watching bambi and loving it

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while so have some Disney movie hcs cuz both Voltron and Disney will always own my ass (shout-out to @angst-in-space @kryandr and @leo-lance for giving me some good suggestions and just screaming about these with me in general)

  • Lance’s all-time fave Disney movie was the Little Mermaid and he always belted out ‘Part Of Your World’ in the shower every night
    • Pidge: well at least it’s not “Let It Go”
    • Lance does get kind of offended that no one else thinks this movie is the best Disney movie
  • Lance and Hunk would cry over the Fox and the Hound every time they watched it as kids
  • Coran, Lance, and Hunk all loved the Emperor’s New Groove
  • Keith loved Beauty and the Beast, Zootopia, Oliver and Company, and the Rescuers
    • he also was the one kid who remembered and loved the Rescuers Down Under (it’s because of Shiro tbh)
  • Shiro was the one who introduced Keith to Disney movies
    • the Lion King was Keith’s first Disney movie because that one was Shiro’s favorite; he cried watching it
    • Keith also cried watching Bambi and Dumbo
  • Shiro and Keith both loved Tarzan and Big Hero 6
    • Pidge loved Big Hero 6 too
  • Allura, Lance, and Keith loved Peter Pan
    • Especially Allura and Keith; they both loved it for the adventure
    • Allura loves Peter Pan because all the magic and fantasy reminds her of her childhood and of how much she misses being a kid
    • Meanwhile, Keith gets sad watching Peter Pan because of the Lost Boys being abandoned by their parents
  • Pidge loved the Great Mouse Detective and Black Cauldron
    • Listen, she DEFINITELY was the kid who loved all of the underrated/obscure Disney films, especially the ones from the 70s and 80s
    • She would watch those kind of movies with Matt late at night
  • Pidge and Hunk bonded over Robin Hood
  • Keith and Pidge bonded over Meet the Robinsons
  • Hunk, Lance, and Keith all loved Hercules
  • Hunk adored Princess and the Frog
    • New Orleans jazz aesthetic is HIS aesthetic
  • Hunk was the kid who loved the older Disney classics a lot
    • His favorites were Lady and the Tramp and Cinderella
    • He likes Snow White if only for the songs; he sings ‘Whistle While You Work’ whenever he’s fixing something in the castle
  • Hunk absolutely loved the Jungle Book
    • He and Lance watched it so many times together as kids that they broke the videotape
    • He introduced the movie to Coran, who immediately loved it 
    • they both sing all the songs together whenever they’re working in the castle
  • Shiro was definitely the 90s Disney movie geek
    • He had all the 90s original OSTs on CD
    • He was obsessed with the Tarzan OST and Phil Collins for the longest time
  • Allura loved Mulan, Tangled, and Alice in Wonderland
    • She likes Cinderella too; she watched it with the mice the first time around
    • She and the mice have tried re-enacting some scenes from the movie
    • She isn’t the biggest fan of Sleeping Beauty but she does sing “Once Upon a Dream” whenever she’s alone
  • Allura and Lance loved Aladdin
  • Coran and Allura loved Atlantis
    • Shiro was the one who first showed them that movie
  • Coran and Lance sometimes sing some popular Disney songs together as duets
    • like “Be Our Guest” and “Kiss the Girl”
  • One time, Coran and Hunk blasted “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” in front of Keith and Lance. Take that how you will ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Everyone unanimously loved the Lion King, Treasure Planet, and Lilo and Stitch. No contest
    • Sometimes, when things feel too slow in the castle or everyone is too tired from saving the world, they would hold a late night movie marathon and would watch these three films
    • The ultimate comfort movies for the space fam 
Bobby’s Angel - Part 8

A/N - This might be hard for some people to read. There is mention of child abuse. I’ve tried a new style and did little time skips in this chapter. There is a lot to cover in this but I’m trying to keep it easy to read.

