watched it without knowing what to expect and i was pretty shocked with the turn of events

The Kissing Booth

A SnowBaz fanfiction


Once a year, usually in the spring, Watford stages a carnival for the students.  It’s usually quite humble, mainly consisting of booths selling small magic trinkets, or snacks like cotton candy, sweets and other classic carnival fare.  There’s always the tiny petting zoo over near the Cloisters, and some years Watford even scrapes enough together to bring in a carousel.  Most of the booths are run by student volunteers, and though everything is by donation, all proceeds go to whichever charity the student body has voted on.

           I go every year, mostly for the caramel apples and sweet cider, but this is the first year I’ve been behind the scenes of the carnival and helped at a booth.

           In truth, I didn’t even sign up for it, but Agatha hadn’t had a break all day and needed some cotton candy of her own.

           I should have told her to find Penny, or Trixie or even Minty.  Anyone but me.

           It doesn’t take long for the word to spread that Simon Snow has taken over the Kissing Booth, and mortifyingly the line has doubled in length.  Mostly first or second-year girls, blushing and stammering or swaggering up to the counter with a pronounced sway in their step, with the odd boy interspersed through the line.

           It’s not the worst thing that’s ever happened to me – that honour goes to the time in second year that Baz stumbled upon a spell that made my clothes slowly dissipate, garment by garment, in the middle of the dining hall – and after the first two or three quick, cold kisses I start to calm down, but I’m counting the minutes until Agatha comes back.  How she endured hours of this, I cannot comprehend.  That’s just Agatha, I guess.

           A redhead drops her donation into the tin and her eyes flit around, meeting me for only a split second at a time, her cheeks aflame.  I try to look as non-threatening as I can and lean forward enough that she can close the rest of the space.  She darts in with a kiss that’s no more than a peck before running over to a giggling pair of who must be her friends, a triumphant grin on her face. She must have been dared.  Poor girl.  I hope I wasn’t her first.

           “Well, well, well.”

           My stomach lurches at the cold drawl I know only too well.

           “What are you doing here, Baz?” I say in as civilized a tone as I can manage.

           He stands there with his arms crossed over his chest, his mouth in a twist that’s a bit too amused to be a sneer.  “When I heard that the Chosen One had taken over the Snogging Booth, I simply had to see it for myself.”

           “Well, now you’ve seen it, so now you can go.”

           “Saving the World of Mages one kiss at a time,” Baz murmurs with a chuckle.  “Not exactly what I was envisioning.”

           “I’m only covering for Agatha,” I retort, “she’ll be back in five minutes if you’re wanting her services.”

           He scoffs.  “I’d rather not snog your girlfriend, thank you very much.”

           “She’s not my – forget it,” I shake my head.  I’ve told him at least a dozen times, but it never stops him.

           “She must have been really desperate for a break to put you in charge,” Baz drawls on, his voice smooth like honey but with too much of a bite to be sweet.  “You’d think she’d at least pick someone attractive for the Kissing Booth.”

           It stings, but I don’t flinch.  “What, someone like you?” I spit back too fast.

           His eyebrows shoot up in delighted surprise as I realize my mistake.  “You flatter me, Snow,” he purrs, and I feel my cheeks heat up, but I furrow my brow tighter and hope it passes for anger.

           “Is there a reason you’re still here?” I growl as the burning spreads from my cheeks to my ears.  

           “As a matter of fact, there is,” Baz says, and his gray eyes look cool enough to staunch the flames at the tips of my ears, but the more I glare into them the more the fire rages.  “I’m here to torment you.”

           “Great, well you’ve done that.”

           “I wanted to see what you’d do.”  He leans on the edge of the counter, bringing his face far too close to mine for comfort. “What would the Mage’s Heir do if his nemesis showed up at the Kissing Booth?”

           “You can torment me any time,” I shoot back, “you’re holding up the line.”

           “Oh, yes, well,” he feigns conern, “I wouldn’t want to keep anyone from their kiss.”

           “Then go away.”

           His eyes narrow and he pretends to think.  “Mmm, no.  I don’t think so.”

           “Baz, I’m warning you.”

           “Terrifying,” he drones, “but this is too much fun.  Besides,” his eyebrow flickers up, “don’t you owe me a kiss?”

           I flash him a smirk of my own.  “Aw, Baz. If you were so desperate for a kiss, you could’ve just asked.”

           Baz, to his credit, doesn’t bat an eye.  “You think of that comeback yourself?”

           “There’s a fee, you know,” I ignore him, barely having to raise my voice above a murmur for him to hear me, he’s so close.  “You haven’t paid the fee, so I don’t owe you anything.”

           He doesn’t drop his eyes from mine, and the cool gray takes on the spark of a challenge.  Out of my periphery I see him reach into his pocket, and there’s the clatter of coins dropping into the tin.

           I should punch him.

           I should spit in his face.

           I wanted to see what you’d do.

           I take him by the lapels and crush his mouth under mine.

           He makes a muffled sound of shock.  To be fair, so do I, but mine is more angry than it is surprised.  I kiss him hard and rough, and it’s a bit of a juxtaposition because his mouth is oddly soft.  A face like his, you’d expect his lips to be made of marble, cold and unmoving, but he’s the farthest thing from unmoving.  I can’t tell if he’s struggling or if he’s kissing me back but his lips are so, so soft and I want to bruise them, mark them, bite them…

           I only stop when a series of wolf whistles reminds me that there are at least ten people watching us.

           Trying to salvage the illusion of control, I break away harshly, still gripping him by his collar.  The cocky smirk has dropped from his smooth features and now his face mirrors mine, a matching scowl, like I’ve crossed a dangerous line.  I probably have.

           “Was that what you wanted?” I growl.

           He doesn’t answer, just holds my gaze another few seconds before pushing back from the table, his lapels slipping out of my hands, and stalking away.


I don’t see Baz at the carnival after that, and I stay as long as the booths are open, perusing the same counters and feigning interest even after having looked through their contents three times.  I keep Penny company where she mans the popcorn booth, drizzling caramel over every few cartons, and I even get bored enough to hang around Agatha back at the Kissing Booth for a little while, until one too many patrons have asked if I’m available for service.  When she and Penny are freed we pet the goats at the petting zoo, the ones that Ebb has graciously volunteered for the event, and take a few spins on the carousel.  Only once the light has begun to fade and the signs are being lowered from their booths do the three of us part ways.  Even then, I offer to help Ebb get her goats back safely.

           Basically, I’m doing anything I can to put off going back to the room, but eventually I can’t avoid it any longer.  I’ve wandered the grounds enough times that the sun has properly disappeared behind the distant hills and I can barely see the ground in front of me. Even then I’m tempted to consider crazy alternatives like spending the night at Ebb’s place, but I’m pretty sure that would be against school rules anyway, and besides, I’ll have to face Baz eventually.  There’s no undoing what’s happened.

           When I finally trudge back into the room, he’s staring out the window at the moat, presumably trying to intimidate the merwolves, but he turns at the sound of the door.  His expression, though I don’t see it for long before I look away, is hard to read. Wide eyes and a furrowed brow, like he’s still mad at me for my stunt earlier, but there’s a bit of a questioning edge there, too.  Almost a where were you edge.

           Normally I have to start any type of conversation, but tonight he wastes no time. “What the hell was that, Snow?”

           There’s no question as to what he’s referring, and I can’t help but get angry again.  “Me? You’re the one who had to start something!”

           “Well, you didn’t have to react so drastically,” he mutters, crossing his arms and leaning against the wall by the window, the moonlight casting its glow on his skin and making him even paler than usual, almost transparent.  I half expect fangs to slide out from his lips for no reason and complete the picture.

           His soft, soft lips.

           “You were egging me on,” I seethe, the memory igniting the rage that I’d felt in the fractured moment before kissing him, “it’s your fault anything happened.”

           “Proud little hero,” Baz says with the slightest smirk, “can’t back down from a challenge.”

           “You know I can’t, not in front of people.”

           “Wouldn’t want them to think the Heir is a coward.”

           I feel like a balloon in me is swelling and deflating at once.  “But that’s just it, Baz,” I insist, anger momentarily aside.  “If they think I’m afraid, what reason do they have to hope?”

           He doesn’t answer right away, and for a second I think maybe he understands. I want so badly for him to understand.

           “No reason,” Baz eventually says, turning to look out the window again, “not with someone like you as the Chosen One.”

           I want to groan, to kick something, to shake him by the shoulders and make him look me in the eye and for once not fight me.  Have we ever in our lives made eye contact without there being some challenge between us?

