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Still reading Six of Crows but I had the urgent need to draw Nina Zenik in a red dress so here you go :)

Also changed my name to the one I use on instagram and added a watermark cause apparently signing is not enough. Guys please, always ask the artist first if you want to repost something of theirs!

it finally happened

my mom is watching twd again and in season 5 when daryl is calling carol out on not really liking the dog-butt-drag painting my mom said “they’re already like a married couple” !!!!

friendly reminder that keith, the second shortest of the team has to bend down to look at pidge

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Trini has to cancel a date to watch her brothers and Kim comes over to babysit too and they are Domestic to the max

A/N: I tried to not make it too long! But seriously…my Trimberly feels are real.

“Mom, please.”

“I’m sorry, Trinity.” Marie sighs, and Trini rolls her eyes at her full name. “Your father and I rarely get a night to ourselves, and the boys are too young to stay home by themselves.”

“I made these plans with Kim two weeks ago!” Trini exclaims as she throws her arms up in annoyance.

Marie glances at her daughter and arches an eyebrow, “I’m sure you can reschedule your outing with your…friend.”

Trini flinches at how easily her mother dodges calling Kimberly her girlfriend; Trini has been out to her parents for four months, and her mother still hasn’t accepted it. With a hard sigh, Trini watches her mother and wonders how they grew so far apart; she used to cry when her mother so much as went to the grocery store, and now they’re a million miles apart.

“You’re unbelievable.” Trini mumbles.

She doesn’t stick around to hear what her mom has to say, she isn’t in the mood for another lecture. Instead she sulks off to her room and grabs her phone to cancel her date with Kimberly. Of course she’s bummed they’ll be missing out on their movie, but her little brothers are a huge part of her heart and an evening with them doesn’t sound half bad.

“Trini, mami says you’re staying home and playing with us!” Alec exclaims as he races into his sister’s room. “Will you play superheroes with us? I’ll let you borrow my cape and mask!”

Trini smiles and moves to ruffle her brother’s soft hair, “Superheroes sounds like a great idea. Go grab Mateo and your cape.”

Alec leaves with a whoop and Trini laughs; maybe a night with them is worth missing out on date night.


“Blast off!”

Trini laughs as she watches her six-year-old brother rush through the living room with a cape on his shoulders and messy curls piled on his head. With a loud yell, Mateo crosses the room only to stumble over his footing and land with a hard thud that brought a belly laugh from his twin who bounced on the couch cushions.

“Man down! I repeat, we have a man down! Captain Trini to the rescue!” Trini exclaims as she moves to scoop her little brother into her arms. “Are you okay, bud? You fell pretty hard.”

“S’okay. Not a single ouchie.” Mateo shrugs as he turns his head to press a wet kiss to his sister’s cheek.

The sound of the doorbell causes Trini to frown as she sets Mateo back on his feet and watches him as he moves to throw himself over the couch arm. With a shake of her head, Trini leaves the comfort of the living room and hurries to pull the front door open. All at once, her eyes go wide before she quickly slams the door.


“What are you doing here?” Trini demands as she presses her back to the door. “Did you get my text?”

A soft laugh sounds from the opposite side of the door, “I did. I thought I could come over and help with the boys. We haven’t really had a chance to hang out lately, and I miss you.”

Trini fights her smile as she reaches up to pull off her mask before she turns to open the door once more. Kimberly flashes her a smile that sends a flutter of butterflies through her before she steps into the house and drops a quick kiss to her girlfriend’s messy dark locks. Trini sighs softly as she watches Kimberly strip from her jacket; she constantly wonders how someone like her ended up with someone as good as Kimberly Hart.

“You took off your mask,” Kimberly notes as she steps into Trini’s space. “I’ve gotta say, you make a pretty sexy superhero. I’m really liking the cape.”

“Oh?” Trini smirks as she arches her head while watching as Kimberly’s gaze drops to her lips. “Is it doing something for you, Hart?”

“Oh, totally.”


Kimberly jumps away from Trini in time to brace herself for the two balls of energy that collide with her legs. A smile crosses her lips as she crouches down and opens her arms to the twins who eagerly pile onto her. Trini stands there with a heart so warm she’s almost afraid it’ll burn a hole straight through her chest; Kimberly was so good with the boys.

“Kimmy, did you come to play?” Mateo asks with a curious expression as he pulls away from her neck. “Are you gonna come help me with my puzzle?”

Alec huffs as he curls into Kimberly, “No! She’s gonna help me with my puzzle.”

“How about I help both of you?”

Both boys give a cheer as they latch onto Kimberly and begin to pull her down the hallway to their room. Trini follows behind with a small smile and she peeks into the room to watch as the boys pull out their dinosaur puzzles that Kimberly always seems to get stuck building whenever she comes over. But she never complains, she just does as the boys ask and she does it with a smile on her face.

