watched this movie so much when i was younger

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wanna share some of your hance headcanons 👀

good choice 

  • Lance’s bedroom at home is decked out in mermaid-themed things. he has a clock with mermaid art on it, a larger human-sized poster of an optical illusion that’s like a couple of mermaids that make up a face or something, he has a shelf for mermaid figurines because he thinks they’re really cool 
    • Hunk knitted him a mermaid tail blanket for his birthday once
    • That was when Lance realized he had the best boyfriend ever 
  • Lance taught Hunk how to play a guitar and soon they spent nights together writing silly songs with Hunk playing and Lance singing and sometimes vice versa 
  • they met in middle school where they had to transfer from two different elementaries that were lesser known in the school system and they were the first friends they made
    • “hey, uh… Kid… Kid in the blue shirt… Uhhhh”
    • “You! You were the kid that fell on me at my locker!”
    • “Yeah, I got, uh, shoved. Sorry…”
    • “Aw, don’t worry about it! Have a seat, let’s be friends!” 
  • Hunk has a large bean bag chair in his room back home and it’s big enough to fit two of him so you can bet those two end up cuddling up together on it and watching movies. 
  • Lance and Hunk would totally not sleep for three days just to watch a naruto marathon because they fucking love naruto
  • Lance bought him the headband! it was a birthday present when they were younger because of how much Hunk loved naruto 
    • “okay I know it’s not like the ones they really wear i just didn’t think the school would really allow it. thinking it’s satanic or whatever…”
    • “i love y- it! I love it!” 
  • they got lost for three hours driving down the highway trying to find a town they’ve never been to to buy yu-gi-oh cards, the store was closed by the time they found it
    • Lance as soon as he realizes they’re lost: ADVENTURE!
  • their first kiss was on halloween when they dressed as sonic and spongebob 

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Prompt! Isak loves to wear Even's hoodie/sweater, he feels comfy and protected? He wears all the time, it's a little big for him but he doesn't care. And Even loves to see him wear his clothes.

“That’s mine,” Even says suddenly, narrowing his eyes. Isak scoffs, but a blush starts to creep onto his cheeks. 

“Nei.” He tries to sound shocked, but he always has a way of overdoing it when he’s lying. Even smiles, giving a soft little laugh. He pokes Isak in the chest.

“That’s my sweatshirt. You stole it.” The younger boy shakes his head, frowning.

“Pretty sure it’s mine.” He shifts on the bed, so he’s facing Even more directly. They’re lying next to each other, watching some movie Even insisted on. Isak doesn’t care for movies much, but he’ll take any excuse to lie around with Even for a few hours.

“Then I must own an identical one,” Even says, and Isak shrugs.

“Makes sense.”

“Mine’s been missing for a little while though.” His fingers are running through Isak’s hair, lazy and slow.

“That’s too bad.” Even leans toward him, pressing a small kiss to his cheek. Then, the corner of his mouth. Isak turns his head, trying to meet his lips. Even pulls back though, just slightly, and Isak pouts.

“It’s too big for you, you know,” Even says, and Isak rolls his eyes, sighing.

“Ja,” he says, exaggerating. “That makes it better.”

“When did you steal it?”

“You…slept over. Last week. And I might’ve taken it after we got out of the shower. Maybe.” Even laughs, and Isak smiles. “It smells good.”

“You can keep it,” he says, brushing a strand of Isak’s hair out of his face. The younger boy lets out a nervous laugh, blush deepening.

“No, I was…I was just playing around, you can have it back,” he says, almost flustered, and Even smiles.

“I know. It looks good on you though.” Isak covers his face with one hand, even the tips of his ears are red. He’s smiling so wide Even can see his teeth, just barely.

“Stop it,” he says, and Even kisses his forehead.

“Love you. Even if you’re a thief.” Isak tilts his head back, looking him in the eye.

“Love you too.”

170410 NCT Night Night
  • Mark says he cried a lot as a kid: when his hyung played jokes/pranks on him, when he watched movies, etc. The last time he really, really cried was when he was going to Canada. His mum cried with him.
  • Mark also said once during his birthday, when he was younger, his parents and his hyung pretended to forget his birthday and he was really hurt. (hahaha)
  • Mark’s song choices of the night (so far): Cry Me Out - Pixie Lott, Tell Me What To Do - SHINee (i love this boy so much he admitted to being a shawol from the beginning truly a man after my own heart)
  • Jaehyun says when he used to cry, his mum would be sad with him, but his dad was the opposite and would ask, “Why are you crying?”

