watched a short film about it and wow people are so stupid

Robert/Dadsona short

Post-good ending Robert and Dadsona watch some movies.
No warnings.

After Amanda left for college, I tried to occupy myself as much as I could, to cope. Not having her around felt… unnatural but she was happy at her university and that’s all that matters. Amanda’s an adult who can take care of herself just fine.

The first few weeks were rough. It took all my Dad Powers to not call Panda every hour to check if she’s doing alright, if she’s eating healthy or… I’m getting too into it again.

Most of the time work kept me busy. I’ve also become way more productive in doing things like cleaning the house. So good in fact, I’ve run out of things to clean. I even offered to mow Brian’s lawn out of boredom.

Robert stayed true to his word and spent a lot of time doing… Robert things, I guess. We would often still hang out, of course, and he seemed to be taking better care of himself. I often remember what he said to me at Amanda’s graduation party. I told him that I’m happy to be a supportive friend for him, but sometimes it’s hard not to think about his stupid, attractive face. And his stupid knives.

A ping in my phone snaps me out of whatever I was doing.

It’s a text from Robert.


'u busy?’

'wanna come over for a drink?’

Excited, I grab my jacket before shooting him a quick message saying I’m on my way. Two minutes later I’m at his doorstep. Robert opens the door, a grin on his face, and says hey.

“Not going cryptid hunting tonight?” I ask, following him to the living room, being careful not to kick or step on Betsy who decided to run around me in circles.

“Nah,” he turns to me, bottle of wine already in hand. He’s taken it down a notch with the excessive whiskey drinking. “I kinda just felt like watching a movie at home, that sound good to you?”

“Would be a shame to say no, considering you went through the effort of cleaning up.” I remark, taking in the changes of the room. After Val’s last visit, Robert became more self-conscious about the state of his house and started putting in work to fix it up. It wasn’t perfect, by any means, but he’s hauled most of the trash out and there wasn’t an avalanche of things scattered across his floor anymore.

Robert snorted but was obviously happy I’d noticed. I know he felt silly about it, but it mattered to him to be praised for small achievements. He actually showered, too.

We settled onto the couch, Betsy scrambling up between us as Robert set up a film. Since Amanda left, we’ve been having movie nights more often. Sometimes in the cinema but mostly here in Robert’s living room. His TV set up is too good to pass up.

Today he put up some post-apocalyptic horror film and commented throughout the entire thing, pointing out the plot holes and ocassionally leading into another one of his made-up stories. I didn’t mind, I’m not a super huge fan of horror films so Robert’s jokes made the experience all the more fun.

The wine was soon gone and Robert stumbled out to get some snacks while I picked out something else to watch. Going through his endless DVD’s, I notice something on the far back of the table. Looks like a thin book? I move away a few movie discs to find a sketchbook. Doodles of Betsy, other dogs and people adorned the pages.

Huh, Robert draws? I mean… I guess it shouldn’t be too surprising, considering he liked whittling. And he did find a lot to talk about with Amanda, I just figured he was telling her how to identify if her roommate was a werewolf or something.

Flipping through the sketchbook, I can’t help but smile. There’s tons of drawings of his daughter, both small and grown up. As if he was afraid he’d forget what she used to look like. There were also drawings of another woman, his wife, probably. And that looks like the scenery of the town from Robert’s thinking spot, and-


It was a little surprising finding my own face on the last page. Haha wow, is it hot here or what? Ugh, okay, this is no time to gush over how touching and adorable this is. I need to put this ba-

“What'cha so red about?” Robert’s voice boomed as he peeked over my shoulder. “Oh. That.”

His face dropped down all of a sudden and I felt a bit of panic seeping in my face.

“Sorry, I should’ve asked…” I realize how snoopy I was being but Rob just waved a hand at me before sitting back down on the couch.

“It’s fine, I don’t mind,” he sighed running a hand through his hair. “It’s just… embarrassing, I guess. I haven’t drawn in a long time.”

“You whittle but you’re embarrassed about drawing?” I snort, trying to lighten the mood. “Seriously though, you seem kind of upset about it. Is everything okay?”

Robert paused.

“It’s… I haven’t picked up a pencil ever since the accident. Since Marilyn passed away and Val… Well, you know.” He fell silent, his eyes shifting to stare through the window.

All of a sudden he looked tired again. Just like the first night we spent at his house. I watch him, still amazed how he’s able to go so on and off like a switch. Even after all this time, it’s still hard to read when or what Robert’s feeling. It makes me uneasy; I want to be able to help him, to say something encouraging. Make him feel less lonely.

“You picked it up again, though.” I say with a small smile, reaching out and taking one of his hands in mine. He turned to me but stayed silent. “I know this is a tough process for you but I want you to know that you can turn to me no matter what. I’m glad to see you getting better but there’s no need to hide and pretend that everything’s alright just to keep me happy. You mean a lot to me, Robert… I don’t want you to feel alone.”

He stared at me for a while longer before breaking into a small laugh, tugging on my hands and pulling me close to his face so our foreheads are touching. Ohhhh no, he’s too cute…! Pure thoughts. Pure. Thoughts.

“Why is it that you drive an old man to tears every time you say something nice?” He said, his eyes closing softly. Movies forgotten, he buries his head in my chest and pushes me down onto the couch, clearly not intending to move an inch for the rest of the night. Following his lead, Betsy curls up on my foot.

“Good night, then.” I snicker, nestling my face in his hair.

A muffled 'mmmhm’ is all I hear before he dozes off.

It’s You - IV

SUMMARY: It’s been 2 years since Sebastian’s fiancé died and his friends and family have been telling him to move on because that’s what’s best for him. Then, one day he suddenly bumps into you and theres an instant connection.

WARNINGS: language. mention of sex.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: as always, flashbacks in italics! this is kind of like a filler chapter. there’s definitely more insight on how sebastian and dalila worked and why sebastian can’t move on, or I guess finds it hard to leave her in the past. Although he is doing it very slowly.


You both stayed at the coffee shop for a couple of more hours before you looked down at your wrist watch and almost ran out of the café.

“Sorry! I forgot I had a tiny shift at the bar.” You gathered your empty cup as you stood up from the chair.

Sebastian followed suit and smiled politely. “And you’re also working tonight? When do you sleep?”

“I don’t go in until midnight. Besides, I get out at 6 from the bar so I’ll have time to go home and nap.”

He nodded, understanding that lack of sleep very well. When he would film, he would party all night, sleep for a couple of hours and do the same thing the next day.

“I really want to see you again,” you admitted.

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The Shape of You

Kassius Ohno/Reader
1425 words; Smut/Explicit

So I saw someone point out that Kassius mostly seems to wrestle at house shows in only trunks but always wears a shirt (two shirts, actually!) on TV. Which made me think, so I wrote a fic.

Also this is probably set in the same universe as the other Kassius story I’ve written, but you definitely don’t have to read that to get anything.


You and Kassius don’t ever get to spend enough time together, so when you’re actually home at the same time, you like to just hang out, be with each other. Tonight you’re both exhausted after a full week of training and shows, and you’ve zoned out on the couch in front of the television.

Kassius is sitting slouched, and you’re lying on your side, resting your head on his thigh. His fingers stroke absently through your hair as he watches a replay of some basketball game, but you’re not paying attention, because you can’t stop thinking, and after a while, you roll over onto your back, staring up at him. “Can I ask you a maybe stupid question?” you say.

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lapidottrash2001  asked:

Hi I'm the anon that requested that holiday one. How about the RFA+v+Saeran and their favorite way to spend time with mc.

A/N: Sorry I took so long on this! I’ve been busy (I was supposed to work on this a few nights ago and I ended up falling asleep cause I felt sick ;~;) Itold404thatI’dsendhersomethinginfiveminutesandIfellasleepinthattimeframesomehow but hERE IT IS!!! Love you guys lots <3 –Admin 626


  • Most people think it’s playing video games with mc
    • bUT YOU’RE WRONG fightme
  • he actually really loves cooking and baking with you!
  • You usally cook dinner while he bakes a dessert!
    • So many giggles and kisses, omg my heart, stop being so cute you two
  • Youtwolooksocuteinapronshonestlygetawayfromme
    • Yoosunng’sfavoriteiswhenyoucookwithjustanapronon*lennyface*
  • YoufeedhimanutritiousdietsohecangofightoffthoseLOLOLmonstersallnight
  • B A K E O F F (of course there is did u expect any less)
    • You two will DESTROY each other
    • heusuallyletsyouwinbecauseyousmilesomuchandohmygodyourehisentireworld
  • Yoosung’s decorating skills are amazing though and you can never beat them
  • One day he actually bakes you cupcakes and decorates them with pokemon faces!!! (Admin626here,Admin404didthisonmybirthdayafewyearsago,shesthebest)
  • There are a few cupcakes that have pokeballs on them but he also put letters on them??
  • Thiswasntmeanttoturnintoaproposalitjusthappened 


