watching a new show uh oh



“Hi, I’m new here, can you show me around?”
“Uh.. I think I’m lost.”
“Wow, those are some awesome threads!”
“Don’t mind me, I just like making new friends!”
“Oh dear, do you need help?”
“You look like you could use a hand.”
“You look a little lost, can I be of assistance?”


“Watch where you’re going.”
“Oops, did I do that?.. Oh well.”
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”
“Get lost, would ya?”
“I don’t have time to play tour guide.”
“Thankfully, it’s not my job to help you.”


“Wait! Stop!”
“Don’t let them find us.”
“I don’t wanna be left alone.”
“Get out of the way!”
“Are you dead?”
“Hurry! Run!”


“Can I skip dinner and go right for dessert?”
“I think I just found the most beautiful girl in Japan.”
“Hey there, Foxy Mama.”
“Huh? Oh yeah, this view is nice.”
“How about we go back to my place? I’ve got board games.”
“All you have to do is say, "yes”.


“Wow, your eyes are the most beautiful, that I’ve ever seen.”
“I’ve been enchanted by your amazing voice.”
“Ah, I’m sorry, I could have sworn you were an angel.”
“Am I dreaming, or do you really exist?”
“I wasn’t aware that Goddesses/Gods existed.”
“No flower or scenery can compare to your beauty.”


“At long last! I’ve finally found you! Now I can kill you!”
“What an ugly mug, it’s a good thing I won’t have to see you for long.”
“How would you like to be full of holes?”
“You know, I think your head looks better detached from your body. ”
“I will make you experience unimaginable pain.”
“Beg all you want, but your fate is going to end the same way.”


“Love is illogical, it means nothing to me.”
“The more you cry, the more reasons I find to leave your pathetic being.”
“Do not touch me, I don’t require affection from anyone.”
“Why are you hugging me?”
“He’s dead, let’s move on.”
“Why is family so important to you?”.


zest??? zest!!! 

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Okay... you know the elevator scene from CA: The Winter Soldier? Imagine Steve waking in on Natasha showing Bucky security footage of the fight in the elevator, then the jump out of it.

“Hey guys, what’s going on?” Steve asks, pulling his jacket off and toeing off his shoes. “What are you watching?”

When he turns to the living room, Bucky is glaring at him. “Uh?” Steve says. “You okay, Buck?”

“Oh, hey, Steve,” Nat calls. “We were just watching the footage from when you jumped out of the elevator.”

“Oh.” Steve swallows, and considers his exits. “I’m…I forgot to – uh, I forgot to get. A new. Pair of shoes. I’ll be – ”

Bucky’s beside him in half a second, slamming the door Steve’s just opened. “You jumped out of an elevator on the sixtieth floor.”

Steve blinks at him. “I…tripped?”

“You are never leaving this house again,” Bucky snaps.

And Everybody Wanna Taste [oak x reader] [NSFW]

Pairing: Oak x Reader

Requested?: yes m’am! “Your writing is sooooo good! It’s rare to find a good smut writer, and you are great! Can I request some Oak smut, please? Reader is jealous of his new co-star because they play love interests. She finally breaks down and admits her jealousy after a night out drinking with a group that includes the co-star. They get home & he shows his dominate side to prove to her that he belongs to her. There’s just not enough Oak fics! Thank you!”

Summary: After hanging around set and soaking in the experience of watching your love do what he loves, you’re startled by the jealousy that blooms in your chest when watching Oak interact with a new costar- one that conveniently plays his love interest, a role you’re used to filling in Oak’s life. Needless to say, Oak brings out your dom/sub roles (see what I did there??) once alone and squashes your doubt.

Includes: all o’ dat sinny sin sin hunnies (a touch of daddy kink but not a ton, mega dirty talk, some dom/sub dynamics etc etc)

A/N: i made myself turned on while writing this?? goddamn sami u need to chill. also, I added in the (fictionalized) role of dolley madison to the show in this fic, as I figured she’d be the best direct love interest for oak to have in the show since he not only plays madison, but dolley and eliza were friendsies irl. hope that makes sense! sometimes you gotta take a bit of creative license

“Babe, you ready to head to the theatre?”

Oak’s deep voice rolled through the apartment you two shared, washing over you as you slipped a paperback into your bag. You doubt you’d need it, considering you were looking forward to watching Oak work with his craft, but you liked to come prepared.

“Yup, ready when you are!” you called back to him, where he was presumably doing the same as you and getting ready for the afternoon at work.

Oak walked out of your bedroom, bag in tow, and took your hand in his as you walked through the door, locking it behind the two of you.

As you walked to the sub station, you swung your connected hands back and forth. “So, you nervous for working with the new actors?” 

Oak shook his head, swiping a metropass through the turnstile. “Nah. Mainly just nervous for the scenes involving Dolley and James interacting, since that’ll really be my only serious interaction with any of the newbies onstage.”

Previously, a close friend of yours had played the role of Dolley, an instance you had no problem with. You trusted your friend with your whole heart, plus she was a mutual friend between both you and Oak. You’d always been content in the knowledge that absolutely no feelings were shared between the two of them.

But the reminder that someone new would be getting up close and personal with your boyfriend hit you in the face. When Oak had originally told you the first time, it hadn’t quite sunk in, since both Oak and your friend had been fixtures of the Hamilton cast since the beginning of the show. But now, confronted with watching the first practice between Oak and some random new girl, you weren’t quite sure how to feel.

You bit your lip nervously before replying, “I’m sure you’ll do fine babe.”

Oak, not noticing your tension, squeezed your hand softly and gave you a warm smile of thanks in reply.

“Also, I almost forgot, most of the cast is going out for drinks tonight to welcome the new castmembers, and of course you’re invited with the other significant others, so are you down for that?” 

Your stomach dropped slightly. Great. Drinks, likely in some sweaty club with a big crowd and loud music, were a perfect opportunity for new-Dolley to wedge her way into Oak’s personal life.

You shook your head, thinking, God Y/N, have a little faith, will ya?, before replying brightly, “Sure, I’d love to meet everyone!” as the subway car stopped at the correct station.