I never understood why reading books or watching movies with LGBT+ characters when I was younger excited me so much. Why every time I would see a man propose to his boyfriend or a trans girl getting gender reassignment surgery I would be so happy. I finally realized it’s because I was so afraid of the fact that I thought i was into girls. I didn’t think it was normal and it was hard to accept, still is sometimes. But seeing it in popular tv shows and movies, even if it’s not even a main part of the story, makes me realize it is being normalized. That I’m not alone. I’m not the only one. It’s taking time but we are ALWAYS progressing, and it is ALWAYS getting better. LGBT representation is important to me. To everyone. We need more. So much more.

Doting Older Brother Monty

oooookaaaYYYY but Monty definitely is that boyfriend that puts up a tough and edgy bad boy front because that’s how he thinks he should appear and like he definitely works that persona really really well in school and on teams but when it’s just you and he he definitely is such a smush and like idk I know the show doesn’t give much into his backstory but in my mind his moms a single mother and Monty also has two much younger sisters soooo he’s basically like a dad to them because his mom has to work late hours p much all the time SO LIKE YOUD DEF SEE THE SOFT SIDE OF HIM like Monty 100000% would know how to braid hair and when you two are chilling watching movies he’d be absentmindedly playing with your hair and like he’d bring his sisters along on a date with you to see the newest Disney movie and they’d be all dressed up in their Belle costumes and he’d have them on his shoulders and he’d just be so sweet and talking to them about how excited they were and who they’re favorite character is and he’d be so dadlike and then another time you’d walk into his house to find him in a tutu with a plastic tiara on his head chasing the girls around the room and one of the sisters would come up and make you sit down for a tea party with Monty and the others and you’d sit giggling as MONTY SAT SIPPING TEA FROM A PLASTIC CUP WINKING AT YOU WITH THAT LOPSIDED GRIN AND FAKE PRETTY PRETTY PRINCESS EARRINGS ON and then another time you’d be lounging on the couch brushing one of the girls hair and Monty would be chasing another sister around the house and she’d be giggling and waving a fake wand at the “evil monster” and he’d be doing fake monster growls and voices and he’d catch her and tickle her stomach until she was crying from giggling so hard and he’d just look up at you with those dimples and omg the girls would be so excited to see him pick them up at the bus stop like they’d come running down the stairs laughing and give him huge hugs and he’d ruffle their hair and ask how their day was and he’d carry their backpacks and listen about the games of tag and hide and seek and he’d pretend every drawing they gave him was like a Picasso and oml I actually can’t with teenage Monty acting like a father to these really young siblings this is the best blurb I’ve ever thought of and I think I just made myself love Monty a zillion times more ughhh


hey guys, sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’m free for the next week or so, so I will be able to post more frequently. This ones a little bit shorter, but remember to send in your requests!

For the next week you and Harry were going on vacation with family. The two of you were very excited, seeing as you haven’t been on vacation in a while. Your family wasn’t always the richest growing up, and with the divorced parents, you never got that perfect vacation growing up. Harry was excited for you, knowing that this would be your first of many Styles family vacations.  Your mother, however, felt differently.

When you told her the week before you were leaving, she was less than thrilled.

“I don’t understand why you are spending your time off from work with that boy of yours and his family. Don’t get me wrong I love Harry and all of his family, but you should be spending your time off with your real mother rather than them.”

“Mom, you know very well that I love you and want to spend time with you, but Harry and his family invited me, and I want to go. So I’m going. I thought you’d be happy for me.”

“I just can’t help but feel unwanted by you.”

Your mother always did this. Even when you were younger and had to choose between spending the night at a friends house and watching a movie with your mom, she would feel ‘unwanted’ if you chose something other than her. Growing up, you felt like you were the one looking after your mom since your dad had left. At the end of the day, you would pretty much tuck her into bed.

