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HALLOWEEN IS UPON US! kind of. not really. NO MATTER. we’ve decided to celebrate its wonders in the magnificent world of THEDAS alongside our favorite characters. gather round for a week of spooky entertainment where YOU muffins will be able to create all sorts of art based on daily themes. to top it off, halloween-inspired prizes will be drawn at random among all participants, and for all of you readers and watchers, a special multi-stream shall occur during the week where you’ll be able to request doodles from amazing artists! 

FROM OCTOBER 24TH TO OCTOBER 31ST. follow @dahalloween to stay up-to-date, and spread the word!

- @elfrooted & @froschkuss  ♥




potions, swamps, brooms and cauldrons… we celebrate witches on the first day of the halloween week, magic and spells, perhaps misfired… and curtains on fire.


what is dead should remain so… but on the second day of the week, everything is possible. death rises, a long lost companion or a defeated enemy, and while darkspawn abound, nothing is safe for anyone. who will you stumble upon? or what.


demons, spirits, ghosts and possessions… good and evil collide on the third day of the week, and your favorite characters find themselves trapped in the middle. are they stuck in the fade? were they struck by a spooky vision, haunted, or do they wind up being at the mercy of a desire demon?


ah, love. sweet and candid in the midst of autumn leaves… or dangerous, a passionate crime in a fit of pique. has your lover breathed their last? or will you simply enjoy their presence, cozy in the autumn air? on the fourth day, love is celebrated in gentle… and eerie ways.


and of nugs, of dragons, werewolves and bears, legends of ominous creatures haunting your sleep. will you tell their chilling stories around a campfire? or will you face them in the darkest hour, perhaps becoming one of them?


on the sixth day, your favorite characters find themselves in various alternate universes, away from thedas. are they on modern-day earth, or lost in a dystopian world? do they walk the fires of hell, or do they swim underwater? do they know who they are, or where they’re from? is any of this real… or a nightmare?


it’s time for your favorite characters to dress up! masquerades, trick-or-treating, anything goes, so long as costumes and candy abound!

Masterlist (2)

Part 1

Part 3


Your Protector

Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Lightwood/Herondale:

What If I Am?

The War Of The Fairytale Princesses

What Is Your True Dream?

Blood Of An Angel

Like What You See? *SMUT*

A Caring Gesture?

I Don’t Believe You *SMUT*

Home again Part 1 - Part 2

Isabelle Lightwood:

Kiss Me Under The Vibrant Sky


I Promise

A Time Worth Remembering

Alec Lightwood:

Tension In The Air

Slowly But Surely

The Chosen One

Too Hot


For Me?

Treat Him Right, Will You?

Soft As Marshmallows


Not A Straight Line

You And Me Both

It Will Always Be You

I Thought You Hadn’t Noticed?

Like A Bee To A Flower

Perfect *SMUT*


I Wish I Could Wake Up With Amnesia

All I Want

The Mystery Lady

Our Little Angel (Part 1, Part 2)

Jealousy Does The trick

Not So Lonely Anymore

Sorry For What?

What Are You Doing?

My Only Love

Listen I…

Simple Words

In Your Arms

Dark Horse

Proud Of You

If That Is Forever?

Come Back In One Piece

Snowball Fight With A Stranger

Simon Lewis:

I’m Not The One He Loves

I’m Staying Right Here

Raphael Santiago:

You’re Here Willingly?

Sebastian Verlac: 

Hold Your Guard


Dripping Wet *SMUT*

Teen Wolf:

God of Death (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

Call Me When You Get Home (Derek and Peter)

Mixed Pack

Balloons (Stiles and Peter)

No Strength In The Game (Scott McCall and Isaac Layhee ft Peter Hale)

Pathetic (The Pack)

The Branch Of The Banshees (The Pack aka Lydia Martin and Stiles Stilinski)

The Watcher (Halloween Special)

Favorit Male Character In Teen Wolf With Small Fanfic (Stiles Stilinski and Peter Hale)

Stiles Stilinski:


Morning Toast

Back In Town

Soft Snores (Part 1, Part 2)

Elemental (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

No Perfect Puzzle

Till Death Do Us Apart

Love Potion

I Miss Her


You’re Not?!


The Sounds

Don’t You Dare

Heavy Mist (Part 1, Part 2)

Library Glances

See You Again

Some Stuff? (ft Scott McCall)

Make Them Go Away


Blind Date

You’re A Flirt (Part 1, Part 2)


Trust Me That I Trust Him (ft Isaac Lahey)

Derek Hale:

Night Walker


Cold Air

On Watch Duty (Part 1, Part 2)

Promise Me

Anything For You

Easy To Get Lost

Echoes In The Night

Not Quite Your Style

You’re Pregnant?

