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linabigface  asked:

I just love your blog because you explain so much Inago characters deeply,yeah there is good content and so I don't know if all you do is analyzing characters but anyway I would like to know if you have any inago ship and if yes can you explain why you ship it? (Sorry for any grammar mistake,english isn't my main language)

It’s alright! It’s pretty tough to learn a language, and English is pretty complicated- so I won’t blame you!. I’ll make sure to talk more simply- because I have this really bad habit of making my sentences long and endless!

But now for the ship thing. I really didn’t look at ships that much when I was watching InaGo, and I sure don’t have an OTP from the GO series either(Galaxy is a different deal), but I can talk about some of the underrated ships. I won’t be going over ships like KyouTen, RanTaku, and anything along those lines- especially because we heard so much about them. NOTE: It’s not that I don’t ship them and that I am not willing to analyze them, just ask if you want- but simply because I want to analyze something less popular when given the chance. Aside from all of this, there was one ship that actually caught my eye when I first watched the show(now it changed but I want to talk about my first ship here. Ah the sentiment)- and that was believe it or not, KyouTaku(Shindou/Tsurugi). Now it seems pretty random, but I shipped it for a reason. First, when Shindou and Tsurugi faced off in the second episode, Shindou brought out his avatar. And that was solely because he was so willing to defeat Tsurugi. If InaGo was an anime like Kuroko no Basket, then I feel like the emphasis on Shindou being an equal to Tsurugi, and their entire rivalry would be stressed on more. I don’t know if it’s just me, but I just love ships where the two people in them hate each other and then become friends- plus height difference man, it’s perfect. Shindou and Tsurugi gave each other pretty cold glares throughout the first few episodes- but there was a turning point where I thought the ship was unhealthy- and that was when Tsurugi leaned in to warn Shindou about the score. I feel like the main reason why I shipped this, is because the ship reminds me of Zutara from Avatar: The Last Airbender, and if there was more emphasis on it- it surely would’ve turned out the same way. Zuko and Katara had a similar “unhealthy” scene when Zuko leans in close to warn Katara about the avatar. See a similarity? I could literally create a post simply showing the parallels between the ships. Also Shindou and Tsurugi became better friends after but their entire drama made me ship them. (Plus in Galaxy they are basically Team Dad and Team Mom, but I shipped something else by then!)