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Congratulations girls on your successful comeback and 9 wins! Thank you for your hard work and perseverance throughout Rookie promotions! We will miss you and we will work harder for you guys during your next comeback! Rest up and eat lots! Let’s all watch Joy’s drama together ^_^ #ThankYouRedVelvet

Dating Aaron Would Include:

• Him trying to get you to watch Game of Thrones with him but him having to explain everything to you

• Constantly checking in on you when you’re sick

• Him making you a bomb ass breakfast in bed

• Him just wanting to cook for you all the time tbh

• Blaring music in his car and singing loudly

• Him calling you at the end of the day when he’s out of town and you guys talking about how your days went together

• Binge watching movies together

• “Stop doing laundry and come cuddle”

• Him wanting to rehearse lines with you

• Dancing together for no reason at all

• Not leaving for work until he gets a kiss from you

• P r o t e c t i v e

• Calling him Aar Bear !!!!

• Wearing his baseball jerseys because you know he loves the way they look on you

• Loving the way he gets when he talks about something he’s passionate about

• Watching him freak out over sports

So my bf and I were marathoning snk yesterday (we literally plowed through episode 10 to episode 25 lmao) and I legit actually teared up at levi squad dying and I don’t think I’ve ever done that before.

It was refreshing watching the whole thing like that again. It’s been ages since I actually watched through the anime.

I remember how much I used to really appreciate Erwin too which was nice… like, really nice.

I need to get back to reading the manga over again with my mind refreshed on what I loved so much from the getgo.


Hey guys!! Just wanted to let you know I’m SUPER not dead, and I’ve just been crazy busy with commissions and work and whatnot. I’ve been so work-oriented I haven’t got to watch SPN for like 4 episodes now. HIDEOUS!!!!

But I’m catching up and working to get those commissions done – I still totally wanna do a contest for the blog, but first I gotta see when everything falls on. Rest assured, I definitely wanna.

Also, I have a new plot for asksamstuff planned, like Ask Little Sam! The only problem is it’s inspired by my Sam Winchester Big Bang, so I’ll have to announce that when my Big Bang is posted, so I don’t spoil the twist. I’m so excited to see what happens with it, though!!!!

I’ll reblog it here on the blog, so you can read it, sometime in the next week or so-ish.

Thanks for your patience with me on my slow months. I love ya guys!

– Ashlee

P.S. Just for fun, tell me your favorite Sam scene in SPN.

I Have To Suffer Through This In My Head So You Do Too (Fresh Sans Playlist)

Our fav eyesore belongs to @loverofpiggies 

Join me in the suffering I can never hear Bruno Mars ever without bursting out i laughter my life is ruined.

24K Magic by Bruno Mars

Watch the video. Just do it. Okay now mentally replace Bruno with Fresh and proceed to die. It doesn’t help that Bruno is wearing shades the entire fuckin time, even at night. Like what?? Did Bruno get infected or something. 

Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars & Mark Ronson

Same rule, superimpose Fresh on Bruno. Except now, choose the most enthusiastic background dancer and the least enthusiastic person in every scene and imagine Fresh dragged Ink and Error in to shoot the music video. At any scene where someone is sitting down, imagine Error looking pissed and tied in his own strings just stuck to the chair while Fresh jams it out.

Treasure by Bruno Mars

This one’s for y’all Fresh fuckers. You know the rules. Enjoy yourself as the raddest parasite ever kind of aggressively serenades you. 

That is all. Thank you for listening and proceed with your ruined lives.


thoughts on rocknaldo

 That’s right, guys. I finally watched it.

Of course Crewniverse makes another amazing episode. I’m not… exactly sure if the gems were coded as a certain underprivileged group, but either way it was nice to Ronaldo presume the role of the Ultimate Ally ™. The Bloodstone thing was absolutely hilarious, since it reminds me of how desperately allies want to be thanked for their !!godly work!! and ‘included in the group’. ‘Rock people’ sounded a LOT like a slur. All the little things, like throwing Steven out, who WAS an actual gem, was just perfect. I loved it.

Honestly man, if you want to learn how to be a decent ally, look at this episode. More shows need to do lessons like this.

You know the more I think about it the more I feel in that scene with Trev, Juggie was so quick to say ‘murder board’ to Betty’s ‘We’re working on -’ before she could complete her sentence to actually scare him off like hey, pretty boy, you may have asked this beautiful blonde out thinking she’s hot but actually she’s crazy scary and working on solving murders closeted in tiny, dark spaces with me so you better watch out or she might go all dark and twisty on you cos you seem like a nice simple guy who can’t handle all that shit but I’m totally okay with it, cos you know, I’m dark and twisty as well and I sleep at drive-ins and we both have the same movie tastes and I totally get her and we co-ordinate our mourning outfits and are badass at dark, twisty, Gothic manor horrors and snooping around in dead boys’ bedrooms’ and I can totally read her mind and we’re gonna kiss soon so just a fair warning, Trev - BUZZ OFF! And no offence.. 