Oak returned a smile as the two of you stepped off the train and headed for the Richard Rogers. 

“OAKKK!” Daveed bellowed as soon as the two of you were backstage.

You rolled your eyes, chuckling, as you commented, “You guys saw each other yesterday.

Daveed turned to you after finishing an intense bro-hug with Oak, “What? Not my fault you’re always stealin my man. Can’t I be happy to see him?”

You laughed as you headed out to your favorite seat in front of the stage. It was smack in the center, a few rows back, giving you prime vantage point to see your boyfriend and his friends and colleagues work their magic.

Unfortunately, it also gave you prime viewing of new-Dolley, as you’d mentally nicknamed her.

She was gorgeous, with hair flowing like a river as she moved in tandem with Oak during the scenes involving James and Dolley. Lac’s music wrapped the room in warmth, only elevating the mounting jealousy you could feel bubbling up inside. They moved so perfectly together, hips swaying, arms wrapped around each other, deep looks into each others’ eyes. 

Halfway through rehearsal, you couldn’t take it anymore. Grabbing your bag, you sped up the aisle to the public restrooms, not wanting to get snagged backstage. 

Once surrounded by the porcelain tiles, you splashed cool water onto your face, willing yourself silently to calm down. You know he’s not going to cheat on you or anything of the sort, you thought, so why so jealous of the other girl? Deep down however, you knew. Whether you liked it or not, and whether Oak believed it or not, the girl was hot. She was slim and trim and graceful and part of his profession and-


You turned to face Pippa, who was silhouetted in the doorway. 

“Oh, uh, yeah?” You discreetly glanced at your watch, having lost track of time.

A warm smile crossed her face as she beckoned to you. “C’mon, we’re all heading out for drinks now, I hope you’re coming with!” 

You managed a weak smile in return and followed her to climb in the Uber with Daveed, Lin, Oak, and Renee. 

Once at the bar, Lin opened up a tab, boisterous as ever, shouting, “Let’s get this party started and show our new members how Hamilton rolls!”

You rolled your eyes, smiling as you joined Oak and a few others at a high table. Lin was so energetic that to those who didn’t know him well, he likely already seemed drunk despite being entirely sober.

A voice pulled you out of your thoughts, asking, “Yo, Y/N, you want some shots?”

You turned to find Rafa standing next to you, and grinnned. “Rafael Casal, what are you doing here?”

Rafa lazily replied, jerking a thumb in Daveed’s direction, “Well, Diggs can’t get a girl, so I’m his S.O. for the night. You want some Jack?”

You nodded your head at the dirty blonde, desperately wanting the feel of Jack Daniels slipping down your throat to distract you from your self-imposed misery.

Across the table, Oak and new-Dolley were engaged in conversation, heads close together. You dug your nails into your palm, trying to placate your rising acidity.

Dammit, where was Rafa with those shots?

After several minutes of tension and attempting to tear your eyes away from Oak and his castmate, Rafael returned with a small tray, with four shotglasses neatly balanced on the shiny surface.

You quirked an eyebrow. “Four?”

He smirked at you. “Two each. You need to loosen up or you’ll scare off new-Dolley.”

You stuck your tongue out at your friend. He knew you all too well.

Linking arms, you each grabbed for a shotglass and knocked it back, grinning at each other as the amber liquid burned and then subsided into a satisfying warmth.

Pippa and Jazz, seated cattycorner to the two of you, chanted playfully, “More! More! More!” 

Not wanting to disappoint, you and Rafa pulled a party trick you’d both perfected in college- balancing a shotglass on the tip of your pinky at just the right angle for it to pour into the other’s mouth. 

Pippa and Jazzy cheered at the display, clearly tipsy, before pulling your onto the dancefloor. For a while, you completely forgot about your boyfriend and your worries about his hot new costar, getting lost in the beat with two of your wildest friends. 

After many fast-paced songs, you decided to go for a break and returned to the table to rest. Upon arrival, you noticed that Oak and new-Dolley were still cozied up, and you leaned an elbow on the table, chin in your palm, observing the avant-garde modern art on the walls of the bar and directing your thoughts anywhere but in front of you.

“Um, Y/N?”

You shook your head slightly, clearing your eyes, and turned to find none other than new-Dolley holding a palm out to you. 

“Hi, I’m Kelsey, I play Dolley now. Are you a friend of Oak’s?”

Your body blazed in flame. You gritted your teeth, giving her your signature sugary sweet I’m-not-going-to-destroy-you-because-I’m-polite-but-you-fucked-up smile. “Hmm, you could say that I’m a bit of a friend, I suppose.” you hissed.

Kelsey replied simply with a gracious smile and a “Nice to meet you,” before returning to her seat.

Daveed and Lin shared a look across the table.

Oak, cheeks reddened by the entire situation, slipped off his barstool quickly and strode the short distance over to you. Laying down two twenties onto the table to pick up your shared portion of the tab. As he clapped a hand to Lin’s shoulder in thanks, he announced to the group, “We’re going to head out, Y/N’s got an early start tomorrow and I don’t want her to be too sore from all this partying!” 

His fellow castmates playfully groaned in return but bid you goodbye and goodnight as the two of you made your way outside to the waiting Uber.

Once inside the leather interiored car, Oak slipped a hand over your thigh and spoke lowly, “I lied. The only reason you’ll be sore tomorrow is because of me.”

You swallowed as the car moved towards your apartment, navigating easily through the New York night.

Once home, Oak strode through the door ahead of you, purposefully, as you set your purse and keys onto the small table by the door before heading to your bedroom. Before your feet even made it over the threashold, Oak had you firmly lying on the bed beneath him.

“Baby girl, what got into you tonight?” he intoned.

You struggled to find words. “I’m not sure.”

Oak chuckled, his laugh rumbling through his chest. “I think you know, darling.”

You squirmed beneath him at the proximity of how close he was to you.

“I think you were jealous.” Oak breathed out, air warm as it moved across your skin.

“Maybe.” you bit back at him.

“Well I think you have absolutely no reason to be. You know why?”

“Why, Oak?”