           “Why did you have to get in that line?” I shake my head.  “There are so many other ways of tormenting me, lower-stakes ways.”

           “To be fair, I’ve already exhausted most of those,” Baz murmurs with a little shrug of his shoulders.

           “When have you ever been fair?”


           I’m tired of standing here at the door, so I kick off my shoes and sit down on my bed, trying not to think about how much closer I am to him now, still at the window, looking as vampiric as ever.  His gray eyes are positively silver in the moonlight, and the black of his hair looks silkier than ever, as if it’s soaking the rays directly into him. He almost glows.  I have to laugh a little, because more than once Baz has mockingly compared me, with my bronze curls and sky-blue eyes, to the sun, but he himself wears a halo of night.  If I am the sun, then Baz is most certainly the moon.  Distant, cold, mysterious, almost too pristine to touch.

           His gaze returns to me suddenly.  He raises an eyebrow in a wordless inquiry, and I realize I’ve been staring.

           “What exactly was it you expected me to do?”

           “At what point, Snow?” he gives a humourless laugh.  “You had more than one opportunity to react.”

           “When you paid the fee.”

           His tiny smile disappears.  “It doesn’t matter.”

           “It does.”

           “Drop it, Snow,” he says, the hardness returning to his eyes, and I know I’ve cornered him.  Drop it is Baz’s way of betraying himself, of saying there’s something that he doesn’t want to tell.

           “Was I supposed to kiss you?” I ask.  For some reason I have to know.


           “Then what?”

           “I don’t know, Snow, punch me.  Push me. Beat me to the ground.  Something.”

           My brow furrows in confusion.  “Wait. You wanted me to hit you?”

           He shrugs, more with his head than his shoulder.  “One of us has to get hurt, right?”

           I rise to my feet, and I’m face-to-face with him again, only his eyes are different this time.  Whereas at the booth he had betrayed no hint of doubt at our closeness, now there’s a flicker of something in the silver, something that feels a lot like the way my heart is racing in my chest, and it dawns on me.  He was putting on a show at the carnival, acting like nothing I could do would get to him, just as I had been.

           If they think I’m afraid, what reason do they have to hope?

           One of us has to get hurt, right?

           And suddenly it makes sense.

           There’s only a few inches between us, so it feels almost natural when I lean in and press the gentlest of kisses to his lips.

           He doesn’t kiss me back this time, but he doesn’t move away either.  “What was that for?” he asks when I draw back a second later.

           “You act like we’re so different,” I say wonderingly, “but we’re the same.”


           “What do you think we’d be if we didn’t have to fight each other?”

           I don’t miss the split second of longing in his eyes.  “Keep dreaming, Snow.”

           “Because I bet it would involve a lot more of this.”  I bring a hand up to his neck, my fingers instantly lost in the wavy tips of his hair and it’s exactly as soft as it looks bathed in moonlight.

           Baz closes his eyes like he has to collect himself.  “You’re the hero.  I’m the villain.  What more do I have to say?”

           “Fuck that,” I chuckle, “we both know that’s not true.  You’re a boy, and I’m a boy.  That’s all.”

           “Tell that to the rest of the world.”

           “I don’t care about the rest of the world,” I shake my head adamantly, “I want to know what you think.”    

           “About what?”

           “If there was no act, no reputation, no role to play,” I murmur, “if we were just two boys, what would you do?”

           Baz returns my gaze a moment, searching my eyes.    

           Then his lashes close and he’s kissing me, and my eyes drift shut again like I’m sighing in relief.

           I let my fingers tangle higher up in his hair while my other hand grips the front of his shirt like earlier, only without the anger of the afternoon.  He angles his head further and guides the kiss deeper, his hands gently gripping my waist and pulling me closer.  I melt against him, my mouth moving with his, my head swimming with his citrusy scent, and I can’t hold back the moan that escapes my throat when he takes my bottom lip between his teeth in a gentle tug. Suddenly I’m floating, weightless, and Baz gives a muffled sound of surprise when I press back a little harder.

           When we finally break apart, both of us gasping and dizzy, I immediately want more, want to line his neck with my mouth, want to feel his breath hitch when I reach the base of his throat, want to hear my name in his sigh.  Would he sigh Snow or Simon?  I want to know.

           “Please,” I whisper, dotting a kiss to the corner of his mouth, “can’t we just be two boys?”

           When I meet his eyes, they’re full of more longing than ever.

           In response, he kisses a soft, slow triangle pattern on my cheek, and I recognize the pattern of the three moles by my eye, and I can’t help but smile.

“We can try.”

5 times Stiles took care of Derek’s injuries and 1 time he didn’t have to


It’s ridiculous how often Derek gets hurt. And it’s also very sad.

He’s always jumping in front of bullets and going to fight vampires without telling anyone and there was this one time he literally knocked Scott out so he could go fight a deadly kelpie by himself.

“This is bullshit.” Stiles yells. No one will listen to him anyway, least of all Derek who’s lying unconscious on the ground.


“So much bullshit.” He presses his jacket against the wound, glares at Derek’s stupid face. Even passed out he looks in pain. “You’re ridiculous, did you know that? You just have to keep sacrificing yourself. I don’t like it.”

“Here!” Scott throws the hunter’s gun towards Stiles and he reaches out for it immediately, taking the bullet and pressing the burnt wolfsbane against Derek’s shoulder – for the second time this month.

“I’m going to lock you up.” Stiles groans, watching as the wound begins to heal itself. “You’re going to be safe. You’re going to be really safe. The safest.” Derek begins to stir just as Scott sends the last hunter away. “Asshole.” Stiles adds for good measure and Derek slowly opens his eyes.

“Wha –”

“You can’t do that anymore.” Stiles points his finger at Derek’s face, heart pounding as he feels himself tear up. Why can’t Derek just stop? He’s going to get himself killed and that’s going to end up killing Stiles too. “I won’t let you.”

He ignores the fear, the shame and his own self-preservation instincts. Derek needs to know that someone cares about him, that someone loves him. Someone wants him to be happy.

“Stiles,” Derek blinks, tries to sit up. Stiles only pushes him down again.

“Stop it.” Stiles says, runs a hand through Derek’s hair. “Stop trying to die.” He sniffs, ignoring Derek’s shocked expression. “You’re not alone anymore. You have people that care about you.” He takes a deep breath and adds. “That love you.” Derek lets out a quiet ‘oh’ and Stiles smiles sadly. He presses a kiss to Derek’s temple and stands up. “Please.” He adds softly.

He shares a meaningful look with Scott before turning to his Jeep and driving away, tears spilling down his face as he goes home.


Stiles has been in love with Derek for five years. Well, at least that’s what he tells himself. It could be seven, eight, maybe. He can’t be sure – too much happened when he was still a teenager for him to pay attention to his feelings.

So the point is – Stiles loves Derek. A lot. Maybe too much to be healthy. Enough to be a pain in his ass. Because there isn’t a thing Stiles wouldn’t do when he gets a text from Derek two days after his embarrassing love confession saying 'help’ and 'at the loft’.

He really didn’t know what to expect, but opening the door to find Derek covered in scratch marks didn’t even make the top ten.

“What?” Stiles blinks. “A kelpie again?”

“A cat.” Derek answers, gesturing to the tiny ball of fluff curled up on the couch.

What.” Stiles repeats, staring at the cat dubiously. “But –”

“I found her in the woods after –” Derek cuts himself, pointedly avoiding Stiles’ eyes. So he remembers, Stiles takes a deep breath. “Anyway, I need to buy some stuff for her and I don’t want to leave her alone.”

“Oh.” Stiles nods. So they are just going to ignore it, apparently. He swallows, tells himself it doesn’t matter. He wasn’t expecting Derek to feel the same, he just wanted him to know. Just needed him to understand. “Okay, I guess.” He walks towards the couch, smiles softly when the black kitten meows at him. “Hi, baby.” He pets her head softly, laughs when she leans into it happily.

“Deaton said she’s two months.” Derek says, suddenly next to him.

Stiles holds back a shiver. “She’s so teeny-tiny.” He forces a smile and looks up at Derek, meaning to reassure him he’ll take care of the kitten, only to frown when he notices a cut on his left cheek. “You’re bleeding.” He reaches out without thinking, wipes the blood with the sleeve of his hoodie.

“Yeah.” Derek whispers, eyes never leaving Stiles’.

“Why?” Stiles bites at his bottom lip, heart beating fast.

