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A Werewolf Boy (2012) || Legend of the Blue Sea (2016)


What if Sirius had been in Slytherin?
What would have happened with him and Remus?

If you would like to read part two.


  • Oh lord, there he was again, Sirius groaned
  • This was something like the fourth time today
  • The bloke was going to think he was stalking him
  • Well if he looked up from his book once in a while and actually noticed Sirius for a change
  • Which wasn’t likely to happen seeing as it hadn’t in the past few months that Sirius had started acting on his fixation with the gorgeous golden haired, amber eyed boy from Gryffindor
  • He had heard about him quite a bit in the year’s prior
  • Snape had gone on and on and on for hours about him
  • Something about disappearing once a month and full moons and wolfsbane nonsense
  • But Sirius didn’t really care
  • Nor did he really pay attention when Severus opened his mouth
  • He had seen Remus in first, second and third year but the kid was nothing more than a rail thin bag of bones with dark bags under his eyes
  • Which were always hidden by his hair
  • Until of course … he wasn’t
  • Until one afternoon in fifth when Sirius had caught sight of him sitting in the courtyard with a book in hand
  • He had nearly walked into a wall at the sight

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The Last One

Originally posted by sehuniebaby

~ EXO!Vampire

~Sehun x Reader

~This is the first story I’ve ever wrote I really hope you enjoy it!! (I wrote this in 2 hours lmao)

~ Inspiration to @remembeo thank you xx

~ Part 2

Sehun was alone, which he would usually like. However this time it’s different, he really was alone. He was the last of his group to find a mate. When Suho found his mate Sehun didn’t care, he thought it was strange. Seeing his leader become obsessed with this girl he had just met; saying he is going to protect her even if he is at risk. Sehun was confused, why does Suho feel this way? The other brothers felt the same, strange, but one by one each of the vampires found someone, understanding Suho’s possessiveness; now Sehun’s here alone.

Once Kyungsoo found his mate, Sehun and Kai, being the two youngest members of the group, were in a race to see who could find their mate first. It was all fun and games, but then when the two boys were out hunting deep in the forest miles away from civilization, they heard a scream, a girls scream, a cry for help. The boys reacted quickly and ran as fast as lightening to the commotion. There was a girl on the woodland floor, towered over her was a man, snarling at her, looking at her like she was meat. Werewolf. The girl noticed the two boys watching her and shouted for help, alerting the werewolf of their presence.

“You know that killing humans is against the law.” Kai stated, looking deadly into the werewolf’s yellow eyes. The werewolf didn’t reply at first, just smirked revealing sharp razor-like teeth, “You think I’m going to follow those stupid rules.”

If this werewolf had any idea who the two boys stood opposite were, he wouldn’t have said that. Sehun and Kai belong to the worlds strongest and most powerful brotherhood of vampires, his mistake really. In a quick motion the two boys grab the werewolf, Sehun taking his head, Kai taking his arms, and just like that the werewolf was no more. After throwing the now useless limbs on the ground Kai turns to the girl. Suddenly he feels heat rising in his throat, the blood in his dead body rushes inside him, his eyes are wide, his mouth is hanging slightly agape. He jumps up and looks to Sehun, “I’ve found her,” he whispers.

Now Sehun is here, sat on the roof of his mansion. Alone. He sees Baekhyun and Chanyeol with their mates, playing in the field next to the huge house. The three of them are laughing at something Chanyeol was doing, Sehun couldn’t help but smile at his silly older brother, but his smile quickly fades when he sees Baekhyun and his mate cuddled together on the grass, Baekhyun giving soft kisses to her neck. Sehun hated to admit it, he wanted to find his mate. To share happy memories together, to protect with all his mite. How long did he have to wait?

He finally decides to move, he’s been sat on the roof for hours now sulking, this could be precious time to find his mate. Sehun walks slowly through the long corridors of his humble abode, hands in his pockets and his head facing the floor.

“Hey Sehun!!” Xiumin calls from the end of the corridor. Sehun’s head whips up at the sound of his name. Xiumin flashes towards Sehun, looking up at him, despite being the oldest. “Baekhyun told me you were on the roof,” he rests a hand on Sehun’s shoulder “Usually you go there when you’re sad. What’s wrong?”. 

Sehun scoffs at his words and brushes his hand of his shoulder “I’m fine hyung,” Xiumin didnt look at all convinced, “Honestly I’m fine!!” Sehun almost shouting now. Xiumin was taken back by his sudden anger, Sehun barged past him and dashed away, leaving Xiumin stood in the empty corridor dumbfounded. “This must be more serious then I thought…” He ponders.

