watching it with opal

some doodles with a trio of dresses i found in my massive fashion folder


A month worth of mini illustrations I did for my instagram! follow me at : skyneverthelimit . some character designs for Agni and Kali. I also brought Yo Kai Watch and I love it and wanted to draw my witch Opal interacting with these ghostly creatures!

I will be moving back home in two days 


My half of the rushed as fuck haul. Took about 2 hours

Bareskin Foundation~ $29
Liquid lipstick X2~ $48
Brow wiz~ $21
Moondust X4~$84
Nyx lipstick~ $6
Nyx pencil~$4
Sweet Peach Blush~$30
Sweet peach lip gloss~$20

Altard state
Opal earrings~$13
Earring set~$15
Green earrings~$13
Diamond earrings~$13
Gold Choker~$20
Large stone pendant~$30
Opal necklace~$25
Stick necklace~$25
Phone case~$35
Brallete X2~$50
Green dress~$70
Pink Shirt~$70
Fur jacket~$130

Victorias secret

Gray Babydoll~$50
panties X2 ~$20
Onesie X2~$100

Bathing suit~$170????

Grand Total~$1,210
I’ll probably upload my partner’s haul later.

farmer ronan and college student adam!!!!

  • adam staying at the barns when he’s on break from school (sometimes ronan visits him in his dorm on weekends)
  • sometimes they get up really early to go feed the deer
  • one time adam comes back after a couple weeks and ronan has acquired a pond AND ducks. ducklings. waddling all over ronan’s lap.
  • sometimes they get up really late and are lazy in bed and maybe they have breakfast in bed roll around as sunlight leaks into the room and that’s ronan’s Favorite thing bc sunlight and adam parrish are a magical combination
  • anyway
  • ronan and adam laying down in the grass of the cow field while the sun is setting
  • they watch the fireflies float around them and opal runs around trying to catch them
  • this is adam’s Favorite thing bc fireflies and moonlight and ronan lynch are a magical combination
  • maybe they get a dog
  • maybe they have a cat in the barn and then KITTENS
  • blue, gansey, and henry come over to see the kittens and end up taking 2 of them home
  • late nights sitting on the porch in rocking chairs bc ronan is trying to embrace his Old Man Farmer aesthetic
  • adam always fixes the tractor when it breaks down. ronan likes it when mechanic!adam makes an appearance
  • adam doing the whole “honey i’m home!” thing when he comes home from school (HOME)
  • ronan and opal in the kitchen attempting to cook except opal isn’t the most helpful and also ronan doesn’t stop her from eating things before he’s finished
  • ronan grabbing adam with flour covered hands and kissing him hello
  • Life on the Farm With Ronan and Adam is my new favorite thing

Ronan and Opal though. I just want to talk about Ronan being /good/ with his strange daughter:

  • I often think about Ronan and Opal learning to be affectionate towards each other
  • like imagine Opal watching Ronan with all his friends and family, how he is with Adam. Fish bumps, and hair ruffles and soft kisses and tight hugs
  • and she sees just how all these moments matter to Ronan, how he cherishes them, how soft he looks when people show him affection and support
  • and she gets it and she wants it
  • so one night Ronan goes to put her to bed and he’s leaning over her to tuck her in and everything is quiet
  • and they exchange this soft look and Opal feels safe with him and she wants to show him that she cares so she pulls him down and kisses his forehead.
  • Ronan is floored and he feels his heart lurch so he kisses her cheek in return 
  • Afterwards it becomes more natural for them
  • Opal loves cuddles so whenever they’re watching tv, she just snuggles up to Ronan
  • Ronan for his part is very big on kisses so he showers her with small kisses
  • Sometimes it tickles, so she giggles
  • Ronan is Overwhelmed™
  • OKAY ALSO imagine Ronan teaching her. He can’t enrol her to school and even though he hated school himself he won’t deprive her of education so he teaches her.
  • and at first it’s a hassle because she’s quite happy just trailing Ronan everywhere
  • but Ronan is so keen so she relents and she is SO GOOD!
  • Opal shows her homework to Adam on facetime and Adam is so fucking proud 
  • He doesn’t miss the chance to tease Ronan for becoming a teacher
  • Ronan literally couldn’t give less of a fuck 
  • As long as Adam’s smiling and Opal is safe, he’s #blessed
  • ALSO ALSO Opal learning to be a farmer. Using all the tools and the machines (with supervision of course) and shepherding the animals and being so GOOD AT IT! Ronan is so proud!!!!
  • Ronan and Opal learning to cook and bake together
  • Ronan and Opal preparing care packages for Adam.
  • Ronan and Opal calling Gansey on his birthday and singing an atrociously out of tune happy birthday
  • Opal asking Ronan to teach her how to skateboard whenever Ronan misses Noah
  • Opal playing with Blue’s hair and Ronan watching from afar, heart full.
  • Just Ronan and Opal!!!!

“Opal Forgets” comics. long post

based on

opal is very forgetful and even a bit absent minded when it comes to instructions, but when she’s focused she excels above the rest. which might explain how she manages to pass despite the circumstances…

1. in the first comic/first row, opal forgets her socks on the way to school. she goes back home to get them, but forgets what she was doing and watches tv the rest of the day.

2. opal misunderstands what mrs. maheswaran meant by home-work

3. opal forgets her bow for her archery classes


i almost choke to death while laughing at this  
the answer song part and also opal tho lmao!!!! 

Aright I have a headcanon that kai and opal grew into some of the most powerful airbender around because they learned to incorporate aspects of earth and metalbending into their airbending forms

kai may have hated it, but he still picked up a few tricks while he was captured by the earth queen. rather than focus on the simple drills they were being taugh, he began to study the techniques employed by the dai li; quick, quiet, and light on their feet, but also able to use low stances and powerful forms to add strength to their moves. As he progressed in airbending kai began adapting some of their style into his own personal techniques, in order to give himself some extra grit and strength in combat while not sacrificing the agility required to airbend effectively.

for her part, opal grew up watching her brothers and mother metalbend. Suyin in particular had an effect on opal, and watching her dance performances lent her and even greater degree of precision and fluidity than what can be found in normal airbending. Opal’s personalized style as she began studying airbending revolved around efficiency and fluidity; being able to shift from one stance to another with minimal wasted time or energy. (She’s also one of the few airbenders who still trains with a glider/staff occasionally because I imagine su could teach her a few tricks when it comes to staff fighting.

Like damn.)

Black Owned Makeup Brands MATTER!! 
Watch Alyssa use only black-owned brands to attain this look. Also send her more brand names to use.. since she asked!