watching btr


Since I started re-watching Avengers Assemble, I made a couple icons for my favorite sassy little shit. I can make more, or some of the other avengers, if you guys want. Just let me know!

Credit isn’t necessary, but is appreciated. Like the post if you take one! :D

[ more icons ]

somewhere in the multiverse is an earth where curt hansen was the fourth member of btr and has now moved on to a successful solo career, meanwhile kendall is still an indie youtube artist with a loyal fan following

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K but I used to watch the BTR show all the time and I literally know every single episode (also Logan was a cute b y e)


the fucking piano instrumental music starts playing and that’s when you know one or more of the guys (bonus points if it’s kendall or logan but usually kendall) justifies his kind of slimy actions to a girl and said girl will swoon and kiss him and repeat cycle