“Because I felt guilty.” Derek answers. “Because I wanted to say I love you too, but you ran and now…” he reaches out for Stiles’ hand, presses it back against his own cheek.

“Now?” Stiles insists, bringing his other hand to rest on Derek’s chest where he can feel Derek’s heart beating as fast as his. They are so close, breaths mingling, and if Stiles only leaned in –

“Now you’re here. And I can tell you.” Derek smiles softly. “That I will live for you.” Stiles lets out a shuddering breath as he throws his arms over Derek’s shoulders and buries his face against his neck. He never thought he could feel this happy. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” Stiles sniffs, presses a kiss against Derek’s neck, feels the cuts and scratches healing under his hands.

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anonymous asked:

Nr 51 from the writing prompts pleaseee😍

Thank you so much for your request, babes! Sorry this one took me a bit longer. Between the other requests I had and keeping up with No Control, this took bit of a backseat, but I finally got time to write it. Hope you like it!

Also, this got a wee bit out of hand, so it kinda ends on a cliffy. If you want a second part, just let me know!

51. “I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”

Originally posted by thedailystyles

Y/N was fucked.

Well, not literally, which was part of her problem, she thought. At least if she was literally fucked, she would be getting something other than feelings of immense frustration and a little bit of self-loathing from this situation. 

But, no. Y/N was fucked in the metaphorical sense where she knew no good could come of the feelings she could sense growing in her tummy, like a snowball that has somehow rolled itself into an avalanche without anyone noticing. One day she’d been happy to have a laugh with the boy she had no business even being friends with, and now she got butterflies in her stomach and a little flutter in her chest whenever he’d so much as smile because of her. She wasn’t sure when or how it’d happened, but it had, and now she was fucked.

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aeonian | bestfriend!au

adjective (adj.) [ae·o·ni·an] eternal; everlasting.

Originally posted by bangtan

pairing: jeongguk x reader

genre: a dozen ice cream tubs filled with fluff

words: 4.3K

synopsis: Jeongguk fell in love with you over the course of many years. But there were four specific events that made him fall for you more and more 

A/N: hi, guys. this will be my first one shot and i am quite proud of finally being able to finish one. any form of feedback is very much welcome & please give it a shot

In the course of 10 years, Jeongguk had managed to fall in love with you. But there were a few specific events that really made him really fall head over heels for you. Four events, to be exact.

If eleven-year-old Jeongguk had to describe the place he had moved to in one word, it would be quiet. Although Busan is quite known for being a big city with many skyscrapers decorating the skies and lights visible from miles away, the district he moved to was like a whole other world in. Located in the outskirts of Busan, the area could also be described as a serene place with few people filling up the wide streets. Even though the young boy was used to quite the opposite, he familiarized himself easily. Befriending neighboring kids and meeting new people went without complications. Jeongguk really was a shy kid, but for some reason he managed to get to know many kids and dared to get out of his shell.

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A Jealous Heart.

Request from ??: So for a moment there I thought I knew who requested this but my brain was deciding to have a funny moment and I actually don’t know at all so apologies to the person I tagged that I shouldn’t have done lol! Tumblr rid of the message but this was the request: for Bucky to like the reader but he hasn’t told her as he always sees her with Steve and one day he catches them goofing around and assumes it is because they’re in a relationship even though Steve x Reader is a platonic relationship. Unfortunately because the request has disappeared I can’t remember what else was asked for so hope this is okay!

Jealous!Bucky x Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 2,225

Warnings: Swearing, acts of jealousy, but then fluff. I think that’s all! :)

Disclaimer: None of the GIFs used are mine so all credit goes to their creators

Once again those beautiful [e/c] eyes had filled his dreams….ever since he had come to join The Avengers and he had seen you stood in the lobby of Stark Tower with the others to greet him he hadn’t been able to stop thinking of you. It was getting to a point now though that he would much rather have the torment of the horrific nightmares he used to experience on a night rather than the dreams that tortured him with something he knew he could never have.

You liked Steve. His best friend.

Every day the two of you trained with one another and every day he had to watch his friend spend time with the one person he wanted to. Life really was a bastard at times. Whatever higher power existed was making it very clear that he wasn’t allowed to have things that would make him happy….he didn’t deserve them.

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Episode 100, part 2 and let’s have some FUN

oh. not fun.

Not fun at all. While Yami is having possibly the worst duel your correspondent has ever had to sit through, and Honda and Otogi are fuckin around with life and limb, the Kaiba brothers have been hurtled back in time to a moment both of them would rather forget…

“already dead” is just about as vague as vague can be, and “an accident” doesn’t really clue us in much either. It’s possible Mokuba’s avoiding the memories but I think it’s more likely that he just doesn’t. know. Like Seto is not famed for his willingness to discuss the past. At all. Ever. And Mokuba was only about five years old when they arrived at the orphanage. I think Mokuba genuinely doesn’t know what actually happened to either of his parents, and has no one to ask.

It’s also not clear what happened immediately after Seto and Mokuba’s father’s death, except that upwards of six relatives (a) existed but (b) cared only for whatever money was involved.

Seto was defined during this period as being very crankily protective of the hobgoblin that is his younger brother.

Seriously, is tiny!Mokuba supposed to be cute?? Cause he’s sure as fuck not.

I suppose that, having died suddenly, their father didn’t leave a will, cause the fact that the relatives managed to get the inheritance and ditch the kids is a pretty damning indictment of both the father’s legal presence and whatever passes for child welfare services in YGO-world.

Like sending kids in your care to the orphanage of the shadowmen is just NOT OKAY, y’know? Like it’s … not easy to do. It’s actually pretty hard to give a kid up for adoption without losing any other kids you may have!

So at this point, Mokuba’s memories - with the dull colours and the creeptastic shadowmen, intersect with the virtual reality they’re currently in, because the two brothers look around…

… and see the full-colour version of events…

… minus their “relative”, who has immediately driven away, leaving the boys with nothing in this world but their stylish handbags.

Mokuba looks back. Seto doesn’t. (For those of you who are worried about the mid-term exam: yes, this is a demonstration both of the Theme and of the two brother’s individual characters as they exemplify their respective archetypes.)

Having so far been almost exaggeratedly disdainful of events, actually seeing himself and his brother as they were at 9 and 5 years old evokes, rarity of rarities, a spontaneous and reasonable emotion from Seto Fucking Kaiba

So. How is Noah doing this? Like HOW is Noah doing this? Is the VR actively using their memories right now? Because Noah hasn’t had a chance before this to mine them for data. There weren’t CCTV cameras on every inch of the orphanage, there CERTAINLY weren’t any in the park/playground. Gozaburo could have provided data for most of the orphanage, but not for these particular moments of the brothers alone together. Seto and Mokuba, being different ages and very different people, probably have different memories of this time. Although I do suspect Seto’s memory is eidetic, which would help. But could even that really be enough to produce such perfect renditions of the past, of a past both brothers have tried to forget? Or is the VR simply sketching the basics and letting the imaginations and emotions of the brothers fill in the details?

However it’s happening, they’re shocked…

Mokuba especially is rattled, maybe because he remembers it less clearly and maybe because tiny!Mokuba is having a visibly more difficult time than tiny!Seto

Tiny!Mokuba ran away from the orphanage and went to a park, and current!Mokuba seems to have forgotten, until he sees it play out in front of him, that the incident ever occurred, but once he sees it…

(This strongly implies that Mokuba does remember his mother, so she probably didn’t die in childbirth, sorry fic writers.)

And their EXPRESSIONS here, I just can’t, because Mokuba is, for the first time, seeing just how desperate and sad their situation was. As a little kid, he was sad, he’s watching other sons play with their not-dead mothers and crying, but as an older kid, he’s really recognising the pain he went through and how alone they were, and it shows on his face in empathetic horror. But for Seto, this is the second time he’s recognised the awfulness of this situation, and his expression is a soft, tired, recognition…

okay once again, I think they were going for cute but the flat-top-round-bottom eyes are just fuckin creepy #sorrynotsorry

tiny!Seto found tiny!Mokuba and came to bring him back to the orphanage, wearing a faintly anxious smile, that Mokuba is probably extremely familiar with, to the point of not being able to really differentiate it from a genuinely happy smile, I suspect

On the way home, Mokuba explains his reasoning, maybe he could turn back time to when their parents were alive and things were okay…

And there’s nothing, nothing at all, that a nine-year-old can be expected to say to that, because a nine-year-old shouldn’t be left alone to deal with a twice-bereaved five-year-old, or, in fact, any five-year-old, ever, but especially not when they themselves are twice-bereaved so FOR FUCKS SAKE where are child welfare services?? or the orphanage staff??? or their fucking relatives????

