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summary: Oliver insists on teasing Felicity while he’s working out. Felicity decides she’s going to tease him in return. 
a/n: Lust Muffin and ABSolutely are at it again. Because Stephen has some very nice abs and is obviously not afraid to show the damn world. This is dedicated to @coal000


Oliver grunted, pulling himself up. Again and again, he lifted his own body. Sweat dripped down his chest. Felicity watched him from her spot on the bed. She was torn between feeling aggravated that they had even installed a bar for him to do push ups in the apartment and being completely and utterly grateful.

Sweaty Oliver was one of her favorite Olivers. His muscles flexed. Rippling abs glistening with his sweat. Oh and she knew that he was well aware of what he was doing to her. Each grunt and moan was planned. Each shift of his hips and roll of his body as he swung from the bar; it was all meant to make her groan.

How was she supposed to get anything done with that hanging in her bedroom? He was like a damn Greek god. It was almost unfair. Or it would be if he wasn’t all hers. She licked her lips and dragged her gaze over him once more. A drip of sweat trailed down between his pecs and to his abs; it was just begging her to lick.

“That is it!” she shouted.

He stilled, raising his eyebrows.

“Don’t you give me that look, you know what you’re doing.”

“I don’t,” he feigned innocence.

“Well, then I guess you don’t want to hop down and get into this damn bed so I can ravage you.”

Without any hesitation, Oliver hopped down to his feet.

“You get onto that bed mister and lie back.”

“Yes ma’am.”

She smacked his ass as he passed her, but she could hardly hide how giddy she was. He lay back on the bed and she climbed on top of him.

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Fuck BRE. I'm still fried from Olicity overload. Instead of tidbits all season we've been overdosed with it all IN ONE EP!! #deathtoolicityfandom >>---> I do have a question tho, and it's about that last scene. Felicity said she understood why Oliver lied about William, and I know it has to do with Helix, but how does she understand? Felicity didn't lie to Oliver. She trusted him. he doesn't trust her not with Helix and not with William. So still not comprehending that last scene totally

the olicity was so real, girl, so real and intense and amazing wow

(Before I even attempt to answer this, I have to link to this post and this post by @cogentranting that absolutely nailed my exact thoughts on what happened.)

This is such a layered question only because it’s a layered issue, one that’s been churning and boiling for years now. It’s something that was set in motion way before Olicity even got together, one that is reflected in both Oliver and Felicity as stand-alone characters.

When Felicity said she understood, it wasn’t about the actual decision that Oliver made. What she understood better after last night was Oliver himself.


She does know now, or at the very least she’s starting to, and it is just that understanding that let her see things oh so differently, that let her look back and see things from how Oliver’s POV. It has finally given her a level of understanding that she never, ever had before. 


(god his face, look at him, he’s so vulnerable, but he’s also so cleansed)

It isn’t as simple as trust by itself, that was what last night was about. The problem (and the one that got them to the point where Oliver didn’t tell Felicity about William) is that Oliver doesn’t trust himself, and that was the driving force behind so, so, so many of his past actions.

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Seeing people complain about the CW’s lack of positive female rep and in particular female friendships is great. Seeing them complain about Arrow especially is even better.

Seeing them complain about it without mentioning Laurel Lance though, is WILD.

“Felicity’s so isolated, she has no female friendships”

“The new team has no women”

“What happened to women supporting women”

“Why are there no female friendships”

like, man, I dunno, it’s like they all disappeared for NO REASON I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED


this isn’t even the half of the au’s we’ve come up with, guys. most of this is what we’ve done within the last few WEEKS. 

Imperial Jyn / Spy Cassian Arranged Marriage

Imperial Princess Jyn / Bodyguard Cassian

Witch Jyn / Familiar Cassian

The So You Think You Can Dance AU

College AU

Army AU (part of the college AU)

Actor Cassian / Makeup Artist Jyn

yeah. i haven’t even BEGUN to make moodboards for the vast majority of our ideas. but yay for summer break!!!

Cassian could not afford to show any weakness. If he did, the men would start to question his leadership. And if that happened, word could get out to those looking to take his place, and they could attempt to take advantage … much like the men who’d shot Jyn as a way of sending a message. They’d learned, though, at great personal expense, that when you cross Cassian Andor, you don’t come out of the other side alive. He’d made sure of it, personally.

 But when it came to Jyn, he could hardly deny her anything. His little thief, who’d not only stolen money from him, but ultimately his heart, too, a heart that he never thought would thaw, and did not believe could have as much capacity to care for another human being as he cared about her.

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The Artist / Muse AU

“You’re ‘SHE’!”

Jyn glanced up from the influx of words spilling out into her notebook and blinked owlishly, trying to determine if she knew who the excited voice belonged to. 

“… Pardon?”

“SHE! You’re SHE!”, he repeated each word more insistent than the last. 

She figured he must be mistaking her for someone else, and shrugged one shoulder softly, wanting nothing more than to get back into writing, although she was afraid that the interruption had ruined her flow for the rest of the day. 

“Sorry, I think you must have me confused with someone else … “

Frustrated that she wasn’t understanding, he pulled his phone from his pocket, scrolled through his photos until he found what he was looking for, and turned it toward Jyn so that she could see. 

What she saw were her own eyes staring right back at her. Her eyes, come to vivid, striking life from the hand of Cassian Andor. Cassian, who Jyn hadn’t spoken to in months. Not that she hadn’t fought with herself over calling, texting, or showing up on his doorstep unannounced, to say the words they’d left unsaid the last time that she’d left. 

“SHE”, he repeated, sliding his phone back into his pocket. “The Mothma Gallery? Cassian Andor’s newest exhibit? God, I didn’t think that SHE was a real person … “

Jyn didn’t mean to be rude, but she tuned everything out as she stuffed everything back into her bag in her haste to get to the gallery before it closed for the day. “Sorry”, she called back, already six steps away before she even thought about it. “I’ve got to - “

Before she knew it, she was standing in the center of the gallery, surrounded by nothing but her face - paintings, sketches, finished and unfinished alike, smiling, looking away coyly, posing, at her most vulnerable, moments that she didn’t even know he was capturing, messy hair, a too-big t-shirt sliding down over one shoulder as she concentrated on writing, a frown on her face … 

Nothing but her.

The last few observers murmured to themselves and stared openly as they passed by her, but Jyn hardly found a reason to care, not when she caught the all too familiar cadence of his voice when he said her name like that, and she turned, tears gathering in the corners of her eyes.

There were plenty of things that needed to be said. But as she breached the distance between them, throwing her arms around his neck, pulling him flush against her, immediately searching his mouth out for a kiss that could only be described as searing, she knew they’d get to it later.

Much later.

She saw all she needed to know reflected back at her a hundred times over. 

He loved her. She loved him. 

That’s all she’d ever need to know.


What do you think about the relationship between Jyn and Cassian? Is it love, romance, friendship, something else?

Can we talk about how Oliver always has to keep his hands in his suit pockets whenever he enters the lair–especially around Felicity? It’s like he has to keep himself physically restrained in her presence, to keep himself grounded without twitching his hand, to stop from reaching out to her like he was so accustomed to doing. His control only extends so far.