  • This boy’s favorite time with you isn’t the frick frack or snuggling??? Omg who knew
  • Obviously he loves acting and you so one day he decideD TO COMBINE IT WOW HE’S A GENIUS exceptnotreally
  • He asks you to read lines from his script for his next role!!!
  • He loves it so much because you’resobadatacting because you’re so cute trying to act!
    • “MC this character is supposed to be sad, that doesn’t mean you roll around the ground sobbing”
    • “I’m trying to sell the role, Zen! You should learn more about acting” smhactorsdontevenknowhowtoact*eyeroll*
    • “MC being angry doesn’t mean you smash things, you’re not Hulk”
  • listen,,,, if ur telling me u wouldn’t use ur role as the romantic love interest to steal KISSES, UR WRONG
  • You never do it by the script though so you can catch him off guard
  • MCplsdontreleasethebeastyoucouldntwalkforliketwodayslasttime


  • Listen,,, surprisingly this little hoe’s favorite thing to do isn’t watching Zen movies?
  • wowbaeheewhatihaveidonetoyOURCHARACTERSOMEONESTOPME
  • She actually loves watching short horror films with you!!!
  • She loves the suspense, it always keeps her on edge
    • AlsotherewasonetimewhereyougotsoscaredyougotuponthesofaandrANACROSSTHECOFFEETABLETOTURNONTHELIGHTS
    • thisactuallyhappenedwithmycousinlastnightLMAO
  • your reactions are what make the entire thing for her tbh
    • you’re so jumpy and your squeals are the funniest thing omg
    • ithasnothingtodowiththefactthatyoucuddleuptoherwhenyou’rescared
  • honestly tho, she points out every plot hole or when someone does something stupid bc that’s Baehee for ya
    • “She just dropped her keys and didn’t go back for them??? She’s gonna get killed, good riddance”
    • baeheeno
  • afterwards she’s not scared at all because she’s this totally rational person and nothing like this fazes her
  • u on the other hand….
    • Well u can’t really sleep for the next few days suckstosuck
  • Unleeessss you crawl into Jaehee’s bed and she spoons you
    • Sleep comes so much more easily when you can feel her warmth pressed against her back
  • andthisiswhyJaeheeshowsyoutheshorthorrorfilmstobeginwith


  • okay this technically isn’t with just MC but bear with me,,,
  • Saturday nights, jaehee closes her shop early and the entire RFA gang hangs out and watches movies projected on the wall <3
    • Imeanyouguysusuallyneveractuallyendupwatchingbutstill
  • The room is dimly lit, super warm atmosphere!
    • Seven is forcibly cuddling up to Saeran
    • Zen is helping Jaehee pour drinks for everyone
    • V’s just sitting there, blind and all
    • Jumin is sitting in the usual armchair, and you’re on his lap snuggled up to him <3
  • There’s so many jokes and laughs and his heart is just so warm
  • He’ll never say it but you guys are his family and he absolutely treasures this time together 


  • Snuggle
  • S N U G G L E
  • S N U G G L E
  • Considering the amount of work he usually has to do, this boy loves nothing more than unwinding down with you and snuggling
    • You’re so warm and you smell like vanilla because you always bake stuff for him <3
  • He’s a switch but after working on a project, he loves being the little spoon
    • Ingeneralhelovesbeingbabiedbyyou
  • Helovesthatyou’realwaystherewhenhe’sdonewithworkbecausehecanjustpickyouupandcarryyoutobed
  • Every time you hug him from behind, he remembers that you’re home and oh my god it feels good to be home
  • Cansomeonejustprotecthislilboyhejustneedslove


  • Omg this little emo cutie right here, lemme tell y’all a little something about him
  • Any time he spends with you is his favorite way to spend time with you!
  • Movies? Definitely
    • Snuggles galore!!!
    • Heloveslisteningtoyousingalongtodisneysongsevenifyoureterrible
    • Hemouthsthewordstothesongscausehestoocooltosing
  • Walks? Oh boy oh boy
    • Hand holding omg, ur hand is so warm
    • And you always talk about your day!!!
    • You’re voice is 12/10 and he could listen to you all day
  • Snuggling? He wont admit to it but ur so soft omg what he is gonna do with himself
    • He loves when your legs are wrapped around him and you’re nuzzling his neck
    • He’s an absolute mess when you play with his hair, you’re going to kill him!
    • He’s a total big spoon and will just roll you over so he can wrap his arms around u and bury his face in ur hair
  • This boy is a cinnamon roll and needs to be protected at all costs


  • You guessed it
  • His favorite activity with u is taking pictures
  • Buuut! He’s not the one taking pictures, you are! (pLOT TWIST BET YOU DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING)
  • He gave you a polaroid camera for your birthday because you think polaroids are so cute!!!
    • You’recuterMC
  • You always take them at big events cause film is so expensive but that doesn’t ruin the fun for you!
    • V’s heart can’t take the smile you get on your face when you see a freshly printed out picture
    • Honestly ur so cute, how are u real
  • The cutest thing is when you write on the polaroids! You take so much to think about something that really captures the moment
  • Youalsostickyourtongueoutwhenyourethinkingandyoulookalildumbbutdamnyou’readorable
  • But he is absolute putty when you hand him a scrapbook album and it’s all about him
    • Hecriesbecausenoonehaseverbeensosweetohim
    • Andyoucrytoobecausethat’ssosad
    • Theresalotofcryingokay
  • Usually though he keeps all the pictures you’ve taken and puts them up on his living room wall <3
Coming Home Chapter 12 (Shalaska) - Jem

AN: I apologize profusely for the wait. I know I said last chapter that I was back, but I guess I’m not as good at sorting my life as I hoped I would be. That being said, thank you all for sticking by me and giving me feedback on where you’d like to see this story go. Special shout out to @thewritingnymph for advice and support!

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Inside Reece Shearsmith & Steve Pemberton

Reece & Steve were recently called upon to interview each other for The Guardian - apparently because “who better to uncover their darkest thoughts than each other?” (and not because The Guardian were trying to save money on journalists…) It produced suitably informative, entertaining and bizarre results. [x]

REECE I gather your new series is in an underused TV format. Why one-off stories?

STEVE We did two series of Psychoville…

R That was cancelled, wasn’t it?

S We wanted to jump before we were pushed. We had a meeting with BBC2, and we weren’t sure if they were going to say, “Please do more Psychovilles,” which they didn’t. So we thought we’d better have a new idea. We’d really enjoyed doing a one-off episode [of Psychoville] with Mark Gatiss…

R Mycroft!

S Yes.

R Wow.

S And we thought: why don’t we do six half-hour episodes? Luckily, the controller of BBC2 is a big fan of short stories in the vein of Tales Of The Unexpected. And she said, “Like Saki short stories, maybe?” And we said, “Absolutely”. Then we went away and read some Saki short stories.

R Did you have any ideas?

S We had two. There was a girl on Swap Shop who collected air from different places she visited. So I had this idea of someone who had got hold of a balloon full of the last breath of a very famous person. The other was a play we’d written; the first thing we ever wrote together, in fact.

R We wrote a play about being on the dole. The idea is that your will to get out of the situation is sapped out of you. This is embodied by a character called Dole Boy; it’s very allegorical. They start playing board games, then he’s wrapped in a duvet watching This Morning.

S Was that what you were like?

R My lowest ebb was 1992, doing telephone surveys and taste tests. When we got this commission, we returned to it and added a twist to the tale.

S Did you write yourself into the main part every week?

R I tried to but Steve wouldn’t let me. How easy is it for you to access “dark” places in your comedy?

S Obviously it’s pretty easy, because we keep doing it. We had an idea of a terminally ill child getting a visit from the Make A Wish Foundation. If it was in a drama, they’d say that it was very sensitively handled but because it’s a comedy, they say it’s sick. Well, fuck off. Is there anywhere you’ve thought: we’d better not go there?

R No, that would be like saying that our remit was, “Ooh, what’s the worst thing you can think of?”

S I think back to the first episode of Psychoville, where we play mother and son. You were scratching flakes of dead skin off my back while testing me on serial-killer trivia. But that was a real scenario that we heard about. And in reality it was worse: the mother only had one leg and the boy had jaundice. We get ideas from documentaries, newspapers … An archive? You have a secret room in your house, don’t you?

R Yes, I have an attic room hidden behind a bookcase. You press a button, and the bookcase opens, like in Scooby-Doo. In there is a lot of magic memorabilia, because I collect magic. And other things.

S What’s the weirdest thing you have in the room?

R Probably the foetus of a werewolf. It’s pickled in a jar.

S How do you know it’s a werewolf?

R I’ve got all the documents.

S Stupid question. Didn’t you used to make props from horror films when you were a kid?

R I was obsessed with The Company Of Wolves, and I wrote to Christopher Tucker who made the props. We became penpals. Were you a macabre child?

S I was ordinary. I loved watching TV. Riding about on my Chopper.

