my stomach wasn’t a good pillow, right??”
  • they both say “behave” like too often
  • “can’t you just [poorly imitates magic hand movements] it?”
  • “love you”’s that sound rly off-handed but if magnus turns to look at him alec is like. gazing back
Tornado with legs

Levi scrubs the last of the dirt off the coffee table. “Finally.” That’s the last time he trusts Isabel to bring a ‘mystery box’ into the apartment.

He hears a crash in the kitchen, followed by a squeak of “Oops!” Isabel is a freaking tornado with legs. He sighs as he goes to investigate what she’s mussed up now.

“I was never-”

“I know,” Isabel interrupts. “You were never this crazy when you were 5!” she mimics with R’s that sound suspiciously like W’s.

Levi suppresses a grin at her sass. He shoos her off while he rights the stool she managed to topple over.

The doorbell rings and Isabel rounds the corner at top speed. “I’ll get it!”

“No, no, no!” Levi scoops her up. “Remember what we talked about? You’re going to watch a movie while Eren and I study.”

Isabel nods wisely. “‘Cause it took you a whole year just to invite him over.”

Sure, tell the kid a million times not to jump on the furniture with muddy shoes and it’s in one ear and out the other. Mention your undying crush on a certain football player while you think she’s napping, however, and she remembers every single word you say about him. Unless, of course, Hange told her. Quite frankly he wouldn’t put it past them.

Levi takes a deep breath. “Don’t repeat that again,” he says. “Ever.”

Isabel giggles.

Eren knocks on their door. Levi sets Isabel down. “You remember how to set up Netflix?”

Duh,” Isabel says proudly before marching towards the living room.

Levi laughs. He never imagined himself as the guardian of such a spunky kid at the age of 19, but she makes him a little more grateful for it every day. Even if she does like to pour an entire bottle of bubble bath in the tub and turn the water on full blast. He shudders.

He makes one last stop at the mirror in the hallway to fix his hair before he opens the door. He has to pause a second, the same as always, and just admire Eren’s radiant smile before he can say hello.

“Levi!” Eren says. “How’s it- oh, who’s this little angel?” he asks, peeking around Levi.

Angel. Levi almost snorts.

“I’m Izzy!” Isabel says confidently. “And I’m-”

“Supposed to be watching a movie,” Levi finishes for her, turning around to fix her with a stern look.

Isabel sticks her tongue out at him.

“Izzy, huh?” Eren smiles another brilliant, blinding, beautiful smile. “That’s a cool name.”

Isabel nods. “And you’re Eren.”

Eren tilts his head at her and Levi’s stomach drops a little. “How did you know that?” Eren asks.

“Green eyes. Nice hair. Pretty face.” Isabel ticks each point off on her fingers. “You gotta be Eren.”

“Izzy!” Levi whispers.

Eren raises his brows at Levi’s back.

Levi’s face burns. He refuses to turn around; half because he can’t look at Eren right now, half because he’s having a stare down with a pint-sized hurricane that possesses just as much bravado as he does.

Eren pipes up against the silence that has fallen over the apartment. “Pretty face, huh?”

And like a switch, Isabel goes from scowling to grinning. “Uh huh. Levi talks about you lots. Like, all the time.”


“S’kinda annoying. But he really, really likes-” Levi clamps a hand over her mouth.

“She’s had a little too much sugar,” he explains apologetically. He shoots Isabel a look. “I’ll make sure she doesn’t get anymore for a while.”

Isabel glares at Levi. A hint of mischief lights up her eyes, and before Levi can work out what she’s up to- “Ew!” - she licks his hand.

Levi grumbles his way to the bathroom, turning the water on as hot as he can handle it.

Eren shifts under Isabel’s intense stare. She’s sizing him up, lips set in a firm line and eyes narrowed. She nods, satisfied with whatever conclusion she’s come to and takes Eren by the hand. “C’mon. I’ll paint your nails.”

Eren laughs, and allows her to lead him into the living room. She chatters away a mile a minute. He tries his best to keep up, and nods encouragingly when she finds the perfect nail polish to match his black shirt: the brightest blue in her collection.

He looks around at the pictures on the walls, tempted to ask who they all are, but Isabel says something that catches his attention.

“What was that, Izzy?”

“You’re nice,” she repeats. “That’s why Uncle Levi likes you so much.” She brushes another coat on his index nail. Half of it ends up on his skin. “You like him too, don’t you?” She looks up at Eren and smiles. “I can tell.”

