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I see! So what have you guys watched so far? Can I do a shameless plug for kimi no na wa this upcoming week? Need to rewatch it for a fic, would be great to do it together with other people :D

So far we’ve just watched Howl’s Moving Castle – before that we were rewatching YOI episodes (so SWS has been going on for like?? 13 weeks now?? woah that doesn’t even feel real).

AHHH I would love to do Your Name but I actually streamed that a while ago – not during SWS but just on a Saturday bc I really wanted to watch it!! Maybe I’ll stream it again some time though bc that movie was FANTASTIC

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Sorry if you've already been asked/expressed your feelings on this, but what do you think of Boruto? I'm not really enjoying it. I hate how similar the concepts are and how its painting Naruto as such a bad dad, despite before this I always pictured him being a great dad, having spent his life as an orphan. Really bored of seeing all the comparisons and miss the times when it was just team 7, pure and simple. Really interested in your opinion, I love your analysis its so in depth!

It’s been a decent watch so far. Nothing extraordinary, but I really didn’t expect the show to be that good while they’re still in the academy, because that really limits the scale of the things that can happen. I’m sure once they graduate, the show will get a lot more interesting than it currently is.

Regarding the issues portrayed between Boruto and Naruto, Gaiden and the Boruto movie already showed us that this was gonna be an angle in the new series, and will likely continue until their issues were resolved in the Boruto movie, so maybe you should try and give it some time until then :)


Dan and Phil x Harry Potter x Life is Strange Crossover

[Part 2 here]

A Concept: You play as Daniel Howell, a young half-blood wizard who mysteriously receives time-rewinding powers at the beginning of his first year at Hogwarts. He realizes his powers do not adhere to the same spatiotemporal constraints as time turners: they do not obey the Novikov Self-Consistency Principle, and can only rewind up to five minutes at a time.  Unbeknownst to Dan, his powers are finite - the rate of depletion is available only to you, the player, in a meter on the right of the screen. For the first half of his time at Hogwarts, you use Dan’s powers to remake decisions to make life easier for him and his Muggle-born best friend Phil. Then, in his fourth year, Harry Freakin’ Potter returns from the maze with a dead body and life for Dan gets really dark really quickly. You realize too late you should probably have conserved your powers for the war.

There are four fixed events in the game: Befriending Phil, Cedric’s death, Dumbledore’s death, and Dan’s powers running out sometime during the Battle of Hogwarts.


Dear white people. Wow. Y'all really trying it. I get that being reduced to a race-based generalization is a new and devastating experience for some of you, but here’s the difference. My jokes don’t incarcerate your youth at alarming rates, or make it unsafe for you to walk around your own neighborhoods. But yours do. […] You don’t get to show up in a halloween costume version of us and claim irony or ignorance. Not anymore.

You’re sitting in the theatre. Everything is perfect. It’s accurate, it’s visually stunning, everyone is on point. It’s a perfect adaption. The title flies on screen.
Deep voice: Fullmetal Alchemist
Everyone in the theatre:(slightly different intonation) Fullmetal Alchemist.


Hiddlesweek Day 4: Favourite Role

  • The new boss - Jaguar campaign

The Preath Head Tap™️️ 2013 vs 2016


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