R I remember choking on a Monster Munch when I was on my Chopper. I nearly died. It was pickled onion flavour. The worst kind.

S Do you think you draw on your past in other ways?

R I think League Of Gentlemen drew on our experiences growing up in northern towns, not that they were as weird and remote as Royston Vasey was. But it pervaded our material. All four of us have a collective memory, of a bonfire night in 1973 watching Carry On Screaming on BBC1 at 6.25 instead of going out.

S That could have been formative because it’s a mix of funny and disturbing stuff. Charles Hawtrey being killed in a toilet cubicle. All you hear is the flush.

R Do you think there’s a snobbery between sitcom actors and proper actors in dramas?

S Yes, I do.

R Would you say that doing comedy is in some ways harder than straight acting?

S When we started and wanted to do stuff outside League Of Gentlemen, people would say, “Oh, do you do acting as well?”

R Have you ever cast anyone in a comedy, presuming they could do it, and found they couldn’t?

S Particularly on The League Of Gentlemen.

R Oh god, yeah.

S The DVD commentaries on that… You and Mark would be like, “Here she comes, worst actress in the world!” They could have got people round…

R …Bottle of wine. “Let’s get the commentary on; wind forward to my bit…”

S How would you describe our tone?

R Hopefully we make funny, surprising television. Can you describe the new series without saying, “This meets this”? Remember when The League Of Gentlemen was described as “Victoria Wood meets The Fast Show”?

S Those two things are not dissimilar enough to do a “meets”. The best one we had was, “League Of Gentlemen is Twin Peaks meets Mervyn Peake, meets Peak Practice.”

R Now things are “League Of Gentlemen meets…”

S Maybe now we’ve met ourselves.

An Open Letter to Dan Howell

on June 11th, 2014, I was counseling two-week summer camp, fangirling because it was the 23rd birthday of a youtuber I had discovered only two months earlier. I spent lunch break that day watching his videos, giggling like an idiot.

and here I am, one year later, writing him a list of all the reasons he’s great.

now I know you don’t like your birthday; it’s a lot of unnecessary and unwanted attention. it’s people calling you and giving you presents, leaving you with the obligation to say “oh thank you” on repeat for at least a week.

but this is something you don’t have to say thank you for. don’t try to say “oh I’m nothing special” or be bashful; I’m simply telling the truth, and there’s no need to feel like you don’t deserve to hear the truth.

24 Reasons Why Dan’s Not a Fail (yay!) (in no particular order)

  1. He’s attractive. While looks are not everything, it would only be fair to include the fact that you’re cute. From your dimples to your cute lil tummy, everything about you is nice to look at (especially accidental model Dan Howell like that’s gr8.). 
  2. He’s intelligent. While you see your opinions and thoughts on things you’re passionate about as rambling or waffling, I personally find them to be well-thought-out and gracefully worded. That’s part of why I love your liveshows so much; I love hearing your thoughts on things you care about. I (and many others) would be so willing to just sit and listen to you talk for hours because when you feel strongly about something, everything you say about it is so well-put and eloquent and articulate.
  3. He’s successful. At 24 years old, you should be just out of college, still trying to find your place in the world. Instead, you’re living in London with your best friend and working for one of the largest radio companies in the world. You’ve met, interviewed, and played little games with countless celebrities. I mean you and your best friend have written a book and been in an Oscar-winning film for god’s sake, and that’s pretty damn incredible.
  4. He’s nerdy. You get really enthusiastic about anime and music and video games, which is extremely adorable. You whole-heartedly, completely unironically love so many things that most people I know would look at me strangely for liking, and I love that about you.
  5. He’s a survivor. From dropping out of university to the multiple existential crises, you made it. Even when you had no hope for yourself, even when all seemed pointless and you felt as though you had no worth, you kept going. You survived, and because of you, I survived too.
  6. He’s selfless. You care so much about others, sometimes more than yourself. You seem to go out of your way to help others, and that’s something not many people will do nowadays.
  7. He’s relatable. From your reflections on the universe to your fear of the dark (tbh same), people watch your videos and they understand where you’re coming from. Although it wasn’t until I started watching your videos that I started to realize that I have a place in the universe and became self-aware, which is both the greatest and worst thing to have happened to me in a while.
  8. He’s inspirational. Your videos have inspired so many people. More specifically, you’ve inspired me to start making youtube videos. It would be a dream to create content as creative and funny as yours, but just making the videos would be enough. 
  9. He’s heroic. From personal experience, you’re a hero. You - and many others - saved me from myself, saved me when I felt lost and hopeless and alone. Numerous people (including myself) are on the road to recovery from mental disorders because you helped them get there.
  10. He’s humble. You refuse compliments even though you deserve them. You don’t believe you’re anything special when you are. You don’t let people tell you how lovely you are, even though it’s one of the truest things about you.
  11. He’s sarcastic. You’re full of witty comments and sarcastic remarks. From one smart-ass to another, your sarcasm is just another great thing about you.
  12. He’s funny. From your “Danecdotes” to random comments in liveshows, your somewhat dry sense of humor paired with your sarcasm makes for a comedic style that cannot be replicated.
  13. He’s awkward. Just another relatable thing about you is that you’re awkward. As someone who is very prone to feeling alone in a crowded room or feeling overwhelmed in large crowds, I find knowing that you sometimes find yourself in the same situation a bit comforting.
  14. His ironic appreciation. Your ironic love for Comic Sans, swag, yolo, etc. is one of the dorkiest and cutest things I have ever seen. Although I do sometimes worry whether or not it’s all ironic.
  15. His meme-ness. There is no denying that you are meme trash (with a surprisingly good doge face), but you’re cute meme trash so it’s okay. (Also I - a stupid American - am now educated on how to speak Lad so thanks for that, too.)
  16. His laugh is contagious. Whether you’re laughing at one of Phil’s silly jokes or something else, I can’t help but laugh along with you.
  17. His smile is a beacon of light. Your smile is possibly one of the greatest things I have ever seen. You seem to light up a room whenever you’re happy, and your smile is just another thing that glows.
  18. His fashion sense. Although some of the things you wear might seem odd to some people (but they look damn good on you tbh), your wardrobe is something I envy. I always seem to find myself wondering “wow where did he get that shirt?”, occasionally paired with “holy shit I can’t afford that what the fuck is this?”
  19. His friendship with Phil. You and Phil’s friendship is one of the most genuine friendships I have ever seen. I can only hope that one day, I will find that companion. 
  20. His taste in music. Although I personally don’t listen to rap music, I love your appreciation for weird artists (also I used to hate Kanye but now I have a respect for his music). The first Muse song I ever heard was “Panic Station” on one of the old radio shows, and now they’re one of my favorite bands. An old friend originally introduced me to Fall Out Boy, and now - despite not really listening to them when he was still my friend - I own all of their songs (my favorite song is “Coffee’s For Closers” even though that’s irrelevant information). You introduced me to St. Vincent and My Chemical Romance, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without the 630-song iTunes library that reminds me that I’m alive. 
  21. He can play the piano. Despite your arguments that you’re bad at it, you’re actually really good. As a matter of fact, I asked my mom if she would teach me to play because of you. I actually taught myself three songs; well, part of three songs (the intro to “Welcome to the Black Parade”, the intro to “The End of All Things”, and the intro to “Terrible Things”), but I’m learning.
  22. He’s a star. Dan, simply put, you glow. In everything you do, you shine and sparkle and glow. You are made of starstuff. We all are, and that is why we are all beautiful.
  23. He’s wise beyond his years. You’re smart, Dan. You know so much for someone so young, and you’ll only learn more as you get older. You have taught me so much about life, about my existence. You know more than I can ever hope to learn, but I hope that you can teach me more.
  24. He’s only 24. Dan, you’re still so young. There is so much life ahead of you. Few people are your age and as successful as you are. There are still so many things you haven’t experienced, so many things you are yet yo learn, so many days left to enjoy.

Dan, life is short. You helped show me that. You helped show me that I only have one life to live, and that I’ve got to have the courage to live it. Because of people like you, I’m figuring out what I want to do with my life. I’ve figured out that I want to go to an arts school in my state to take writing classes during my last two years of high school. I’ve figured out that I want to move to London when I’m older. I’ve figured out that I want to be a youtuber and a writer. I know so much more about myself than I did a year ago.

“I don’t know who I am, but now I know who I’m not.” This lyric by one of my favorite artists (Sleeping At Last) could not be more true to me. 

I’m still young, and yet I know so much about life. In comparison to the vast expanse of the universe, I am but a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of it, and that’s okay. I know death is inevitable. I know that I only have a relatively short amount of time to really live, but because of you and Phil and so many others, I know how I want to live it. There’s so much to life that I have yet to learn, and it wasn’t until recently that I started wanting to learn it.

Daniel James Howell - born June 11, 1991 - turned 24 today. He still has his whole life ahead of him, and yet he’s done so much with it already.

