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🌌 How highbrow is your taste in watches? 😏😅😈 And how unbeatable ist this @JaegerLeCoultre Master Grande Tradition Grande Complication featuring a flying tourbillon to indicate sidereal time | #jaegerlecoultre © #teamwatchanish #tourbillon #jaegerlecoultretourbillon #grandecomplications #jlc #jlctourbillon #swisswatches | Crazy Discounts on Luxury Watches:


Cardcaptor Sakura digital wrist watches,

Distributed by Nakayoshi 1997-99ish

Here’s a wrist watche you could get from Nakayoshi magazine back in the 90s. There are no pictures of me wearing it, because they’re made for little girls and I am not one of those.

The pink watch is really cute, very nicely detailed. Quality-wise it’s identical to any cheap digital watch made for a show tie-in. I used to have a few Power Ranger ones of this variety.

Recommendation: It’s cute, standard cheap tie-in product. But the presentation is really good.


The present Tudor Oyster timepiece produced in the 1950’s exhibits a fantastically patinated silver dial, luminous Arabic even-numbered numerals, and a comfortable, 34mm wide case. With a dark brown, Horween leather strap, this watch wears well in both dress and casual situations. (Store Inventory # 9640, listed at $1800).

We are so happy the the on the United states soil. We been waiting for a long time for this releaseears Of FCC Red Tape, The Potentially Life-Saving Breitling Emergency II Watch Arrives In US - see Ariel’s piece on it over at Forbes: “On July 1st, 2015, Breitling was finally given approval to sell one of their most innovative products here in the United States after several years of effort with various official agencies – namely, the FCC . In 2013, at the watch industry trade show Baselworld in Switzerland, Breitling introduced the much anticipated follow-up to their famed ‘Breitling Emergency’ watch – a timepiece which was quickly adopted by adventurers around the world thanks to its built-in emergency beacon technology…” then see our hands-on with the Breitling Emergency II watch and read more about it here: @BreitlingNews @forbes
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