Sehun found himself at a local bar, usually the supernatural don’t go out, especially where humans are, however this bar was owned by vampires, he was perfectly safe. He was sat at the bar holding a glass filled to the brim with rich thick red blood, sipping it from time to time, savoring the bitter taste. Surrounded him were vampires and other supernatural beasts alike, werewolves (nicer ones), fairies, witches, and warlocks. He chuckled to himself knowing that he was a part of these weird creatures, he never liked being normal anyway.

Abruptly he feels a cold breeze on his neck, someone came through the door. All the laughing and chatting amongst the beasts fell silent, it was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Sehun lifted one eyebrow in confusion, placed his nearly empty glass on the bar in front and turned around. What he sees shocks him… a human? Sehun rolls his eyes and turns back to his glass “She’s got some nerve coming into here” he thinks to himself.

All eyes were on the human, she takes a deep breath and walks towards the bar, trying to ignore the piercing stairs she’s receiving. She pulls up a stool two chairs away from Sehun and perches herself onto it. Once the creatures realize she’s not a threat the silence lifts off, she lets out her breath. 

Sehun can feel the fear radiating from her body, he smiles to himself. The witch behind the bar walks over to the girl and rests her elbows on the bar, “And how does a fine lady like you end up being at this dump?” the witch says. The girl giggles, “I’m passing through, I won’t stay here for long.” she smiles a sweet smile, however fright in her eyes. The witch nods and says “Do you want any food to take with you? We’ve got plenty in the back.” she motions her thumb behind her. The girl nods her head, to which the witch smiles showing her plaque filled crooked teeth, “I won’t be long darling.” The witch heads off into the back to receive the food. 

Sehun glances at the girl from the corner of his eye. This bar isn’t strictly for supernatural beasts only, but it’s so far away from any human town, people don’t know about it. 

Swiftly a vampire sits next to the girl, so quick it startles her. “Hello gorgeous,” the vampire slurs, he’s drunk and she can smell that. “Oh hello,” the girl trembles, Sehun can feel her fear again. She tries her best to ignore the vampire’s prodding and small talk, she’s praying that the witch would hurry up. 

Not only is the girls fear rising, so is Sehun’s anger. His throat feels warm, his blood is rushing inside him, he’s holding onto his now empty glass so tight it shatters in his hands. He stands up and marches towards the intruding vampire, he now towers above him. 

“Leave her alone.” He delivered angrily. The vampire took a moment to comprehend he was there, due the alcohol clouding his head. He laughed and ushered out a quiet no. 

Everything happened so quickly. Sehun chucked the vampire over the bar, smashing all the glasses and bottles on display. The girl jumps from her seat and hides under a table. The volume had increased to the max, creatures are running towards the exit, warlocks are trying to separate the violent vampires from each other. One warlock seized Sehun, he was lashing in his arms like a fish out of water, he may be in the strongest brotherhood but he’s the youngest. 

“Calm down!!” the warlock roared. Sehun fell limp in his arms, the warlock released him. Sehun took a deep breath in and out. 

“You’re lucky I don’t have my brothers with me.” he snarls at the hopeless intoxicated vampire surrounded by broken bottles. All of a sudden guilt rushes over Sehun, he turns around to find a shaking foot under a table. He leans down and pats the foot.

“Hey, don’t worry,” he reassures “Its over.” The girl comes out from under the table and stands before him. For the first time in his life, Sehun is speechless. His eyes are wide, his mouth slightly agape. He knows why he wants to protect her. He knows why he would put himself at risk. He knows why his brothers feel the way they do. He knows everything. He finally had found his mate. 

“What’s your name?” Sehun says softly.

“Y/N,” She replies. 

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do you have any kmovies you could recommend? c:

I haven’t watched that many, but I really enjoyed these:

A Werewolf Boy: Summoned by an unexpected phone call, an elderly woman visits the country cottage she lived in as a child. Memories of an orphan boy she knew 47 years ago come flooding back to her. (If you like angst and crying even after the movie is finished then you’re really going to enjoy this one! Jk! Well not really but it’s a beautiful movie. Be sure to watch the extended edition!).

Miracle in Cell No. 7: A story about love between a mentally ill father and his lovingly adorable daughter. Which is her father, accused of murder and rape. (This movie is filled with so many heartbreaking and bittersweet moments. Definitely not a movie anyone should pass up!).

Spellbound: Yeo-Ri sees ghosts and crazy things happen to the people around her. When she joins Jo-Goo’s magician show, he offers to help her find a way out before the ghosts can chase him away. (I’m really bad with horror movies, but this had comedy in it, so it wasn’t really that scary. Minus the jump-scare scenes. But it was a fun watch, I’ve seen it multiple times).