For anyone else reading this, you still have your whole life ahead of you. There is so much life has to offer, and you only have a short amount of time to experience it. I was in a bad place a year ago, caught in a war with depression. Since then, I’ve started to recover. We all have bad days, and that’s okay. It’s okay not to be okay.

But because of this man, this meme-loving, anime-watching dork of a man, I know that I will be okay.

So, Daniel James Howell - danisnotonfire - thank you.

Dans live show 10/4/16

•he has shitty Internet at the moment
•it’s cold in England
•somebody In chat: you look like the dancing pumpkin gif
•"SOMEBODYS feeling ‘choke me please’“
•he’s excited to watch the documentary again
•"it’s like I squeezed out an egg with PHIL”
•watch the stage show first and then the documentary
•TATINOF is a celebration of dan and PHILS history
•it’s also an epic roast of everything they’ve ever put on the Internet
•they forgot to film a “hello” for PHILS newest video talking about it so they used the one from dans
-great theme
-“it looks snazzy”
~talks about the new banners~
•they might use more glitter jacket pictures in the future
•it was dans idea for them to be to be in gold jackets exploding in space
•"everybody’s saying #getphil, and I not good enough for you?“
•PHILS busy
•he would never wear blue jeans
•he hasn’t seen SHREK the musical
~googles it to see if it’s still in London~
•listen to gorilla (the band)
•they will do something for DAPGO(not a signing)
•THEYRE trying to think outside of the box
•he wants lasers and a Kanye performance at his funeral
•"make dans funeral lit”
•"you’re not ready, I’m not ready, wherever phil is, he’s not ready"
~talks about Bon IVERS Album~
(I listened to it, its weird but super relaxing)
•he only listened to a short clip of “this town”
•he tabbed it for later
•after TATINOF will be undertale and then maybe DIL
•he forgot what he was talking about
*violently dabs*
•after spooky week they will finish undertale
(#playlpiano is in the chat)
•battle star galatica is one of the best shows he’s ever watched
•"everybody’s saying #playpiano WELL HASHTAG FUCK OFF"
(Wow ok dans sassy)
(People started #PlayPianoYouAss)
(I love the phandom)
•"I have good taste, you can trust me"- talking about battle star galatica
•he finished food wars
•no llamas in 2017
•he said he will stop price signs
•he needs a new twitter icon that he will hate and that all of us will hate
•he said (contradicting himself) that he will probably not actually stop piece signs
•THEYRE a coping mechanism to his awkwardness
•he said Bon Iver was influenced by Kanye
•he did outside after two weeks
~talks about Felix using dans icon and name on twitter~
•"I love Felix so much"
•they watched the Pokémon trailer in Japanese
•"sardonic"- dan is using bigs words
(He’s really good at killing us all)
•somebody asked if the whiskers are ending and he said no
•they have too much meaning
•chat:get Phil to drag me
Dan: does Phil drag people
•he hates Alberta and that she’s gross
•PHILS making him watch X factor
•Matt is his favorite
•apparently Matt looks like Louis Tomlinson
•he’s offended by honey G
(#talkaboutclowns is now in the chat)
•"whenever anything gets too emotional, burn it to the ground"
•he knows nothing about the clowns
•we all deserve to die according to
•he’s hasn’t done a live show that doesn’t mention Sherlock since summer of 2012
•Apparently there’s gunna be new Mario kart tracks
•he might change his branding and make it spooky during spooky week
•he watched a documentary on Scientology
(#pumpkinhowell is trending in ten chat) he started that one himself
~talks about harambe~
•he cares very deeply about us because we mean a lot to him
~has a really deep conversation about how he hopes we’re all happy~
•he got distracted and started talking about somebody’s dog
•he likes Troyes music
•he needs more storage
(#danneedastorage is the hashtag now)
•"finally a hashtag that makes sense"
•people are telling him to move into a bigger apartment
•"I feel strangely calm"- about TATINOF
•YOUTUBE color corrected the seven second video they did and now they look pink
•YOUTUBE also photoshopped PHILS eyes and he looks like an alien in the thumbnail
•he said phil looked fine before
•tomorrow will mark the beginning of us living in a post TATINOF world
•"goodbye ducklings"

Coffee and Kisses

Summary: Dean is a popular YouTuber, Castiel is a high school English teacher. Their relationship is kept secret from Dean’s subscribers and Castiel’s students alike, but one morning Cas forgets his lunch. Dean can’t let his husband go hungry, can he?

Words: 4,412


Warnings: none

A/N: I posted this on AO3 last November. I guess it’s time to post it here…

“Good morning,” Castiel smiled, walking over to their bed and handing Dean a cup of coffee.

Dean took it with a grunt of appreciation.

Cas had grown to realise not to expect much in the way of conversation from his husband before he had at least one cup of coffee in his system, so he didn’t take offence to the lack of decipherable response.

He made his way across the room into their en suite to brush his teeth while Dean woke up.

Once he had spat and rinsed, Dean was sat up and making adorable grabby hands for Castiel to come closer.

Cas rolled his eyes fondly, “I’m not going to kiss you with coffee breath. You know that.”

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Birthday Puggles!

Summary: Your best friend Steve gives you a little birthday surprise!

STEVE X READER (cuz she loves him!) 

Your ability is to heal, and awesome combat skills! 

A/N: This one is dedicated to my beautiful cousin floss! You should check her blog out it’s amazing! She does loads of hobbit and lotr fics. She has been my best friend ever since i was born, even tho we used to hate each other when we were younger! lol, Every time I see her, she never fails to make me smile! We talk about boys together, both cry when characters in our favourite films die, (hobbit, avengers) Anyway, to cut it short, To my fantastic sista! (cousin) This ones for you!

BTW: the song they dance to >


  You and Steve were best friends ever since he recruited you for the avengers. Since you had your ability of healing, he thought you would be a good asset to the team. He also thought you were extremely pretty, but he didn’t tell you that part!

  Both of you would hang out together a lot, mostly catching up on movies he had missed. Your smile made his heart flutter, especially when he was the cause of it. Your eyes always beamed at him, making Steve feel special, and whenever you were sad, they would still glow a beautiful shade. Steve’s favourite part about you were your eyes, they felt like home to him. Whenever he was sad, you’d always be there for him, whenever you were sad, he’d always be there for you. He loved you, but would never admit it.

  Today was a lazy day for the team, which meant a movie day for the two of you. Steve was in the kitchen getting sweet popcorn and matchmakers, (your favourite) while you were picking out a film in your room. Steve smiled to himself at the thought of you snuggling into his side, he would usually spent more time staring at you than watching the movie.

“Wow, I didn’t realise you could smile old man!” Tony said sarcastically while walking the coffee machine. “Still haven’t told Y/N you like her yet?”

“She’s a friend Stark.”

“Yeah, sure.” He said chuckling, walking out of the room.

  Meanwhile, you had picked out the perfect film, the Lord of The Rings trilogy. You saved your favourite films for today, because it was going to take a long time to teach Steve all about middle earth! Grabbing the movies and some blankets, you headed towards your door until you stopped to look in the mirror. How could Steve like a girl like you? He was sweet, kind, loyal, strong and just all round perfect, and you felt the complete opposite.

  “You should tell him ya know!” Wandas voice filled the room. “Hey! Stop going in my head!” You say grinning. She was like a little sister to you, even the she was only 2 years younger. She laughed and looked at you in the mirror. “Go have fun on your ‘date.’” 

  “It’s not a date but thanks anyway, you go have fun flirting with Vision!” You left her blushing in your room and started walking down the corridor with films and blankets bundled in your arms.

   You crept into the dark screening room to find Steve asleep on the sofa. Silently, you put your things down and sat on the armrest. He opened his eyes and looked up at you smiling, thinking about how your beautiful Y/C/E eyes made his stomach do flips.

  Breaking the silence, you stood up. “Lord of the Rings?” He smiled and nodded. Steve sat up while you put the dvd in. “So it’s your birthday tomorrow.”

“Yep.” Steve smiled, he knew you hated people making a fuss about your birthday, you were so sweet and innocent, he couldn’t believe you kill people as your job. “A-”

“Ssshh, the films starting!” You said excited. He chuckled as you walked over and snuggled next to him.

  He found it so cute when you giggled at the screen, and even more adorable when you shushed him for being to loud when the best bits were on. The film ended and you were lying in his arms, gently breathing. His favourite part of movie nights were the end, where he got to carry you to bed when you were asleep.

  Steve picked you up gently and carried you to your room. You stirred slightly when he placed you under the covers, but drifted off soon after. He kissed your forehead, and left you in a peaceful sleep, wishing he could stay there with you.



  “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” The team screamed at you, standing in a huddle by the door. “Thanks.” You mumbled, turning to your warm pillow. “Hey, get up, it’s present time!” Nat yelled. You groaned, covering yourself in your warm duvet. “In a few more hours.” 