“Mom, I’m not trying to make you feel unwanted, I will still have a couple days left off from work, when we return, what if Harry and I came to visit your in Pittsburgh?”

“Don’t even bother Y/N. I know that your would much rather spend your time with them. Have a lovely trip.”



Then she hung up. You didn’t understand why she can’t be happy for you. When she first met the Styles family, she was friendly to the naked eye, but knowing your mother, you knew she was jealous the moment Anne and Robin walked in. She’s been that way ever since. You suppose that was why she was so aposed to you going on vacation with them; getting a look at glamorous lifestyle, but she didn’t hear you when you said you guys would just be staying in a condo in Florida; it wasn’t something lavish. 

When you hung up the phone as well you screamed out of frustration. Harry peered out of your kitchen in concern.

“What’s wrong?”

“Mother-dearest is less than thrilled that I’m going on vacation with you guys,” you sighed.

“I’ms sorry Y/N. Did you tell her we could visit her when we got back?”


“Not interested?”


Harry could tell by your one word answers that you weren’t interested in talking about your mom, so he suggested you go take a shower to calm down before dinner.

While you were in the shower, you started thinking about how much stress your mother has caused in your life over the past 12 years, and it was all because your dad left. You were 10 years old when he left, causing you to be forced into growing up fast. Thinking about your dad gave you great anxiety, so most times when you and your mother had a fight, that led to your father, which led to your panic attacks. Harry knew about your childhood troubles, so he tended to not push hard after an argument with your mom. You only occasionally had a panic attack, but when they did, you became very unaware of the world around you. 

Your first panic attack that was around Harry, he always kept one arm on you at all times to try and make you grounded, trying to make you realize you were here with him. He was more than prepared for you to have one at any given moment, but after a while, you hadn’t had one. Until tonight. 

Your usual signs came along as you were in the shower. The music you were listening to became faint.Your legs started to become weaker. Your vision was clouded with tears. You sat down on the tile floor, sobbing, not because of sadness, but becuase you couldn’t breath. Harry must have known something was wrong, because he soon came into the bathroom. You were a cripiling mess in the shower, but Harry didn’t care as he climbed in and held you tightly, making sure you knew you were here, with him, in your flat. 

“Shhhh, poppet I’ve got you. I’ve got you. Your okay. Your okay. I’ve got you.”

Slowly but surely you became grounded and hung onto Harry as if your life depended on it. Somewhere during all of the chaos, he turned off the water, got a towel around you and carried you into your shared bedroom. You two laid there, knowing that you would fall asleep soon after.

“Your okay poppet, I’ve always got you.”

And you slept soundly, knowing that he did in fact, have you.

So…I did watch Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 last night, and overall, I did enjoy it.

There were a couple of touching moments and Baby Groot is the absolute most adorable and probably the best thing to come out of the MCU.

The Wonder Woman trailer played beforehand, and I was kind of worried I’d hear snarky comments from MCU fanatics, but to my surprise, a couple of the guys actually expressed excitement over it and a couple of women giggled at Etta’s comment about the sword not going with Diana’s outfit (so much for there not being any humor in DCEU movies). I was glad, because for me, when I see an MCU movie and I have to hear negativity for a DCEU movie coming out, it ruins my experience for the MCU movie I’m about to watch. The theater can feel like a space I don’t belong in when that happens. I’m pleased to say I was able to enjoy GotG 2 without that feeling.

As we were leaving the theater, I heard a group of younger guys (probably late high school or college age) who were sitting near us express their enjoyment of the film, and as we were walking out, I heard one of them say, “Okay, guys! Next up is Wonder Woman!”

It just made me happy that I was in an audience that seemed, for the most part, to just be there to enjoy an MCU movie without the desire to use it to put down the DCEU. It also confirmed what I believed about the “lack of promotion” and “hype” being built around Wonder Woman. It seems to me, WB is doing just fine in building up anticipation. I’m not quite sure how the belief that they are not is getting spread like wildfire or where the idea came from.

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I'm kind of concerned by how inspiring I found Wonder Woman. I didn't realize how much I was missing this in my life.

