watches star trek

I’m a lot more fond of Chris Pine after watching _Star Trek Beyond_, I guess I didn’t realize how grumpy I was with _Into the Darkness_ until I saw STB and it was finally the _Star Trek_ I loved.

I’m sorry I doubted you Justin Lin, Simon Pegg.

That was the Kirk I wanted and I think that’s the start when Pine transitioned from okay actor to Good actor.

_Wonder Woman_ started the thaw and STB confirmed that, yeah, I like you, Mr. Pine.

Conservatives from the 60s: I can’t watch Star Trek, I don’t want to watch an asian man or a black woman in a professional role on my TV! Damn liberals! I can’t watch a show that promotes integration!

Conservatives in 2017: I can’t watch Star Trek, I don’t want to watch an asian woman captain or a black lead actress on my TV! Damn sjws! I can’t watch a show that promotes racial diversity!

  • Captain Kirk™: macho-buff, fuckboy McWomanizer, ruthless badass, depthless, rude...
  • Actual canon TOS Jim: Gentle empathetic type, a raging feminist, introverted, kinda gay, has PTSD and an eating disorder, respects diversity, reads old books in bed, wears glasses, avoids violence whenever he can, feels deep burdens after taking a life, adores his dear Mister Spock and Bones and his crew, a bit oversensitive...

I don’t care if you’re never seen an episode of Star Trek.

If you watch the new Star Trek, you are a Trekkie and I will lovingly inform you of any references or continuity nods if you want.


If you’re only watching it for women of color being bomb ass LEADS and captains of star ships?

Even better. Welcome.

Something I’ll always love about Stanley Pines is he’s always teasing Dipper and Ford about being nerds but half of his interests are super frigging nerdy.

Seriously let’s review here, Stan likes

  • Ray Harryhausen-expy movies.
  • Old horror movies/monster movies in general.
  • A popular children’s cartoon, which he defends as having “a big mystery element and a lot of humor that goes over kids heads.”
  • Frank Frazetta-style artwork (as evidenced by his self-portrait in DaMGtMaNSF.)
  • Animatronics.
  • Making costumes and SFX makeup for Halloween/Summerween.
  • A super costumey period drama

Stan is the biggest nerd-hypocrite in all the lands and it’s adorable.

my favorite thing
  • person watching Star Trek for the first time: It can't be that gay
  • same person ten minutes later: holy shit

it would be irresponsible to leave whatever that is unknown.