  It seemed to work, they left you in peace, until you felt a dip next to you and a familiar chuckle. “What?” You grumble, looking up a Steve who was grinning from ear to ear. “Nice shirt.” You look down to see your navy blue top with a picture of his shield on it. “Hey, Target were having a sale!”

“Yeah, yeah! Meet me at 8 on the roof, ok?”

“You got it!” He smiled and kissed your cheek, “See you then, birthday girl.”

   The whole day you didn’t see Steve, and no one else did either. Everyone gave you amazing presents, Clint giving you a box of band aids which you would obviously never need due to your abilities. The whole day was filled with laughter and cake, but it didn’t feel the same without him there.

  8pm finally arrived, but you started to worry Steve wouldn’t be there.  You entered the elevator and pressed a button, the doors shut as you stood there nervously. After a minute had ended, with a ping, the doors opened and you felt tears spring in your eyes.

  The roof was decked out with fairy lights, pillows, a projector and a big white screen. It was beautiful, the city skyline swirled with colours as the smell of hot dogs and popcorn mixed. You were to busy looking at the bustling roads below than seeing Steve holding two bags of popcorn in his hands.

  He cleared his throat and you turned with tear stains down your crimson cheeks. Immediately, Steve’s face furrowed with concern. “Sorry, it was a stupid idea, I can-” Before he could finish, you lept into his arms, making him drop all the popcorn. “It’s perfect.” You whispered on his broad shoulder. He let out a sigh of relief and a slight chuckle before spinning you around with his arms around you’re waist. You giggled and squealed until he put you down. 

  Steve took you by the wrists, “Follow me, I have you’re present.” He sat you down on the pillows and blankets, then he pulled a red box from behind his back and handed it to you gently. “Open it, but don’t shake it.” He said cautiously. You raised you’re eyebrows at him and smiled clueless, setting it down on the floor. You opened the lid to find two dark eyes looking at you curiously. A little black pug with a big red bow around it’s neck jumped onto your lap.

  You couldn’t help but giggle as the cute dog crawled on you, licking your face. You looked under the bow to find a collar with some text on it. ‘to my birthday girl.’ You turned it over to find the pugs name, ‘Brazzles.’

“Awww Steve!” You hugged him tightly, making him fall backwards. Steve chuckled at the dog who was now climbing on top of you both. He stood up and walked over to the cd player, what seemed to be slow music started playing. He walked up to you and offered out a hand. “Wanna dance?” It sounded cringy yet he sounded so nervous. “Of course I do!” You giggled.

  Both of you twirled and swayed, laughing at each other if one of you stumbled, while Brazzles happily dozed off on the pillows. “So, I was thinking, maybe we could…maybe go out sometime?”

“I thought you said you were to busy?” You challenged, smirking. “I can make the time.” He whispered

  His lips were soft against yours. The kiss warmed you up inside while you stayed there swaying, lips locked together. It was the best birthday yet. He pulled away, resting his forehead on yours, “Happy birthday, Y/N.”

Luke Imagine: Jealous at an Awards Show

Author: Rhine


“You ready?”

You look at your boyfriend, Luke, who was gazing at you with warm blue eyes, hand outstretched, his question lingering in the back of the car.

“In all honesty? No.”

You smile uneasily at him, the hesitancy evident in your eyes.

“Don’t worry, babe. You’ll be fine.”

He takes your shaking hands into his own, engulfing your shaking fingers with his steady hands as he smiled soothingly at you.

“I know, I just – I just want this night to be perfect, you know?”

“And it will be. My baby’s very first award show – you don’t deserve any less.”

“Thanks, Luke.”

You tried to give him a steady smile in return, but it still comes out a little crooked despite your flawless makeup.

“You worked so hard, they’d be crazy not to give it to you.”

“You never know – there’s a lot of other talented actors and actresses there, too.”

“But none of them are you.”

You roll your eyes at Luke, and the familiar action loosens up your tense shoulders.

“You’re so cheesy, Luke.”

“Like your favourite slice of pizza.”

You’re about to respond when your driver slows the car down until it stops fully, turning around and telling you that you’ve reached the venue of tonight’s award show. Your first award show.

When you look back at Luke, you can’t seem to contain your excitement and your nerves and your fear.

He places a light kiss on your forehead, careful not to mess up your hair or your makeup.

“You’ll be fine, I promise.” He mumbles, kissing your nose.

You nod, too nervous to speak.

“Ready to go, princess?”

He holds your hand, other arm ready to push the car door open to the red carpet and waiting paparazzi and adoring fans.

“Stay with me?”

Your voice is small and innocent, looking bashfully at Luke before sneaking a worried glimpse at the flashing cameras outside.

“I’ll never leave your side, princess. Now let’s go show the world who’s the best-dressed couple of the night.”


The red carpet is a daze of flashing white lights that leave you dizzy and uncoordinated, but your smile never leaves your lips and Luke’s hand never leaves the small of your back, steadying you.

You smile for the cameras and Luke does the same, arm in arm and entwined together. He places quick pecks on your cheeks and whispers sweet nothings into your ears, and the smile that you show during those moments are bigger than any rehearsed smirk in the mirror.

The interviewers flock towards you and they all ask you about your upcoming projects and your experience filming and working with your co-stars; some of them asking bold questions and others more general; some interviewers making you laugh and others making you pause and think for an answer. You share your thoughts on everything, trying to ignore the cameras that are an inch away from your face and focusing on the question, answering them as you would to a friend in a coffee shop.

And of course, there are always questions about Luke.

It’s always been like that, ever since the two of you publicly announced your relationship. It was months and months of talking about nothing but your relationship – where you met, your first date, your future plans, if you missed him, if you heard of that rumour or this piece of gossip – you were an up-and-coming actress and he was a hit musician and there’s nothing else that you should’ve expected.

But the news blew over and the questions returned to ones about your job, though there was no doubting that there would always be questions about Luke sprinkled in between here and there – the two of you tried to keep your relationship as low-key as possible, but there was no denying the popularity of your relationship.

Snippets of song lyrics, photos of your dates, statements during interviews – try as you may to keep your relationship with Luke out of the spotlight, it was still a ‘thing’ in the media among his fans and your own.

And especially in events like these – where you’d go out to support one another – interviewers never failed to ask the two of you questions about each other.

Are you proud of her?

Are you concerned about the future of your relationship now that you’re both moving to bigger places?

How did you feel about that stage kiss? Any hard feelings towards the co-star?

You and Luke answer each of them with a smile, tone light – his arm remains curled around your waist and you’re practically leaning onto his chest, and there’s no denying your love for one another despite a few interviewer’s attempts to rattle each other.

I couldn’t be any happier for my girl – she’s come so far and I’ll always be her number one fan, just as she is mine – right, babe?

No, we’re not concerned at all. We might be getting bigger, but we’re still the boy and girl who fell in love in the library and nothing’s gonna change that, no matter how many films or albums we make.

I mean, I did have to teach him a lesson – Luke! – nah, I’m just kidding. He talked to me beforehand and we’re cool on it. Besides, I’m the only one who can get the kisses whenever I want.

After graciously thanking the interviewers and smiling for the photographers, you and Luke made it down the carpet and entered the large building, where several other actors and actresses are already waiting, milling around and talking to one another.

You catch sight of a few of your co-stars and a few of your other friends, and you say a quick greeting filled with you look beautiful and congratulations on the nomination, you’ll win for sure before they disperse, leaving you and Luke alone in the crowd again.

You’re about to suggest looking for your seats when you catch a face in the crowd that makes you freeze short. Luke notices your abrupt stop and does the same, looking above the heads of the people to try and see who you were staring at.

“What is it, babe? Who’re you looking for?”

“Is that.. Mark Wahlberg?”

You try to discreetly point your chin to the well-suited middle-aged man near the side of the crowd, talking to a group of older women and men and laughing at a joke that someone just told.

“You mean that old guy over there?”


“I never knew you were into those types of guys. Should I start growing out a beard, too?”

“Luke, seriously.”


“He’s like my favourite actor ever. I can’t believe he’s here – oh my god, I can’t believe we’re breathing the same air and that we’re in the same room – oh my goodness, I never thought I’d see him outside of a screen.”

“Calm down there, babe.”

“Calm down? I love all of his films. I’ve watched them all like ten times and I remember when he used to make music and I just – wow.”

You stare for a few minutes more, still starstruck and trying to get a better glimpse at the other man’s profile before he turns away completely, disappearing in the crowd.

When you turn back to Luke again, you notice that he’s silent and stoned-face, his lips pursed in a straight line.

“Luke? Are you okay?”

“Yeah – no, I just – “

“Were you jealous, Luke?”

You drag the word in a sing song tune, teasingly brushing his neatly ironed suit.

“No I wasn’t! I was just – “

“You were totally jealous.”

“Was not.”

Sure you weren’t.”

“I wasn’t!”

His lips are stubbornly jutted out, and you playfully toy with his collar, which causes him to hold in a breath, his eyes flickering between your fingers and your smirk.

