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For as long as I could remember, I felt completely alone. I… was alone. 

Then I met Hawke. 

That is why I came here, Seeker. Not for you.

                                                                      There is nothing left to discuss.

I may or may not have spent the past day trying to map out the Bunker.

This may have involved watching every scene in the bunker since season 8 up till current. Yes, within the last 24 hours.

I may have come to the conclusion that this is impossible.

Sam’s bedroom keeps moving where it is in the bunker. Doors appear and disappear. Doors are placed in walls where they can’t logically go anywhere. Directions are given to rooms that don’t exist. (There aren’t four doors on the left down that hall Sam I counted there just aren’t.) One room may be four separate and distinct locations. There doesn’t seem to be anything on the top of the map, yet I know of three rooms that have to be there. There’s at least one basement and one upper floor. I can’t find the stairs.

Don’t ever try to make sense of the Bunker. Save yourselves.

i….. honestly cannot remember if i ever saw the end of the lego movie.. i remember getting pretty far but i’m also pretty sure i ended up closing the tab at some point bc i just wasn’t feeling it anymore so. i probably didn’t.

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"This is Oikawa Tooru, welcome to jackass". *slaps a sleeping Iwa-chan with a handful of shaking cream. *wakes up six weeks later in the hospital*

im in teARS this is the best thing i’ve ever read thank you

there’s a portuguese tv show with a time travelling lesbian, i love it when my country does me right



Our Shiny is called Quinn. No question. Love it.

Our Blue? A tie between Paz, Blooper, and Marshall.

…It’s a fight to the death. WHO WILL WIN…?

Votes so far:

Blooper- II 



Neymar and Barcelona to stand trial on fraud and corruption charges

Neymar and Barcelona to stand trial on fraud and corruption charges

Barcelona and Neymar will both have to stand trial on fraud and corruption charges regarding the Brazilian’s transfer to the club in 2013 after their appeals were rejected on Monday.

Spain’s High Court also turned down other appeals. "Santos FC, Barcelona FC, Neymar, his mother Nadine Goncalves and N&N, the family company, have lost their appeals to have charges of fraud and corruption dropped,“ the High Court said in a statement.

None of the parties will be able to take their appeals any further and will all be cited to appear in court at a date in the future.

However, there has not yet been any announcement on the appeals made by Barça president Josep Maria Bartomeu and his predecessor Sandro Rosell.

Barcelona, Brazilian club Santos, and the company run by Neymar’s parents also lost their appeals and will stand trial after a complaint brought by Brazilian investment group DIS.

The group says it was entitled to 40 percent of the transfer fee Barcelona paid Santos for Neymar but received a smaller compensation because part of the fee was concealed by those involved.

Prosecutors seek a two-year prison sentence and a fine of nearly $10 million for Neymar and his father on corruption charges, although they are unlikely to face any jail time if found guilty. That’s because not only would they be first-time offenders, but sentences of less than two-years are often suspended in Spain.

Prosecutors are also seeking a fine of about $9 million from Barcelona and $7 million from Santos.

Source: Sport/ESPN

there needs to be some kind of running “you know you’re a lunatic fangirl when…” thread

i’ll start: when you change the day of your own birthday party from saturday to friday to accommodate the new episode lol

judging from all the rage in my dash rn, i am so glad i didnt watch SG live. was gonna watch it for the sanvers scenes but i really didnt trust the writers and decided to wait instead

apparently i was right cause the writers forgot their “sanvers-centric” promise???? and sanvers still didnt get the screentime that they deserve so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

 ps. is there anything plot relevant that i might miss if i dont watch the ep???


Clint: Natasha, we’ve know each other for 3 years.

Natasha: I know what I said.

Me Watching Yuri on Ice: The Journey

Episode 1-2: Ahah, yet another fanservice sports anime 

Episode 3: ……this warms my heart for some reason also high budget lips 


Episode 5: ( ( ( P T E RO DA C TY L N O I S E ) ) ) 

Episode 6: SON YOU NEED TO STO— 

Episode 7: ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?????!!!! 


Episode 9:  *brain.exe has stopped functioning*

okay, but jokes aside round and golden must be— 


Episode 11: i didn’t sign up for this shit how dare you 

Episode 12: when i die, please put this on my grave, throw flowers at it everyday, make blood offerings and worship this fine piece of art for 12 generations, heck this will be written in my will and none of you gonna convince me otherwise


jake peralta doing IT for/because of amy santiago