watching kids murdering people

White people love to say that “My family never owned slaves!!!!” bullshit but you literally never hear them talk about shit during Jim Crow or even anything from the last century.

Your family never owned slaves? Great! But did they show up to public lynchings that whole towns would literally show up for? Did your grandpa pour hot coffee on a lunch counter protester? Did your grandma ever throw rocks at a black child trying to go to school?

Like white people are quick to defend their family name from slavery but they don’t ever consider all the awful shit that was so commonplace AFTER slavery.

Like y'all had people packing lunches and taking the kids out to watch black people get MURDERED. The whole goddamn town showing up. How many white people who say “My family never owned slaves!” probably have guilty ass family members who were front row for a lynching?

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How often do you hear people say "Marvel movies are for kids!" Do you sometimes ask "which ones?" Yes clearly watching Iron Man swear, being an alcoholic playboy, & killing terrorists with a high-tech suit is for kids. Watching Logan swear & murder people in various ways is for kids. Seeing Deadpool get pegged by his girlfriend (& later murdering people to rescue her) is clearly for kids. Thor electrocuting his foes to death is for kids. Loki stabbing others is for kids. Amirite?

I don’t think anyone’s said “Marvel movies are for kids” to ME. They’re general audience stuff. Although they’re definitely older-kid-safe, IMHO. I would never show a child Batman V Superman.

Heck, I’d never show ANYONE that fucking movie.

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Sansa/Petyr is abusive and creepy and Jaime/Cersei is incestuous what is wrong with you to have these as fave ships

I watch a show where people get horrifically murdered (including kids) and that’s the thing you’re upset about

Watching a documentary about kids who murdered people. and there’s this one guy who just won’t admit what he did and is acting like he’s the victim, but his accomplice admits that what he did was wrong and completely blames himself. He said that he spent his life in prison begging the girl he killed for forgiveness and it’s so upsetting and hard to watch. He wrote on his cell wall “rest in peace cassie, I love you, Please forgive me”.