“Just admit that you were jealous of Mark Wahlberg because I had my eyes on him for a minute too long.”

“I just don’t like you staring at other guys, okay?”

“Luke, he’s old enough to be my father. I like him as an actor, and nothing else – I swear. It’s a mutual actor respect thing. I can’t believe I’m saying this, wow.”

He’s silent, biting down on his lip ring.

“Middle aged guys aren’t my type, Luke. I like my guys tall and blonde with blue eyes and a stupid quiff and a punk rock lip ring and giraffe legs and a penguin smile.”

“That sure sounds like a guy I know.”

“I’m head over heels in love with him. Do you think he knows?”

“I think I can pass on the message to him.”

Luke’s lips finally split into a grin as he nears you, leaning down until your noses are brushing.

“Sorry for being stupid, babe.”

“Not sorry for staring.”

He instantly pouts and you let out a laugh that causes some people around you to stare, but you don’t care.

“He’s my favourite actor, Luke!”

“Aren’t I your favourite singer? You never ask me for a signature or something.”

“Because I can always ask for so much more.”

You smirk at him, and he instantly turns red, avoiding your eyes.

“I, um – er..”

You laugh at his flustered expression before lacing your hands with his again and turning on your heels towards the direction you last saw Mark Wahlberg.

“C’mon, Mr. Superstar – I want to get his signature first, then maybe I’ll ask something of my favourite singer later, yeah?”


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Legend of Korra, "seven more"

Summary: AU. Snapshots of Mako watching Korra through spring, summer, fall, and winter. Continuation of this. (Be the Peaf Prompt #65- Comeback)

Rating: T (tw for panic attacks)

Pairing: Makorra


It was a bright spring Saturday, Mako’s allergies were killing him, and he was currently wearing the most embarrassingly small pair of shorts he owned in order to impress the pretty girl across the park. Again.

Six months into this strategy of seduction, one would think that Mako would have grown disheartened. But, no. Colossally embarrassed by the amount of soccer moms and teenage boys staring at him as he stretched, maybe, but nowhere near giving up.

Or near, you know, actually approaching the girl herself.

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Memories (College! Newt AU Fluff)

Anon Request: Fluffy Newt Imagine AU, like it’s during Y/N’s graduation and he surprises her with presents and that. SO MUCH FLUFF PLEASE!

Rating: Fluffy fluff fluff!

Word Count: 1465

A/N: I really haven’t been to a graduation, I always avoid going to them because I don’t want to watch it. I am still in high school though, so I am pretty much guessing, woops.

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Calum Imagine: You’re a Youtuber

Author: Rhine


“So we’ve just got off the plane – “

“After a bloody long flight with some kid kicking my seat.”

You turn away from the camera you were holding up to roll your eyes at the lanky boy behind you, who was currently rubbing his back and shooting a nasty glare at a little boy running past.

“Oh, don’t be such a downer, Dan – we’re in Los Angeles!”

Your other friend pipes up happily, a bright smile on his face as he steps into the frame, waving at the camera enthusiastically.

“Hi, Youtube! It’s Dan and Phil here joining in on your adventure here. This week, we’ll be crashing Vidcon – “

“Quite literally, if you remember what happened last time.” Dan mutters underneath his breath.

“Hey, it was no one’s fault but yours when you tripped over your own two feet in the middle of the speech, Dan.” You tease, lifting your arms higher so you could catch the two taller boys on camera as well.

“I just had a brief moment of possession by the devil, okay? I don’t do well in social situations.”

“We know. You have a whole Youtube channel talking about it.” You laugh at him, and Phil chuckles behind you while Dan mutters something underneath his breath.

“Anyways – this week we’ll be crashing Vidcon and a concert!” You crow happily to the camera, practically skipping through the airport at this point.

“There’s going to be lots of people at this concert, which means it’s the perfect recipe for disaster when you mix the three of us there as well.” Dan grins lopsidedly to the camera.

“We’ll be preparing our best dance moves.” Phil adds, shaking his hips awkwardly while performing a sad rendition of the Macarena as you walked.

“Stay tuned, guys – it’s going to be a crazy week. Don’t forget to subscribe to me to see what’ll happen next – and while you’re at it, I guess you can subscribe to these two dorks as well. All the links will be in the description – stay well until next time! Love you lots!”


You were buzzing with excitement, to put it lightly.

Ever since your Youtube career started to take off a few years ago, you feel as though your life has been nothing but a rush – meeting others who did the same things as you, a variety of charismatic personalities and incredible people across the world that you called fellow Youtubers.

You always loved to make videos – you remembered how you’d always follow your brother to band practice, carrying your little digital camera and filming them in the dusty garage, the four older boys huddling over you to watch their performance on your tiny camera screen afterwards.

You had files upon files of the four boys fooling around; messing around in rehearsals and messing up in songs with laughter instead of lyrics; homemade documents of every gig and every outing you had with them.

It felt like you were part of the band itself – you weren’t just Ashton’s little sister who tagged along when she needed to be looked over, you were the band’s camerawoman and self-acclaimed editor.

It was you who stood in the living room behind the camera for every cover, you who organized all the livestreams and hangouts; it was you who edited the videos and positioned the camera with the mics and put it all together.

It was you who started their Youtube career.

But with time, they didn’t need you anymore – they started to skyrocket as their videos got more and more views, as they had more bookings and more fans – until they had a whole crew with fancy cameras and mics and top notch editing softwares to make their videos for them.

And soon, your brother and his band were whisked away to a world of fame – a world that stemmed from the little Youtube videos that you used to put together at one in the morning for them.

But it was okay.

You missed them, of course – how could you not miss the four boys that always seemed to make your life a little brighter, your smile a little bigger? They made your days memorable, and you had hours upon hours of recorded footage to prove that, your badly held in snickers from the camera clearly heard in every single video.

But they were living their dream, and there was no way you weren’t going to be happy about that – they deserved nice music videos and high-end productions that matched their growing name, and there was some things you couldn’t do on a camera or a computer despite your own growth in the filmography field.

With their absence, you found your new path. You didn’t put your camera down – no, you picked it up and you pointed it at yourself for once, being the one in front of the camera instead of behind it for the first time in so many years.

You started uploading videos on Youtube – small little three minute videos of you talking about your day, things that made you laugh and things that you found interesting outside your house. You talked about things that made you think and things that made you upset and soon your channel was full of videos of your smiling lips and thoughtful eyes.

At first, you made the videos for the boys to see while they were on tour – you always talked to the camera like you would talk to them, friendly and smiling – but then, you realized that it was more than just the four of them watching.

And slowly, you started noticing how more and more people were watching your short little videos of you on the internet; the number of views and subscribers climbing with every month.

Soon enough, your name was known and you had comments from people around the world supporting the little videos you made; telling you your videos made their day or that your words made them rethink certain issues.

You didn’t mean for it to happen, but you found yourself with a full time job of editing and filming and script writing, all for a three minute video on the Internet for thousands of people to see.

You stayed up all night to edit your videos and you went to bizarre places to get the perfect shot and you talked until your throat ran dry and you met people on the streets that knew your name while you didn’t know theirs.

You were a Youtuber. It was all part of the job.

And you loved it.


“Ready to go?”

You grinned, camera in hand as you stood at the doorway of Dan and Phil’s hotel room.

You had met a handful of Youtubers throughout your career, but there was no doubt that you were closest with Dan and Phil – even though they were in London, you always texted or called them, often laughing to your computer during your Skype chats.

You visited them a few times and they did the same for you, and there were an abundance of collaboration videos on your channels to prove it. Challenges, tags, adventures – your face was familiar among the videos in Dan and Phil’s Youtube channels as they were in yours.

They were like your two clumsy older brothers, and one of the main reasons why you were so excited to go to Vidcon was to see them again.

And of course, to see your brother and their band – your dates matched up with theirs, and you managed to land the day right before they would be leaving.

You mentioned Vidcon to Ashton, but you wanted to surprise him; to see that wide smile light up his face for one night.

It wasn’t much, but you just had to see Ashton. You haven’t seen your big brother in so long; not with all his tour dates and busy schedules and you missed him so much. You had his texts and his calls and his silly pictures that he sent to you every morning with a screenshot of your videos that he watched, but it didn’t stop you from missing him.

From missing your big brother and his stupid band that left you alone with a camera in your bedroom.

And of course, there was him – you missed him too, but you were always too afraid to say the words to him and him alone, not when you were afraid he didn’t think of you at all while you dreamt of him every night.

And why would he? You were just his bandmate’s little sister; his ex-camerawoman and nothing more.

It didn’t stop you from getting butterflies every time you thought of Calum Hood.

“Daydreaming again?” Dan waves a hand in front of you, snapping you out of your thoughts of Calum and how he hugged you goodbye at the airport so many months ago.

“What? No!”

“Your cheeks are turning red.” Phil singsongs loudly as the three of you walked down the hall. “Were you thinking of someone you like?”

