watching charlie x and just

welcome to reasons you should watch bbc’s class, by me, a trashcan:

• a diverse cast
• canon gay relationship established in the first episode
• sikh boy that overcomes grief and his footballer stereotype to just be awesome
• strong m/f friendships
• it’s funny. like really funny
• canon relationships and poc aren’t fetishised or sexualised
• not one character is ignored
• does not fall into predictable tropes or use predictable plot devices
• poc and foreign characters that are proud of their cultures and educate others on them
• cinnamon roll alien prince
• a* character development
• a sikh educating a white girl on his religion, beliefs and choices
• the theme of morality and grief
• pop culture references
• relatable characters. none of them are perfect
• doesn’t shy away from sex or suicide
• smart girl that has been moved up a year but also has the funniest lines
• adorable relationships
• that also have things to work through like real life relationships
• alien war criminal that likes cat memes
• tackles issues such as homophobia
• teen characters act like teens
• the best one-liners
• kick ass girl that defies expectations and accidentally becomes an alien king
• the families of the teens are not just left out but included in the action
• the characters’ interactions with said families are important to them and propel the plot forward
• “I don’t like knives”
• polish cinnamon roll that manages to be chill all the time until his boyfriend is in danger then he’s a bamf
• disabled characters that aren’t defined by their disabilities
• the cast are awesome
• aliens
• it’s doctor who for young adults
• basically
• watch it

i love the part in Class when matteusz is like “i love you in all of your strangeness” because yeah charlie is an alien but charlie is like “same to you” because i guess to him he’s weird hes a human and humans are weird

I’m loving Class so much but

since it’s a DW spin-of, supposed to be darker and for older audience.. well where have we heard that before?

I’m afraid they will make me love the characters like I did with Torchwood and then kill off someone important for bullshit reasons (again)

I hope all the characters get to be happy at some point, like Tosh and Owen never did

and if Charlie or Matteusz will ever share Ianto’s fate or Jack’s heartbreaks in any way I’ll never trust BBC again


everyone is relevant to someone.