His hands dipped down below your dress, just brushing slightly at the wetness in your panties.

“Because I belong to you, and you belong to me.” he whispered.

“I don’t think that’s as good of a reason as I’m looking for.” you replied, half-kidding, half-serious.

His free hand came to rest at your throat, thumb fluttering in the hollow of your neck. Oak’s lips closed the distance to graze his next words over your slightly parted ones.

“Would you like me to show you?”

Yes. Everything.

You could only manage the smallest of nods. 

“Out loud, Y/N.” Oak’s quiet insistence fell hot on the shell of your ear.

You wet your lips with your tongue. Decided. Truthfully, you’d decided as soon as the first sip of Jack Daniels made it down your throat.

“Yes. Oak.”

The first word was a response, but the second was pure desperation. Both of them Oak lapped up with a growl and another sobriety-banishing kiss.

When he drew back that time, he did it fully, releasing your wrists and parting your bodies with a backward step. You could see the rise and fall of his chest and you were sure your own wasn’t faring much better.

This is happening.

“Safeword.” He was dead serious. Your heart leapt into your throat.

Oh god, oh fuck. Happening. Finally.


You received a single nod to your blurted safeword, and it was your only warning before Oak made the gap between you two disappear again. This time his hands found the small of your back. For whatever reason, even more than the kiss, the intimacy budding now felt volatile. On a hair-trigger, a torrent of lust could come rushing down and bury you both; molten, devastating.

And then Oak opened his mouth.

Pressing kisses down your skin as he slipped off your dress, he spoke, “I know you want to feel owned, sweetheart. Possessed. Possessed like your very existence is defined by the need to do exactly as you’re told, and then beg daddy for more. More of what? Well that doesn’t fucking matter. What matters is that you’re mine, and you belong to me, and you know it. Just as how I belong to you. We’re inseparable. We fit together like puzzle pieces.”

Oak paused in his monologue as he slipped off your bra and panties before continuing.

“I know you try to pretend. Pretend like I don’t have absolute power and control over you. A power to make you feel sexy. Insatiable. To be mine in every fucking way because only I know that that is exactly what you want. Exactly what you need. A power you give me to make you my whore. My whore, hungry and eager to be a slut for me. Only for me. And you know what? I would never have eyes for another woman after experiencing a life with you. The amount of trust and love you’ve placed within me to provide you pleasure by humiliation. To know your deepest darkest secrets without judgement or shame. I could never ever find this love and trust with any woman but you, Y/N.”

You gasped a shuddering breath in. “Oak…” you groaned out.

Oak’s fingers swiped a gentle stripe up your slit. “You’re already wet at the thought of my hard cock filling your pretty pussy, aren’t you? Oh baby girl, don’t even try to deny it. I see it written all over your beautiful face.”

All you could do is moan in response as Oak continued his artful torture.

“Do you see the way I look down at you, my eyes heavy with lust and drinking in every inch of your beautiful sexy body? Do you see the way I kneel and slip my hands into the crook of both legs, behind your knees, and spread those sexy fucking legs wide? Do you my love?”

You nodded at Oak’s emphasis of his adoration for you, his reassurance that not matter what, he’d choose you over any silly costar.

He continued. “Good. Now lay back. Lay back so I can taste my pussy. I want to play with my toy.”

Oak leaned forward, tongue licking a wide stripe up your slit, collecting the wetness on his tongue. “Mmm, you taste so fucking good baby.”

He began to go to work, alternating attention to your sensitive clit and your dripping wet pussy. Your hands went to bury themselves in his hair, more grown out than usual.

“Ah ah- take your hands off me.”

You refused to follow Oak’s instruction, hips bucking against his mouth and tongue as he slipped two fingers into your pussy.

“I said hands off. Now. You won’t be ready for this cock until you’ve cum on my face first.” he scolded, pulling his fingers away from your aching core.

You moved them to your sides, clenching at the bedsheets as Oak’s thick fingers returned.

“Good girl. And mmmm… baby girl I’m making such a mess of your cunt. Such a wet greedy mess. But I know you love it. And I love showing you how much I love you.”

You moaned out in response to Oak’s statement, “Fuck, Oak, you feel too damn good-” threading your hands through his hair once again.

“Ah ah. Hands. Off. Out of my hair. I warned you. Do you want this cock?” he questioned while circling your clit roughly with the pad of his thumb. “Answer me sweetheart. Do you want this cock?”

“God Oak, please fuck me, please I just want to be filled with your cock.”

“Hmmm of course you do baby girl, of course you want daddy’s cock. You’re so fucking hungry baby.”

“Fuck daddy, you’re going to make me cum, fuck-”

Your statement was cut off by your own piercing moan, as Oak’s skilled fingers and tongue brought you to a crescendo of pleasure, tipping you off the cliff of your orgasm.

Oak fucked you through it with his fingers, murmuring, “Mmm… oh my… good girl. Fuck, I love it when you lose control like that.”

After a few blinding moments where you could barely catch your breath, you blearily opened your eyes and reached for Oak, bringing his lips to yours in a firm kiss. 

When you both pulled away, Oak smiled at you warmly, praising, “You’ve done well baby girl. I think you’re ready for me now. Turn around for me, up on all fours.”

Rising onto your hands and knees, you positioned yourself in the center of the bed as Oak walked behind you, slipping off his own clothing.

“God, you look delicious. Fuck, baby girl, how could you think I could ever want another woman when I have your gorgeous, intelligent and fiery soul all to myself?”

Though Oak’s words warmed your heart and lit up your love, you could only let out a strangled moan as the thick head of his cock parted your soaked folds and began to stretch your pussy.

“Mmmm, yes. Oh baby girl, I love the way you take my cock. So tight but so yielding, so wet… so tight… so fucking hot… fuck.”

You reflexively arched your back in response to Oak’s statement, wanting only to have his cock further inside of you. He held your hips as you bounced your ass back towards his hips, allowing him to fuck you hard.

“Fuck, daddy, you feel so fucking good in my pussy, god I needed you all of tonight-”

“Tell daddy what you need.”

“I need your cock filling me up, pounding into me, please I just need you to keep fucking me.”