But it’s only tiny!Seto and tiny!Seto doesn’t have much, but he does have a very strongly-held set of emotionally-unhealthy principles and dammit, he’s going to preach them!

THIS is where this comes from and it’s not a fun “oh Kaiba! lol!” line. When Kaiba calls someone a loser dog, he’s evoking the absolute worst moment of his life, the terror that grips him before the dawn, the one place on Earth he will never, ever go back to. It means powerlessness. 

And then things get … maladaptive. 

For tiny!Seto, and probably for grown!Seto, happiness is just revenge on those who wronged you. Like literally, the point of being happy is to spite those people who tried to make you unhappy.

No wonder he’s so fucking cranky all the time.

This breaks my goddamn heart because Seto SHOULD NOT BE A FATHER, not even in his slightly-more-stable end-of-canon self (give him a few years) but ABSO-FUCKING-LUTELY not as a grief-stricken nine-year-old.

Current Seto and Mokuba watch this play out and then Mokuba says, aloud, to Seto…

… something that didn’t come up on the godforsaken subtitles. But according to @ginrou and a few others, he said “you used to say those phrases a lot, big brother”, so this isn’t some one off, some grasping attempt at comfort in a sudden moment of desperation. Seto repeatedly told Mokuba (a) don’t cry, (b) that’s how they get you, (see) happiness is the best revenge so be fucking happy out of spite, (d) I’m your dad now, and (e) I’ll protect you. Those are heavy things for a nine-year-old to believe, and quite a fucking lot for a five-year-old to hear and internalise. 

The scene changes and the brothers can see themselves inside an empty classroom (STRONGLY implying that they also went to school in the orphanage? is that normal? I never lost my parents at a young age in 1980s Japan) playing chess

They play chess. Surprising no-one, Seto wins. Mokuba was initially like “aw shucks, again?” but then immediately was like,

which is ADORABLE because Mokuba is ADORABLE and you know who else is adorable?


Wanna One Hwang Minhyun Father+Husband AU

Put these two requests together for a couple anons, enjoy! (You + Hwang Minhyun)

  • Well before getting married, you two dated for a while obviously so we’ll start there
  • He wasn’t the most… experienced in love (lol.) and even though he did date some people before, he was pretty innocent with the whole thing
  • Basically a kid lol
  • But even though it was kind of shocking to you, when he honestly and directly confessed to you, you could see his intentions were good and pure
  • You liked how genuine he was, not just with loving you, but with literally everything else he does: a hardworking, respectable man
  • Even though he has the appearance of a literal god, he didn’t seem to realize it or take much advantage of it LOL
  • His eyes were only on you
  • He’d get shy a lot and just giggle, but as time passed he got more used to being in a relationship/skinship/etc.
  • His marriage proposal to you was an attempt to be romantic
  • You can imagine a lot of internet searching went on because it was cliche as fuCK LOL
  • It was in private, but there were roses and candles and stuff like that
  • You couldn’t help bursting into laughter at his gestures that were just so soft and cheesy but you loved it because you loved him, and he was happy that you were happy
  • You two had a quiet ceremony with just close friends; he was embarrassed the whole time but it was super cute
  • He STILL got shy even when innocently kissing you at the ceremony
  • Soft whispers in front of everyone:
  • “Hwang Minhyun, we’ve gone farther than this what’s your problem”
  • “STOP I’m nervous leave me alone”
  • Life before and after marrying him was pretty much the same, except for the fact that he’d do cheesy things like call you “wifey”
  • OKay so we all know Mr. Emperor here is a clean freak
  • He would drive you crazy with all his dusting and mopping and scrubbing and organizing blargh
  • Like it’s nice to be clean but he takes it to another level LOL
  • But being clean is better than being dirty ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • So you helped him out, leading to cute domestic times washing dishes together and doing laundry with each other
  • Life overall wasn’t that eventful for quite a while other than the occasional vacation, but then wow you found out you were pregnant congrats ! !  !!
  • You were wondering how to tell Minhyun, like if you should make an event out of it or something
  • You decided to put the pregnancy test in a little cute box, but while you were preparing the box with a note and baby booties, Minhyun walked into the room you were in and saw the test that was just sitting on the counter
  • You barely noticed him walking in lol; he picked up the test and walked behind you
  • “What are you doing? Are you packing something? What’s this thing?” he asked you, holding out the test in front of your face
  • … bruh
  • You were taken aback at the fact that he destroyed your plan, but you were even more shocked that he didn’t know what a pregnancy test looked like
  • “Minhyun. Seriously.”
  • “Seriously what?”
  • “Do you really not know what that is? Minhyun that’s a pregnancy test.”
  • “What? Why are you packing this?”
  • “Minhyun. I’m literally pregnant. Do I seriously have to spell it out for you, you totally ruined the moment dumbass”
  • “wAIT WHAT??!?//?!?! YOU’RE PREGNANT?!??! DOES THIS MEAN I’M GOING TO BE A DADDD WHAT NO WAYYY” Minhyun ignored your exasperation but his freakout just made you smile anyway
  • He immediately sat you down and started asking if you needed anything and put his ear on your stomach to see if he could hear things
  • “You’re so weird”
  • “Do you want pickles? I heard pregnant women like pickles,” Minhyun asked you, a completely genuine and concerned expression on his face
  • thiS BOY…. 
  • Basically your entire pregnancy process was filled with this nonsense (but it was sweet nonsense), and he really was helpful; his sweetness usually brightened your mood
  • He was always there for you; reliable af
  • When you first had your baby he was literally too scared to even touch it at first but once he held on to it for the first time he couldn’t let go
  • When you took your child home, he wouldn’t stop fucking staring at it LOL
  • Anyway in the process of raising the kid, Minhyun never failed to attempt to inflict his influence of cleanliness
  • He wanted the kid’s first word to be “clean” no joke
  • And when the child was old enough, he would always clean with them and teach them his ways: most effective techniques to dust and keep the living spaces spotless
  • “Remember. Dust is the enemy. Repeat after me: Dust. Is. The. Enemy.”
  • There was no stopping him, you just let him do his thing. There was no way Minhyun would let his offspring be any less neat than he was
  • welP you can expect chaos ensued when the “uncles” came over
  • Whenever Minhyun invited his friends over, some of them (cougH JAEHWAN) would make it a point to eat as messily as possible and influence your child LOL
  • Minhyun had mental breakdowns every time jfc
  • All the other moms you knew (and just other female friends) expressed how much they adored Minhyun: he was just so darn handsome
  • But little did they know how much of a weirdo he was lol
  • Overall though, Minhyun was an extremely caring dad yay
  • You two are always helping one another out, in general life and emotionally as well
  • Is the kind of partner and dad who never hangs up first when you’re on a call with them; the kind of dad who makes sure everyone else is settled and eating properly before he even touches his meal
  • Would always sing and play instruments with and for the child
  • Is a totall fluff for being a parent and treats your kid like royalty, giving them the highest praise when they clean up while eating or after playing with their toys
  • “I have done such a great job as a parent. I feel like I can die satisfied, (Y/N), you know what I mean?”
  • “No, but whatever humps your camel man”
  • He never watched chlidren’s programs on TV, instead watched cooking shows and musical performances. it was weird
  • Doesn’t read bedtime stories to the child, but instead deep poetry and song lyrics… lol.
  • Is a total pushover when it comes to things you or the child want
  • If you even jokingly say you want something completely ridiculous, he’d be like “really?” and you’d have to clarify that you were kidding
  • Because if you or your child ever even gave the hint of wanting something, he would always be paying attention; and you bet that will be a gift for the nearest holiday
  • He’s incredibly intelligent and practical (except with relationships), and his advice always helps you think clearly when making decisions, or when your child needs help on something
  • For example, when you two were deciding what car to buy, he’d have done all the research possible, so that when you two went to the dealership he bargained clearly and efficiently to get you the best deal
  • You honestly had no idea what he was talking about most of the time during that experience, but he just had printouts from the internet and flyers and there was no way he would pay more than he needed to for the car
  • that seems random but he’s just really smart for most things it’s incredible…
  • But then after all that he can’t manage to get romance-y with you without getting all mushy and embarrassed LOL it’s like he turns into different people, but you’re glad you can make him feel that way ;) heheh
  • Minhyun is self-described “conservative” and even though he’s confused or strange sometimes, he is just one of the most sincere, kindhearted people you’d ever met and it inspires you to be your best self :’)
  • A happy family full of love and smiles it’s adorable im crying

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So I’ve been sitting on this one for a while but thanks to @marveliskindacool and @imagine-that-marvel I’m feeling a lot better about uploading it. @lost-in-my-arms, sorry - I couldn’t follow the request explicitly but I hope the fic is still enjoyable nonetheless. Be brutal with your feedback - though you should know there is a part 2. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: the reader, who’s a new Avenger, has the same powers (and name, and costume, maybe) as Daredevil, being blind and all, knows when someone is lying; is great fighting (everyone) Pietro, since she can pinpoint where he is even when running. Cracks jokes about being blind all the time. This sort of stuff. Maybe something romantic with Bucky, or Pietro?