200 Pounds Beauty: A famous pop singer decides to have full-body plastic surgery to change her look. (An easy-going chick flick with romance and comedy).

Heaven’s Postman: A grieving woman takes a job assisting a messenger who delivers letters to the dead. (Another angst-y movie, but the ending isn’t that bad so if you hate angst, you can still watch this one).

You’re My Pet: A homeless dancer agrees to be the personal pet of a no-nonsense fashion editor. (Another chick-flick movie with comedy and romance).

Jackal Is Coming: A not so smart female killer is hired to kill a popular singer. The killer then kidnaps the popular singer and tries to kill him in a bold manner which the customer requested, but the police arrive and all plans goes wrong! (This is one of those movies that are really fun to watch while you’re drinking lol. It has action and humor, very un-serious).

Hot For Teacher: Set within an all boys Christian High School, a beautiful new trainee teacher quickly gains the attention of the students and faculty. Meanwhile, a school festival is set to take place and the trainee teacher is set to teach dance to three students. A rumor then spreads that the trainee teacher has had an affair with one of the students. (This movie is rated 18+, because of the perverted jokes and flashes. But nothing too dirty lol. It was a fun watch, lots of comedy).


I held out as long as I could on watching the last moments. Which turned out to be 2 hours from the series finale lol. Life though, made it a little hard to find the time to put together my post about the show.

Before the finale, I was looking for a few issues to resolved. Each one was wrapped up nicely, if briefly. That being said, there is a lot to love about SWDBS and a lot that makes it worth watching. It features:

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Sad movies

There is one type of movie that frightens me more than horror/ghost related movies: super sad tragedy movies. Those end with tears running down almost everyone’s cheeks. I’m afraid I’m gonna cry again. Everytime I watch a movie of that type, I couldn’t get away from that feeling for like almost a month, one of the most terrifying months of my life. I just couldn’t do anything without thinking back again about that movie. Whenever someone mentions anything about that movie, I have to go somewhere else to not hear anything about it. So miserable :(

Movies that made me go through that process after watching:





Till now, I still couldn’t re-watch any of them >.< I’m scared that I’m gonna cry my heart out again >.<

A Werewolf Boy

i put off watching this film for 5 years because i usually hate werewolf/vampire plots but i watched it last night and i am now a sad broken shell of a human being. this movie wrecked me. part of me is glad i finally watched it because it is a beautiful and wonderful film. the plot, the cast, the development, the acting, all of it is amazing. but i also wish i had kept putting it off because i will never be able to experience the feeling of watching it for the first time again

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Fluffy JungKook? Anything you want, but make it fluffy please :3

    ”Here you go,” Jungkook handed you a cup. “Be careful; it’s a little hot.”


    You took the red mug gratefully, cold fingers curling around it. Despite blowing on the hot chocolate before taking a tentative sip, you still managed burned your tongue. “Ah,” you grimaced, placing the mug on the coffee table. “I’ll just let this cool for a bit.”


    ”Make sure it doesn’t cool down too much,” Jungkook said, sitting down next to you on the couch. He placed a hand on your forehead. “You’re feeling warm. Are you sure you’re okay?”


    You swatted his hand away, reassuring, “I’m fine. You should’ve went with the rest of the members to the amusement park. You’ve been wanting to go for a while now.”


    ”I’d rather spend the day with you than running around with my hyungs. Besides, this is the only day I’m free until we’re finished with promotions,” he hesitated before patting his leg. You gave a small smile, crawling onto his lap and curling up against his chest as he buried his face in your hair. “I missed you so much, jagiya.”


    ”Jungkook, you saw me last week.”


    “I Skyped you last week,” he corrected, voice muffled. “I haven’t actually been with you since last month.”


    He pressed kisses to your temple, causing you to sigh and frown. Jungkook pulled back, concern on his face. “It’s nothing,” you were quick to say. “I just…felt really lonely lately. Don’t worry about it though! Just focus on your comeback.”


    “_____-ah,” he murmured, arms tightening around your waist. Suddenly, he was sliding you back onto the couch and running off into his room. Your brows furrowed in confusion when he yelled back, “Choose a movie you want to watch; I’ll get blankets.”


    ”A movie I want to watch?” you mumbled to yourself. Werewolf Boy immediately popped into your mind. That movie was one of your favorites and, to be honest, you were in the mood for the romantic heart wrencher. You inserted the disk and pressed pause as you waited for him. “Jungkook, I want to watch Werewolf Boy.”