Oak let out a moan of his own. “Yes, that’s right. You need my cock. You need me to fuck you like this, slamming my entire thick, hard cock into you. Pounding your cunt. Fucking ruining you. Fucking you the way I know you love it.”

His thick length was merciless, rubbing at the most sensitive spots of your walls. He hit home, thrusting at just the right angle to apply pressure to your g spot, and you moaned so loudly the neighbors below likely heard.

But you didn’t care.

“Good. Good girl that’s it, I love pulling your hair like that, hearing you moan like that.” Oak praised as you crept closer and closer to your second orgasm of the night.

“Fuck, fuck, Oak- fuck, I’m going to cum, I’m going to-”

“Do it. Come for me, baby girl. Fall to pieces all over my fucking cock. Explode for me. Be a good girl for me and cum for me.”

You let out a scream as your orgasm came tumbling over you, sparking every nerve ending in your body and blinding your vision.

Oak followed you seconds later, thrusting through your orgasm and his own before collapsing beside you, spent.

After your breathing slowly began to even out, you eased your eyes open and looked at Oak beside you, who was already admiring your beautiful features.

You smiled softly. “Thank you.”

He pulled you into his arms, tucking your head into his strong chest as he rubbed a hand over your back soothingly. “I just wanted to make sure you felt loved and appreciated, baby girl. I truly would never trade my relationship with you for anything in the world.”

“Yes, but you still have a very hot costar to look at all day-” you jokingly pandered, but got cut off by Oak cheekily pinching at your ass.

“Do you honestly think that I ever look at any other woman after seeing your gorgeous body undressed for me? No m’am.” he clucked, and you giggled in response.

“I love you, Oak.”

“I love you, Y/N, and I always will.”

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Night Calls - Drabble

A/N: Based on a list of random sentences, that inspired those drabbles.


Your finger rapped the button on your laptop to send you to the next episode of the new show you decided to binge watch.

The last episode ended in a cliff-hanger and you demanded answers.

How unfortunate you were that it was the season finale of a show that would only come back in six months.

Your mouth fell agape as you gripped the sides of the laptop, aggressively but still careful (these things are expensive after all). “I need more,” you whispered, as if talking to Netflix would help your situation.

Suddenly, your phone vibrated, signaling a new message. Your eyes widened as you saw the number of missed calls and messages from a certain ex-assassin.  The most recent read: “If you don’t want me to bust your window, I suggest you answer the phone. Now.”

“What the actual,” you started as you rose from your bed and made our way to the window, your trained eyes quickly found a silhouette that took camouflage behind a tree. His deep eyes were focused on your figure, his hair hung loose, framing his face. The leather jacket hugged his muscles tightly and he wore a glove over his left hand.

You accepted his call.


“Are you hurt?”

You scrunched your eyebrows. “Why would I-”

His voice was filled with concern. “Are you?”

“No,” you shook your head and quickly added, “Why would you think that? You know what, c’mon in.”

You darted to the front door, swinging it open and revealing Bucky Barnes.

His hands gripped your shoulders and his eyes scanned your body.


His hands fell to his sides, placing the knife you didn’t even notice back to its strap.

“You haven’t answered me all day,” his eyes scanned the room. “I got worried. Care to explain?”

You crossed your arms over your chest.

“It’s a new show I started watching,” you explained. Then your eyes went wide,” Bucky?”

He turned to you, “Yes, doll?” And his own eyes went wide upon seeing your wicked expression, “Uh-oh.”

“Bucky, Bucky, Bucky,” you sang and gripped his arm, pulling him to your bed.

“[Y/n], [], [],” he said slowly, still careful to ask what you were up to.

“This show is really good, you know?” you started and proceeded when he nodded, “I think you’ll like it,” your eyelashes battered, a soft smile on your face, your cutest expression on. You had to use all of your skills.

“Do you want to watch it now?” he chuckled, his hands already undoing the straps of his gear. He had more comfortable clothes at your house anyway.

You grinned and kissed his cheek. Bucky smiled as he saw your happiness.

“That’s exactly why I love you.”


Request: "So I have to spend the night at my longtime rival’s house, everything will totally be fine because their parents are there (or not) AU" with Kylo holy shit please

A/N: Sorry I did this one so late, I was supposed to to do it amongst others a few months back but never got the chance. Anyway, thanks anon for the request, enjoy!

Word Count: 1.7K+

Warning: None

You weren’t looking forward to it, actually, you were pretty upset by the fact that you had to stay over the Solo residence for a night because your parents were going out of town and didn’t want you home alone. It made you irritated, you were already considered an adult, so why couldn’t they treat you like one? But, of course, that wasn’t the full reason why you were mad. It was the fact that you had to spend the night with no other than your rival, Kylo.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! If the members of unit Bravo could be any Disney prince/male lead, who'd they be? Or maybe almost close to? Sorry if it's a silly question. Hope you have a lovely day<3

Oh, good question!

I watched the new Beauty and the Beast the other day and had Adam pegged for the Beast. He’d just fit into that role perfectly!

Nate would be Prince Eric, probably. Super nice and easy to show feelings. Or Prince Philip- he had a bit more personality!

Felix, man I hate to be obvious but Naveen comes to mind, lol! All that playfulness, but a heart of gold. Or maybe Robin Hood.

Mason… uh, not really sure :D Li Shang, possibly? All that duty-bound honour stuff. Or a less enthusiastic and nice Flynn, lol. Tough one for Mason! Not sure he’d actually fit into any of those roles…

What do you guys think, who would you peg them as?

Thank you so much for the lovely message and the fun ask :D

anonymous asked:

Never a Jedi AU - The one time Obi-Wan rescued Anakin.

“One” time meaning too many times because Anakin would have a habit of getting himself into trouble.

Uh oh, he has Black Sun assassins. after him.

Uh oh he stole the Death Star plans from Dooku.

Uh oh he shot Krell with a rocket launcher on Umbara.

Uh oh he accidentally discovered an ancient Sith Temple and now has a bazillion Sith ghosts possessing corpses and attacking him.