‘More Than Meets The Eye’

Pietro sighed. The coffee shop was buzzing. Perhaps in a novella such an atmosphere would incite excitement. However, all Pietro wanted to do was sit, rest his feet, and drink his coffee. You’d have thought it would be simple.

Just as he was beginning to think that he might have to take his drink elsewhere, he spotted an empty seat in the corner of the room, near a partially empty table. In such a crowded room, using his speed never ended well so he fought his way to the table patiently. It wouldn’t have bothered him so much if he wasn’t wary of the fact that there would be other patrons searching for a place to sit and this seemed to be the last available space.

Unfortunately, on account of his hopes being so high, they fell all the harder when a well-built gentleman arrived, seemingly out of nowhere, and fell into the chair. The polished wood groaned under the weight, and Pietro groaned under his breath – or so he had thought. The man turned and met his gaze with ferocity.

“You got a problem?” He asked, pulling out his newspaper and unfolding it to make a point. This guy was not going anywhere. Before Pietro could begin to speak, somebody appeared at his side and placed their hand in the crook of his arm.

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Steve Harrington imagine 

A\N: Ok, so this sucks but I’m in a Steve’s crises so I had to write something. I mean who cares if its 2am and I  have to wake up at 5, right?

As always, sorry for any mistake, the gif and the characters don’t belong to me( in my dreams Steve is mine, does it count?) but the story does. Hope you guys like it! 

Y\N Henderson always dreamed of college, just the thought of getting out of Hawkins was enough to encourage her. It’s not the she didn’t like the place, she did, but the girl always expected more than the city could offer. 

After the events of the past year (what her little brother liked to call ‘the attack of the demogorgons‘) it was harder to leave home, but it was easier when she found out her best friend was not only going to the same college but also going to be her roommate. But now, Y\N was starting to rethink if that was really a pro. 

“Oh c’mon, just admit it! You are attracted to him” 

“No” The Henderson answered without looking for the other

 “No you’re not attracted to him, or no you just won’t admit it?” Y\N opened and closed her mouth a few times but ended up just rolling her eyes 

“Just do your damn paperwork, okay?!” 

“Whatever you say, oh and by the way, he’s still staring” The girl lifted her eyes from her book and focused them in front, finding Steve looking back at her. She blushed and lowered her gaze again. “Gotta go, have a date with some senior “her friend squealed while collecting her things 

“Are you really leaving me alone for a college boy?” Y\N raised her eyebrow crossing her arms. “Of course not,” Her friend smirked and waved to the table in front of them “Harrington is gonna make you company” Before she could say anything her friend waved a small goodbye and Steve was in front of her 

“Hi there stranger” He said with his hand on the back of his neck “mind if I sit here?” She just shook a ‘no’ and he sat beside her. She tried to focus on her book and forget about her ultimate dream boy right beside her. 

“After all we’ve seen together this shouldn’t be so awkward, right?” He said after a few minutes of silence. She just chuckled, and finally looked to him look out of the corner of her eye. “What happened?” She thought of pretending not to know what he was talking about, but he would see thru her crappy excuse.

 In the junkyard while fighting those goddamn things, Y\N and Steve shared a moment. Well more than just a moment, a kiss. 

She was attacked by one of the Demo-something, and right when she saw its mouth open and she got ready for the pain, nothing came. She slowly opened her eyes and observed Steve kill the thing with his bat. He came to her and checked for any injury, and when he found none she lifted his chin and whispered an ‘I’m ok’. They stared at each other for a moment and then she felt his lips press on hers. It was fast but filled with something Y\N never felt in any other kiss in her life. 

They never talked about it, didn’t matter how many afternoons he went to her house to play with Dustin or like he called their “men lessons”. She didn’t know what to say. Of course Y\N wanted to talk about the kiss, better yet, do it again. But she was not going to be a patch up for Nancy, so she did the only thing she knew how to do when she couldn’t face a problem, she ignored it. 

She sighed and shrugged her shoulder “You and Nancy, I guess” 

“Bullshit” He said a bit higher “You knew that Nancy and I were over, and yet you ignored me like nothing ever happened” 

“Well that was what you did the first time those things appeared”

 “That was different, I was starting to feel something for you”

 “Yeah, well, me too” For a moment they just held eye contact. Realization hitting the Harrington “I have to go. See you around Steve” Y\N got up, but before she could lift her book he held her wrist “Steve, I -..” He moved his hand south and laced it with hers 

“I’m sorry “ Steve observed her while she watched their hands interlaced “I would never want to hurt you. I guess I should’ve listened to your brother all along” Y\N widened her eyes and turned to him. The boy chuckled and gave her his best puppy eyes “Promise you won’t kill me?” She shook a yes “Your brother may have read your diary, and possibly told me a few things” The girl’s mouth opened in shock as she sat again. 

“I can’t believe that little shit” She whispered to herself while Steve laughed weakly.

 “So, is it true that my smile could light up the whole Hawkins?” Steve wriggled his eyebrows while she hid her face between her hands “Cause, you know, I’d flattered since it came from the owner of the most beautiful lips I’ve ever seen” Y\N rolled her eyes trying to hide her blushing face

 “That was really cheesy Mr. Harrington” Steve shook his shoulders 

“I am a very cheesy guy, you should get used to that” 

“Oh, why would that be?” Y\N faked innocence

 “Cause I’m pretty sure your little brother just planned our spring wedding” He mocked and they both shared a small laugh attracting attention and ‘shhs’ from the other students on the library. They forced themselves quiet and Y\N bit her lip.

 “God , I want to kiss you” He said to himself but she heard

 “Then maybe you should” Y\N replied as she held his hand. Steve lift his eyes for her and looked for any uncertainty on her eyes, and when he found none he kissed her. This kiss was cautious and slow, but still filled with passion. Steve caressed her cheek while one of her hands held his neck and the other clutched at his arm. Right when the boy was about to bring her closer they were interrupted

 “Hey, you two! This is not the place to do.. That. Get out, now!” They recognized her as the responsible for the library, and went out while being watched by the rest of the students. The Harrington wearing a proud smirk and Y\N hiding her red as tomato face between her hair and Steve’s chest.

 “Perhaps we should thank that dickhead after all” Steve said outside while holding the girl in his arms 

“Who would’ve thought of that” She answered biting her lip before he kissed her again.

Business Dinner (Jay Park Smut)

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POV: First

Genre: Smut

Soft and passionate; no kinks

Admin: Nari

A/N: This is a little different from what was originally requested, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless!

A frown turned my lips downward as I glared at my phone screen. It was the night before Valentine’s Day and while most girls were all giddy to spend time with their significant other, my boyfriend and I were texting each other about having to celebrate it late due to busy schedules.

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Don’t You Remember (Part 3) – Harry Styles

Again, thank you to everyone who has requested for more parts. This is the last part for “Don’t You Remember” so if you have any requests/ideas for me to write, send them my way!

Summary: Going through a rough patch with Harry actually resulted in something you didn’t expect. You slowly cope after accepting the reality of it, but things may change yet again. 

Part 1 | Part 2

Gave you the space so you could breathe

I kept my distance so you would be free

And hope that you find the missing piece

To bring you back to me

Not talking to Harry was definitely one of the weirdest transitions in life that you had to go through. For every event that happened throughout your day, good or bad, Harry was always the first person that you would tell. But the realization of where you stand with him always hit you hard whenever you picked up your phone to text or call him to tell him something. You’d stop yourself midway then put your phone back down, sighing at the fact that you’re not used to the changes yet.

You thought that giving him space without you blowing up his phone would give him a chance to just breathe and think things through. But nothing has changed.

He still has never came home. He still has never contacted you. He still has not given you any closure. So, you just chose to accept it.