    “The one that made you and Jae-Ji cry for hours?” he asked as he entered the room. At your nod, he picked up a box of tissues, a water bottle, and a few snacks as he passed by the kitchen. When Jungkook settled back down, he tossed the blankets over the both of you, drawing you close. “Okay, you can play it now.”


    And so you spent the next two hours in Jungkook’s arms, head against his shoulder, sobbing and trying to eat your feelings away. Jungkook let the clip of Cheol-su (Song Joong Ki) making a snowman play through, watching it be replaced by traditional credits on a black screen. When the credits finished scrolling, he wiped away the tear tracks on his face. He tried to get up to put away the remains of the food, but you wouldn’t budge.


    “_____,” he said softly, poking your cheek. You still didn’t move and he tilted his head to see your face. “Are you sleeping, _____?”


    That explains why she was so quiet at the end, Jungkook thought, thumb brushing away the last of your tears. He turned the TV off and laid down, moving so that you were safely snuggled between him and the back of the couch. He carefully tucked the blankets around you and wrapped his arms around your waist, grinning to himself when you automatically relaxed into his chest. Yawning, he let his eyes slide closed.


    A few hours later, the rest of BTS loudly announced their return, still excited by a day well spent.


    “Jungkookie, we got you a present!” V hopped into the kitchen with a teddy bear in one hand, expecting to find the maknae eating. “…Jungkook?”


    “He’s in here, Taehyung,” Jin called, “and keep it down.”


    V followed the sound of Jin’s voice and found the rest of the boys in the living room. He peered over their shoulders and saw you and Jungkook cuddling. “I’ll just leave this here for you,” V stage-whispered, placing the bear at the foot of the couch. He glanced at the coffee table, eyes lighting up. “Ooo, hot chocolate!” V took a sip from the mug and made a face.


    “What’s wrong?”


    “It’s cold.”

Alrighty ^^ Here’s another scenario finished. Feel free in send in requests! As for anyone who hasn’t watched Werewolf Boy, watch it. It’s so sad and I love it. It’s on Netflix, too~

-Admin Kato

“You’re Here Now”

Prompt: Hey can you make a Aiden imagine/one shot please. It’s kinda like he likes her but the reader thinks he is a player but he finally proves her wrong and fluffy please. For justmyteenlife01 Sorry it took me so long, I’m spammed with requests. And this dragged on longer than i expected. Hope you enjoy :) xx

I was rummaging through my locker, trying to get everything i needed for third period, when i saw a body rest against the locker next to me. Aiden. He was propped up on his forearm and his eyes watched me hungrily. 

What?” i spat, giving the tall werewolf boy a glare.

His smirk only grew. The smirk that I had grown to hate, but every time i saw, my heart fluttered a little bit, which was something i would never admit. 

“You, me, tomorrow night-” he started, but i almost immediately cut him off.

“Not interested,” a smirk playing on my lips, trying to hide the fact that my heartbeat sped up, as i turned my attention back to my locker. I didn’t really know how i felt about Aiden. He was hot, really hot, athletic, tall, muscular, and pretty much the school’s bad boy. I have to admit, i did get flattered that he would take a constant interest in me, when he has every girl in the school wrapped around his fingers.

But there’s the problem. He knew he had every girl worshipping him, and he used that to his advantage. That’s what made Aiden a player, thats why i never gave him a chance. I was just as disposable as everyone else. And If he found out i liked him, even the tiniest bit, i was done for. He would ruin me. And we both knew that.

“Y/N,” Aiden’s voice broke me out of my deep thought. “I’ll stop bugging you if you go on one date me.” 



“Because i said so. Now move out of my way before i shove wolfsbane down your throat”

“I’d like to see you try,” the same, aggrivating smirk playing on his pink lips. 

It was moments like these, that made me wish i was some powerful supernatural creature with super strength, so i could throw him to the other side of the hallway, but no, i was a human. A weak, stubborn, short tempered human. And that never played out in my favor. 

“You want to know why i won’t go on a date with you?” i spat, feeling my face go red with anger. “It’s not because i don’t like you. You’re a player, Aiden. I Don’t trust you. You go on and on about how you like me so much, but here i am, watching you stare at Lydia’s coin slot from the other side of the room. I’m not dumb. So don’t think i’ll fall for you and your bad boy charm and stupid tricks.” As i finished, my voice became softer, and my anger died down, not wanting to make a scene.

“I’m not like that,” he desperately tried to say, but i cut him off again

Done with the conversation, i closed my locker and pushed past the werewolf, trying to make my way to my next class. But i felt his eyes watching me, burning holes into the back of my head, as i sulked down the hallway. 