Uh oh he has the horned Ketchup and Mustard Brothers after him because he stole Savage’s robot arm while sleeping.

Uh oh he pissed off Death Watch and btw “kidnapped” Satine Kryze.

Uh oh this random Togruta Padawan showed up on his ship after he raided a pirate camp and she’s kinda awesome, Obi-Wan, you should take her as a Padawan. What do you mean Jedi Masters can’t swap? That’s stupid.

Uh oh he just accidentally ended up in another dimension with all-powerful personifications of the Force saying he’s their new dad.

Uh oh Padmé is pregnant.

Davey and Spot Reach an Agreement

This is my first foray into fanfiction, so I’d love to hear back from any of you guys about what you think.

This is not Davey/Spot. The way I see it in this au Spot and Race are already a thing and Jack/Davey are on their way. Although this is not a love story, I just want to make it clear. Race and Jack aren’t actually in the story other than being mentioned.

I like to see Davey and Race interacting and getting past their initial dislike of each other and becoming friends. So this is at least the start of that.

I’m definitely willing to write more of this if people are interested, so please let me know.

This comes in at about 4300 words




“How are you doing spot?”

Spot considers answering Davey’s dumb question for a second, but decides he has too many things to do than make idle chit chat with Jacky-boy’s buddy.

“What do you want mouth, I got business that needs attending to,” looking up from his tallying of today’s sales.

Some of his boys weren’t doing so good, and he was going to have to figure out if he’d have to rotate selling assignments, pair people up differently, or if he needed to have some one on one conversations with them about just what they were getting up to instead of selling. It was frustrating.

Since far too early in the morning, this day had just been one thing after another, and the last thing he wanted was to have to entertain someone he wasn’t crazy about.

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Roger~ Oh uh yeah MC Silver Swag Rog is back with a new rap. I’ve been watching you younglings for a while now. Cmon lads put on those thinking caps. Your juvenile shenanigans i can’t allow. 

You Youngsters come up all in my hood, think it’s all good, to throw shit at my wall, well sons you misunderstood. Do you know who i is? I’m the man with the master plan, the big guy in show biz. 

*Kids attempt to deflate pig* 

Hey hey stop you, get away! What is wrong with the youth of today? Trying to hurt my Wilbur? Well i ain’t down with that, so this rap i deliver. 

*Intense twerk break* *Kids look horrified as he drops booty down low* 

Ha Ha Charade you are! You see that, I twerk like a rock star. Now kids, Au revoir. I better not see you on my property again, Or I’ll have to get out my main men. 

Ayyy Double D shake it for me. 

*David is on top of the wall twerking while Roger begin to do the chicken dance in a swaggy way. The kids start screaming and run out the door* 

spidey-loving-starkid  asked:

6. Owen Grady. - Buffy/Universe.

6. “I waxed the floors, grab your fluffy socks.”

When you applied for an internship at Jurassic World you expected to be immersed in adventure. Something wonderful like a paddock supervisor or a cook. Hell you would’ve even settled to be a ride operator. But no.

You were going to be a fucking janitor. 

And not just a janitor, but an intern janitor, which only made it worse. You were bossed around and constantly being stuck with jobs the others didn’t want to do. You’ve picked up trash, unclogged toilets, and cleaned countless amounts of vomit. But what sucked even more were the late night shifts. A lot of the cleaning had to be done after the park closed, and thanks to the extended holiday hours, you weren’t able to get started until 11 o’ clock. 

Tonight was another late one. It was almost midnight and you’d just begun waxing the floors near the lab. That part made it somewhat bearable. You had the chance to peek in on some of the incubating eggs, hopeful that maybe one would hatch. Having that entertainment–as trivial as it was–seemed to make the clock tick by quicker, and before you knew it, you were done, and eyeing the floor, slick and shiny from your handiwork.

A cliche little light bulb shined over your head.Nobody was around. Nobody would know. And so you kicked off your shoes, took a running start, and slid across the floor…right into the arms of an unfamiliar man. 

“Jesus Christ, what are you doing?” he grunted as he helped you regain your balance. You looked up at him, bright red from the crash. 

“What are you doing? The park’s closed.” 

The man shook his head. “Owen Grady. I work work with the raptors and there are some new ones supposed to hatch soon. I wanted to check up on them.”

You’d hadn’t heard of him. But you had a weakness for attractive men, so you didn’t bother questioning him further.

“I’ve uh…been watching the eggs. None of them have showed any signs of…well…anything.”

He sighed. “Figured as much. Oh well. But that brings me back to my first question. What the hell are you doing?” 

“Well,” you paused thoughtfully, “I waxed the floor, grab your fluffy socks.”

He stared at you for a moment as if you were crazy, and frankly, you probably were for taking part in such a childish activity. But then he kicked off his shoes and smirked. 

“I’ll race you.”

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how many blankets i sleep with: ideally 1, but atm i have like 4 cause its freezing
dream job: i really dont know, just something not in australia and that gives me money
dream trip: Machu Picchu, Japan then Korea, id be tired af but id be so freaking happy
favorite food: idek uhm… lasanga
nationality: Australian
favorite song now: lie - bts

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27. Lost and Found (ft. BTS’ Jimin) - Rated

a/n: My first birthday gift to myself. I have more, I promise. 

Genre: Smut

Warning(s): Sexual themes, profanity, semi-kinky (?), dirty talk (warning for a a reason)

Summary: Of all the people who can find themselves lost in the streets of your city, it had to be one named Park Jimin and not just any Park Jimin, THE Park Jimin. Being his fan and possibly his only chance to find his way back to his hotel, you can’t possibly let this opportunity slip away, right?

You sighed. It hadn’t been a good week. Maybe, it hasn’t been a good year for you. After graduating from college with a degree you thought you wanted, with grades that you thought were good enough… still, there you were trudging back to your small, almost empty apartment with a huge box of paperwork that needed to be done.

You needed a break, so you put the box down on the concrete sidewalk and crouched beside it to catch your breath. You hugged your knees as your eyes trained on your heel-clad feet. You silently scolded yourself for wearing heels when you knew you had to walk home. You buried your face in the gap between your knees as you took slow breaths while resting your eyes. You heard a pair of footsteps stop in front of you and that was when you looked up to see very familiar black orbs looking back at yours.

