A Follow Forever Type Post:

These people are, for me, for the most part, the greatest things about tumblr. I wandered around, lost as could be and completely aimless for the longest time before finding these fabulous, hilarious, sweet and kind and sometimes awkward people with which to share my even more awkward existence.

I am really bad at these, and I feel like I forget the most obvious people whenever I try to do them, so it is very possible that I will be coming back to edit this in, oh, five hours because I realize that I’ve forgotten Allie. I always forget Allie.

Anyway, here are the blogs that I will most certainly never unfollow, even if they like… burned down a forest or something.

  • Lex. How do I even begin to describe Lex? Lex is flawless. One time, she punched Catelyn Stark in the face. It was terrifying for all of us. But honestly, I don’t know anyone quite like Lex. At all. In the whole world of people I know. She is loud and opinionated and her use of caps-lock rubs off on you really quickly, and she is hilarious and a complete enabler when it comes to convincing me to write smut at two in the morning. She is the Robert to my Ned, through and through.
  • Emily. I have known Emily for like, two weeks. Which is weird, because it feels like I have known her forever. She uses caps-lock, too, but that’s really all Lex’s fault. Mainly, she is a Jaime Lannister loving, Nikolaj stalking sweetie. She is all around easy to talk to and easy to make friends with and easy to go on about nothing with for hours. And hours. At two in the morning.
  • Chelsea. For the longest time, I was like the only person I knew who wasn’t following Chelsea. Which was weird. So I followed her. True facts. But she is my amazing fantastic writing swan princess of Arya/Gendry goodness. And I adore her and she is amazing.
  • Stephie. Stephie runs like five-thousand blogs. And I’m over here barely keeping control of one. She has a tag named ‘sho is a goddess’ so obviously she has a level head on her shoulders. Just kidding. But seriously, her blog is always quality and her love for Sansa in the face of all the Sansa haters is inspiring.
  • Allie. I always manage to forget Allie, which is by no means because she is forgettable. Allie was my first tumblr friend, back when I was terrible at making them. And I basically just lived in her ask box for like a week perpetrating horrible horrible small talk. But she put up with me because she is the sweetest person I know, I think. And her smile is super adorable. And I feel like her blog is really under appreciated, but it is one of my absolute favorites.
  • Luinae. Her name is so unlike anything I’ve ever seen before that I always refrain from typing it because I think I’ll do it wrong. But she is my wife. And our child is Michelle Fairley/Cat. We have great genes. You can’t deny it. Her blog is A+. Funny, GoT packed and she is just witty as fuck. And sweet. Gosh, all you guys are so sweet.
  • Mike. I mean Laurel. But seriously her name is Mike now. I became friends with Mike because her URL had me on the floor laughing my ass off and finally I just needed to know her. Again, GoT flavored blog, but also all sorts of general flailing and adorableness. GO LOOK AT A PICTURE OF THIS GIRL SHE IS ADORABLE I CAN’T.
  • Donna. WHAT DO I EVEN SAY ABOUT DONNA? Donna is interesting and brilliant and opinionated and witty and on rare occasions ranty but always in such a perfectly rational way. I am her biggest stan. She leads a life that I find adorable and stalkable and WONDERFUL in so many ways, and she is always encouraging me to hurry the fuck up with ADwD. With caps-lock.
  • Chynna. PRONOUNCED CHINA FYI. She is my partner in crime, the Jon Snow to my… Sho. We Robb banks and cruise around Canada and all sorts of other interesting things that would make an amazing TV show. Another one of my very first tumblr friends, I luff this girl.
  • Aline. My writing buddy. This girl is brilliant. I can’t even understand it. Her writing is flawless. Every single thing about it is amazing and she makes me feel horrible about my own writing and inspires me to learn all at the same time. If you’re not following her, you should be, because her way with prose is beautiful and just GUH there are no words for her words. She would be able to find words. But she’s my tumblr sister so GUH. 
  • Vanessa. I FORGOT VANESSA. Who I always call Victoria in my head for some reason. But she is my fangirling partner extraordinaire, and her blog is great and sometimes she gets bitchy anons but fuck them because she is great.