me, to myself through gritted teeth, after watching a new show and liking literally hundreds of posts relating to it: okay now pick the PERFECT one and ONLY reblog that one because you need to show some goddamn SELF-CONTROL. MAYBE put one in the queue. don’t overdo it this time

me, a day later: hi guys so i’ve switched fandoms,

can i just say how utterly proud i am of seokjin and namjoon? i’ve always been a proud ‘they can actually dance’ kinda gal, but when you watch the fancams from the shows in seoul and the music video for ‘not today’, it’s obvious that they’ve put in so much work and improved so damn much. my heart literally swells at the thought of them working their asses off to improve for us and it’s payed off by the bucket load. hopefully people will actually begin to say, ‘oh yeah, these guys can actually dance’ rather than write them off as the two who are awful.

hey guys it’s me, White Straight Girl Who Looks Hot (?) But Watch Out She’s Wacky!! Model Number #1283. i know it’s hard out there to be a comedienne in such a male driven industry, but fear not! I am going to break NEW GROUND by writing work just as unfunny and meanspirited and built on ethnic/gender/sexuality-based stereotypes as most male comedians, but sometimes I’ll shove in a paaaainful “feminism is awesome” joke so 💅🏻😏💄💋sip on that!!!!! also I’ll have a violently racist meltdown every 6 months that everyone will forget about immediately

favorite things my intro lit professor said this past semester, with no context:

  • “today we’re handing out an award for the worst Bible father”
  • “ah, my son, go fuck yourself”
  • “someone else read, I’m tired of hearing the sound of my own voice. I’m kidding, that will never happen. but seriously. someone.” 
  • “okay! phallus doesn’t work, gotta have a life now”
  • “I would have loved if Santa Claus was a poet, he would have written some wild Freudian Rudolph poems”
  • “it’s parching time”
  • “don’t talk to me about Barbie Rapunzel. I’ve watched Barbie Rapunzel four times.”
  • “if you’re gonna get flayed, it might as well be elaborate”
  • “come on guys I too am tired and hungry but this class is going to be so boring if none of you talk”
  • “and Quilty won the internet that day”
  • “I see them now, all of your little post-it notes of hate”

A brand new grimoire page all done! A compass-inspired pendulum board coffee stained on top of a collage of newsprint. Now that this is done, I can continue going through all the asks in my inbox! Sorry for the delay!

Also! Thank you so much for 1000+ followers! It’s honestly amazing how far this blog has gone in a short span of several months and I hope to continue watching it grow. I plan on posting lots more grimoire pages and perhaps if you guys are interested, some process work? Like how one of my pages comes together, from first idea to final piece? Any suggestions as to what you’d like to see more of would be great!


As team manager, Lardo is used to looking out for certain signals from her boys.
Shitty swears the most when he’s happiest, but if he says “damn” more than “fuck” then his family probably called, and he needs to come “help her work” (also known as, “watch her work while holding her paints and unironically listening to Black Parade”).
Jack muttering in French isn’t a problem, unless he’s staring into space at the same time. Then it’s time to get Shitty and make a run to the library for a WWII documentary.
Ransom and Holster have been tending to each other’s needs from the moment they met, so it’s just a matter of listening to what they say the other needs.
Bitty’s moods are as transparent as his crush on Jack, so it’s just knowing when to turn the oven off or when to ask him what’s up.
She and Dex have an open-door policy: any time he needs to vent or get angry or just talk without fear of judgment, consequences, or well-meaning advice, he comes to her, and she takes care of him however he asks her to, no questions asked.
She reads Nursey’s poetry on a daily basis. For all his “chill” exterior, his poetry shows a range of passion and emotion that is almost too intense, even for her. She’s still experimenting with reactions - autumnal themes sometimes mean he wants to spend more time with Dex, but sometimes it means he just wants to get away from everything for a while. She’s planning on taking a poetry class next semester as an elective to try to get a better understanding of the boy.
Chowder, though. Chowder is a mystery. When she first met him, she started to treat him like Bitty, expecting his emotions to be just as close to the surface and obvious to understand, but it took her one week of practice to change her mind. The boy had anger, the deep, quiet kind that was all the more deadly for its stillness. On the ice, his eyes were colder than the surface he skated on, and she reconsidered.
She’s not ashamed to say that she stalked him on Facebook (especially compared to the amount of research she did for Jack, and is doing for Nursey). She dug up everything she could find on him, and still came up empty, so she returned to basics. She did what every art major does best; she watched.
She watched how his babbling was broken up by bursts of silence, his enthusiasm by periods of narrow-eyed concentration, his joyful exuberance by naps on the couch. Most of all, she watched him on the ice, how that seemed to be the only place he let the cold take over, the force and ferocity with which he repelled the pucks shot his way. She watched, waiting for the moment she understood what was happening inside his head, until the moment she realized she never would.
“Where are we going?” Chowder asked as they left the Haus, toward the end of the semester.
“The counseling center,” she replied, “but only if you want to.” She swallowed when the boy - the man, she corrected herself, spotting the ice and weariness that did not exist in children’s eyes - pull up short.
“Why?” One word, not particularly angry, but not particularly forgiving, either. Lardo drew herself up.
“Chowder, it’s my job to look after my boys,” she started. “I make sure everyone is okay, and everyone has what they need to get through the season. Maybe this is hubris, but I kinda think I’m good at it.”
“You are,” Chowder interrupted, and Lardo smiled at him.
“Maybe, but even I have my limits. You’re hurting, Chris, in ways I don’t have words for, in places I don’t know how to get to. You don’t have to go into it, but am I wrong?” Silence greeted her, and she watched Chowder’s shoulders slump. “I may not be able to help you, but at least let me get you to someone who can.” After a long moment, Chowder nodded, and they took off again.
“I thought I was hiding it,” he murmured after a minute, and Lardo looked up at him.
“You were, quite well, actually,” she replied. “I never would have seen if I hadn’t been looking. But that’s the point; you didn’t need to. You never need to. Everybody needs somebody sometimes. That’s what I’m here for.”
“Because it’s your job.”
“Yes,” she agreed. “But also because I’m your friend.” They had reached the front of the counseling center. She looked back up at him. “You want me to wait for you?”
“No,” he replied, his eyes already far away, on ice. They cleared for just long enough for him to look down at her. “But can you get Bitty to make me a blueberry pie, for when I get back? I think I’m going to need one.”
“Yeah, course.” She watched as he walked away, before putting in the order with Bitty and sidestepping his concern via text. He didn’t thank her, they never do, but she didn’t need it anyway.
As team manager, Lardo is used to looking after her boys. And in the case of her Californian goalie, that means a weekly walk to counseling and a pie order for afterwards.
God, she loves her job.