Levi watches them from the archway, waiting eagerly for an answer. Eren simply smiles at Isabel, and when she resumes her work on his fingernails, he gives a small nod.

Isabel is a freaking tornado with legs, and Levi loves her more than anything in the world. Though, watching Eren ruffle her hair with his clean hand, he’s becoming a close second.

YES! (Stiles Stilinski)


I was walking down the hallways to my locker, like I normally do, when my boyfriend came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist.

“Hey gorgeous.” he kissed my temple.

“Hi handsome.” I smiled.

“So I was thinking that you should come over tonight.”

“And do what?” I asked as I put my books away.

“I don’t really care watch a movie, play a board game, I don’t really care as long as I’m with you.” he beamed at me.

“Stilinski family game night sounds cool. Will Papa bear be there?” 

“I mean he’s off work tonight.”

“Perfect! I’ll see you at seven?”

“That sounds good to me.” he kissed my cheek and we walked out to the parking lot together.

At promptly seven o’clock pm I arrived at the Stilinski household, wearing sweatpants and Stiles lacrosse sweatshirt with my hair put up in a messy bun. The Stilinski’s never cared what I wore and they always treated me like family which I loved. When I knocked on the door Stiles answered also wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt.

“This is why I love you.” He chuckled referring too our outfits. He led me inside and Papa Stilinski was in the kitchen setting up sorry.

“Why does it look like I’m harboring hobos?” Stilinski asked jokingly.

“Haha very funny dad.”

 I took the seat next to Stiles and across from Stilinski. When the game started it got very heated right away. Stiles likes to win. He doesn’t like to lose. When we got close to the end I chose to sorry Stiles and not Sherrif because Stiles was closer to my home. Stiles jumped up and threw the board upside down.

“Stiles! What are you doing!”

“This isn’t fair!”

“What! Was I supposed to sorry your dad enough though it would take longer for me?”

“YES!” he screamed.

“Are you seriously mad?”


“Are you going to be complaining all night?” I sighed.


“Do you love me?”


“Than can you calm down so we can cuddle and watch a movie?”

“Yes…” he said a lot quieter

“Okay can you go put Star Wars on while I pop the popcorn?”

“Yes.” he smiled and ran off.

“I don’t know how you do it. It used to take me hours to calm that boy down after his fits.”

“It’s nothing really.” I shrugged.

“Really though, thank you Y/N. Thank you for making him happy. You really mean a lot to him you know that.”

“I know.” I smiled.

“I really appreciate it Y/N. You’re an honorary Stilinski in my book.” 

“Thank you.” I giggled. He held out his arms and I ran into them as he gave me a big Papa Bear hug before I scurried off to make popcorn for Stiles and I.

Idk I just thought this was cute, I saw the gif and just started writing and this is what I came up with so I hope you like it.

Asexual!MC + MM Characters
  • Jumin: "what do you want to do tonight?"
  • MC: "not you."
  • Jaehee: "MC, I have a thread loose on this shirt, can you give me some scissors?"
  • MC: "sorry, I can't scissor you"
  • Zen: "grilled duck sounds pretty good for dinner, thoughts?"
  • MC: "I prefer not to eat anything that is one vowel off from the male genitalia"
  • Yoosung: "What color theme SHOULD I set my LOLOL avatar as?"
  • MC: "black, gray, white, and purple are pretty nice colors"
  • 707: "cover your eyes, MC, there's a sex scene in this movie and ~god is watching~"
  • MC: "you don't have to tell me twice"
Paradise// Chandler Riggs Imagine

C H A N D L E R // E D I T E D // 7 4 1

Short n sweet :) REQUEST HERE

“Chan stop hogging the Goddamn blanket!” I complain as I tried yet again to pry the blanket we were ‘sharing’ from my boyfriend.

“But it’s so warm!” Chandler huffs from somewhere inside the massive blanket cocoon he’s created around himself. I could imagine him jutting his bottom lip out in that adorable way he always did. I rolled my eyes, but grabbed a blanket of my own from the opposite couch. he’s such a child.