“Are you going to come help?” Kimberly teases as she looks over her shoulder at her girlfriend.

Trini tilts her head slowly, “I was actually going to go make dinner for you nerds. Mac and cheese sound okay?”

“Nerds?” Kimberly repeats as she lifts her eyebrows and turns to the boys. “Did you guys hear what your sister called us? She called us nerds.”

Mateo drops his jaw in shock, “She did?”

“She did.” Kimberly nods with wide eyes.

“Tickle time?” Alec asks in a soft voice.

“What? No. No, it is not tickle time.” Trini frowns as she backs away hesitantly. “I was only joking so you three stay exactly where you are, got it?”

“Tickle time!” Kimberly yells.

Trini squeals loudly as her little brothers clamber to their feet and run towards her with their hands out. With a burst of speed, Trini hurries through the house only to trip over one of Mateo’s toys and hit the ground with a groan. Without missing a beat, bodies pile on her and Trini goes breathless as fingers dig into her sides while Kimberly pins her legs to the floor and the boys work at her stomach.

“No! No more!” Trini pleads.

“More!” Alec and Mateo yell.

She isn’t sure how long she squirms, but by the time they relent she is breathless and her stomach hurts. Trini lays there and tries to catch up to reality while the boys and Kimberly trade high fives. With a glare, Trini looks to her little brothers and sees a familiar glint appear in their dork orbs.

“Hey, no family telepathy!” Kimberly whines before she notices them scoot closer. “Wait. No. Don’t do anything you three are going to regret…”

Trini smirks and launches forward, “Get her!”


“Five points if I make it in, right?”

Trini nods and Kimberly sucks in a breath as she narrows her eyes and flicks her wrist; the entire room erupts in cheers when the grape lands perfectly in Trini’s mouth. Mateo claps happily while Alec nods and shovels a spoonful of macaroni and cheese into his mouth. With a dramatic bow, Kimberly leans over to steal a kiss from her girlfriend before they go back to cleaning up the kitchen.

“Tree, how come you and Kimmy kiss?”

Trini stiffens at Alec’s innocent question and she glances to Kimberly with a frantic expression. After she came out to her parents, she was given strict orders to keep it all away from her brothers. With a nervous swallow, Trini turns to face the boys and her heart aches as she looks at the pure innocence in their gazes.

“Because…” Trini trails off before she sucks in a calming breath. “Because I like her. A lot. And when I kiss her, it’s just my way of showing her how much I like her.”

She waits, she expects another question. She expects them to tell her it’s gross, that it’s wrong. They’re so young, and Trini knows they don’t really understand but she’s scared of what her parents will do to her if they find out she told Alec and Mateo about her relationship.



Trini blinks in awe, “Oh?”

“I give you, mami, and papi kisses all the time.” Mateo shrugs as he looks to his twin brother. “I do it to show you how much I like you, too.”

Kimberly chuckles as she wraps her arms around Trini’s waist, “Anyone ever tell you your brothers are wise beyond their little years?”

“No.” Trini admits as she watches the pair fling cheesy noodles at each other. “But I know they are, and now you do too.”



“Wearin’ them!”


“Got ‘em!”

“Awesome. Oh. Teeth?”


“Proof?” Trini demands, and she looks between the boys and watches as they flash bright smiles. “Right on. Alright, you’re good to head off to dreamland.”

Alec collapses back on his pillow with a yawn, “Is Kimmy gonna be here when the sun comes up?”

“No, mijo. She has to go home.” Trini sighs as she moves to flip on their night lights. “I love you. Goodnight.”

“Night, Tree!”

Trini smiles once more at her brothers and slips from the bedroom. She hears their whispers and she rolls her eyes when she hears them using their secret twin language. Trini lingers for a moment longer before she moves to the living room where Kimberly lays with the remote in her hand and a scowl on her face.

“They’re down for the count.” Trini yawns as she moves to throw herself on Kimberly who lets out a groan. “How can three hours with two six-year-olds be so fucking exhausting?”

“Babe, we did about a things,” Kimberly reminds her as she shifts so Trini can get comfortable. “I’m sorry for barging in on you guys…”

“Don’t apologize.” Trini cuts in as she moves to hover her lips over Kimberly’s. “I think I speak for the twins too when I say I’m really glad you came.”

Kimberly smiles softly as she sweeps a piece of hair from Trini’s face, “I’m glad I came too.”

