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Are people seriously going to spoil the entire Beauty and the Beast blu-ray special features using a pirated copy posted on youtube…

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Y’know, one thing I really love about Babylon 5 is how it is vehemently and pointedly NOT Star Trek, but like…it doesn’t try to distinguish itself as Not Trek by being all ‘dark and gritty’ or whatever.

It’s still a show that ultimately has a lot of hope and positivity about the future, and shows humanity overcoming great struggles and taking their place in the galaxy among other species, but just…

There are some thing that are just a little more…difficult. There’s still racism and prejudice, there’s still poverty and homelessness. People still gamble and get drunk and can’t agree on religion. People still have jobs to earn money, we still have a money-based economy and we still have all the corruption that comes with that system. There are still wars and there are still petty arguments too. Food has to be grown and it is appropriately astronomically expensive to ship across space, ships have to be fixed and the Dockworkers Union are forever going on strike because their pay hasn’t been increased in too many years. There are translators but they’re not always available or effective so if you want to speak to another species you have to damn well learn their language. There’s still a ton of paperwork to be done even if not many people use actual paper any more. There are still janitors because someone has to clean the floors!

I don’t know, I love Trek, but the world of Babylon 5 always felt more real to me, and I really appreciate that they didn’t achieve that by having a bunch of gratuitous violence and grim pessimism, but just by including a thousand little off-hand details that ground the show in reality.


Today Gerald did some jogging! He got as far as his mailbox before he passed out and a passerby had to call the ER. That’s some spectacular improvement! He was very proud of himself when he woke up surrounded by doctors and nurses as they tried to find a way to chack his vitals (they were somewhat incredulous when he told them to check the soles of his feet, but they tried it and managed to listen to his heartbeat. They refused to listen to his breathing, however. Humans are weird).

When he for home​ he binge watched Supernatural and ate left over cake.

Gerald intends to set himself a grand goal of reaching the front of his neighbour’s house when he does his next jog in June. He’s looking forward to it!

Hiya Fam <3

We need to talk, so basically I launched my Tumblr page back in October 2015, when I was just an inexperienced gif maker, who adored Doctor Who, Agents Of Shield and Merlin, nothing more, nothing less really. That month I watched the first season of Teen Wolf, but I was busy and working so hard, I tricked my mind into thinking it wasn’t really my cup of tea and never carried on watching, until June 2016, when I binge watched season 1 to season 5 in four days. Now I’m the overly obsessed Stalia fan you see before you now. This page was originally a page for me to edit gifs, posters, reblog amazing work and start to write structured fanfiction, even though I do this often, I feel like something is getting in the way of my followers actually seeing my edits and that is the amount of Strdia anons I have to answer. I feel like I make less and less edits each month, because I am busy answering anons, as much as I love answering hate anons, with my useful level of sarcasm, sass and screenshots, I can’t do it anymore……

On this page (hahaha!)

So after a lot of deliberation, I’d like you guys to be the first to know, that today is the day, I launch my anti Strdia page: 


Can’t wait to hate on this God awful ship with you beauties!

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DAY 5 Official Teaser Trailer (2016)
Day 5 is coming June 19th exclusively for Rooster Teeth sponsors. Start your 30-day free trial at Day 5 is the first dramatic series fr...

Day 5 is coming June 19th exclusively for Rooster Teeth sponsors. Start your 30-day free trial at

Day 5 is the first dramatic series from Rooster Teeth Productions, set in the immediate aftermath of a fatal sleep epidemic. After a fortuitous drug bender saves his life, addict Jake (Jesse C. Boyd) ventures out into the quiet streets… unaware that most of the world already died in their beds. Now, battling sleepless fatigue and encroaching delirium, Jake teams with a scrappy teenager (Walker Satterwhite), overnight doctor (Stephanie Drapeau) and red-eye pilot (Davi Jay) to search for answers… and just maybe find a way to sleep again. Set in a world of insomniacs, late-shift workers and roving psychotics, Day 5 presents a unique vision of the apocalypse that fuses serial drama and thriller around a human story of survival and redemption. Day 5 premieres June 19th at

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Watch the first 5 minutes of ’How to Train Your Dragon 2’ - June 13


So a lot of people seemed interested in doing this so…I’m gonna do it…

The point of this meetup is basically to freak people out and be as weird as physically possible in the commons (most likely wu, might try nightside scarecrow realm too because that’s where RP clans hang out.)


To attend you MUST be wearing blue (preferably dark blue) and white wizard city clothes. I don’t care exactly what they are but just make them something from wizard city. (Clothes can be purchased from the bazaar or Eloise Merryweather in the Wizard City Commons. To show that we’re all a group we’re all going to be using the “Golem Tower Champion” badge which can be obtained after beating the Golem Tower (shouldn’t be that hard unless you’re a super low level wizard.) Pets, mounts, and wands will be removed. If you don’t want to participate feel free to come in normal clothes and just watch!

Date: Saturday, June 27

Time: 5:00 EST

Meeting Location: We’ll be meeting in the life tower, troll realm and then organizing to whatever the final location may be.

Thank you!

Breaking News: The Axis Powers Won World War II.