The Shadow In The Living Room

Scott McCall:

Be careful


Possessive *SMUT*

Jackson Whittemore:


Grumpy Cat

Only Mine *SMUT*

Can’t Fight A Bear

Lydia Martin:

I Use A Bra (ft. Jackson) Part 2

Peaches With Cherry



Liam Dunbar:

Caught In The Act

The Gathering Of The Sick

Boyfriend Activity

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Lighning Bolt

A Good Right Hook

I Want Her To Be Mine: Part 1, Part 2

I Have Controll

I Want You, Now *SMUT*

Caring Is Sharing, Somtimes

No Matter The Cost

Out Of Harms Way

A Soulmate’s Touch (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8)


Anything For You

Let Her Go

Dancing Cans Of Beer

Crazy In Love

Get To Know Her

Full Moon Anger

And That Is The Whole Truth?

The Picture

Red Handed

Never Enough On My Mind For You

Notice Me

An Answer

How To Silence A Rambler

Unfamiliar Territory

Isaac Lahey:


A Thousand Stars

Theo Raeken:

The Secret Pack (Part 1, Part 2

An Outstretched Hand (Part 1, Part 2)

The Day I Started School And The Day I Fell In Love With You

Because You’re Human

Drawn To You

Waiting For You

You Don’t Hate Me

Simple Facts



Peter Hale:


Jordan Parrish:

Please Come Back To Me

That’s Not A Person

I’ll Take The Desert First

Suburban Gothic

It is summer. You open your window. Somewhere, the sound of gas-powered lawncare. You know not from where. It comes from a different place each day. But if the sun is shining, lawncare is happening. It never fails. it never ceases.

You were certain this path through a residential neighborhood would be straightforward. Upon discovering that the road bent left, you decided to turn back. Only, going back the way you came, you cannot not find the main road you came from. As you walk in the summer heat, the trees somehow provide paltry shade despite being tall and broad. No soul is on the sidewalk. You do not wish to knock on someone’s door and ask for water. You take left turns and right, hoping to find another main road. But there are none. You wind up in front of your house, and look back. The houses that you just passed are gone.

You are fairly certain that one of the cars that just passed by you had no one in it.

Your neighbors purchased a Chevy Suburban. It pulls into their driveway one day, and five, six, seven…eleven children exit the vehicle. Your neighbors across the street managed to produce twenty children in ten years. You have not seen a child playing on a lawn in this neighborhood in the last ten years.

It is nighttime. The stray cats are out, silently sprinting across the lawns to the next bush. You hear a high-pitched squeal that you’re sure no rat or squirrel could make. A cat appears beneath a bush, crunching something in its jaws. It looks up at you, eyes gleaming in the light of the street lamp.

What lies beyond the orange glow of the street lamps? What is shifting in the darkness? Is it just the branches waving in the wind?

In the distance there is always the low, dull roar. It never ceases, only becomes more quiet after midnight. Then one day you step outside and hear nothing. You shiver.

As you walk across the sunlit parking lot, you can feel your life force draining away. Everything dies a little in large parking lots.

The sunlight leaches all color out of the world. Time slows. You walk across the bright field, and it appears to go on forever.

A flock of starling passes overhead, twisting and turning in a massive flock that appears to be of one mind, as if it is a school of fish in the air. Perhaps it IS one mind.

You are commanded to weed the front sidewalk this sunny morning. Pulling weeds by hand. They hang on with all their might, and leave their roots in. They will be back. They always come back. They live to remind you that your world will only last so long before the grass, and shrubs, and creeping vines, return to reclaim what it rightfully theirs. The very trees loom, waiting to drop their leaves. They will attempt to kill your lawn with dead leaves this fall, the same as they do every fall. The struggle against the wild never ends. You who wished to place your dwelling in the midst of green, you failed to consider how green things grow. You did not know that the green devours all, in time. You have only borrowed this space from them. Herbicide, pesticide, lawnmowers, weed whackers, it matters not. They are still here. They will be here when you fall.

You can hear the birds, but never see them. The bird watchers have special tricks to find them that they will only teach to the pure of heart. Also the ones who have enough money to buy a birding guide. Surely your family has enough money to buy a birding guide? You live in this neighborhood, after all.

Are the clouds…real? They look for all the world like some kind of backdrop animation. Very well-done, at that. The detail is spectacular. The forms shift slowly, so slowly, yet chaotically. Nothing in that landscape remains the same for long. But it’s just an animation. It’s not real.

There’s a gigantic house that was built 5 years ago on a tiny lot. You’ve seen bright flashes of mauve light in the night through its uncurtained windows. And heard screams. The house was foreclosed a year ago. Nobody wants it. It is selling for a dollar. Nobody wants it. You could buy it if you hadn’t spent all your change on candy.

There’s an entire neighborhood where every second house is foreclosed. The remaining residents keep saying they’ve seen pale figures walking right through the doors of the empty houses. They say they’ve been getting itches all over. They keep fainting and collapsing in hysterics. Although those last thwo are probably because of the plummeting dollar value of the neighborhood. Nobody who remains is able to sell their place and leave. One by one, the remaining occupied houses burn.