“Have you got a special someone in mind?” Dan grins, raising his eyebrow at you as Phil nudged you teasingly.

“You’re looking awfully nice for someone who’s going to her brother’s concert.” Phil comments, a smile playing on his lips.

“I just want to be clean after a long flight.” You protest, yelping when Phil tries to ruffle your hair.

“Or you just want to impress someone after a long time of not seeing them.” Dan smirks, voice wry.

“Our little girl’s growing up so fast. Before you know it, she’ll be dumping us for some band member and she won’t want to do collaborations anymore.” Phil sighs dramatically.

“Shut it, or else I’m dumping you guys in the middle of LA and you guys can find your own way back.”

The two boys silence themselves immediately – they were never too good with directions, and you all knew it – but you don’t have to turn around to see the knowing look the two friends shared behind your back.


You were breathless by the time the concert was over, tired from jumping around and throat sore from all the screaming, but an elated smile on your lips all the same.

You’re certain you might’ve broken Dan and Phil’s eardrums with your loud shrieks when you saw the rest of the band again – shrieking extra loudly with Ashton and Calum’s entrance – but you had a good amount of footage of the boys on stage, music blaring.

It still shocks you at how far they’ve come; how you used to look at them through the lens of your old digital camera in that little garage and now you’re seeing them through a better camera on a stage bigger than your living room; being one among thousands in the crowd that knew their name.

When the show ends, you practically drag Dan and Phil to the side of the stage, where the boys were already preparing to leave the stage.

The bodyguards were blocking the doors that led backstage, and you had to squeeze your way to the front gates, excited girls surrounding you as you tried to reach the front.

“Ash! Ash!”

You were just once voice amongst the hundreds that called his name, just another girl who knew his name in a sea of thousands, but nevertheless, he turns back to look at the crowd one last time.

Maybe it’s just a brotherly instinct, or maybe he’s always been looking for your face in a crowd no matter where he played – but he catches your eye and he thinks he’s dreaming, he thinks he’s imagining you – but you’re there and you’re waving at him, a beam on your face and a camera in your hand.

He’s quick to tell the bodyguards to let you in, and you quickly pull Dan and Phil behind you as well, ignoring the glares of the bodyguards and telling the bulky men that they were with you.

The two lanky boys trail behind you as you run backstage, searching for the familiar mop of curly hair and wide smile that you missed so much.

You collide into Ashton the moment you see him, and your hands are holding him close despite the sweat that clings onto his arms from the show, burying your head on his shoulder as his arms wrap around you protectively.

“You here. You’re here – wait, why are you here?”

You grin at Ash, laughing a little at how his words dip a little less with his lack of time back at home.

“Vidcon. I knew you were leaving soon and I wanted to stop by before you had to go.”

“What a good little sister you are.” Ashton taps your nose and you stick your tongue out at him, his arms finally loosening around you when he notices Dan and Phil lurking behind you.

Ashton is quick to make acquaintances with Dan and Phil – you always ranted to him about your adventures with them, and there was no doubt that Ashton saw your collaboration videos – and Ashton always vowed he’d have some questions for the two of them if they ever met.

Needless to say, you knew they’d be talking for a while.

While Ashton chattered with Dan and Phil – you can already hear the three of them laughing over something and you can only hope it’s not about you – you look for the rest of the band, getting the same bone-crushing hug from Michael, Luke, and Calum when you see them.

You exchange the typical greetings – have you gotten taller Luke, oh my goodness Michael how do you even have hair left to dye it again – but Calum stays quiet, and it strikes you as strange, especially how he’s usually the first to talk your ear off.

You chatter with them for a few more minutes – mostly laughing over their silly videos and joking about their videos are nothing now that you aren’t the one coordinating it all – until Calum speaks up from his stony silence.

“Can I talk to you for a bit?… In private?”

His voice is a little strained and Luke and Michael exchange glances you can’t decipher before leaving, patting Calum on the back.

You’re left alone with him, and this time, your butterflies are mixed with slivers of confusion.

You’re not sure why Calum’s jaw is set like it is when he’s upset, or why his eyes aren’t meeting yours.

“Cal? What’s wrong?”

“You’re here for Vidcon, right?”

He sidesteps your question curtly, and you’re taken aback, eyes wide.

“Well – yeah, I am.”

“So you’ll be spending a lot of time with them.”

“With who?”

Calum’s jaw is stubbornly set, and you follow his gaze to Dan and Phil, who were still talking animatedly to Ashton, now joined with Luke and Michael.

“You mean Dan and Phil? Yeah, well a girl can’t wander around LA at night without her two bodyguards, right?”

You try a joke in an attempt to crack a smile from Calum, but his stoniness throws you off and you’re not sure why you feel so hurt.

“Calum, what’s wrong? And please don’t ignore me – something’s up, and I don’t want to see you like this.”


Nothing my ass, Calum. Seriously. I haven’t seen you in months and you’re acting like I killed your dog.”

“I just – you’ve just been spending a lot of time with them and I – I haven’t seen you at all.”

“It doesn’t have to be that way, Cal. You’re the one not meeting my eyes.”

Almost automatically, his brown eyes dart up to yours, enrapturing you with his steady gaze.

“Are you jealous?”

He looks away in a way that indicates he clearly was.

“Calum, they’re just friends.”

“That’s not what I heard.”

“Heard from who?”

Calum hesitates for a moment before looking at you again, meeting your gaze before staring down at his feet.

“I just… read some stuff, you know. On your videos.”

“The comments? Cal, those are all just some silly ships from some viewers. They don’t mean a thing, you know that.”

“They always point out how happy you are when you’re in those videos with him – how – how you always look at them and – “

“ – they don’t see the way I look at you.”

His brown eyes widen at your slip of words, and you stand tall behind your bold words despite your shaking knees.

“They don’t know how happy you make me or how I look at you and… and you don’t, either.”

You’re not sure if you’re confessing or if you’re just trying to stubbornly disprove those shipping rumours, but it feels a lot like you’re baring your heart out to Calum all the same.

“I was too busy looking at you.”

His words come out soft, a whisper.

“I’m sorry – I know they’re your friends but I… I see you with them and I can’t help but to wish it was me next to you instead.”

“You’re next to me now.”

You’re not sure when the two of you started to speak in hushed tones, or where the space in between the two of you went, but you’re sure neither of you care.

Your heart is beating crazily in your chest and you think you’re lost in Calum’s eyes; completely forgetting about Ash and Dan and Phil and focusing on nothing but how his lips are so close to yours.

“How about I stay next to you for the rest of the night? How does dinner sound?”

“Are you asking me out on a date?”

“Are you accepting my request?”



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Hooked (Dan Fluff)

This is my first imagine and I’m hoping it won’t be too cringe worthy. I have had this idea in my head for a while so let’s hope it’s not shit.  Also, this may be long, it may not be idk. Tell me if it’s a good length or not, Thanx ;)

Prompt: you are a youtuber and best friends with Dan and Phil but Dan secretly likes you. The three of you travel to L.A for Vidcon and while you are there, Ian and Anthony (from Smosh) ask you to be in one of their videos. In one of the scenes, you kiss Anthony and Dan gets jealous. 

-not my gif (x I couldn’t find the creator, soz)

I woke up with a sore neck and back pains. Sitting on a 13 hour flight was absolute shit. It’s one of the only things that I absolutely hate about going to Vidcon. The only thing that made this situation better was the fact that I woke up sitting next to Dan, the half of my two best friends that I had fallen completely and utterly in love with. But, I would never say that out loud. The boys were sitting on either side of me being the adorable dorks they were, bickering in whispers, trying not to wake me. 

“Phil, you absolute twat, you’ve woke her up!” Dan protectively put his arm around me in an attempt to get me to fall asleep again. Phil looked sheepishly at his lap. After removing his arm, I turned and looked at Dan with “that look.”

“Dan shut up, I’ve probably slept for a whole day. Phil, don’t feel bad, Dan’s just being a spork. How much longer until we land?” Just then the overhead speaker announced that we would be landing shortly.

“Does that answer you’re question, Y/N?” Dan smirked with his comment.

“Oh, shush you.” I playfully punched him in the arm and began to prepare for landing. 

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Kristen Stewart - Marie Claire France (June 2016)

Translated by Lena *Thank you!

