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CSSS Gift: Four Seasons (2/4)

A/N: For @captainswan4e as part of Captain Swan Secret Santa 2016.

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Summary: Four seasons. Four windows on life between the storybook pages.

Summer | Fall | Winter | Spring



September rolls in and with it comes her parents’ anniversary - depending on how you counted, either their 35th or their 7th. Emma and Henry decide they don’t much care which it is, it’s been quiet in Storybrooke for months and they deserve a celebration that doesn’t come as a bookend to another battle fought.

They talk of keeping it low key, but then Doc overhears them and next thing Emma knows she’s watching her son and the dwarf hunch over endless numbers of sketches of the town square replete in tents and strings of lights. Granny drops by their table the following night, leaving behind menu options and giving Emma a look that clearly conveys she isn’t going to brook an argument about being involved. When Belle and Ashley follow with ideas for table decorations and plans for music, she glances over to Killian who merely shakes his and says, “no use fighting all of them, love.” It’s when Regina shows up at the house though, purportedly dropping off a textbook Henry forgot, and announces she’ll be providing the dessert – Nothing with apples, I swear – that Emma knows it is of absolutely no use arguing about keeping it small.

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