Park Jimin. That was his name, right? You used to be a kpop fan back when you had the time and you were definitely his fan, so seeing him there in front of you made you think that you probably passed out from lack of circulation and now, you were dreaming about the fulfillment of a teenage girl’s fantasy.

He waved his hand in front of you and said in his unforgettable voice, “Excuse me. Do you speak English?”

You almost laughed at his accent, almost pointed out the fact that you remembered making fun of his “Excuse me”, but you didn’t. Instead, with a slacked jaw, you nodded as you stood up, never breaking eye contact… that is, until you lost your balance because your legs had died. He was quick enough to grab your arm and keep you from falling over.

“D-Did you need something?” you asked, scanning the expanse of the sidewalk to see if anyone was watching you or even filming you. Maybe this was a variety show?  

“Oh… Uh… I’m lost. Help me find this hotel?” he pointed at a flyer that he was holding and you recognized the hotel right away. It was a new hotel situated near your apartment complex.

“Sure, do you want me to show you the way?” you gestured and looked around to see where you were standing. You began explaining the directions, but you could see how his face contorted in confusion. “Did you get that?”

He laughed sheepishly and scratched behind his ear. “No, sorry.”

You bit your bottom lip and shifted your weight to another foot. “Can I… call you a taxi, then?”

You watched as he considered the idea before shaking his head. “Dangerous, no? I will walk. Thank you.”

He started stepping away, when you suddenly switched to Korean and called out to him, “I-I can take you there, but I have to drop this off in my apartment.”

“You speak Korean?” he raised an eyebrow and smirked.

“A little.” You turned around picked up your box with much difficulty (because of your darned pencil skirt). “Do you want to wait here? My apartment’s just around the corner, I can come back in 10 minutes.”

Jimin looked around and wondered where he’d be safer, with you or nowhere? He sighed and looked at your corporate attire and heels. You seemed like a decent person, so wordlessly, he took the box you were carrying (which was heavier than it looked). “I’ll go with you.” He tilted his head to the side, studying your expression.

You felt your heart flutter and tried to avoid his gaze as you began to lead the way.

“So what brought you here? Oh, my name’s Y/N by the way.” You raised a hand to shake his, but realized that he was holding your box. “Sorry.”

He smiled and you remembered why you liked him, he had this devilish charm… like he knows  he has this effect on other people, so he plays around with it. For Jimin’s part, he does this quite unconsciously. For example, he makes your heart flutter when he suddenly says, “My name is Park Jimin, do you know who I am?” he glances at you and saw your frozen expression. “I guess you do… Too bad we’ve been on quite a long break which is why I can afford to go on this vacation.”

You noticed that he became much more comfortable when you started speaking in Korean and before long, you two had reached the entrance of the apartment. He gauged the building as it towered over you.

“There’s an elevator, right? You’re not making me carry this up 10 flights of stairs?” he smirked again and you scolded your heart for acting like a fool.

“Is it heavy…? Let me…” he shook your hand off and proceeded to walk inside, forcing you do a short jog to catch up. “Maybe you can wait here? I’ll be right back.”

He shook his head and pressed the up button for the elevator. “No, it’s the least I can do. Besides, it’s so hot outside, I didn’t think that it would be this hot here during the summer.”

You chuckled as you both stepped inside and you pressed the button for your floor.

For some reason, the air inside the elevator was so thick and if you focused on something else other than keeping your heart in check, you would have noticed that Jimin was breathing quite heavily too.

The door opened and your heels clacked against the tiled floor.

As you swung the door open, the cool air hit Jimin’s face and you heard him sigh. You told him to drop the box somewhere as you stepped out of your heels.

“Why don’t you make yourself more comfortable? I’m just going to grab my sandals and we’ll be on our way. Do you want anything?” you took in the sweat littering his forehead and neck, as he stood in the middle of your apartment, and gulped at the sight. “A cold glass of water, perhaps?”

“Please.” He smiled sweetly as you gestured for him to sit down on the couch. He dropped his backpack on the floor and let his eyes wander around your humble apartment. “You have a pretty nice place.”

“Thanks, I know it looks quite empty, but I’ve been living here for a year already.” You laughed as you handed him the glass, barefoot and all.

He downed the glass in less than two seconds.

“You must’ve been really hot.” You remarked as you took the glass from his hand, brushing his fingers with a weird surge of electricity.

“It’s really hot… out there.” He licked his lips and met your eyes. “I don’t know if I thanked you yet for inviting me here in your apartment. I’ve been walking for a good hour in that heat and being inside an air-conditioned room is making my head hazy.”

“Oh, uhm… You’re welcome then?” you met his half-lidded eyes as he leaned back on the couch. “Take a rest, I’ll just go and…”

“Sit with me. Let’s rest, eo? You must be tired, I know I am.” He chuckled like it was a joke.

Oh, but your thoughts were running laps around your head. It had wandered over the thin layer of sweat on his neck, his parted lips and spread legs. You recalled the days when you used to imagine this very moment and yet, there he was in the flesh and you began to wonder where you got all of your self-control.

You realized that he was waiting for you sit beside him, so you awkwardly sauntered through the space between you two and rigidly sat beside him. He could read your wary gaze, so he smiled. “So, this must be an expensive place, being here in the city and all.”

You shrugged, passing your eyes over the corners of the room. “I do what I can. Actually, I got a little help from my parents.”

He nodded. If you were in a film, the silence that followed was supposed to emphasize something, but to you, it was just tense and awkward. Was it sexual to the point that you couldn’t breathe? Yes, very much so.

You jumped off the couch, fully intending to walk away and lead him to where he needed to be, but apparently, he had other ideas. He pulled you abruptly and you landed on his lap, centimeters away from his face. The way his arms slipped around your waist told you that he was either a natural or he has done this quite a few times. 

His breath had that minty scent and he was so close that you could almost taste it. Your self-control snapped, you thought you heard it ring next to your ears, before you went for his lips. He let out a surprised yelp, before starting to kiss you back. “Uhmm… I…” he tried to stutter in between kisses.