Think about how great little girls are going to feel watching this!!! Like I’m a grown ass 20 year old and I’m like, genuinely so inspired by seeing a woman leading her own superhero movie - and it’s a damn good movie! But imagine the little girls that go and see it, the films we see when we’re younger have such an effect on us, they’re going to be the personification of !!!!!!! when they come out of this film and I’m so happy. I can’t believe I’m a DC stan now, but they Did That!!! They actually went and Did That. They out here living in 2017 whilst Marvel still in 1956.

Why I loved Split and hate people who are easily triggered

Look, I know I’m gonna get a whole bunch of hate for this..but quite frankly, I don’t give a shit. I LOVED the movie Split. I am a person who aspires to become a psychiatrist when I get older..and this movie, while I do know that it does not represent ALL who are diagnosed with the disorder DID, it made me even MORE interested in the topic. Things like DID are what MADE ME become interested in psychology. It made me become interested in how the human mind works and what a mystery it truly can be at times.
I want to HELP people like this, I want to help them get through their tough times. I want to understand them, get to know them.
***This post has spoilers to for those of you who DO want to see it and care about not proceed past this point.***
Now, to me, this was barely a horror film. If anything it was a thriller. I found my heart pounding during scenes where one of the girls would attempt to escape. The ONLY time I felt horrified was when Casey’s uncle started with that ‘come be an animal with me’ bullshit. It was disgusting. It made me physically sick to my stomach and it disturbed me on so many levels. As a matter of fact, it haunts me to this day, that one scene had more of a horrific impact on me than ANY OTHER part of the movie.
Then it briefly delves into Kevin’s backstory, and it explains so much that the descriptions and trailers that you boycotters have been reading and watching doesn’t. When he was younger, his mother would punish him in awful, mentally scarring ways when he stepped out of line, hence the 'Dennis’ personality. His other personalities weren’t evil..they were normal people. Like Barry, for example, he loved fashion, designing clothes is his passion. Another one seems to be a scholar. Jade is a woman, very sassy, but seems to be that person you would always want as a friend. It made me sympathize with him. Made me love his character even more. I was not scared of him, I did not view him as the bad guy. Neither did my friend who went with us to see this movie. And before you claim that I did not see him this way due to my love of psychology, my friend who also did not see him this way isn’t interested in the human mind. She isn’t interested in becoming a psychiatrist like I am. We both viewed the uncle as the most villainous character, believe it or not. We felt awful for Casey having to go through that at such a young age. NO ONE should have to suffer such a trauma. What’s worse is that she was stuck with him after her dad died..and I have the sneaking suspicion that he found out what his brother had been doing and THAT had caused him to have the heart attack.
Kevin’s disorder did NOT give him superpowers. He was born with them. This movie takes place in the same realm of 'Unbreakable.’ A superhero movie. Kevin merely buried these powers deep down.
In the end, we (my family and I) loved Kevin. We loved his character and we felt bad for him. We were upset about what he had went through. We felt bad for Casey as well. This was an emotional roller coater for me..and I loved every bit of the ride.
People who have not seen the movie, please stop. There is more to Kevin’s character than the two evil personalities, he is an amazing character whom I love dearly.
Thank you for reading! Xoxo

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Hi Totty! What's your favorite thing to do with each brother? (Sorry if this has been asked before)

Osomatsu-Niisan and I spend a lot of time doing nothing… it’s probably my favourite past time besides the smart phone….

Karamatsu-niisan and I fish a lot… Usually he acts normal when we go but sometimes he gets the need to act a bit… different.

Choromatsu-Niisan is constantly rising and someone needs to bring him back down to Earth… I guess that’s my job. He likes electronics…. not if they’re real… //though I suspect he could very well have a real smart phone… IS THE CARDBOARD A PLOY!?!//

Ichimatsu-niisan and I do a few things together, not that we have that much in common…. Sometimes we watch movies together and we like to playfully pick on each other but that’s what siblings do… Sometimes he wants to watch really scary movies though and that scares me!!! WHY?!? I’m NOT TRYING TO BE SLY I REALLY AM SCARED OF THEM!!

Jyushimatsu-niisan and I play board games together… when we were younger we built model planes and stuff… we try to now but he usually doesn’t know the rules (or follow them)…. so….. there’s that…..