You chose to be heartbroken and let yourself heal and mend gradually, never forcing yourself to move on. But that didn’t mean that you were going to mope around.

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My Eyes - Part 2

Pairing: Bucky; Steve x Fem/Reader

Word Count: 4,549

Story Description: Steve is a good man, America’s golden boy, a hero. He’s Captain America for christ’s sake! So it’s normal to want what he has… right? Bucky knows he doesn’t deserve her. He doesn’t even deserve the second chance at life he’s been given. But Bucky can never let him know. Steve can never find out that his friend is in love with his best girl.

Story takes place post “CA: CW” and all tension has been resolved.

Part One

“You look so handsome.” Y/N smirked as she saw Steve straighten his tie in the mirror for what seemed like the 100th time.

His cheeks reddened and he grinned at her through the mirror’s reflection.

Then Y/N got up from her spot and wrapped her hands around his waist from behind him. “And you still can’t take a compliment without blushing.” She kissed the side of his neck.

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anonymous asked:

I DON'T KNOW IF YOU'VE ALREADY DONE THIS, IF SO, I APOLOGIZE! But like, the RFA+ V & Saeran with a female MC that likes to be the dominant one? (Like, not just sexually, but generally doesn't really like to be looked down upon/seen as inferior/weak. Like, how Jumin loves to want to "protect" MC and sees her as fragile but she's having none of his shit)

A/N: I! FUCKING! LIVE! FOR! THIS! I am such a dominant women in most aspects and as MUCH as I absolutely LOVE Jumin, I cannot stand the whole “must protect lil baby MC” liKE BITCH I CAN THROW YOU. LEAVE ME ALONE ~Admin 404

Anyway, I hope this is okay for you! I tried to think of what would make someone dominant;;


               -He went with Saeyoung to confront the hacker because he wanted to prove to you he could be a man

               -A man protects his beloved!!!!!

               -And it was adorable. You appreciated that he wanted to protect you and when you officially met, you let it go

               -But as your relationship advanced, he quickly realized that you were way more dominant that he has assumed and he /liked/ it

               -Hearing and seeing you take charge for even simple things like deciding where to have lunch got him excited

               -There was no wondering what you were thinking because you were so blunt and you were so independent, he loved it so much

               -Would he protect you? Yes, over and over again if it comes down to it.

               -But his personality is naturally more relaxed and playful so he’s a lot happier with you being more in charge of the relationship instead of him!

               -And he is always so proud of you? You’re strong willed and will fight to get your way no matter who you’re talking to and never let people look down on you for any reason

               -He’s just like your puppy? He follows you around, always excited! You can get a certain tone to your voice and he’s calmed down and waiting for whatever you have to say. he especially loves it in the bedroom


               -You loved him but you HATED that he was always:

               -“Princess! Just leave it to me, I am your prince, after all~”

               -Not to mention he loved to just pick you up and spin you around, putting you down only after you demand it

               -“Haha, MC, you’re so cute!”

               -Yeah buddy you’re gonna think I’m real fucking cute when I thrOW YOU

               -Ladies shouldn’t do this and ladies need to do that but you??? Were just yourself???

               -You knew you were sexy just like he knew he was, you weren’t about to pretend you were some cute little girl and just hide what you got

               -Constantly wearing whatever you want. Whether it contours to your body and shows your curves or it’s something low-cut and shows what you’ve got. You’re comfortable and you know you’ve got it going on

               -He loved that about you, but he also constantly tried to cover you up because??? Now everyone can see how beautiful and sexy you are?? And he just wants you all to himself instead???

               -So even if he begs you to change your outfit, you tell him if he doesn’t have to hide what he’s got, then neither do you. The two of you become the Sexy Duo™ and as much as he /loves it/ he also /hates it/ because nO ONE LOOK AT HIS MC. DON’T DO IT. NO


               -You’re both very strong independent women but the both of you accidently… try to out dominate each other

               -You both co-own the coffee shop but no one can tell who the boss is because you’re both… in that position

               -Both call the shots and both thrive in the position of power

               -But god she has so much respect for you??? You take no one’s shit and you are so calm when met with criticism

               -Her favourite part is that you take absolutely no excuses.

               -If there’s a reason you didn’t succeed, you never turned to excuses

               -“Oh it was the other persons fault” “The machine messed up” Nothing like that

               -If someone’s order is messed up you take full responsibility because it was simple human error, you know that! It was your fault and you will stand there even as people scream at you

               -And she thinks that is amazing? You’re such a strong, powerful soul to just stand there and deal with people yelling and screaming and even when you go home, she expects you to let your emotions loose and cry but… you don’t?

               -She knows the two of you fight for that sort of dominance aura but in all honesty it’s things like this that make her just bow down to you because you definitely deserve it


               -He always wants to protect you and he thinks you’re so tiny and fragile

               -If he wasn’t personally protecting you, he has about 50 body guards all around you at all times

               -Which really pissed you off because you were fully capable of taking care of yourself.

               -After all, you handled the whole situation with the hacker and the whole Fiancé Fiasco™, you were strong

               -But as stubborn as he was, you were too.

               -He’s always asking if you’re okay and if you need anything but what he doesn’t seem to realize is that you aren’t afraid to ask for things you want. Even sexually

               -So it really threw him off when, at a dinner party, you pulled him aside and looked him in the eyes, straight up telling him you wanted him then and there

               -He choked on his wine he was not expecting that

               -You noticed how he reacted and decided that maybe this is what it would take to get him to /listen/ to you about not being some quiet, pretty little princess

               -From then on, you’d have to tell him exactly what you wanted at any given moment, catching him off guard. But it was fun watching him scramble to regain dominance and provide you with what you wanted


               -He knew you were the dominant one personality wise and he was Living™ for it

               -He could be in bed all he wanted, you were fine with that, but most of the time you’re calling the shots

               -Which is a good thing because you really help with his impulse control!

               -“MC CAN I-” “No Saeyoung you can’t jump off of the roof I’ve already told you this”

               -“I’M GONNA BUY ANOTHER BABY” “No Saeyoung you gotta pay the electricity bill first”

               -“MC I bought a goat” “Take it back”

               -He even loves that you’re dominant physically too like, all he has to do is climb on top of you and that was it

               -You wouldn’t let him being on you stop you from getting up and doing whatever you have to

               -Sometimes you’re just carrying him bridal style around the house while he’s dressed up like a princess and Saeran literally hates the both of you

               -But all messing around aside, he really admires that you’re so strong, and you’re always there for him when he can’t be and he couldn’t love anyone else more than he loves you


               -He’s really laid back and such a push over

               -It doesn’t take much to be a dominant woman around him;;;

               -But his favourite part about you being the more dominant one, was that you were able to tell people no

               -Getting invited to a lot of events he just doesn’t want to go to… he can always count on you to stand your ground and tell them no thank you, without feeling guilted into going

               -Another aspect of your personality that he loves is that you’re never one to complain or whine about anything?

               -Every now and then you open up to him and will complain about things that are /truly/ bothering you

               -But otherwise, you’re all smiles and the strong one that everyone can depend on

               -And he loves it!! You’re always there to lend a hand to your friends and listen to their problems, suggesting some ways to fix any of their problems

               -You’re always walking with your chin up, no matter how you feel, and he is In Love™

               -Never once thought of you as “weak” because someone who could just show up at some strangers apartment solely to return a phone is?? Amazing???? And brave?? And just- who would think that is weak?


               -He would never let someone overtake his dominance, he worked so hard to acquire it and it just wasn’t happening

               -So quite often, the two of you would butt heads. The love is still there of course, it’s usually just stupid things like “I’m picking the movie” “the fuck you are”

               -But he liked to think you were physically weak??

               -You’re this cute, little thing there’s no way you’re capable of protecting yourself

               -So he’s always really close to you so he’s able to protect you

               -There have been multiple times where he had pushed you behind him just to tell some guy off and you /hated/ it

               -At one point, he put his hand on your shoulder, getting ready to put you behind him but you had enough

               -Grabbing his hand and forearm, you flipped him over your shoulder and onto the ground, both him and the other guy completely in shock

               -Looking between the both of them, you flip them the bird and just walk away

               -He’s embarrassed but holy /hell/ he is attracted to you 10 times more because he had no idea you were capable of that?? You just flipped him over your shoulder like he was nothing??? Beautiful??


Long Live - Chapter 1

My first multi-chapter fic! Okay, so this has been in the works for a few months and i’m really excited (nervous) to finally post it! Thanks to cutie5780 for brainstorming with me!