Your eyes popped open and you pulled back, pushing him forcefully against the couch. “Oh my gosh, I’m sorry. God, I didn’t mean to… Shit, sorry.” You tried to get off his lap, but his strong arms held you in place.

“I didn’t ask you to stop.” He had this small, mischievous smile and a darker glint in his eyes that made you want to attack him.

So you did, you started kissing him again. He moaned into the kiss and you pulled back, a little startled.

“You’re a really good kisser.” He mewled as he went in to nibble on your ear.

“Have you had enough experience to compare?” you whispered, trying not to sound insecure but failing.

“Did you bring me in here to have sex with me?” he countered and you slowly raised an eyebrow.

“Fair enough.” You shrugged and pulled away only to wrap your legs around his waist, straddling him. “It was always 0 to a hundred with you.”

“So you did know who I am.” He muttered before you sealed his lips shut. You did know who he was and you have fantasized about this for too damn long for it to be delayed by talking.

His hands lost themselves on your body as he kneaded and squeezed you all over, making you moan into his mouth. He pulled your tight skirt up without much preamble, groaning about how tight it was as he grabbed a handful of your butt. You felt his erection press against your wet panties, the rough material of his jeans stimulating your clit.

“Is this what you wanted when you bent over in that little skirt?” he growled in your neck as he guided your hips to grind against him again. He didn’t wait for an answer and slid his fingers over your soaked clit. “Is this a yes?”

You cursed under your breath when he slid your panties to the side and started fingering you, massaging the soft flesh around your clit. His mouth latched on your breasts as soon as you got your dress shirt and bra off. You took the liberty of interrupting him to take his shirt off and the sight of his toned body seemed to have momentarily blinded you. You let out a sharp gasp when you felt his teeth on your nipples, making your jerk towards his busy fingers.

“Mmmm…” he hummed as he sucked on your beaded nipples, nibbling on it then licking it. He rummaged through your hair, pulling it to reveal your neck where he began to leave hickeys. His other hand spread your wetness all over your labia, making sure you were lubricated before asking in his roughest voice, “You want me to fuck you?”

You whimpered a reply.

“What?” he pushed you away to see your flushed face and lidded eyes.

“Please…” you slid your hand over to your wet cunt, making sure that he was watching. “Please… Jimin-ah, fuck me.”

He threw his head back with a smirk before ripping your panties off in one smooth motion. You were shocked, but the frenzied way he was unbuckling his pants distracted you. When you saw his length, you thought you were going to pass out. He guided your hips and positioned himself under you. You were looking at where your bodies met, shivering in anticipation, but he slid a finger under you chin and made you look at him.

“Look here.” His eyes on you were hot and you thought that when you finally slid down on his cock, you were simply melting under his gaze. “Shit, so tight.”

You started on a delicious pace with you controlling the way his dick slid in and out of you until he became impatient. He grabbed your hips and slammed you down on him, thrusting his whole length in you with every thrust. You moaned repeatedly, variations of several curse words slipped from your mouth, barely knowing where to pronounce the vowels. You kissed him again, sliding your tongue into his mouth, but he pulled you away and without stuttering he commanded, “Ride me harder.”

And how could you refuse?

You bounced on his lap harder, your tits moving along with your rhythm. As both of your highs began nearing, you felt him slide his arms around you to hold you still, so that he could thrust upwards at an unbelievable pace. You gripped his shoulder to keep yourself sane as he hit your sweet spots with incredible accuracy. 

“I’m close.” He declared, making you look at him again. Within a few thrusts, he had you coming undone, reducing you to a screaming, crying mess. He continued fucking you until you felt his warm liquid squirt in your walls, dripping down your thighs.

He slid out of you and you cried out, gasping against his ear.

“I wouldn’t mind getting lost again if I can find someone like you.” He mused as he rubbed slow circles on your lower back.

You looked at him to see if he was joking, but he was actually taunting you. You gave him a puzzled look, a million doubts passing through your head.

“Of course,” he smirked. Oh, how could you forget Jimin’s smirk? “…I wouldn’t get lost again because you’re going to slide that tight skirt in place with my cum dripping down your legs and take me back to my hotel.”

You bit your lip at the thought and the way he was ordering you.

“When we get back, we’re going to continue.” He murmured before kissing your cheek.

Imagine - Joker

Imagine meeting and having to work with the Joker to try and free Harley.

Prequel to Joker & Harley Imagine

Originally posted by vrdantt

“What do we have here?”.”

“You’re Harley’s Mr J.”

“Harley didn’t mention she had a dazzling sister…” He purred.


Originally posted by quinnsharley

“Mhmm boys look at that piece of work.”

“Uh- boss we-.”

“Shut up! Enjoy the show.” Joker said watching you beat the crap out of one of the robins.

“Um boss Miss. Quinzel has been captured by police.”

“WHAT?! Oh dear…why do all my dolls end up in jail?”

(A/N: 6/7 Suicide Squad posts, next week I’ll be posting other things…maybe starting a new Supernatural series ;) I’ve been asked whether or not if I’m making the Joker & Harley imagines into a fanfiction piece, what do you guys think?)



  • “Hi, I’m new here, can you show me around?”
  • “Uh.. I think I’m lost.”
  • “Wow, those are some awesome threads!”
  • “Don’t mind me, I just like making new friends!”
  • “Oh dear, do you need help?”
  • “You look like you could use a hand.”
  • “You look a little lost, can I be of assistance?”


  • “Watch where you’re going.”
  • “Oops, did I do that?.. Oh well.”
  • “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.”
  • “Get lost, would ya?”
  • “I don’t have time to play tour guide.”
  • “Thankfully, it’s not my job to help you.”


  • “Wait! Stop!”
  • “Don’t let them find us.”
  • “I don’t wanna be left alone.”
  • “Get out of the way!”
  • “Are you dead?”
  • “Hurry! Run!”


  • “Can I skip dinner and go right for dessert?”
  • “I think I just found the most beautiful girl in Japan.”
  • “Hey there, Foxy Mama.”
  • “Huh? Oh yeah, this view is nice.”
  • “How about we go back to my place? I’ve got board games.”
  • “All you have to do is say, "yes”.