(do not tag as incest)

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Okay so I recently submitted a post on how I think Taichi is going to play a big role in Hikari's fall in Part 5. Would love your thoughts. I think her constantly following him around and calling his name in Part 4 was a hint that their relationship will be the catalyst for the movie.

Honestly, I’m not expecting anymore… I was really hyped when they showed the trailer and the part of Yagami siblings. I was pretty much disappointed when I watched the movie. I also checked out your analysis in your blog and it’s pretty much a good point too. I really don’t think Toei would make it focus on the Yagami siblings but more on Takeru and Hikari instead. But it’s completely possible that the Yagami siblings would be mentioned yet because as the series progresses we see them less interacting and Toei suddenly made them focus interacting with other characters. I would totally love Toei to resolve the distanced relationship between the Yagami siblings.

Here’s my analysis of the past Digimon shows (I watched the Japanese Dub with Subtitles, I also watched the Taichi/Hikari parts in English Dub):


In Movie 1, we see that Taichi and Hikari shared a room and had a close bond. Taichi had times when his mother would go out leaving them behind (despite Taichi’s young age) and Taichi being a good brother would cook breakfast for him and Hikari (and Taichi would do some chores).

^ Taichi also teases Hikari here because that’s pretty normal with siblings.

Taichi’s parents also taught Taichi how to take care of his younger sibling, Hikari, so much that Taichi became protective of her. His protectiveness got worse when he made Hikari play with him outside and she eventually collapsed and almost died.Taichi starts to blame himself over this throughout Season 1.

In Episode 21 (Season 1), we get to see the other side of Taichi, who is a caring brother to Hikari’s perspective. Hikari also mentions in the Japanese dub, that ‘she would wake up at night because she wet in the bed, Taichi would wash her underwear and he would tell his parents that he wet the bed instead.’ I find this cute but at the same time a bit weird, because if that was me with my younger brother, I would probably laugh at my brother and teased him I’m such a bad sister but that scene shows how much Taichi cared for his sister and we notice that Taichi rarely teased Hikari now (Hikari would tease him instead).

With this, Hikari develops a dependency to her brother, finding no fault and expressing complete approval on whatever decision he makes. (Taichi’s very pure and innocent in her eyes). I can’t classify it as completely co-dependency because Hikari seems to be adjusting well and in Season 2 but I can’t ignore the fact that she tends be co-dependent especially to Taichi.

In Season 2, There were less interactions between the Yagami siblings, Takeru also addresses his concern with Hikari in Episode 8 that she always calls out to her brother when she’s having a problem and later, Hikari resolves her problem that she realizes that she has friends who can help her but she later hangs on to Takeru, because she is comfortable with him (and he’s a good friend).

 In the Japanese version, Taichi is 14 years old, so during this age, children tend to focus more on relationships with other peers, hanging out with friends and doing more extra-curricular activities (in Taichi’s case it was soccer). Also when Taichi and Hikari had separate rooms, I felt that Hikari had a hard time adjusting because she knew that her brother is changing… becoming more mature, he spends more time with his friends and spends less time with her.

Taichi becomes less protective of his sister in 02.

^ This is Hikari’s room and notice that her bed is elevated, just like how she shared rooms with Taichi before. She probably requested that (and in Digimon Tri, Taichi had a bed under).

Taichi also believed that Hikari isn’t anymore completely attached to him and that she’s a much more healthy (she was sickly in season 1) and independent girl. Taichi is also unaware that Hikari has this co-dependency and as they get older, Taichi spends less time with his sister believing that she can handle most of her problems on her own, (which Hikari is much more mature and independent in season 2). but Taichi and Hikari continued to have a good sibling relationship such as ‘looking out for each other’… but that’s just it.

I noticed that Taichi had a difficulty talking to the opposite sex. He’s quite reserved, just like how he interacts with Hikari (At Taichi’s age, it’s normal to be shy and reserved to women). In Digimon Tri, Taichi often tried to talk to Sora (and invited her to watch his soccer game) but later walks away because he doesn’t know what to do, showing his parallel to Hikari.

I also believed that Taichi knew who had crushes with his sister but he pays no attention to it because he knows that she’s not interested and he’s confused on how to react to it. Hikari probably mentioned that ‘she preferred her big brother than any boy’ when she was a child.

