Me watching:
  • Porn:*feel nothing*
  • Naked chicks:*feel nothing*
  • Naked guys:*feel absolutely nothing*
  • Joker in Suicide Squad being fucking insane and leaves his girlfriend for dead in a car under water when he knows she can't swim, and simply just being crazy throughout the whole movie:"SOMEONE FUCK ME RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW" *drools*
I am good at watching
watching the moon crawl across the sky
and the clouds that kiss it as they pass
watching little lives grow
between the cracks of sidewalks
watching nations shift
like sand piled to the point of collapse
watching people searching out
their own little corners of the world
watching loves grow like grass
cropping up anywhere they land
I spend so much time observing the lives around me
fascinated by them
I forgot to live my own
—  A.O.A.M. || Watching