With a soft sigh, Trini lowers her head to press a lingering kiss to Kimberly’s lips. No matter how many days that pass, Trini will probably always be amazed that this amazing girl wants her of all people. And she’s going to spend every day that she has making sure Kimberly is as happy as she is.

the cards you’re dealt

a/n: it’s been bugging me for a while that Kaidan just gets one special line on the UNC: Hostage mission, and I had this idea that perhaps he could have a much larger role in that mission. Slight canon divergence, slight fshenko.

“Kaidan, can I see you in the comm room for a second?” Shepard said over the comms.

Kaidan looked up from the console he’d been fiddling with for days, and furrowed his brows. They’d already debriefed from the last mission, and he knew that Shepard was shipping out with Liara and Ashley for Noveria in a few hours. He figured it would give him a chance to recover from using his biotics plenty during Feros. He hadn’t expected throwing Thorian Creepers out of the way to be so heavy on his implant… but then they’d just kept coming. And trying to smack him in the head and vomit whatever Thorian juices they had in them everywhere.

“Sure, Commander. Be right there.”

Kaidan headed up the stairs and behind the CIC. He found Shepard waiting in the comm room, looking somewhat distressed. She was half-ready for her next mission, kind of a transient looking woman at the moment. Her red hair was tugged out of her face, ready to be covered by her helmet, and her armor was only half on below the waist.

“What’s up? You good?” he asked.

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Cover Requests (ft. Kim Taehyung) Part 1

Hey everyone! This is my first fic here back on Tumblr! I hope you enjoy, and thank you @daegukkie for being the amazing catalyst for this Drabble that took way too long sry 

please take the time to give me some feedback! I’m a little rusty so any sort of constructive criticism is always so so helpful. Love you! 

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Genre: fluff, bakery coworkers!au 

1.2k words
 Summary: adventurous and weird Taehyung keeps asking for shift covers and basically he comes back with proof of these adventures and its weird, amazing, and you wanna get to know him

But every time, he ran into the bakery panting like he ran a mile, with a pair of ridiculous pink sweatpants with the tag still on them, or another time with grease stains all over his face and arms, or even with a handful of candles he bought from “an old granny on the street down there because she looked so cold and I wanted her to go home,” you got more and more confused and curious about this peculiar boy and his adventures.

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Somewhere Else pt.1 - The Airport

[Summary: All of the what ifs of Drake & Riley meeting somewhere else, in any other way.]

This scene drove me insane, so naturally, I wrote something.

“If we’d met somewhere else…anywhere else. At a club in New York or in an airport, or at a party…If you hadn’t been our waitress that night, and I hadn’t been sitting next to Liam…Do you think all of this…do you think it could’ve been different…between us?”

“Last call for boarding Flight 847 to Detroit, last call for boarding.”

Riley could just make out the flight attendant’s calm and professional voice over the usual hubub of the airport as she shifted her carry-on bag and set off towards the baggage claim.

JFK airport was almost always loud, a melting pot of sounds and people that reflected the city it was surrounded by. And Riley loved it. New York City, dubbed the “City That Never Sleeps,” was a cultural hub that Riley hoped would provide her with the adventure and excitement her hometown lacked to satisfy her travel bug for the time being.

Already, in her short trip from Gate 14 to baggage claim, she’d heard at least ten different languages, and just as many distinct accents from countries all across the globe. She’d jump at the chance to see them all, if her bank account could afford it. Riley had been saving up for years to travel the world, but her dead end job waitressing could only get her so far. For now, New York was her closest bet.

Just the very thought of how much this emergency trip back to her hometown cost her had Riley anxiously working her lip and her fingers itching to pull out her phone and text her coworkers for any shifts to pick up.

A sigh escaped Riley’s lips as she slumped against a pillar adjacent to her baggage carousel and watched suitcases go by with bored eyes and folded arms.

Before long, her eyes strayed to observe her surroundings. All around her, people moved about, some moving sluggishly, others rushing like their lives depended on it. To her right was a fierce looking woman in a pinstriped pantsuit, tersely talking on the phone while making agitated movements. To her left knelt a weary man before a crying young boy of his likeness, desperately searching through his duffle bag for something to console his son. All the while, he spoke quickly and despairingly in what Riley assumed was Italian until, at long last, he triumphantly pulled out a rather sad looking blanket out of the bag and held it up to the young boy like an offering.

Amidst the cacophony, Riley tuned into a clipped and frustrated voice, a blend of harsh staccatos with a faint and rather unrecognizable accent underneath. She turned her head as her eyes scanned the crowd for the owner of that voice, her interest now piqued. There was something familiar about that voice, although Riley was certain she’d never heard it before. It was as if her fingers were dancing across the worn ivory keys of a poorly-tuned piano to play a long-forgotten song, and she was trying to figure out the key.