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so here is my first fanfic for rucasfanfic week. I hope you enjoy.

words: 1,110

prompt: your obsession with animals is going a little out of hand, don’t don’t you think?

rating: k

Riley Matthews obsession with animals started in the eighth grade when she was told that she was going to be a bunny farmer when she was older. When Riley was a Junior in high school she was celebrating her two year anniversary with her boyfriend Lucas Friar. The two of them were walking around Central Park, when Riley stopped in her tracks after hearing something, it sounded like a dog wimping.

“Did you hear that?” Riley asked.

“Yeah, I did.” Lucas says and the couple see’s where the noise is coming from. The couple found a mini fox terrier laying beside a tree; the dog was clearly hurt. Riley being like she was, wanted to help the poor puppy and Lucas agreed with her.  

“So what should we do?” Riley asked.

“Well he isn’t hurt too badly, so I suggest that we take him back to my place. He doesn’t seem to have a owner, so we can take him to the pound in the morning.” Lucas said. Riley had her cardigan tied around her waist, so she took it off and handed it to Lucas, so he could keep the dog warm, as it was also shivering.  At some point during the walk home, Riley was holding the puppy and looking at him. It seemed like the puppy should be named Bambi, Riley’s obsession with Disney seemed to be in full force at that current moment. When they arrived at Lucas’ place, Riley took Bambi to Lucas’ room and put him on top of some old blankets that she had found in the storage cupboard. (She couldn’t let the dog not have a name, so it was Bambi just for this night.) Lucas joins Riley in his room a few minutes later, giving Bambi food and water. The couple was sitting down on the floor just watching Bambi, both of them were falling in love with this animal even after just short time, but neither of them told the other. Riley stayed with Bambi and her boyfriend until her mother started calling.

“Hello.” Riley answered her phone.

“Riley, where are you? It’s passed your curfew.” Topanga said. Riley looked at the time and her mother was right.

“I’ll be right home, I lost track of the time.” Riley told her mother and ended the call.

“Sorry babe, I gotta go. I’ve missed curfew. I’ll see you tomorrow, take care of Bambi for me.” Riley said to her boyfriend.

“Bambi?” Lucas questioned. True be told, Lucas liked the name Bambi for this dog.

“What he has to have a name.” Riley said, kissing her boyfriend and then Bambi on his wet nose. Riley got up from the floor, grabbed her things and headed out of Lucas’ apartment.


When Riley got home, her mother was waiting for her.

“So how was your night?” Topanga asked her daughter.

“Magical.” Riley replied.

“Yeah, so what happened to make you miss curfew?” Topanga asked in her Mumma Bear tone.

“Lucas and I were walking in Central Park and we noticed a dog that was just left there abandoned. So we decided take Bambi to Lucas’ place and we’re taking him to the pound tomorrow.” Riley told her mother.

“Bambi is the dog’s name right?” Topanga asked.

“Yes. Well I’m heading to bed, night.” Riley said.

“Night.” Topanga said, and Riley went upstairs. Once changed in her pj’s Riley was in her bed texting Lucas.

Riley: So how is Bambi?

Lucas: He’s sleeping peacefully.

Riley: Well I love you and Happy Anniversary Bear.

Lucas: I love you too Princess. Happy Anniversary.


Riley went over to Lucas’ with cups of coffee from Starbucks, it was what they did every morning.

“Morning boyfriend.” Riley said to her boyfriend who was sitting at the kitchen table, Bambi was sitting behind him on the floor.

“Morning girlfriend.” Lucas replied.

“So how was Bambi last night?” Riley asked, coming to sit next to her boyfriend. Lucas grabbed his coffee.

“He was good, slept through the night surprisingly, and he didn’t leave anything behind.” Lucas said.  

“So are we taking him to the pound today?” Riley asked.

“Yeah we are.” Lucas said. In truth Lucas didn’t want to take Bambi to the pound.