Everything and anything happens behind closed doors. That’s what the police reports indicate, at any rate. None of the cases you page through have anything about an arrest or indictment of any kind, not even for the cases of vivisection. This is a town where everything is kept quiet. You decided to get out of the police station before they find you and decide to keep YOU quiet.

A black family moves in next door. Suddenly all your neighbors stop talking to you. They won’t say why. Next week, your neighbors across the street have moved out. The week after that, the house next to them has moved out. A year later, the black family is gone too.

There is no rebelling against this place. If you would change it, you must join it. You’re always free to LEAVE…

You wonder if you could just step up into those silver-lined clouds and float away, never to return.

Ask me (or the cast) anything!

Ok I’ll be honest, I’ve been struggling to come up with something nice for you guys for the 1000 watchers special and one of my mates in Discord said “Why don’t you do an AMA or something?”

I think I’ll go one step further with that!

Ask me Anything! or Ask the cast of LabBuddies anything!
Ask me about how I make the comic or about myself, I’m pretty open about things. Nothing too personal though, try to keep it fairly PG with the questions.

Ask the LabBuddies cast about their past or about where they live in the city called Server or maybe ask em about their powers, motivations, clothes, relationships! Its up to the characters themselves as to how much information you’ll get out of them but I’ll do my best to dig up info on [REDACTED] if requested. Don’t worry about it. It’s up to you!

I’ll pick out questions from here and give them their own post, just in case it requires images!

So, what do you want to know?

♥ Azure-and-Copper’s First Giveaway  

Happy Soon-to-Be Halloween, everyone! What better time for a Harley Quinn Monster High Doll giveaway? Here is my most liked, reblogged, and covention-loved Monster High Repaint. Despite all this love, she is my longest standing repaint to have never sold! So I’m giving back to my lovely and supportive fans, and finding her a new home <3

- Basic Guidelines: 

  • Must be following me
  • Must reblog this post. You can reblog as many times as you like, though be respectful to your watchers (specially you vampire slayers out there. Sorry, had to say it!)
    I’ll ship her for free! Yes, internationally ;)

- What I’m giving away:

  • One of a kind custom doll - Harley Quinn
  • Modeled after her classic costume and make-up, this adorable villain is custom made with a sneaky grin.
  • - Original factory paint completely removed
  • - Artist quality Pastel and Acrylic repaint, sealed. Gloss is added with    Liquitex Gloss Varnish to lips and eyes.
  • - Seams sanded
  • - Hand-sculpted clothing details, hand-sewn hat
  • -Comes with: Custom hammer and cork gun
  • For display only.

Giveaway Ends - October 31st (Canadian Eastern Standard timezone)

Good luck all, my lovelies!!

We Are The Product

The post about how they don’t know how to monetize Tumblr has been flitting about my head for the last few days. If you don’t know how social media works, here’s the short of it:

  • We gain free access to a site
  • The site in turn sells add space, user data, and what have to to companies.
  • The companies in turn use that data to sell us stuff.

We’re what’s being sold, or at least our ideas. You can see this pretty obviously, handmade crafty stuff got popular, crafty looking stuff started being mass produced; Nerdfighteria became hugely popular, there are now mass produced DFTBA merch, that doesn’t even pay back to anyone in Nerdfighteria; Organic natural food? They even make packaging to hint at it when it’s not actually natural or organic…you get my point. This is the price we pay to use social media.

Which leads to an issue, on one hand I really hate that me, and my ideas (which of course are the single most me thing) being a commodity to be bought and sold. It feels gross, we live our lives more publicly, and we’ve basically just become a product because of it; on the other hand, running a website costs money, there are people to pay to run it, hardware that needs bought and fixed, software…a whole list o’ crap that they need money to do, and to be honest we shouldn’t expect them to do it for free. Which means, we either continue in the current advertisement based, we are the product, system, or literally everything becomes a pay site. Tumblr membership, Facebook membership, Google membership, and so on…on top of the money that we pay to our ISPs to get connected to the internet in the first place.

But this leads to some pretty gross stuff happening, body posi community? That language is now being used to sell us Weight Watchers, and Special K, it’s literally been turned on it’s head to be sold back to us. This isn’t exactly a new thing “Girl Power” as a phrase spawned out of the riot grrl movement, and a few years later? It was used to sell us a pop band, then printed on a ton of consumer goods, until it became kind of meaningless. Another empty slogan. But it now happens at lightening speed. 

And there really isn’t a good way to opt out of such a system, because it goes far beyond the internet. It’s where we shop, what we drive, and removing yourself from a system where you’re a commodity would me to go live in a completely self sufficient cabin in the middle of nowhere. It’s that pervasive. We are monetized while we’re spending our damned money. I go to Modcloth, and Facebook not only shows me Modcloth ads, but the very items I was looking at. That’s fucking disturbing. We are being watched.