Not far from where she stood by her baggage carousel, at the check-in counter of some airline she’d never heard of, Riley found him.

He had messy brown hair that curled over his shirt collar just below the nape of his neck and was dressed in jeans and a denim shirt that was haphazardly buttoned over a white T-shirt. Although she couldn’t see his face from her angle, the employee’s stressed expression and the way his back muscles strained against his shirt made it quite obvious he wasn’t happy.

Without thinking, Riley drew closer to get within earshot. She didn’t know what it was that compelled her to do so, maybe it was innocent curiosity or the fact that conflict is always interesting to watch. Or maybe, just maybe, it was the way this stranger was so oddly familiar. The way she knew that voice, in every tone it came in, without ever having heard it before.

“Listen, lady, I need to be on the next flight back to Cordonia,” the man said as he placed his hands on the counter and leaned forward, pleading with the airline employee. “I’m not supposed to be here, I -”

“But you bought a plane ticket to New York?”

“Well, yeah,” he grumbled, pushing his hands through his dark hair. “I came here for someone, but they aren’t…they aren’t here and I’ve got someone back home who needs me now. I’ve got the money -”

“Sir, I’m sorry, but if you bought your ticket here to New York City on your own, we aren’t responsible for your being here and cannot prioritize you over other customers,” the employee shook her head as she looked down at her computer screen. “If you want to be on the next flight to Cordonia, I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning. I’d be more than happy to assist you in purchasing your ticket for that flight, but otherwise -”

“But tomorrow morning isn’t good enough!” the man groaned, hands fisting in his hair before falling to his side. “It says right there that there’s a flight leaving in forty-five minutes!” he said, pointing at the screen on the wall behind her that displayed the flight schedules.

“A flight we no longer sell tickets for,” the employee stated wearily, as if they’d already gone over this before. “Plane tickets are no longer sold two hours prior to departure, and we ask that all guests check in at least an hour before take off. The soonest we can get you in the air is tomorrow morning at eight.”

“Well, then what the hell am I supposed to do until tomorrow morning?” he snapped before slamming his hand down on the counter in frustration, capturing the attention of quite a few people nearby.

Sir,” the woman said, stern and slightly startled by his sudden action. Her eyes scanned the area around them, worried that he would start to draw too much attention.

As if only just realizing he was in public, the man stepped back and turned in a half circle to see the small audience he had begun to draw in. For the first time, Riley was finally able to get a good view of the man’s face. He had a strong jaw, a nose that looked as if it had been chiseled out of marble for the bust of Julius Caesar, dark eyes, and a brooding expression to match.

Before she could even think to look away, his eyes swiftly swept over the mass of people before landing directly on hers.

Riley sucked in a breath between her teeth, a jolt going through her body and awakening every nerve as she felt the full force of his stare. Glare? Oh, if he wasn’t before, he was definitely glaring now. His lips twisted into a scowl and Riley quickly turned, busying herself with the search for her suitcase once again as she felt her face flush.

The second she found the old, beat up, black suitcase she’d taken on nearly every trip since middle school, Riley peeled out of there as fast as possible, the rickety wheels wobbling with every step she took. Even as she approached the automatic sliding doors, she could still feel his eyes on her, burning into the back of her skull. When she stepped outside, Riley hesitated, filled with the odd and nonsensical need to turn around.

She kept going.

“Right, Kismet at eight,” Riley repeated, her phone wedged between her cheek and her shoulder as she hastily scribbled the words down on a coffee-stained napkin she found in her bag. “Damn pen,” she muttered under her breath as ink bled into her fingers and smudged onto the napkin. Shifting everything around again, she wedged the clean end of the pen between her teeth, shoved the napkin into her back pocket, switched her phone to her other hand, and checked her watch. Six thirty. She took the pen out of her mouth and tapped it against her hip. “I can do that.”

An hour and a half. That was just enough time for Riley catch the bus home, unload her stuff, take a quick shower, and head over to Kismet, the hottest club in town to potentially pick up a friend of a friend’s shift, assuming they still needed the help.

“Uh huh,” she nodded, pacing around the shelter next to the bus stop as she spoke on the phone. “Of course, it’s no problem…No, not at all…Money is money after all…Alright, cool, thanks…Yeah, you too…Okay, bye.”

Satisfied, Riley hung up with a relieved smile. Due to a series of calls, she was able to find someone through a mutual friend who needed somebody to cover for her at a popular club while she went on a date. It was only for one night and the pay wasn’t nearly enough to make up for her last trip, but it was good enough.

Riley dropped her phone into her bag and plopped down on the bench, leaning back and rubbing her tired eyes. She wondered how many cups of coffee it’d take to get through the night.

“Does this mean you’re done pacing now? It was really starting to get on my nerves.”