^ Taichi’s holding the chocolates that Hikari gave to him. I also bet every year Hikari gives him Valentines Day chocolates as appreciation. I also disagree that Taichi would be a protective older brother when someone is courting Hikari, he probably would be kinda chill about it and less likely to react. Taichi also shows his maturity with his sibling relationship with Hikari, he’s also aware that spending time with Hikari would be much awkward and weird now comparing with them as kids…

As the series progresses, there are scenes in which Taichi and Hikari were spending time with each other.

Like looking out they sky and talking casually…the show shows that they still have a good sibling relationship but comparing with their sibling bond in 01…

^ It’s really awkward if they did that as teenagers lol


Also when Taichi really didn’t pay much attention with Hikari…

^ Despite Taichi’s attention on something else than her, Hikari still finds no fault in it.

While in Digimon 01…

^ Taichi pays attention to her.

In the recent movie (Tri - Soushitsu), I was surprised that Taichi called out his sister’s name when the group got separated. I was expecting that Taichi would call out ‘Agumon’ or ‘Sora’ instead, it shows that Taichi still is very concerned (and still maybe protective) with Hikari but in secret.

…Then Taichi is reminded that his sister isn’t the sickly little child anymore, thanks to Salamon.

The siblings then set out together with less conversation only when Taichi started to talk about his concern that ‘It’s no use, he can’t evolve Agumon in times when everyone is in trouble’, Hikari encouraged him that ‘Things are probably better now and that they should look forward’ (REMINDER THAT Hikari FINDS NO FAULT IN HIM).

Hikari also shows her concern here because she sees that her brother is in pain and she’s powerless to help him. I believe this is the start of her troubles which might be explored in the next movie.

Later, Hikari continues to say ‘Onii-chan’ (Big brother) several times meaning that she still had not gotten over her dependency with him and when Taichi opened up to her concerning that he is powerless to help everyone, she was very concerned that she continued to follow him everywhere.

I also researched the differences on calling your siblings in Japanese:

The chan suffix is used in very familiar/affectionate situations, -san and -sama suffixes are honorifics, indicating a higher status.”

^ she screamed when her brother was lost, showing that she was afraid of losing him.

I felt that when the time when Taichi and Hikari were separated from everyone, Hikari’s dependent feelings suddenly came back like a switch. I also was disappointed on how Taichi reacted with this. He completely did not pay attention to her in the most parts of the movie.

I felt that they become distanced and less likely to open up (especially Taichi), comparing with Yamato and Takeru’s sibiling relationship, the Yagami siblings need more time to open up because:

(1) Comparing Hikari to Sora, Hikari is Taichi’s sister and he needs resolve his distance with Hikari.

(2) Hikari still worries about her older brother despite in 02, Hikari is shown to have ‘resolved’ it but it her anxiety came back in Digimon tri, showing that she is still worried and dependent about her older brother.

(3) Taichi should give some attention for his sister since that not all Hikari’s problems can be resolved without him.

In the series, Hikari is focused on spending time with Takeru which might imply in the next movie that Takeru would help Hikari in her dependency. While Taichi is shown to spend time with Sora and Yamato. It’s also possible that the movie might not show more scenes about the Yagami siblings so I’m hoping that in the next movie, Taichi and Hikari get to interact more.

Note: I neither love or hate Takari (Takeru x Hikari). I’m neutral with it.

Lastly, these are all just my opinions and my analysis on the Yagami siblings. I hope the writers gets to resolve this but for now, I’m not expecting anything. *HOPES FOR MORE YAGAMI SIBLING SCENES*

Movie Night - Archie Andrews Imagine

REQUESTED: Yep, requested by a lovely anon!

Ooo can you do a Archie imagine where him and the reader go to her house to hang out since her parents are out of town and they start watching a movie and it’s fluffy for a while and then smut idk if that makes sense but 💕💕💕

WARNINGS: Implied smut, hickeys (you know how much I love hickeys)

SUMMARY: You and Archie haven’t had time to yourselves recently, because of all your homework and the Jason Blossom drama. So when your parents are out of town, you invite him over for the night.