What!?! You can’t change history, can you? Well, no, you can’t. History is a narrative driven by facts. It is the story of What Happened. What Happened doesn’t change to suit convenience, or whim, or even agenda. Not even if you are William Shatner.
William Shatner has now given out two very different versions of What Happened during the events that took place around the time of his charity horse show. These two versions are so different that they in fact contradict each other. They both can’t be true- so which one is false?
It is not uncommon in the study of history, particularly ancient history, to read varying versions of events as many different authors in successive generations wrote about the same circumstances- sometimes even writing centuries after the events. When contradictions occur it is generally accepted that the more accurate versions are the ones written closer in time to the actual events, and out of those the most trusted sources are those who were either physically present when the events took place, or had access to someone who was.
So with this in mind let’s look at these two “versions” of What Happened:

In the first “version”, gleaned from the Twitter feeds of the participants in the beginning of May Sam sends Shatner signed copies of two of Diana’s books and later a signed workout tee shirt from the MPC for his silent auction connected with the horse show. Shatner sends out multiple tweets suggesting that Sam may make an appearance at the show on 4 June- but Sam does not attend. Actually, Sam, after a short stay in LA beginning Easter weekend had left LA for Scotland in the last half of April to finish up post production on Outlander and then stays in Rome (for Jibland) and London (for the Audi polo challenge) and he does not arrive in LA until the day after the show and the two finally met in person when a visit to watch Shatner and his wife ride their horses was arranged and put up as a live feed on Periscope on 5 June. On 6 June Shatner tweets about a lunch he and Sam had on the 5th where Shatner’s wish for Sam to be selected as the next James Bond was apparently discussed. There was no mention of any companions at this meal beyond Sam and Shatner. Sam also gave Mr. Shatner two tickets for the Paley panel on 6 June and Mr. Shatner sent his assistant and his publicist to the event.

In the more recent version Shatner states: “I liked the show and then I heard about this tall handsome guy whom everyone was talking about as the next 007, and I got to tweeting about him a little, and he picked up on it finally because I think he had seen some of my work.” “I met him and took him to lunch, he was great, he brought his girlfriend along, we had lunch, laughed, and I run a charity here called Hollywood Charity Horseshow and he sent me some stuff to auction, including a sweatshirt which had his sweat on it.”
There are multiple discrepancies here:

-The first is that he did not come into the fandom with those 007 tweets in May. He had already been active for months by that time and contrary to his statement here had been quite vocal of his dislike of the show since his earliest arrival in the fandom. Both Sam and Cait had tweeted with him in an attempt to reconcile Shatner and the fans angered by his tweets making sport of the show.

-Also, all of Shatner’s tweets suggest that he and Sam’s first face to face meeting was the day Sam went to watch Shatner and his wife ride on 5 June. So their second, (and last to date, since neither the beers and steak dinner, or the horse riding date that Shatner tweeted about ever came to pass), meeting would have been the lunch tweeted about on 6 June where the 007 role was discussed. But this lunch could not also have been used to solicit silent auction items for an auction that had already happened days before on 4 June.

-The garment that Sam donated was a tee shirt- not a sweatshirt- (and it appears to have been offered in leu of an item from the Outlander set that Mr. Shatner tweeted out would also be donated by Sam.)

- A girlfriend in tow? On 5 June when this lunch meeting took place the girl that some were claiming was supposed to be Sam’s “girlfriend” was 2500 miles away in North Carolina visiting her family. But Cait was in town, having arrived in LA when Sam did.

So it seems that nothing about this second “version” of What Happened can be reconciled with the Twitter timeline version. So which “version” is the more reliable? I would go with the Twitter one. The tweets were mostly sent in real time either when the events they describe were happening,or shortly after. That gives little time for memory to fade. Or agenda to creep in. Fading memories of a past event, or the wish to use the same old facts to support a new political or social agenda are the most common reasons for “revisions” of history. Either one of these reasons could be operating here. A wish to stir up the Outlander fandom after these past few peaceful months seems a bit more likely than him simply forgetting the happenings around the time of the horseshow and making mistakes recalling them during the interview- but either scenario is certainly possible. And Mr. Shatner certainly knows that the mere mention of the word girlfriend is bound to set the fandom into a frenzy. Perhaps the return of a certain internet troll has something to do with it? After all, her interactions with Mr. Shatner preceded her rather abrupt first departure from the fandom.
Or maybe the entire quote that is causing so much angst was cobbled together from several different answers and pieced together in this way by the tabloid journalist who wrote it-either out of complete ignorance of the facts, or for an agenda of his own or of his employer. It would certainly not be the first time that such a thing has happened.
But whatever the reason for the “revision” of What Happened, it appears that there are so many discrepancies in the new “version” that the out of nowhere mention of a girlfriend can be just as safely discounted as the rest of that implausible quote. And as for the rest of it on Twitter; just the fact that he is discussing it so openly makes me sure that he is not discussing anything private that he may, or may not, know about Sam. He’s an old blowhard to be sure and he is currently busy using that quote, however and whyever it came to be, to rile up the fandom but he’s not a total idiot and he certainly doesn’t want to be sued. He’s not saying anything real!.