-Time Lapse-

God, Mr. Harris was boring. The guy would never shut up. Im convinced he talked more than stiles. I wasn’t paying attention to any words that came out of his mouth. My mind was somewhere else, thinking about what happened between me and Aiden yesterday. I hand’t seen him all day, and was contemplating whether to apologize or not.

As if on que, my phone buzzed. A text from Aiden. Great, why is he even texting me? 


Meet me in the woods near the old house, only 5 minutes away. Hurry up I’m hungry.

Not bothering to question it, i practically had to beg Mr. Harris to let me “go to the bathroom” clutching my uterus and groaning. 

Since Beacon Hills high has a terrible security system, it was extremely easy to ditch, as i was doing now. As i made my way behind the school, i still had no idea where i was going. I was just walking in the direction of trees. 

After i plunged myself into the forest, i realized how stupid this idea was. I don’t know where I’m going. What if someone’s here, watching me, what if there’s a werewolf ready to bite me because they want a pack, what if someone wants to kidnap me for infor-

When i felt two hands on my shoulders, I let out an extremely loud scream and proceeded to turn around and punch what was touching me in the face. Not what, who. Aiden.

“Ow, oh my god Y/N,” he said clutching his nose, as he staggered backwards. “I didn’t know you could pack a punch,” a laugh escaping his lips. a Laugh that would have made my heart flutter if it weren’t for the fact that he just scared me half to death.


Aiden intertwined our hands causing me to shut up, typical move. “Follow me,” he said, eyes twinkling as he brought me to an area of the woods where it was sunny and warm (sort of like where the nemeton is) There was a blanket laid down on the ground and two mcdonalds burgers accompanying it. 

“Whats this?” i scowled, crossing my arms disapprovingly. 

“It’s our first date,” he said, sitting down and patting the area of the blanket beside him.

“I didn’t agree to this-”

“yes you did. You knew i was going to set something up. If you didn’t want to be here you wouldn’t have came.”

Our eyes locked. Well shit, he got me there. I sat down beside him, the scowl still glued onto my face, grabbed the burger and ate it, without even acknowledging the boy sitting extremely close to me. 

“Im not like that”, i heard him say in a barely audible whisper. 


“I’m not like that. I’m not a player. If i was a player i wouldn’t bother asking out a beautiful girl this many times. You know, this is my secret spot, i go to relax. And you’re the only person i showed this to.” he stated, his brown eyes staring intensely into my Y/E/C eyes. 

“Oh,” i said. i felt the heat rise to my cheeks. “Im sorry. I didn’t mean to yell at you. I guess i was just angry about every-”

He cut me off by intertwining our fingers once more. Almost out of instinct, i leaned back into his chest.

“It’s okay. You’re here now”

Make Your Dreams Come True

Hey guys! yeah we know we suck at posting and all but we’ve been hit with a snowstorm thing and so we have some down time as to we are both stuck at home with no way out! 

Request: Can you do a Liam smut where the reader is new at there school and is a rare werewolf and Liam starts having dreams about her if you know what I mean and she finds out and like makes his dreams a reality. Thanks!

I was literally freaking out. It was my first day at a completely new school, in the middle of the school year, one in a town that frequently has serial killers I might add, and I was completely alone. I walked through the main entrance to where it seemed was a main hallway and tried to find my way to my first class of the day, Chemistry. I was searching for what seemed like forever until I heard the bell ring. Great, first day of school and already late. I tried to peer inside each classroom to see which was which until I ran into a hard body. “Oh my god! I”m so sorry I-” The boy I had walked into simply chuckled and side stepped. “No it’s my bad, shouldn’t have gotten in the way of such a pretty girl,” he said smiling slightly. “What class are you heading to? Maybe I could walk you there?” You blushed at the kind gesture. 

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omg that's also me on planes. i've watched werewolf boy (twice) and miracle in cell no. 7 on the plane and cried ugly sobs every time (i luv suffering lmao) istg ppl were looking at me weirdly and my family were like wtf😭 hahaha (hope u r having a wonderful afternoon!)💘

haHAh u feel me sis!!! thankfully my dad and my sister were asleep + it was dark on the plane :’)) and yess my afternoon has been really chill (literally its like under 10 degrees rn im suffering) i should prob start doing some work thO,, how has your afternoon been erika? ❣

Stay The Night (Bambam)

Request: could i PLEASE have a fluffy scenario where me and bambam are having a sleepover and at night, we cuddle etc but have cute and (like really cute and innocent, lol) sex? aigoo, bambam is beautiful and i love him. lol
Length: 701 words
Genre: Fluff/Very Suggestive
*A/N: I wanted to keep it more innocently fluffy and decided to leave the end up to your imaginations ;)

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Nationality: British (Afro Caribbean)

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