NOTES: It’s the start of exams week this week for me. I’m dreading it, but I have the day off tomorrow for revision, so maybe Ties pt. 3 can be uploaded? 😏

Also, I’m writing all of this on my iPad, which isn’t normally what I do…so let’s see how the formatting goes.

Enjoy! ❤️

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Twin brother!Jaehyun

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Request: Anonymous said: hey jai! can you please make twin brother jaehyun? thank you and i luv u :*

  • listen up
  • at one point he’s like the best twin bro you’d ever have
  • but on the other side
  • he’s so ajfhhejheg
  • like srsly when u were younger he’d prank u so much and it always made u mad but u could always prank him back so :-))
  • when jae took it too far tho sometimes and u ended up ignoring him or crying, he started crying too and begged for u to forgive him
  • he loves u a lot okay but he just doesn’t say it that much i guess??bc he feels like he already shows how luch he loves u through a lot of actions
  • actions speak louder than words
  • anyways
  • yoonoh’s the type to make u watch sad movies w him
  • so u can both cry together
  • omg he’d invite u to the dorms and the others r staring at u bc u two are so similar and it’s so ajhjehjehg to them
  • he’d honestly send u memes at like 3am when he can’t sleep
  • ‘y/n can u buy me food im so hungry’
  • ‘fuck off jae it’s 3 in the morning’
  • ajzfhjfhj he’s probably the one who wakes up first and whenever he sleeps at urs he wakes u up
  • “y/n how do u want ur eggs”
  • “yoonoh cant u see im s l e e p i n g”
  • ur both always spotted eating 
  • honestly if he got the chance, he’s start an eating show w u
  • would steal ur food when he knows that u have food
  • bye u two would watch musicals together
  • and probably sing all of the songs together
  • jaehyun the type to tease u s o m u c h
  • like there’s no limit
  • ok there’s a limit
  • when he reaches that limit he immediately starts apologising
  • “pls im sorry i’ll buy u food now stop crying ok”
  • and then he’d hug u
  • fhljhejhgjhegjh he’d be a bit protective
  • especially if it’s w his band members
  • he told them that no on can date u bc he doesnt want that
  • it’s not like he means it that much tho lmao
  • as long as ur happy he’d be okay w it but ofc it’d still be weird to him
  • yoonoh is gonna make u look for aliens at night
  • even if u dont believe in aliens
  • he swears that he saw one and he h a s to show u
  • ajlegjehgjhge he pretty much shares everything w u
  • even his biggest secrets
  • bc like ur his twin so ofc he wants to tell u and show u everything
  • also he’d make u go pokemon hunting w him whether u like it or not
  • no mercy 
  • its okay tho bc u can eat ramyun after that so
  • i feel like he’d also like going to concerts w u??
  • especially if it’s like the only chances that he gets to spend his time w u
  • jhajhejhg
  • in conclusion
  • jaehyun would be a gr8 twin brother
  • also i think i wrote smth twice ajghehgjehgje sorry ;;
That’s Who You Are

Sexuality was a difficult thing. And Joe knew that people responded to peoples sexual orientation differently, which is why he was so hesitant about sharing how he identified with others, even when he was in a committed relationship with them.

He knew he liked Jack. He liked how the younger man made him feel. Both in the bedroom and outside.

With Jack, Joe felt alive and free and wonderful.

But then, Joe would look at an attractive woman in the club or walking down the street, and he’d wonder what it would be like to take her to bed.

And that’s where it got complicated.

Because Jack had no idea that Joe identified as bisexual.

Joe thought for a long while that he was straight. He had only looked at women. Had only been attracted to women.

And then when he moved to London, he started to realize he thought some men were attractive too. That was further confirmed when he met and moved in with Caspar.

During the year that the two lived together, Joe found himself attracted to the South African, and that was the time he came to the conclusion that he liked both genders, and worked on accepting himself.

He opened up to Caspar, and the man had been very understanding and helpful, although he explained to Joe that he was very much straight, but was flattered that the older man looked at him in that way.

When they finally moved out from their shared flat, Joe was sad, because he had liked living with someone who knew his little secret, even if the feelings were not reciprocated.

He went on a few dates with some different women, but they never lead to more than a second date and a friendly chat. He wasn’t clicking with any of them.

