honestly any of y’all who are being all salty about Yuri on Ice because you think it makes you “edgy” or maybe you see the fandom from afar and assume it’s made up of fujoshis

can miss me with that shit

this anime is genuinely good LGBT representation and is INTENDED TO BE SO by the writer and director. It’s paid homage to Johnny Weir and the struggle of being LGBT in figure skating, it’s shown an (as onscreen as possible) actual kiss between the two lead characters, and has given them a really beautiful scene that is meant to emulate a wedding between the two. Supporting characters have thought the two are engaged and openly congratulated them and cheered with a huge group of strangers at the thought of it.

This show is a really important turn for anime and LGBT representation in the media. The characters are shown to have a genuine, touching and kind relationship together, to work through things together, to build each other up in all things. And yeah, honestly, there are definitely a LOT of fujoshis in the fandom. But there are also a lot of LGBT people who were genuinely afraid of the show for the first few episodes and found themselves given instead of a queerbaiting nasty fujoshi bait show, a genuine, wonderful and compelling romance between two men. And now the fandom includes Johnny Weir himself, who has been actively discriminated against as a gay male ice skater.

So for those of you out there who make comments like “wow i can’t believe Yuri on Ice invented gay meN!” or about how utterly certain you are that it’s queerbaity, stop judging the show by its fandom or by your (justified) fears and expectations, and listen to the disenfranchised LGBT people who have found joy and genuine representation in this show. Even if you decide you still don’t like it or want to watch it, stop pretending you somehow have some superiority over people who like the show, because MANY of them are finding solace in the celebration of the love of two men in the midst of a really, spectacularly shittastic year.

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Parks and Rec Study Moods
  • The Leslie: highlighting, binders full of color coded tabs, ends all-nighters by going out for waffles, Hamilton playing in the background, makes Quizlets and the Google Doc study guide for a class and sends them out to everyone... 2 weeks early, always studying in advance
  • The Ann: studying with classmates at starbs, starts a group chat so everyone can help each other, talks friends who are freaking out to calm down, somewhat color coded review sheets, washi decorating everything, uses all the study research-based tips like writing in blue pen to remember things
  • The Ron: doesn't study bc it goes against the system and screw the system, (when he does it's outside amongst nature, alone, leaves his phone at home, only uses a stack of paper and a black pen, textbook, bonus if there's breakfast food as a snack)
  • The Tom: lives by Treat Yo Self™ down to M&M's for every paragraph read, pop music blaring over headphones, sits in the library and is always part of "that loud table", works best in groups bc always gets distracted by social media when alone
  • The Donna: takes breaks between problems to do her nails one nail at a time, has a ton of colorful gel pens, has fancy headers on all her notes, always puts her v alive social life on hold during exams, sometimes studies in her car (a.k.a. her fav space), listens to classical/opera
  • The April: studying at work, has a tab open for whatever she's being paid for but the rest is all school stuff, takes notes on post its and adds it all on her textbook, listens to dark wave, usually works alone at the library or dark hipster cafe, always with coffee as black as her soul
  • The Andy: energy drinks, tries to get organized the night before the test but fails miserably and ends up just reviewing what he has, that works fine for him, studies right until the test is on his desk, listens to alt rock, sugary snacks and junk food all day, naps a ton
  • The Mark: turns on Do Not Disturb so people won't bother him, sighs constantly, makes mind maps, uses the Pomodoro method but checks for break time /far/ too often, given up on his GPA but still tries on the dl, eats chips, goes MIA right after a test to avoid talking to others about it
  • The Chris: records lectures and listens to them while doing cardio, makes fruit-based study snacks like acaí bowls and smoothies, teaches himself by tutoring others, lives in athleisure, makes lists for everything, uses flashcards to test himself and others
  • The Ben: makes up little stories to remember details, uses mnemonics too, always in the library, bothers all the TAs by arguing over lost points, sometimes loses track of time while watching gamers on Twitch, seems organized but check his planner bc it is A Mess™
  • The Garry/Jerry/Larry/Terry: makes silly mistakes, goes to all available review sessions and extra office hours, puts in a lot of effort in everything, makes very visual notes, does what is necessary and then takes time off to recharge, often forgetful, works best surrounded by positivity