  • “Wow, your eyes are the most beautiful, that I’ve ever seen.”
  • “I’ve been enchanted by your amazing voice.”
  • “Ah, I’m sorry, I could have sworn you were an angel.”
  • “Am I dreaming, or do you really exist?”
  • “I wasn’t aware that Goddesses/Gods existed.”
  • “No flower or scenery can compare to your beauty.”


  • “At long last! I’ve finally found you! Now I can kill you!”
  • “What an ugly mug, it’s a good thing I won’t have to see you for long.”
  • “How would you like to be full of holes?”
  • “You know, I think your head looks better detached from your body. ”
  • “I will make you experience unimaginable pain.”
  • “Beg all you want, but your fate is going to end the same way.”


  • “Love is illogical, it means nothing to me.”
  • “The more you cry, the more reasons I find to leave your pathetic being.”
  • “Do not touch me, I don’t require affection from anyone.”
  • “Why are you hugging me?”
  • “He’s dead, let’s move on.”
  • “Why is family so important to you?”

Send me a sentence and a pairing and I’ll write a drabble/oneshot containing the sentence 

Jared In Love (ReaderxJared Padalecki)

Request: Reader is a guest star, and Jared falls for her :)

Warnings: fluff, actor fic

Words: 1352

Note:  GUYS I LOVE GEN AND JARED, THEY ARE MY PARENTS. This is just a story, so enjoy the fiction. HBD SAMMY

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bowtiesandtriangles  asked:

Frisk, who do you refer as your aunts and what activities do you do together?

Frisk: “My Aunts? Oh! Well me and Auntie Muffet love to bake together, and I actually loving eating what we cook! Yeah, it’s got spiders in it, but they actually add a good crunch and the flavor is not bad! The venomous ones give me a stomachache sometimes, but she tells me what kinds of spiders she uses.

 I would say Undyne and Alphys are like my aunts, but they’re more like big sisters to me! in any case, Undyne’s my soccer coach, and me and Alphys like to watch anime together! We’ve never really finished a full series though, she keeps getting excited and showing me the new ones she found. I like anime, but not as much as her. 

Oh, and I want to mention all the other monsters who visit and stuff and are kind of like my extended family! The Snowdin shopkeeper, Collie, likes to drive me when the others are buy and sometimes we’ll visit her brother’s Nice Cream stand! And then there’s Shyren, who’s a good friend of Napstablook-”

Flowey: “Let’s just say they have a lot of family. Er- uh… had.”

Frisk: “And- … Oh, yeah… right.”

Frisk: “….sigh….”

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“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?” sebastian x reader, please? :)

It had been weeks since I had last saw Blaine, so when he popped over to Dalton suddenly, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to meet up.
“God, ever since you transferred, I feel like you’ve traded me in for all your new friends,” I pouted, cuddling into his side.
“I could never forget my bestfriend,” he smiled, wrapping an arm around my shoulders and pulling me in closer. We laid there cuddled up, happily munching away on the popcorn Blaine had made earlier and watching our favourite TV show.
“I still can’t believe Lydia doesn’t know Stiles loves her, like honestly how blind can you get?” I scoffed, pulling a face at the pair on the screen.
“I got no idea babe, but if I had that guy pawning after me, not even Jesus himself could stop me,” Blaine giggled, fanning himself dramatically.
“I feel you boo boo,” I chuckled, shaking my head at my bestfriend. We continued to watch our show without any interruptions, the only sounds being the TV and our loud munching.
“Uh, whats going on here?” a new voice piped up, making us turn to see a confused Sebastian standing in the doorway, cocking his head to one side. 

“Oh hey babe, we’re just watching Teen Wolf. Do you wanna join us?” I asked, patting the spare seat beside me.
“Can I speak to you in the kitchen?” he growled, stomping off towards the said room. I glanced nervously at Blaine, uncurling from his side and standing up, toddling after my fuming boyfriend.
“Whats up Seb?” I questioned, standing in front of him and reaching for his hand, only for him to pull away.
“Why are you cuddling with Blaine Y/N?” he growled, eyes no longer a bright green, rather a deep emerald almost black.
“Because he’s my bestfriend and I haven’t seen him in ages…” I answered, slightly shocked.
“But I’m your boyfriend, not him,” he whined, glaring at the back of Blaine’s head.
“Wait a minute, are you jealous,”  I smiled, trying to hold back my laughs.
“I have a right to be jealous Y/N, your my girlfriend,” he pouted, crossing his arms over his chest.
“Sebastian, Blaine is literally the gayest person I know and he’s my bestfriend. You know I love you and would never ever even consider cheating on you with anyone because you’re perfect in my eyes,” I sighed, uncrossing his arms and taking his hands in my own, rubbing my thumbs over his knuckles.
“I know, I just get really self-conscious sometimes. You’re so beautiful and I just worry sometimes that you’re going to leave me for someone who’s nicer and not an ass,” he shrugged, glancing up at me with watery eyes.
“I would never leave you. Like I said, you’re perfect,” I smiled, reaching up on my tip toes and pressing a small kiss to his lips, giggling when he rubbed his nose against mine.
“Good, because I won’t let you go.”

Kurt’s a steward on a flight from London to New York and Blaine’s his very nervous passenger.

Kurt notices him right away, sitting on 56C. It’s not hard, given the flight’s half empty and he’s the only one sitting in the last four rows. He has all three seats to himself but he’s opted to sit by the aisle and he grips armrest tightly before the aircraft has even moved an inch. He’s definitely nervous. 

Throughout the preparations to depart, Kurt keeps stealing glances at the poor guy. He’s the only one who really pays attention to the security briefing and Kurt sees him check under his eat as if to make sure his life vest is really there. 

Nervous is an understatement, Kurt realizes, the guy looks downright scared. Normally, Kurt would simply keep a closer eye on a passenger such as this one through the flight, but as the aircraft inches slowly closer to the runway, Kurt decides he wants to offer whatever comfort he can.

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