watcheronthewallx replied to your post: watcheronthewallx replied to your post: I really…

He will be a bit busier. David and Dan have mentioned they want to give him a bigger role in series 2. But I still think he’ll do his best to make room for other projects. He loves to work, it seems. So I think it’ll work out! :D

Sirens was just so good and Ashley is a totally different character from Robb. It would be a shame not to let him show off his amazing skills.

Today has made me think a lot about my humble tumblr beginnings. I remember when I first started on here, at the nagging request of a friend, only to discover that I honestly had nothing interesting to say. i would see all of these people with close tumblr friends who they joked around with and left asks for, and I knew that that would never be me. I didn’t have the first idea about how to make friends.

And today I really marveled at how far I’ve come. This Follow Friday is composed of my favorite people on here. These are the most talented writers/gif-makers/graphic makers I follow. These are the nicest, most adorable and hilarious people I know. These people are the reason that I come on tumblr at all. I love each and every one of them for making me laugh with their asks or their posts or their tags, (and in Aline’s case, making me cry with her writing). Follow these people, and you won’t regret it. Talk to them, and you’ll be in great company. Don’t feed them, though. They bite.

watcheronthewallx | dolorouseddsevetirdenuit | lannisnow | fearisforthewinter | littlebird- | wylla-snow | fuckyeahmormonts | samwelltarlysabro | housestarkofwinterfellhiding-amaranth | fuckingboarsandhuntingwhores

Tumblr Crushes:

So I only wrote things for the people I am actually following, but they are all fantastic, and if any of my followers are inclined to value my opinion for just a second, I would suggest following them all. (The ones I’m actually following, that is. I cannot vouch for the others because I awkwardly don’t know them…./how did they get on my tumblr crushes/woops.)

lionmanlannister replied to your postToday in my ask I got a marriage proposal and an offer of sexual favors in terms of fic. I can’t help it I’m so popular.


It was more of a suggestion than a proposal and I’M SORRY BUT I HAVE LIKE A THOUSAND WIVES. It’s really quite horrible. I’ll list them:

  • housestarkofwinterfell is my wife with whom we had our amazing child Catelyn Stark. She can be kind of a nagging wife but I love her even though she interrupts my wind-down time with Lex and Emily.
  • lionmanlannister is my wife whose soft soft fur I pet. I luff her and her blog and the things she ships.
  • sillybananabird is my IRL wife who doesn’t do anything GoT related but is still pretty fantastic as wives go.
  • j–lannister is my newest wife of five minutes. I don’t know that much about her yet but we’re a totally cute couple don’t lie.
  • watcheronthewallx is more of my partner in crime/Jon Snow counterpart. We Robb banks and stuff like that.
  • sevetirdenuit is my writing wife.
  • lannisnow is not my wife but is on here anyway because she is the Robert to my Ned. Even though we fight. About She Who Must Not Be Named In Our Mutual Presence.

I might have more wives. I have trouble keeping them straight. If I forgot you and you know that we got married, let me know. In the mean time, if you’re not following these blogs go for it because they’re my wives. And I don’t think any of you bought us wedding gifts. So you owe me big.

anonymous asked:

Any good Game of Thrones blogs to follow?

Mine. Duh.

No, just kidding.

Let’s see. My GoT related follow forever is pretty much as follows:

Love these blogs and these people forever.

These were just the first few I thought of. There are plenty of other blogs/people on here who I plan to marry/be besties with/force to adopt me (cough Donna cough) Just kidding.

watcheronthewallx replied to your postI kind of want to do a longer fic, but post it in little ficlet sized bits of the same format of the ones I’ve been doing.


Well, I guess I know where you stand on the subject. <3