Summary: Virgil was everything a future prince shouldn’t be. Quiet, antisocial kid at school who was the last person anyone ever expected to be the future leader of a faraway country. Luckily, that’s what Roman was there for.

Pairing: Prinxiety 

Words: 1564

Tag List: @aaliyahadams1738 @hetaliagurl5 @ilovemyspoopydad @ai-logical @thegreatdot @protecterofalltheaus @fandomsandanythingelse @cutie5780 @soulydyingalone   If you wanna be tagged just let me know or like or reblog this post: here!

Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12

Virgil sighed and shoved his hands deep into his pockets, zoning out mindless chatter of his friends and drone of the teacher at the front of the stuffy classroom. His mind aimlessly spun as his gaze fell to the clock on the wall, watching the last minutes of his final class of the day crawl by. The school day had been…bearable. Sure, the homework was still too much and most of the students were complete assholes but it was just about tolerable.

“What do you think, Verge?”

Virgil’s mind tuned back into his friends’ conversation at the mention of his name. Logan and Patton were staring at him expectantly. He stared back blankly.

‘What the hell were they talking about?’

“Do try to pay attention next time,” Logan quipped. “We’re trying to decide which is better: Star Wars or Doctor Who.”

“It’s obviously Star Wars,” Patton cut in.

“That’s where you’re wrong, Pat. Doctor Who has over 50 years’ worth of-“ The shrill ring of the school bell cut Logan off.

Virgil jumped out of his chair and started to pack his books away, eager to get home for some peace and quiet. He impatiently hovered by the door as he waited for the other two, for once there wasn’t some after-school event they were going to.

‘Finally,’ Virgil thought as the three of them left the classroom. They fought through the masses of students in hallways and out of the building.

Straight into the chaos they never even knew were there.

Photographers and journalists were camped outside the school, just barely held back from the school grounds by the gates that stretched around the grounds. They seemed to stretch on forever. Photographers were pushed up against the metal, their expensive cameras sticking through the bars. Journalists had their back to the school, addressing the cameras they stood in front of, a dedicated team was standing out of shot of every one of them. News trucks were parked haphazardly in the street, as if they had rushed out to broadcast. A curious group of on-lookers had also gathered, stretching to catch a glimpse of what the media was in such a frenzy about. None of them could understand why seemingly every single news channel had come to their little town. Their little high school wasn’t anything special, neither was any of the people that went there. Well, as far as anyone knew, no one that went to the school was special outside of those gates.

As the three students stepped outside, the media erupted, shouting question after question and calling for one of them: Virgil.

The camera flashes blinded him, taking away his vision as they attacked from every angle. Virgil froze in shock and horror.

Patton leaned over, not taking wide, shock-filled, eyes off the photographers. “Verge, what’s going on? Why are they calling for you? Why are they calling you Prince?

‘Not now! How the hell did they find out?’

“I’ve got to go,” Virgil replied, turning to run from the media circus. The longer he stayed here the more opportunity they had. He had to get home, fast.

Logan grabbed his wrist, determined to get an explanation to the entirely confusing situation. “Virgil, you’re not going anywhere until you tell us what’s going on.”

“I can’t right now!” Virgil looked to the press, his anxiety and fear of being in the public eye rising. “I’ll explain later.”

Logan sighed, a worried expression falling across his face, but he let go.

Virgil pulled his hood up and bolted, running out of the school grounds and down the street. The press followed him, photographers snapping at his heels and taking pictures as they ran. Virgil sprinted as best he could, backpack awkwardly jumping as he tried to get away from the people trying to invade his life.

Ducking and skidding into alleyways helped him to lose the photographers. He leaned against a brick wall as he caught his breath. He was out of their clutches, for now. He rounded the corner and almost cried with relief as his home came into view. No photographer or journalist in sight. It was like nothing had changed on the road he lived on, a quiet, peaceful escape from the rest of the chaos he had been thrown into.

Virgil slammed the front door shut and let his head fall back against it with a gentle thud. His thoughts were a whirlwind, jumping from one question to the next without an answer to any of them.

‘What the hell is going on?’

‘How did they know?’

‘What was going to happen now?’

Virgil’s mother rushed into the hallway, freezing as she saw him exhaustedly leaning against the door. He loved his mother but damn did her past cause him some problems.

“What’s going on? How’d they find out?” Virgil asked.

His mother sighed and wrapped an arm around him, leading him to the couch. “C’mon honey. Let’s go and sit down.”

“No, I don’t want to sit down! I want to know what’s going on,” he snapped, ducking out of his mother’s grasp.

She hung her head and dropped down onto the couch, absentmindedly chewing on one of her perfectly manicured nails as she stared out of the window. “Your grandmother made the announcement. You’re to join her out in Clearice immediately and begin your lessons. I’m sorry Virgil, I had no idea she was going to do this. Apparently, it helped the press to track you down pretty quickly. I had no idea they were at your school until it was on tv or else I would have come and gotten you myself.”

Virgil’s mind was reeling. ‘She’s made the announcement!’ He was going to be the crown prince.
“She said I could wait until I’m 18. Until I finished school.”

Virgil’s mother sighed. “There’s been…tension recently. For her to produce this mysterious heir that she always bragged about – you. We have to fly out tomorrow.”


“But I don’t want to do it. You know I’ve never wanted to do it. You gave it up to be with dad, right? Can’t I just stand down?” Virgil rambled, trying to look for any way out of the situation.

“Virgil,” she started, standing and turning to face him. “At least give it a shot. Like a six month trial run. Your dad would have wanted you to at least try.”

‘Great. She’s using the dad card.’

“Fine,” Virgil hissed, storming up the stairs and slamming his bedroom door shut. His knees buckled and he hit the floor, tears filling his eyes and the panic of the situation finally sinking in. He didn’t bother trying to get back up, letting the tears flow as his walls came tumbling down. His chest tightened as his breath started to come in short bursts.

‘I can’t do this. I can’t do it.’

Virgil gripped at his hair, pulling at it as if he could pull the overwhelming thoughts straight out of his head.

The grounding feeling of his phone buzzing in his pocket slowly pulled the panic away. He shakily reached his hand into his pocket and pulled out his phone, breathing a sigh of relief when he saw it was Patton calling, not Logan. He didn’t think he could deal with Logan’s cold demeanour right now. He accepted the call.

“Virgil!” Patton exclaimed. “Are you okay, sport? What’s going on?”

Virgil’s eyes filled back up with tears as he tried to explain. “I…I-“ He was cut off by sobs.

“Hey, hey Verge. Calm down its okay. Take deep breaths for me. That’s good…keep going. Great. Now talk to me.”

“There’s something I never told you.”

“Yeah I kinda guessed that.”

Virgil sighed. “My mom was a princess. She gave it up to be with my dad. I don’t have any aunts or uncles so the title was passed onto me.”

Patton went quiet.

“Patton? Patton, are you there? You-“


It was Virgil’s turn to go silent.

“Do I have to call you Sir now?” Patton asked, excitement clear in his voice.

“What? No, of course not.” A sharp knock at Virgil’s door pulled him out of the conversation. “Patton, I’ve got to go. Can you tell Logan for me? I don’t think I can handle his…logic today, not after everything that’s already happened.”

“Sure I can! Oh, and Virgil?”


“You’ll be a great prince.”

“Thanks, Pat,” Virgil smiled and hung up, bolting over to sit on his bed and act like he hadn’t just been having a breakdown behind his door. Little did Patton know, he’d never actually become prince, he’d refuse the position before it got that far.

“Hey, honey?” Virgil’s mother hesitantly stepped into the room.


“You want any help packing”

‘Oh yeah, I’ll have to pack wont I? Way to rub salt in the wound.’ “No, I’m fine.”


“Yes, get off my back!”

His mother didn’t reply, silently leaving the room.

He sighed, falling back onto the bed. Today couldn’t have gone worse. In the space of an hour he’d started to lose everything.  His old life, his home, his friends. Only to be replaced with a life where he’d constantly be in the public eye, scrutinized over his hair, his clothes, his personality. He would never accept his grandmother’s offer, and nothing could ever change his mind.

Puppy Love - Part 2

Pairing: neighbor!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,371

Summary: The reader’s dog wanders off and she finds him hanging out inside of an Impala that belongs to her gorgeous new neighbor.

Part 1

“What do you do for work?” Dean asks before taking a big bite of his hot dog.

“I’m an event planner.” You say with a smile.