“I don’t want to take him to the pound, I want to keep Bambi. I’ve fallen in love with him.” Riley said.

“I want to keep him too, I like him too. He reminds me of a dog I had back in Texas. Lucas said. It was decided that Bambi wasn’t going to the pound, he became Riley and Lucas’ first ‘baby’.


A few years later, the couple got another mini fox terrier, they named her Belle. (Well Riley did.) They still had Bambi, and they had just moved into a town house close to NYU, the college where Riley and Lucas attended. They were in their second year. Riley was studying teaching and Lucas was studying to become a Vet. The couple loved having two dogs and they were never vicious towards anyone. The dogs did jump all over them, but they didn’t mind.


Riley’s obsession was kept at bay for another few years until the day when Lucas was away in Texas visiting family, Riley didn’t join him as she was 8 months pregnant. Riley wanted to go to the pet store for some reason, unknown to her best friend Maya Hart, but they went. Once the two of them got there, Riley was in awe of the animals that she got two more pets; a bunny and a Scottish Fold cat. She was sure that Lucas would think she was crazy, but she didn’t care, she had baby brain, plus she wanted more animals to keep her company when Lucas was away as she knew two wasn’t enough for one Riley Matthews - Friar.


Lucas got home from Texas the next day, Riley had forgot to mention that two new pets inhabited their house. He noticed the kitten sleeping by the door when he walked in.

“Riles, I notice that we have a new pet.” Lucas said to Riley, who was in the kitchen.

“Yeah, we also have a new bunny. The cat’s name is Snow White and the bunny’s name is Arial.” Riley said.

“Still going with the Disney names I see.” Lucas said.

“And I always name our pets Disney Characters, you got a problem with that?” Riley asked. Lucas went over to his wife and hugged her from behind.

“No, but I do think your obsession with animals is getting out hand.” Lucas said. Riley smiled, she didn’t care that she was turning into a crazy animal lady.

Parent BillDip though. Bill dressing up their kid all nice and stuff, and when the kid gets older they just, every morning, burst into the room where Dipper is trying to sleep and hides.
“What’s going on?”
“Dad, he’s trying to, oh my God, it’s a public school, who wears ties!?”
“Oh god… Look, just, get dressed, i’ll drive you and i’ll grab you some spare clothes and you can change in the car..”

Going to school plays, “tHERE THEY ARE!!! DIPPER LOOK!! HI SWEETIE YOU’RE SO TALENTED!!!” “Bill be quiet!” 

“That kid, they’re stuttering so badly, just pull them off the stage…” “tHAT IS MY CHILD YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT YOU SHITLORD I WILL FUCKING ARSON YOUR ASS!” “bILL!! Quiet!!! oh my god i am so sorry he is just, really really into the plays, haha, so sorry, empty threats, bILL!”

Family pictures, matching sweaters (thanks to Mabel ofc)

Bill going all out for birthdays and stuff. Bill carrying them on his shoulders since he’s really tall. Just spending time with Mabel and Paz too. Dipper binge watching Bambi since their kid really loves it and Bill just get’s too frustrated with movies and points out every flaw.

Bill getting close to kicking someone’s ass because they made their child cry, “Bill they’re like, 8 years old…” “THEY PUSHED OUR KID OFF THE SWING DIPPER!!! WE GOTTA DO SOMETHING!!!”

Bill being the over protecting parent that refuses to allow their kid to grow up and go on dates, tries and scare off the other’s. Dipper being the parent that let’s them have candy or something even though Bill said no. Taking them out for ice cream nearly all the time. Dipper just being the ‘fun’ dad even though he’s just the dry humor sorta snarky one that is sorta always relaxed and junk, and Bill is the overly excited and eccentric parent.

Dipper going through the jungle gym playground and having a giggle fit with their kid, Bill watching in slight annoyance and feeling left out since he’s too tall and he can’t crawl around the tunnels and stuff easily.