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TST: Wibbly Wobbley Timey Wimey Stuff

I’ve noticed an ongoing theme in the six thatchers, time and watches etc. They keep drawing our attention to it. I don’t know if that’s all but here are the ones I’ve noticed

This is the fist time our attention is drawn to somebody’s watch. Here it’s the client who insulted Sherlock, who in return made up a story about his wife being a spy who works for Moriarty. The watch says 11:38

This is shortly after. Sherlock points out Lestrade’s inability to stop looking at his watch because he has a date with a brunette forensics expert.

This is the clock we see as Sherlock waits to intercept Ajay

these two pictures are from the same conversation, they talk about AGRA and that Sherlock will do anything to protect Mary from her past. This stood out to me because they both use the same phrase containing the word “watch”. Could be completely unrelated but I’m putting it here anyways.

This time table appears as Mary is running away. I’m not sure but isn’t it odd that the arrival time is the same three times?

Again a word that is repeated in the same conversation. This time it’s literally “time”

Sherlock calls Mycroft from Morocco, this is a location shot but the watch on the Elizabeth tower still stood out to me.

This entire sequence of John’s exchange with supposedly E is full of little time hints. First his lock screen that shows the time at 9:28

Then his watch, just past 11 o’clock

The texts he exchanges with whoever this is are about time too. “it’s been too long” and “you’re up late” “Or early.”

He then places his Phone in between his alarm clock and his watch on the bedside table.

Vivienne Norbury’s comment on the coup in Tbilisi, time is mentioned again.

I didn’t catch this at first, but when I re-watched tst again the subtitles caught my attention. There’s a clock ticking in the background of Ella’s office.

And last but not least: After finding the post it note on his fridge he first checks his watch before calling someone asking to be connected with Sherinford.

To be honest I’m not sure what this all means. Maybe it’s supposed to make us nervous? Maybe it’s supposed to remind us that time is running out. But for who? Mycroft? Sherlock? John? Tick Tock…

EDIT: @jenna221b​ just made me aware of this post but I’m still posting this because maybe it’s useful for some of you :)