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anonymous asked:

OMG what about RFA & V & Saeran reacting to MC literally being scared to anything but a butterfly? (Like I relate to this so hard, I can watch millions of horror movies and go to tons of haunted houses but nothing can get me more freaked out than a freaking butterfly??? XD)

So first off, what you are describing sounds a lot more like a phobia than fear. I would try some methods that help against phobia depending on how much this effects your life. Anyway, there isn’t much to say as to how the guys would react to this and I’m also trying out new styles so, so this one will be a little short I still hope you enjoy :)



♬ he’s confused like ¯\_(゚⌓゚)_/¯ ??

♬ at first he thinks you’re pulling some kind of prank

♬ cause just last night you laughed your ass off when he’d screamed because of a horror movie

♬ but no, you’re legitimately running away from a butterfly

♬ he tells you to go to the bedroom and wait there

♬ Zen then proceeds to catch the butterfly and let it free outside

♬ then he shuts the windows and joins you in the bedroom

♬ he pulls you into a hug and calms you by brushing through your hair

♬ from that moment on he plays knight in shining armour

♬  protecting you from those nightmares dressed like daydreams


★ he found out in the worst way possibly

★ like legit the worst, no kidding

★ you know how at weddings they sometimes let white doves fly?

★ he’d felt uncomfortable about birds but thought that hey, butterflies are cute, right?

★ yeah…no bueno

★ the only good thing was that it happened after the ceremony

★ you’d run out like you’d seen the devil only to barricade yourself in the bathroom

★ it took an hour of gentle talking, hugging and rocking to calm you down

★ needless to say your wedding make-up and hair were ruined

★ well, at least he knew what to avoid from now on


♨ she’s the type of person that doesn’t find out by chance but by asking

♨ mainly because you two always watch horror movies but you never react

♨ she’s shivering and hiding behind pillows while you eat popcorn comfortably

♨ it made her wonder what you were scared off, so she asked

♨ luckily you’d been honest with her

♨ which made her realizing that you were actually suffering from a phobia

♨ you both found a little over the top to go to a therapist so she read up on the manner

♨ she made a list of methods and went through them

♨ some worked better than others, obviously, but you still tried them all

♨ it was a long process, but at the end of it you could actually touch a butterfly


♛ it starts as a mild annoyance

♛ you’d been enjoying a nice walk through his beloved gardens

♛ and suddenly you were running of screaming like a lunatic

♛ he’d instantly put all the guards on high alert 

♛ only to find out it was a butterfly that caused it

♛ still he tries to be understanding about it until it happens again

♛ you were enjoying a picnic in the park when suddenly poof

♛ ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=ε=₍₍ ᕕ(´ʘ⌓ʘ)ᕗ⁾⁾

♛ once the bodyguard manage to catch you Jumin decided to take measures

♛ he sends you to therapy so not another date shall be ruined by a butterfly ever again


☼ he blamed not knowing on the fact that phobias weren’t in any medical files

☼ otherwise he totally would have known about your phobia, okay?!

☼ now the thing is, he totally wanted to help you

☼ he did the research and stuff like that, no questions asked

☼ however, in Saeyoungs life a lot of things only happened on the screen

☼ and things were much easier said and read than done

☼ so when he attempted to cure phobia by sending Saeran to get some butterflies…

☼ well let’s say you weren’t the only one afraid of them

☼ he’d seen his brother play with one in photos, but never one in real life

☼ at least neither of you had to scream and cry alone when Saeran threw them at you


☀ he laughs a lot

☀ like he has legit tears in his eyes as he watches you run around the table like a maniac

☀ just so a fucking butterfly wouldn’t land on you

☀ he actually hast to hunch over and lean against the table not to sink to the floor from laughter

☀ he is also an asshole about it

☀ I’m talking 24/7 teasing

“Who he fuck is even afraid of a butterfly?!”

☀ he is also the type of person to catch some to chase you with one or multiple in hand

☀ not to mention that one time he filled the entire bathroom with them for you to find…

☀ your reaction promptly ended on YouTube with quite a few hits


📷 after you’d finally convinced him to get his eyes fixed he’d taken up photography again

📷 in fact, he saw it as a second chance and really gave it his fullest

📷 he even went as far as to rebuild his home studio and work there daily

📷 usually you loved to watch but this time was different

📷 when you came home your face fell and you started to scream and cry

📷 V didn’t understand what was going on

📷 he’d merely been photographing a butterfly on a flower?!

📷 then you asked him to kill it, kill it, kill it and he somehow got the drill

📷 from that moment on he made it a habit to work outside a little more

📷 …he was a little pale anyway…