watched this again

hey you guys!!! I promise those replies are coming soon. I haven’t forgotten about Héctor or you all. ❤️ I’ve had a family emergency and my energy is just so low right now physically as well as emotionally so I just need to please ask for your patience at this time. Love you all! I miss you, amigos! I hope to get some writing done soon (when my piles of homework are finished!) Don’t forget me ❤️❤️

Sorry to dash anyone’s hopes but assuming FS actually did get to do the do in their two minutes of free time, that doesn’t mean we’re going to see Simmons pregnant with Deke’s father or grandfather or whatever any time soon. Remember they sterilized the humans through the food? I suspect that includes the slaves and it probably takes a while to wear off.

I’m watching Daesung’s Hawaii video (movie?? it’s 2 hours long lmao) rn and I have to pause like every 5 seconds b/c I can’t handle the cuteness, and his extra ass or how pretty he looks ;v;
Him going shopping for groceries?? Walking down the street?? Toppling over while attempting to put on diving fins?? Honestly never watched anything more fascinating than this. Did I mention how pretty he looks while doing all of this??

actually still can’t watch (or even really listen) to anton yelchin in movies (or trollhunters)(that’s what im watching rn) without crying tbh


It all just disappears, doesn’t it?
    Everything you are, gone in a moment,
                                  like breath on a mirror


                                                   —  Love Doesn’t Exist                                                       

                                            There’s No Such Thing As Love; 

i can’t believe you all are so misinformed and have the nerve to say Harry James Potter never murdered anyone like he really looked snap in the eye and said “There’s no need to call me sir, professor” like we were there