watching doramas and anime

Ship me with someone from BTS! :D

nogatenolock said: I just live for these things, I enjoy so much reading ships, scenarios and reactions that is unhealthy. My name is Macarena, but nobody called me like that (except my mom when she is mad). Actually everyone have a different nickname for me but the most common is Maca. Personality wise I recognize myself as a little weird, I often talk to myself, I get easily distracted and stressed. According to my family I’m not funny at all, because I’m brutally honest (I seriously can’t lie) and sometimes my jokes attempts hurt or hit to close to home. I laugh easily and I love to watch movies and series. Also to read, to write, to watch doramas, anime, read mangas and all that haha
I’m quite obsessive no just with boy and girl bands, but also with other things (I’m still functional tho). I’m super emotional, affectionate, warm and a hugger, I can’t help it (not with people I just met obviously) I love kids - I actually work with kids on a daily basis - and dogs (and animals except cats and spiders and insects). I’m somewhat innocent and clueless but I think that’s because my mind wanders a lot haha. 

Finally, I am a feminist and a cancer. 

Sorry for all the details, I hope it’s not too much work! 

Love love :*


It wasn’t at all too much work! Don’t ever worry about the length of the description. Be shallow, selfish and self-centered lol. I love reading about you guys! What I love more is that the Taehyung girls are finally coming out of the woodwork! Where have y’all been?!

Multiple nicknames mean not a thing to TaeTae – just expect another one. He’ll probably give you new cheesy/shitty nicknames on the daily. It’s always good to be honest with yourself. Things can get a little weird around you two. As long as one of you know how peculiar you guys are (whether together or separated), there’s hope for the better.

Taehyung has reportedly said he isn’t a fan of confrontation and arguments. So when your rough sense of humor hits home and offends someone, Tae can swoop in and save the day. With long enough time around each other, I’m sure he’ll be able to sense a shit joke coming and stop you before things go bad. I’d say, don’t worry too much about hurting anyone’s feelings around TaeTae. He got your back – I just wonder how you’ll make it out there on your own…

A shared love for children and dogs is fantastic! The common interest will bring moments in time that’ll be cherished for sure. Maybe things will go great and the two of you will grow old with like a thousand grandkids and doggos running about. The place will be fucking wild but I mean… you two aren’t the normal bunch, so what’s new?

- Admin Dayna

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