Rylie shot up in her seat, eyes fluttering open. To her left sat the same man from earlier in the airport, with the cool expression and the brooding eyes. A duffle bag sat at his feet.

“I didn’t realize…” Riley shook her head and scooted backwards, putting some space between her and the stranger. She’d been so wrapped up in her phone call, she must not have noticed when he arrived. As her eyes took in his impassive expression and she remembered his irritated tone, her brows furrowed and she pursed her lips. Any timorous feelings she had under his gaze before had completely disappeared. “How long have you been there?”

“Long enough,” he shrugged, folding his arms across his chest and letting his legs stretch out. “What’s Kismet?”

“It’s a club,” she answered curtly. “Didn’t anyone ever teach you that it’s rude to listen into other people’s conversations?” And then, wilting slightly under his inquisitive but intense eyes, she added, “And to stare?”

The man raised an eyebrow and the corner of his lip just barely quirked up. “Didn’t anyone ever teach you?”

Rylie felt her face go hot again and she quickly looked away, mumbling under her breath. “That was different.”

“Oh really? How?” he scoffed. “Pray tell.”

Rylie scowled and sent him a scalding look as she crossed her arms as well. “Maybe if you hadn’t made such a big scene, I wouldn’t have paid any attention.”

“And I’m just supposed to ignore you pacing all around the bus station in front of me?”

“That’d be much appreciated.” Riley quipped, turning slightly away from him so she didn’t have to see his irritating smirk and longer than she had to.

“Is everyone in this town so hypocritical?” he muttered bitterly.

“City.” Riley corrected him.


She glanced over her shoulder, raising an eyebrow before looking away again. “This a city. You know, New York City…The City That Never Sleeps…”

”Fine, fine. Is everyone in the city this annoying?” the man groaned, covering his face with his hands before pushing them back through his hair.  Then, he dropped his hands to rest his arms on his knees and looked up at Riley, his expression growing smug. “Or is it just you?”

Heat flared up in Riley’s stomach and in her cheeks. She whipped her head in his direction, eyes narrowed into a glare. “Don’t get pissy with me just because you bought a ticket to a city you don’t even want to be in. I mean, who does that? And it’s not my fault that you can’t go home today, so leave me out of your little mope fest.”

For a split, incredibly satisfying, second, the man’s expression fell and his brows raised in surprise at her sudden outburst. But just as quickly as it came, his shock melted away. His brows pulled together, a deep crease forming in the middle, and his lips twisted into a scowl very similar to the one he gave her earlier, but with so much more intensity.

“You have no idea what you’re talking about,” he snapped, eyes flashing. “I didn’t have a choice. I had to come here.”

Riley studied him for a few moments, pensive. He didn’t look the business type. He had only a duffle bag at his feet - no briefcase - so his venture out here couldn’t have been work related. He wasn’t a tourist, he made that much clear. And he clearly wasn’t from around here - any of the states, probably -  given how out of place he looked here. There was also the fact that whatever place he was talking about earlier with the airline employee certainly didn’t sound like any place in America. What was it again? Cordonia?

“Why are you here?” she questioned, her tone no longer harsh but simply curious.

The man’s expression slightly softened as well. “I…” he trailed off, looking crestfallen. His dark eyes took on a hazy appearance and as if he was suddenly miles away. A few moments passed before he abruptly shook his head, coming out of whatever trance he seemed to have been in. He met Riley’s gaze once more, expression guarded yet again. “Forget it,” he mumbled under his breath and looked away. “You wouldn’t understand.”

Not sure how to reply to that, Riley stayed quiet and let the cars around them fill the awkward silence between them.

When her bus finally came, Riley was surprised to see the man stand as well and walk over to the curb for boarding. She wondered if he even knew where he was going. Or what he was doing.

Her questions answered themselves as she stood on the step behind him, waiting as he searched his pockets fruitlessly for any spare change to pay the bus driver. In the end, the best he could procure were a few foreign-looking coins and his wallet.

“I don’t suppose you take credit cards, do you?” he asked, no hope in his voice as he flipped open his wallet.

The bus driver shook her head.

Shoulders sagging, he turned to get off of the bus. His arm brushed against Riley’s as he passed.

She turned to watch him go, so defeated, and before she could think twice about it…


Riley pulled a few extra dollars from her bag and held them out to the driver along with her own bus fare as the man halted in his tracks and turned to look at her, brows furrowed.

“I’ve got him covered.”

She could feel his eyes on her as the driver took the cash and she took off down the aisle without waiting to see if he got on or not. Riley made her way towards the back of the bus and tried to sort out her reasoning for helping the gruff stranger out. By the time she had rationalized that she simply felt bad for him and she was a good person, she heard him mumble a low thank you to the driver and the doors slid shut.

