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Sometimes I need to take a break from everything to just relax and do nothing. Because this transition into adulthood isn’t easy. I can’t explain it but it’s this idea of knowing that I can no longer just sit and watch the world go by. It’s realising that you now have to fix your own problems and that you can no longer be oblivious to what goes on around you. It’s the idea of knowing that you have to take on new responsibilities. This transition is a long process, it’s hard because your changing and adapting whilst trying to transition away from your old care free habits. So sometimes my idea of fun is to just relax and stay in bed and give myself some time to breathe.

agenths  asked:


invention/creation meme || accepting not accepting

Sidling up to the door of his father’s office, Tony peers around the jamb to watch Howard’s movements carefully. His father is often busy with work, and doesn’t like to be interrupted. Jarvis always tells Tony not to interrupt him       but he doesn’t want to wait any more.

His teachers always have called him impatient.

❝ Papa? ❞ 

❝ I made something. Want to see? ❞

He’s been working on it for a while, now       his fingers all shaky, as they get after a few hours of engineering. But he finally, finally managed it; his first V8 engine. Being specific, a motorbike engine. Howard likes motorbikes, right?

thenamesallison  asked:


invention/creation meme || accepting not accepting

❝ Okay, so. I know that I said I wouldn’t make any more…special kitchen appliances. But honestly, now I don’t even regret it. ❞ 

Grinning down at the small thing, Tony watches it whiz around the floor on tiny transistor-powered wheels. There’s something oddly endearing about it. 

And it does make fantastic toast.

Noticing something new on the side of the now-artificially intelligent toaster, Tony tilts his head and squints. ❝ Huh. I think I called him C3-P-Toast. ❞

The toaster chitters. Yeah, that name does sound like something he’d come up with. And there it was       in his handwriting.