And then Joe met Jack.

They clicked almost instantly. And their game of flirtation began almost as quickly, the small dance around each other that lead to them drunkenly hooking up, and then finally admitting their feelings to each other.

The entire time, Jack assumed Joe was gay. The older man had given him no reason to think otherwise, because Joe had not openly looked at another person, man or woman, from the day he met Jack.

But he knew that he had to come clean, to admit to Jack that he wasn’t only into men, but also women. He needed to be honest so they could further their relationship.

But Joe was also terrified.

The discussion of sexual identities never came up, so he had no idea what Jack thought. He didn’t know if Jack was one of those people that laughed at the idea of bisexuality, one of those people that considered bisexual people greedy.

Yet there was only one way to find out.

“You ready to tell me what you wanted to talk about?” Jack stretched his foot across the couch over to nudge Joe’s leg, jolting the other man out of his thoughts.

They were round Jack’s one evening, hanging out and watching a movie. Joe had mentioned that he wanted to discuss something with Jack, but the younger man had sensed his nervousness, and told him to let him know when he was ready.

That was nearly two hours ago.

“Uhm, yeah,” Joe tucked his hands under his legs, hiding how much they were shaking. “I think so.”

“Alright, then.” Jack sat up, pausing the movie that had been playing. “Go ahead.”

“I don’t know how to say it.”

“Then just blurt it out.”


“With words?” Jack teased, a small smile on his lips.

“I don’t know what words to use.”

“Well, I prefer the English language personally, but I mean, if you want to use a different language, I know some countries have words we don’t have.”

“I’m bisexual.” Joe said suddenly, his mouth snapping closed after the words were out, staring over at Jack in shock. He had done it.

Jack sat there, not saying anything, and Joe felt himself grow even more nervous.


“Wait, that’s it?” Jack asked.

“What do you mean that’s it? Yes, that’s it!”

“Joe,” The younger man laughed, “Why in the world were you scared to tell me?”

“Because….I don’t know! Everyone always mocks bisexuality!”

“Have I give you a reason to think I wouldn’t be understanding or supportive?”

“No. But…but we haven’t really discussed it either.”

“True,” Jack nodded, “To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me. Before I met you, I slept with anyone. I don’t care about gender, just attraction. Yes, I went towards women more than men, but that was just because I found myself attracted to those people. If you identify as bisexual, than that’s perfectly fine. That’s who you are. And I’ll support whatever you want to identify as.”


“Yes,” Jack smiled softly over at him, tugging one of Joe’s hands out from under his leg, “All I care about is that you’re happy.”

“I am, with you, I am.”

“Good. Because I’m pretty happy with you.” Jack said, leaning in closer. “And now we can talk about how hot people are together.”

“You are so odd.” Joe laughed, closing the distance between them to kiss Jack.

Endearing - Jackson (Day 73/100)

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Prompt: Endearing
Member: Jackson x Reader

Word Count: 1872

“Oh my god, that’s adorable!” your friend squealed as you told her the story of how you and Jackson met. You shrugged it off like it was no big deal, but inside you were beaming.

“Yea, I pretty much have the best boyfriend,” you added, nonchalantly, picking up another piece of pizza and snuggling into the beanbag next to your friend.

For the first time in what seemed like forever, the two of you were having a sleepover. You used to have them all the time when you were younger, but as you grew up and university became more and more important, you hadn’t hung out as much. Thankfully, you had a free weekend and the whole night had been spent watching movies and eating greasy food

“Aw man, I wish I had a relationship like that!” your friend pouted as she stuck her spoon into the tub of ice cream. You reached over and patted her head lovingly.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll get someone one day,” you giggled, smiling lightly.

“Wait, okay,” you friend said, straightening up and smiling at you. “So if that’s how you met and then he asked you out, how did he ask you to be his girlfriend?” she asked.

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I still can’t even watch it. I can’t bare it.
So if I hate violence so much why did I do No Country For Old Men, right? I know, I know.
But you should have seen me off camera, playing Anton on that movie… when the camera stopped rolling I would beg the Coen brothers ‘please take that gun out of my face guys, please….
—  Javier Bardem on his hatred on violence in films, which stems from when he was involved in a fight when he was younger