As the bus lurched forward, Riley sat down in an empty row by the window with her suitcase at her feet and immediately pulled out her phone to text her family that she arrived safely and her friends that she was back home.

Someone sat down beside her, and without having to even look, Riley knew it was the stranger from the airport again.

Minutes passed in silence, Rylie scrolling through her feed as the man sat there, occasionally glancing over at her and opening his mouth to say something, but ultimately deciding against it.

Finally, he spoke up.

“You didn’t have to do that, you know,” he said softly. “Pay for me, I mean.”

Riley didn’t say anything for a while and the man looked away, accepting her lack of response as a response.

“I know.”

At the sound of her voice, he turned his head towards her again. She still hadn’t looked up from scrolling on her phone.

“So…why’d you do it?”

His simple question caused her thumb to stall over the phone screen. He watched as she bit the inside of her cheek and shrugged. “I don’t know. I felt bad, I guess.”

“But,” he shook his head, dumbfounded. “I was a jerk to you.”

Riley let out a small laugh and locked her phone before letting it drop into her lap. “Yeah. You were,” she said, looking out the window. “But you seemed to be having a rough day. And being alone in a big city…I guess I can see why it’d suck.”

He studied her, thoughtfully and with a slight twinge of guilt about the way he’d acted towards her earlier. He’d have to apologize for that later, make it up if he could. He wondered vaguely if she liked whiskey.

“What’s your name?” he asked. The question was innocent enough.

It got her to finally turn towards him brows raised. “Riley,” she said. “Riley Cole.”

“Drake.” He held out his hand to her, feeling obliged to introduce himself to this stranger after she’d helped and put up with him. Riley examined his hand briefly before grasping it, her smaller hand easily fitting into his.

Letting go of his hand, she faced forward in her seat again. “So, Drake… Do you even know what you’re doing on this bus?”

He startled her with a short laugh, a low rumble in his throat. “Not a clue,” Drake admitted. “I figured that if I rode around long enough, I’d find a bar or something.”

Riley looked at him incredulously. “Seriously?”


“You come all the way to New York City, and you just want to spend the night in a bar?” Rylie couldn’t imagine choosing a bar over the New York night life. Sure, she could appreciate a good drink with good company, but was he actually serious? She worked in a bar and there was nothing glorious about it.

Drake shrugged. “You got a better plan, Cole?”

“Only about a million…” she muttered, shaking her head.

Suddenly, an idea began to form. A ridiculous, stupid, and not-thought-out-at-all idea at that. But when Riley looked up at him, she couldn’t imagine just leaving him to spend the night in some bar. And as the familiar street signs and buildings came into view around her, she realized her stop was coming up. It was now or never.

“Look,” Riley said, standing up and adjusting her jacket before grabbing her suitcase. “Why don’t you let me show you around?”

“Wait, what?” Drake’s eyebrows shot up, mouth slightly agape as he swung his legs out into the aisle to let her through. “Really? Why?”

“Apparently, I’m not done pitying you,” she muttered, not quite able to believe she was doing this either. “I might be picking up a shift tonight, but afterwards… Well, it’d be a damn shame if you came all this way and never got to see the good parts of the city.”

“I couldn’t ask…Cole, are you sure about this?” Drake asked as the bus came to a halt. Suddenly, many of the other passengers came to life, standing and pushing their way towards the front or rear bus exits.

“As sure as I can be,” she told him over her shoulder as she fell in step with the crowd. “Just meet me after I’m done and I promise, you won’t hate the city as much as you do now.”

“I – wait!” Drake abruptly stood up and called after her as she stepped off the last stair and onto the curb. “How am I supposed to…?”

His voice got lost in the city sounds, people talking, dogs barking, and cars honking. Desperately, he tried to push his way closer to a window she could hear him out of, but it was no use.

It wasn’t until the doors sealed shut and the bus’s engine sputtered off that she realized.

He had no idea where to find her, no way to contact her.

Riley whirled around, lips calling after the bus to wait but it was already lumbering down the block. She groaned, slapping her palm against her forehead and cursing her own stupidity. After checking her watch and weighing her options, Riley’s shoulders slumped and she turned away to go up the stairs to her apartment building. Even if she went after him and, by some miracle, actually found him, she’d probably never make it to Kismet on time.

“Sorry,” she mumbled, even though he was long gone. Guilt gnawed away at the insides of her stomach and she could have sworn her feet felt just a little heavier than they had before.

Back on the bus, Drake ran his hands through his hair, tugging at the ends as he stared through the window where he’d last seen Cole. Despite his yelling, she hadn’t heard him. And he was pretty sure the universe was just playing one big joke on him as she stopped and turned, the realization dawning on her face, after the bus pulled away.

