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Okay, so I watched this 7 minute Gordon Ramsey video of him filleting a salmon in perfect portions and it was super interesting to watch (I want to become a chef) and when I went to go show my dad the video, it wasn’t in my history, I searched it up, and I couldn’t find it. I have been searching for MONTHS for this video and I can not fucking find it I’m super freaked out did I dead ass dream in detail about Gordon Ramsey cutting up a salmon? Was it ERASED from the internet? Mandela effect? Am I now caught up in a government controversy because of Gordon Ramsey cutting up a salmon?

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Isn't it kinda really sad that usagi was just a shell for serenity

I’m not sure I agree! Even if Usagi started as nothing more than a host body to a reincarnated soul, she has gained a powerful personality, and her convictions are so strong that she can stand up against Serenity’s wishes for destruction. Usagi inherits Serenity’s problems, but handles them in a different way. I don’t think that Usagi is merely a shell for Serenity; I think she’s a second chance to do things right. 

my kitty came home last night!!!! he is safe and i almost cried in front of him ;;;;;

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will you eventually be doing episode recaps for Sailor Moon Crystal?

Maybe someday! I was resistant because it really seems to be a touchy topic, and everyone is either wildly in favor or wildly against. No matter what I said, it would either be too critical or too apologetic. That whole storm has died down a little, though it may just be because it’s between seasons. 

If you’d be interested in Crystal liveblogs, message me or leave a reply! 


Welcome to a world without Light.

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