watchin' sherlock

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Bucky watching the Guy Ritchie Sherlock Holmes movies, first alone but everyone comes in when they see what he's watching. Tony is the last to show up

Title: Observation
Rating: PG
Summary: Robert Downey Junior looks so familiar, somehow…

This one ended up a little light on actual Bucky… 

“Who does that guy remind you of?” Bucky asked, when Natasha sat down next to him on the couch.

“Jude Law? Someone I’d bang like a drum,” she said. 

“Not him,” Bucky said, pointing to the shorter man in the shabby hat. “That one." 

"Robert Downey Junior,” she said. “He’s a famous actor.”

“Yeah, but, I mean, who does he remind you of.” 

Natasha tilted her head, considering. “I don’t know. I mean, I didn’t grow up watching a lot of movies.”

They exchanged a look; Natasha had spent her formative years in a Russia that Bucky had already left decades before, but there was a certain level of culture they shared, and Communist Russia’s disdain for western capitalist entertainment was one of them. 

"But I’ve seen some of his old movies. Have you watched Chaplin?”

“I saw actual Chaplin,” Bucky pointed out. “I’m watchin’ Sherlock Holmes now. It’s not like the Sherlock Holmes we got in the nickel theater for sure.” 

"Better or worse?” Clint asked, clearing the couch in a sideways leap to join them, landing with his head in Natasha’s lap and his feet on Bucky’s. 

“Just different. More explosions,” Bucky said, giving him a shove. Their bickering match over Clint’s feet in Bucky’s lap lasted until Thor solved the problem by appearing, moving Clint bodily out of the way, and sitting down next to Bucky. Clint huffed and shifted to another sofa, where Sam was settling in as well. 

“That fellow looks familiar,” Thor remarked. 

“See? Thor thinks so,” Bucky said. “CAP,” he yelled, and Steve put his head into the room from the kitchen.

“How’d you know I was here?” he asked. 

“Heard you clomping around,” Bucky replied. “Make some popcorn and come watch this movie with us, we’re tryin’ to figure out where we’ve seen this fella before." 

By the time Steve showed up with two huge bowls of buttered popcorn, Bruce had joined them too, the heroes were undergoing a very satisfying explosion in a pig butchery, which made Bucky nostalgic for the days of the knackers and the meat packers. 

"JARVIS says there’s a party I wasn’t invited to,” Tony announced, just as Steve settled in at Bucky’s feet and handed him the bowl of popcorn. “What are we watching?”

Everyone, almost in unison, slowly looked from the television screen to Tony. Onscreen, Sherlock Holmes, with salt-and-pepper hair and a fake goatee, was comforting Watson’s fiancee; next to it, Tony was wiping his hands on a rag, thumb rising to smooth down some stray hair in his goatee. 

“Oh, hey, I like this movie,” Tony said, oblivious to the open-mouthed stares that followed him to the couch cushion next to Sam. “I used to party with Robert Downey. Miracle either of us made it to forty." 

"You and him?” Bucky asked.

“Nice guy. Handsome, too,” Tony said, relaxing back. “We had a thing for like, a minute, back in the mid-nineties." 

Steve leaned back and tipped his head up, looking at Bucky; Bucky put a finger to his lips, and Steve nodded. 

"Hey, can we watch the sequel after this?” Tony asked. “I like the part where he goes in drag."