“Of course,” he muttered, shaking his head as he went back to his seat. Of course, this happened to him. It was just his luck that he’d wind up alone in one of the busiest cities in the world and the only person who finally started to help him just slipped away.

As Drake sat back, he sighed out heavily and glanced over at the seat Riley had occupied less than a minute ago. He let his hands drop into his lap and was about to face forward again when something else caught his eye.

A scribbled-on napkin with an inky thumbprint smudged on the corner.

Kismet. 8 PM.

Drake read it and reread it a few times, his thumb brushing over the hasty scrawl and then settling his larger thumb over the smaller print. A faint smile just barely etched its way onto his face as he pocketed the napkin and pulled out his phone, looking up directions.

(so how about that for a first story? tagging @thedrakeside )

Drabble Meme Prompt Fill

Requested by @saffysmom: Hello!  Can I please request 104 from round three?  Thank you😍!

“Remember that really embarrassing memory you told me to never speak of again?”

“Did you get one of these?” Molly asked, holding up the invitation.

“No, as you can clearly see on the envelope it’s addressed to the both of us. Apparently they think I live here now.”

“Yeah, how would anyone get that idea?” Molly asked, glancing at the dressing gown thrown over her chair, the lists and crime scene photos stuck to her fridge, the four pairs of size-Yeti shoes by her door and Sherlock himself (in a t-shirt so ratty it must have followed him from university) leaned against her breakfast bar while he drank orange juice straight from the carton.

Granted his family—Cousin Kath in this case, oh lovely—didn’t know about all that, but still. Well, Mycroft did, but he hardly counted.

“It’s a christening. She was definitely not pregnant the last time we saw her. Or seeing anyone,” Molly said, thinking back to three months ago, when there’d been that anniversary party. Disturbing, that she not only knew names, but also remembered things about each of them, now.

“Oh how joyous, celebrating the unwitting indoctrination of a helpless infant into shared delusion. And of course she wasn’t pregnant, she probably expelled her own uterus in one of her more violent bulimic episodes whilst trying to get a Vogue cover back in the 90s.”

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SanversWeek Day 2: Nerd Girlfriends

I absolutely loved writing this. It’s not proof read and English still isn’t my first language. Anyways, lean back and enjoy some Sanvers fluff.

Talk Nerdy to Me, Danvers

It was not unusual for Alex to come home ten minutes late. Rather the opposite was the case. Even half an hour was nothing to be alarmed by. But as the thirty minutes progressed into sixty, Maggie started to get worried. Sure, she had started pacing around the apartment after forty minutes, but now she was picking up her phone, speed dialling Alex. It ringed. And ringed. And ringed.

“Hello, Alex Danvers here. I’m currently not available, so please leave a message and I’ll get back to you asap.”

Maggie grimaced at the sound of the answering machine and sighed, cursing that damn thing under her breath. Still, she waited for the beep and then said, “Hey, babe, it’s me. Where are you? I’m worried. Please, call me back as soon as you hear this.”

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I Don’t Mean To: Part I

Here we go. This will be the very first time I have shared anything I have written. Thank you to my amazing hubs for reading, editing, and only smirking a tiny bit. (I couldn’t have handled any outright laughter…fragile ego and everything). I promise I was working on this fic before Andromeda came out. What can I say…movie night is just a great idea. Thank you to @vorchagirl for a brief, “Just keep working on it.” 

Kaidan Alenko x Commander Shepard - Pre-Romance - ME:1

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Part I:

Sitting comfortably on a sofa, drink in hand, Kaidan pondered exactly how he came to be in this moment. Ashley lay to one side of him, hogging the couch, with her feet tucked under his thigh, fast asleep. Shepard was pressed against his side gripping the long empty popcorn bowl against her chest. The day started off the same way most did since joining the Normandy Crew. A mission briefing, gear check, suit up, ship out, hit the ground running. He took pride in the fact that Tavrien Shepard trusted him to watch her six, he was on the ground team nearly every time. Being a skilled medic, tech specialist, and decent with biotics certainly made him an asset. Garrus had, on more than one occasion, jokingly referred to him as “Commander’s pet.” Shepard would take a moment to stare Garrus down, but Kaidan noticed pink tinge her freckled cheeks.  He knew it was fanciful, the great Commander Shepard, military brat, savior of Elysium would never blush for the likes of him.  He was simply another marine in the midst of many. 

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And a Sleepy Hollow fic I never finished but what the hell, have fun with it

Man, all kinds of crazy shit is in my Documents folder. This takes place in S1, obviously, after the episode Sanctuary, following the who-the-hell-knows-what-happened Thanksgiving dinner. Because why not. And why not share it now. It ain’t going anywhere.

