watches star trek

Serious question

I know many of you don‘t watch Star Trek or Jason Isaacs stuff, so I was wondering if you‘d rather have me posting my Star Trek art on my sideblog? I actually intended to outsource all fangirling and non-Raul stuff to my sideblog and keep Larkistin for all my art, but Idk if you are even interested in seeing non-Raúl art… Please let me know. I don‘t wanna spam your dash with stuff you don‘t like.

yesterday I was at gamestop and a man in full Data cosplay walked up to the front counter and I did a double take so hard I nearly broke my neck. So, he walks up and the cashier just casually smiles and goes “How’s it going, Data? What can I do for you?”  and Data goes, “I am doing quite well. I was just wondering when you guys would have Destiny 2 in stock.” This mans……literally did not smile or emote at all. He went all in. The cashier was totally non fazed. I, however, was completely shitting my pants cos ya’ll DO NOT understand how good this dude’s cosplay was. It really looked like fuckin data teleported into the middle of game stop in rural ohio to ask about motherfucking destiny 2.

The only time he broke character was when I was stealthily trying to stare at him and thinking about asking for a pic when he was walking out.This dude. Looked at me, completely expressionless. and WINKED at me. Someone collect ya mans he wildin lmfao

  • Captain Kirk™: macho-buff, fuckboy McWomanizer, ruthless badass, depthless, rude...
  • Actual canon TOS Jim: Gentle empathetic type, a raging feminist, introverted, kinda gay, has PTSD and an eating disorder, respects diversity, reads old books in bed, wears glasses, avoids violence whenever he can, feels deep burdens after taking a life, adores his dear Mister Spock and Bones and his crew, a bit oversensitive...

Despite the risks of our mission, I remain optimistic. It’s hard not to be, in the face of such beauty. In this case, a binary star system. Around these two suns, ice and dust and gasses collide to form planets future generations will call home — a humbling reminder that all life is born from chaos and destruction.