“That sounds fun.”

“What about you?” You wonder with a mouth full of corn on the cob. Real attractive.

“I’m a cop.”

No fucking way. You didn’t think he could get any hotter but now you’re picturing him in his uniform.

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hela-goddess-0f-death  asked:

Steve/Tony number 91 (“Tell me you need me.”) if you're still accepting these

(This got long, so I had to put it under a read more.)

“Tell me you need me.”

The words punctured through their angry silence like a knife slashing through a tire, and Tony’s head shot up from where it had been staring at the table in order to look over at Steve in surprise.

Of all the things he’d expected Steve to say, that certainly hadn’t been it. 

“I…what?” Tony asked, momentarily forgetting his fury in order to stare at Steve in confusion.

They were in the middle of a fucking screaming match. Steve had just been yelling about how he was sick of Tony, and Tony had been yelling right back, harder and sharper and more furious, because they always had to try and fucking one-up one another, they always had to have the last word. 
You didn’t ask that in the middle of something like this.

And so Tony immediately knew that something was wrong.

“Tell me… just… you know what, fucking forget it, I don’t care-” Steve waved it off, shaking his head and clenching his jaw as he turned his back again and leant over the tabletop.

And god- Tony wanted to just let it go, like Steve was telling him to. He wanted to get back to the screaming; he wanted to ask why the hell Steve had been so rude and cold and distant over the past few weeks; why he’d chosen to drive off to fucking Washington on their goddamn anniversary and leave Tony with nothing more than a note to apologise for it.

But Tony’s brain was fast; it was his goddamn curse sometimes, but it meant he could connect dots pretty quickly, and in the space of a few seconds he was meticulously breaking down all the events over the past few weeks, working out the source, finding the root of the problem in the same space of time as it would take a person to click their fingers.

“Three weeks ago. We were fighting Loki again. You disappeared for a few minutes,” Tony said quietly, and he watched as Steve stiffened minutely under his gaze, and knew he was on the right track.

“What did he show you,” he eventually said, crossing his arms and standing up straighter.

(read more// beware mobile users!)

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Secret Love Song

Hello, everyone! I’m writing again for the first time in about a year and I am so excited. I’ve been playing with this idea for a while but I finally got the motivation over last few weeks. ( i wonder why ;) ) There’s a bit more to it and I was considering posting a Part Two. So let me know if you want to see that!

“Why can’t I say I’m in love? I wanna shout it from the rooftops.”

It was all happening for him. Having a solo career was something Harry had dreamed of since he was a kid – it was what he had showed up for at the X-Factor audition in the first place. He’d been more than happy to have the opportunity to be a part of the band and to experience everything with boys by his side. But now, for the first time in 7 years, his dream had finally become his reality.

The day had come for his debut album to release, one of the most anticipated days in the industry, and you couldn’t find anything suitable to wear to the release party. Some of your dresses were nice enough but nothing screamed important industry party to you.

You throw yourself down on your bed, burying your face deep into your pillow, figuring maybe you wouldn’t go. Between the music executives, press and fans, Harry would be tied up all night anyway. And the fact that the public still didn’t know about the two of you wouldn’t help much. He’d practically begged you to come though but his insistent invitation had a bit of a damper to it when he gently reminded you, you’d be going as his sister’s date. But even so, he swore up and down that he wanted you there, whether you got to be together or not.

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100 WAYS TO SAY “I LOVE YOU” | 64 + 89

Originally posted by j-miki

Pairing: Mark x reader

Genre: Fluff, drabble

Word Count: 1579

100 ways to say “i love you” ➞ 64. “It’s two sugars, right?” + 89. “I noticed.”

A/N: Wow this did not go as planned lol brain wyd

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Finding Home (End)

Finding Home

Steve x Reader

Modern Day AU

Summary: US Army Capt Steve Rogers has never had a family of his own, but after receiving a random card while on deployment - he suddenly feels like he has one. Sometimes home can be a place, sometimes it can be a person, and sometimes it’s a place you’ve never been. A story of love, family, and home.

*based on the movie The Christmas Card*

Finding Home MasterList

You toss and turn in your bed unable to sleep, you were shocked by what Steve had said.  You of course had remembered the letter you sent all those many months ago.  You had never expect that your seemingly simple letter would mean so much to someone.  You were just so confused as to why Steve wouldn’t tell you sooner.  From the moment you saw him, you knew there was something different about him.  Then after he saved your father, you were smitten.  After a week you knew that you had feelings for him.   Now you were in love and you had ruined it.  

You aren’t quite sure when it happened, but you managed to fall asleep some time in the night.  Waking up you stretch your hands over your head and for a brief moment, you have forgotten the events the last evening.  Once it hits you, you’re out of your bed in a flash changing quickly, you find yourself running to your parents house.

You arrive quickly and stop short when you see your parents sitting on the porch, solemn looks on their faces. “Where’s Steve?  I gotta talk to him.”

You turn toward the barn and father’s voice stops you, “He’s gone Y/n.  Sometime either late last night or this morning.”

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Something There - Part Five

Pairing: Jefferson x Reader

Warnings: some naughty words and one suggestive situation 

Word Count: 8164

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four

Tag list: @butlinislin @wolfphantom-m @musicalmoriarty @daveedish @imagineham @imaginebeinghamiltrash @insane-hamilton-imagines @shamagangster @tempfixeliza @crazypurplebananas @secretschuylersister @love-doesnt-discriminate @icanneverbesatisfied @getupoffathathang @th-mtchndr-s-th-pwrhs-f-th-cll @hamiltryingmybest @marquiis-de-la-baguette @consumed-by-musicals @drugsdiggs @hamfan22 @hamfamhamfam @y-lue @chloehamiltonn @patron-saintof-sluts @hanakatsumi @itsgarbagecannotgarbagecannot @alois-in-bootyshorts

Much to your delight and slight worry two weeks had passed without John and Lafayette bringing up your blunder outside the coffee shop. John was ever cheerful and with everyone having a full course load it seemed that he didn’t have time to worry about the fact that you were obviously flying by the seat of your pants with this “internship” or so you were inclined to believe. Lafayette was the one who made you worry. He hadn’t brought up the subject up, but you could tell by the odd looks suspicion that were always followed with a glint of amusement in reaction to how uncomfortable you looked that he was biding his time. Lafayette always knew when you were lying and you were on edge waiting for the moment he finally decided to pounce.

Last week Thomas had told you there was a new collection of books arriving from his parent’s home in Virginia that he would be adding to the library’s vintage and rare book section. You were set to meet him Wednesday evening to help look through the titles and organize them, on top of that he had promised to play you a song on his violin. He had finally admitted to you that he played when you had accidentally knocked over a stack of handwritten sheet music off a shelf in his study. Curiously he had never once played you that song you had walked in on him playing that day at school.

Economics was as eventful as ever, your professor had assigned a project for students to pair up and come up with a solution to help lessen the budget deficit within the government. Alexander had automatically claimed you as his partner that would help him take down his “enemies” in the class. You wanted to roll your eyes but the idea of the debate the professor was putting on was bringing out your competitive side. Thomas might be your friend, but there was no way you were going to let your emotions get in the way of the last big project of the semester.

“I think our ideas will blow everyone out of the water,” Alex said triumphantly.

“Don’t forget Jefferson is well versed in foreign government. He will most likely pull ideas from what other countries are doing at the moment. We have to stay on top of that so he doesn’t surprise us,” you commented without looking up from the laptop.

Alex shared a desk with you and set off researching topics from France because he assumed that would be Thomas’s country of choice to pull ideas from. He wasn’t wrong, you agreed one hundred percent. You glanced up and gazed across the room. Thomas and James were both engrossed in their notebooks. Thomas looked up to grab a book and made eye contact with you. His lips turned up into that arrogant smirk and you returned one back in return. You quickly grab your phone from your back before opening a new text. You could tell by the look in his eye that he was confident in what he was working on.

(Y/N) 1:40pm - You’re looking pretty confident over there. -

The Asshole 1:42 - You don’t think you’re going to win this debate do you? I’m not going to take it easy on you because I care about you. -

Because I care about you. You stared at your phone for a moment letting those words sink in. Don’t overthink that, you are just friends (Y/N).

(Y/N) 1:48 - I wouldn’t expect anything less. We still good for Wednesday? -

The Asshole 1:49 - Of course.

“Who are you texting?” Alexander teased and attempted to look at your phone.

“Just a friend,” you laugh. Keep telling yourself that.

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