“This is a terrible idea.”

“Has it become more of a terrible idea now than it was five minutes ago?”


“Too bad. We’re still going.”

Abbie Mills – whom no one ever listens to, least of all her sister – shakes her head and tightens her hands around the steering wheel. “Fine,” she says. “Fine. But this is a terrible idea.”

“Really? I hadn’t heard.” Jenny leans forward and peers through the cruiser’s windshield; drops runs from where the heater has melted away the morning frost. The outline of Corbin’s – Crane’s – cabin is just visible through the fog. “Think he’ll shoot me if I go in without knocking?”

“Probably. I would.”

“Well, that’ll make it more interesting, won’t it?” Jenny glances at Abbie sideways, a smirk playing around the edge of her severe mouth. “He might be undressed. Maybe you should do it.”

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Korrasami: Tough gf

Based off of a suggestion from an anon over here :)

anoniem heeft gevraagd:

Consider: Asami and Korra are enjoying the honeymoon phase of their new relationship! But then, Asami watches Korra spar during training for the first time, and–ah. She’s, eh, rough. And relentless, and AHAHAHAH WOW did she just break that training dummy in half!? Basically: AU where Asami, who has been mistreated in the past, is nervous about sleeping with her tough new girlfriend, Korra. But then Korra takes her to bed and quells those fears with the gentlest, sweetest lovemaking ever.

Small preview below!


Asami watched, when her girlfriend of six months walked onto the training mats of the gym. A knot formed in her stomach while she watched her take on a practice dummy. Korra wore a simple outfit. Loose pants, sneakers and a tight, sleeveless top. Showing off those strong arms with a thin layer of sweat now glistening on her caramel skin. Underneath said skin, strong muscles moved, tensed and relaxed just to tense up again before delivering a powerful punch.

To say Korra was strong was putting it mildly. She could easily bench press 200 pounds and smile while doing so. Most guys were intimidated by her if nothing else. Some others had tried to ask her out and wanted to show their superiority over her in other ways. She made clear she wasn’t interested and always waved them off. Ever once in a blue moon, one guy tries to push her into a date. There’s always one who just isn’t used to the word, no. When he tried to feel her up, he learned his lesson the hard way. With a bloody nose and some missing teeth, he left never to be seen again.

Asami had met Korra during a party that was held by a mutual friend. Bolin was celebrating his birthday at his place that he shared with his brother, Mako. Asami had literally bumped into Korra who spilled her drink onto her own clothes. After apologizing perhaps fifty times while trying to dab Korra’s shirt, Korra said it was all right. That she’d forgive her if she’d dance with her that night and go out on a date. That dance and date evolved into something more and after a few weeks, Korra officially asked her to be her girlfriend.

Asami smiled at the memory but her eyes widened at the scene before her. Korra had been punching and kicking the training dummy relentlessly. With a loud growl, she delivered the final blow. Which was so powerful that the dummy’s upper half now laid on the floor. Spirits… Asami gasped and swallowed hard. Unconsciously she took a step backwards. A cold shiver went down her spine and settled in the pit of her stomach. Flashbacks of events that were long since passed came up to the surface.

Korra wasn’t her first girlfriend. She had a relationship with another girl before that lasted several months too. Amy had been her first. That relationship ended with Amy being put behind bars for several years. The first few weeks of them being together were lovely, up until a certain evening. Amy had wanted to take the next step into their relationship. Asami told her she wasn’t ready and it ended with Amy hitting Asami. The red handprint clearly visible on Asami’s pale cheek. She should have left then and there but she didn’t. While she had her own hand cover her red cheek, tears welled in her eyes and Amy swore and promised she’d never wanted to do it. Swore she’d never do it again.

My 9 y/o brother just sat through the entire Wizard of Oz movie pretending he hadn’t seen it. My grandma who’s not related to him died and I’ve been sad all day and he wanted to cheer me up. And then he did a “scarecrow dance” to be silly and make me laugh and I love him so much.

servantofclio  asked:

18 (Kisses because I missed you), pairing of your choice!

Um, this sort of is the prompt? Kinda? And for you, you get Liam and Calhoun. :D


He’s really got to stop listening to the comm when Ryder’s on a mission without him.

There they are! Ryder yells as Liam can only clench his fists, wishing it was him watching her six. Been wishing that for the last four hours, really. Take those skkutters out!

You swore! You fucking swore! You never swear! Even with his girlfriend running head first into a firefight, even Liam can still smile at the amazement in Vetra’s voice.

Swearing in an alien language does not count!

“It counts,” Liam says under his breath as he starts to pace. “Totally counts.”

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