things people forget about the outsiders

these are some pretty important things i think people should know bc it could help them w/ their character development or story in general. enjoy!

• sodapop would’ve joined dally in dirty talking cherry and marcia. and if they were greaser girls, ponyboy would’ve joined in as well.


• johnny is really good at hiding his emotions. he’s also a brave little shit who can get real sassy sometimes. yes, he is meek and shy, but when he feels the need he can be tough.

• steve is still in school. repeat after me, stEVE IS STILL IN SCHOOL AND ONLY WORKS PART TIME.

• the guys only watch their swearing and behavior around cousin-type girls. if your character is a new friend of pony’s who’s coming over for the first time, the gang isn’t gonna be super-duper nice to her and accept her 100%. they will probabaly be jerk-faces for a lil while, then chill out after she proves herself.

• two-bit wanted to drive to texas to look for ponyboy and johnny.

• darry goes skiing with his friends sometimes and was voted boy of the year. he was a popular, fun guy before he became the dad figure in the curtis household. yeah, he’s hella mature and dad-like now, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to have fun.

• johnny was a good man in a rumble. i repeat : JOHNNY WAS A GOOD MAN IN A RUMBLE. HE COULD KICK ASS, OKAY.

• in the book, ponyboy kicked soc ass during the rumble. he is young and emotional, but he isn’t helpless. i personally hated the way the movie depicted him during the rumble; just letting the socs beat him up and crying out for darry the minute it begins. if you read the rumble excerpt, he obviously isn’t the best fighter but he can defend himself pretty well and can take a punch.

• johnny can take a whipping with a 2 by 4 without letting out a whimper. he isn’t gonna be on the floor unconscious after a punch to the gut, please and thank you.

• cherry is afraid of dissapointing her parents if they see her hanging with pony. i personally believe that cherry overcomes that fear and apologizes to ponyboy after ignoring him at school, and they become good friends. but the only true reason she doesn’t want to be seen with ponyboy is because of her parents. we see she clearly doesn’t really care about half of her “friends” or what she’s supposed to do as a soc (beer blasts and river bottom parties), so why would she care if her other friends saw her with pony?


calvinrodgers: The clip is from a project I worked on with close friends and fans of the recently released banger ‘Just Hold On’. The vision is to show respect towards the courage and passion of Louis through fan involvement! We recorded the music from a bedroom studio, then hit twitter lowkey and got fans to record their own a Capella version of the song! You guys got involved from all over the World 🌎 The love is there!❤️ The link for the full video is Enjoy and HAPPY 2017!!! 🙌🏼👌🏼

Things I know about Supernatural without ever watching it

- Lady on ceiling on fire?????!
- Two brothers. Sam and Dean Winchester
- guy named Cas is some kind of demon (idk but he has wings sometimes)
- most people ship destiel (even I ship it and I’ve never watched it but damn u tumblr)
- carry on my wayward son makes people cry for some reason
- redheaded witch screws shit up
- if u sleep with sam ur doomed
- Pentagrams and salt mean something
- one of em ends up working at a supermarket or something?
- misha colins is very pretty
- sams the one with the floppy hair
- chevy impala
- much death