Scans from LittleLegend

2016, the year of Kristen Stewart with five films announced - Among them the new Woody Allen, which is opening the Cannes Film Festival this year. Choices that are showing who the American Actress and Chanel muse is. A young woman who - from her look to her sexuality - masters the codes of her time and knows how to plays with them without demeaning herself by doing them, to the point of becoming the most scrutinized celebrity. (Interview by Catherine Castro. Photos by Stefano Galuzzi)

Kristen Stewart knows what she wants: to not be bored shitless and for no one to fuck with her. She doesn’t say it that way, but that’s how you understand it. As her brief romance with the singer Soko fills the columns of tabloids, she’s in a very alert mood. It’s 10am in Los Angeles, 7pm in Paris; the voice of the very beautiful Chanel muse turns the phone call into some secret conversation. A rough journey, that is worth every effort, Kristen Stewart is Rock'n'Roll. Smart, clear-headed, wild, she acts like she breathes. In the short film “Once and Forever” real-fake shooting done in 2015 by Karl Lagerfeld, she played a young bratty actress who was the embodiment of Gabrielle Chanel, muse of the fashion designer for more than two years now, Kristen has the (pretty) world at her feet. Woody Allen gave her the main female acting role in “Café Society”, which will open the Cannes Film Festival. Olivier Assayas had her in his film “Personal Shopper” two years after “Sils Maria”, which led her to win the César for best Actress in a supporting role - A big first. Twilight is far behind. The child star has become a figure of the America that we love, an arty muse who plays a role. Her own.

MARIE CLAIRE: Café Society, the new Woody Allen, is going to open the Cannes Film Festival. Was it a dream for you to work with him?

KRISTEN STEWART: The idea of filming with Woody Allen was intimidating. During the auditions, I really doubted my legitimacy. By the end of it, I was really happy, I felt anchored, rooted. He’s profoundly smart, his different way of grasping things… He manages to add depth to moments of pure comedy; this strange lightness is very impressive. I was lucky.

MARIE CLAIRE: Is there a place on earth where no one knows you?

KRISTEN: It’s strange because I’m the one saying it, but if I’m trying to be objective, I can tell you: “Fuck no. There’s none.” Meeting people who don’t care, that have other priorities is really nice. I’m not extremely shy or guarded, but I’m not either the most extrovert person. To always feel under scrutiny… Faced with this, I’ve developed a crazy sense of hearing. It can turn me into such a paranoid person, like: “I swear to God, someone is listening to what I’m saying.”

MARIE CLAIRE: Your life is defined by your job…

KRISTEN: Yes! My life is distorted by my job; it’s weird, because it’s linked to the job itself. As an actor, we have to be totally “spontaneous” and “directed”, that in circumstances that are themselves under control. Planning spontaneity it is by nature a contradiction. I live a little in the same way. I like to live in the moment but I also have to protect myself. In my life, not rushing things and not change what’s planned ahead is an effort, but it also allows me to have moments of spontaneity. It asks for a bit of organization. Sometimes, you just tell yourself: “Fuck it!” you do stupid things and it doesn’t matter. At the end of the day, the moments you’ve lived are your own. I don’t really care about my image in general, as long as I can live my life. I don’t care who consumes it.

MARIE CLAIRE: What do you like about fame?

KRISTEN: Being an actor has created strong connections with people that sometimes, you’ve just met. Fame allows me to have that chance on a larger scale. We do movies to get closer to others, to understand each other. I’m lucky, I love what I do, I meet extraordinary people.

MARIE CLAIRE: What do you hate about fame?

KRISTEN: To waste my time talking about it (laughing). It’s always…just like now. We’ve been on the phone for 8 minutes, and we’ve only talked about it. There’s not much to say about it, and no one wants to hear you whine about your job, especially when so many people aspire to become actors.

MARIE CLAIRE: Apparently your team in photo shoots is incredibly cool and effective. Have you ever fired someone?

KRISTEN: I’ve never directed a film, so I don’t have any employee I could fire.

MARIE CLAIRE: But some actors fire their agent or their publicists…

KRISTEN: I’ve worked with the same people since I was 12 years old. The same stylist, the same publicist, the same agent, I don’t have a manager. We’re like a family, we do a great job. It has happened that while I was on set, some people were taking pictures (People that should not have been there in the first place), my staff protected me so they kicked these assholes out.

MARIE CLAIRE: You grew up with three brothers. Did your mom use to tell you: "Kristen, you’re beautiful”?

KRISTEN: Yes, all the time! Always! We were really close when I was little, we still are. We were like friends, the only girls in the family, she used to bring me everywhere. Since very young, I was surrounded by adults and I think it’s very important to treat kids like that. To leave them some margin of implication and interaction, as if they were already what you wanted them to be. I was her friend. Yup, her lovely fucking daughter.

MARIE CLAIRE: When you look in the mirror, do you like what you’re seeing?

KRISTEN: Honestly, dude, when I was little…. I know there’s nothing more annoying that when actresses or people that are considered attractive say stupid stuff like: “I was so ugly” but let me tell you - I was just like my brother until I turned 14. Terribly worried because of it, really weird, totally lanky, clumsy, people used to confuse me for a boy constantly. The first time someone had to put a mic on me, the sound engineer put some tape on my chest - now don’t make a big deal about it - I was 10 years old. He was pressing hard and he said: “Hey you’re a strong kid, what’s up boy?” And I sat there and replied in a small voice: “Hmmm, no. Stop.” (*laughs*). And it was like that every single time. At some point, I liked being treated the way that I was. But do I love myself? That’s a funny question. I’m happy, I have a lot of luck, I’m healthy and I’m aware of it all.

MARIE CLAIRE: You used to be a tomboy. Did you get into fights as a kid?

KRISTEN: No, I’ve never really gotten into a fight, in the sense that I’ve never gave or been given a punch. But as I was the youngest, I was really competitive - too much. Sometimes I embarrass myself, It’s just too much and people around tell me: “Chill out” But to get into a fight, no! I don’t want to hurt anyone.

MARIE CLAIRE: When you were 20, you really played the feminine woman thing, with your long hair. Why did you cut it off?

KRISTEN: I cut it off for a film, “Equals”, which is coming out soon. It’s taking place in a dystopian reality, where people are genetically modified to be equal and watch over the group, they share the same curiosity. I love having long hair, but I feel good with short hair, as if I wasn’t hiding behind a veil anymore. It’s a new version of me.

MARIE CLAIRE: Long hair sends a message of feminity.

KRISTEN: Everyone loves long hair. As a result: everyone looks the same. Our generation is creating a new way of being ourselves, detached from those outdated norms that dictate what is rewarding and what everyone should look like. So many girls would be devastated, horrified if they had their hair cut: “Oh my God, I’m not pretty anymore!” But yes! You are! It’s really changing quickly, by the way, the acceptation of this ambiguous nature. More and more, people are seen as individuals. It’s great and it’s pretty easy when you think about it. People that aren’t allowing themselves to look like who they’d really want to be, because they’re afraid of what people might thing - they make me sad. It’s shitty, just horrible.

MARIE CLAIRE: My question might sound superficial, but have you noticed a difference in the way people look at you?

KRISTEN: Since I cut my hair, yes, some people don’t look at me anymore. Jerks that are like: “I don’t like you as much!” At first, when I was going out without all that hair, I really felt it: “Wow, the experience is a little bit different.”

MARIE CLAIRE: What is worse in your opinion, in Hollywood: Being a woman, being black or being gay?

KRISTEN: I don’t have much experience with these subjects; I don’t have much to say.

MARIE CLAIRE: What do you have to say about that group of men that is prominent in Hollywood?

KRISTEN: Nothing, except: “Keep making good films, we’re trying to do the same thing!” I’m really aware of how lucky I am, of the number of opportunities in the palm of my hands. For me, being a woman in the film industry isn’t very stressful, even if, it’s true; roles for us are not as big in numbers. I can’t ignore that there’s a real fight on this issue but, to be honest, I don’t really have that in mind at the moment, I’m working a lot, it’s working well and I’m really happy about it.

MARIE CLAIRE: So you’re not following in Jennifer Lawrence’s footsteps, who is going at war against inequalities between men and women when it comes to salaries?

KRISTEN: No. Right now, I’m working on small indie films, and it’s like a small family, we’re all on the same level.

MARIE CLAIRE: Was there a moment in your life when you didn’t feel free?

KRISTEN: In life, you’re often your own enemy. We’re all prisoners within ourselves in some way or the other, to grow up and find out who we are; it’s the goal, isn’t it? I really like growing older. As days go on, I feel freer, closer from who I want to become, it’s getting easier. I look at myself and I think: “It’s good, dude. Chill.”

MARIE CLAIRE: Do you like yourself?

KRISTEN: Looking at people who surround you is a good way of measuring your worth. My friends and the people I work with are exceptional. My job is my life, my life is my job. So, yes, I look at these incredible people around me. I’m in their lives because they’re terrific. Similarly, if they’re there, it’s for a reason, I must be pretty cool.

diva-gonzo  asked:

Anna: How about Harry and Ginny with this one: "Please put me down it’s just a sprained ankle" (only if you have time and inclination, no obligation to fulfill. See Rules and bylaws at any Waterstones for additional details.)

Thank you so much! I hope you like it :) The sentence is another from this list.

“Oh my God,” Ginny said, twirling around as they left the cinema. “That was amazing! Let’s go again!”

Harry laughed. “Well, I’m glad you liked it,” he said. “I think next Wednesday, they’re showing—”

“No, let’s go again now,” Ginny said. “And see it again. I want to see it again right now!” She looked so completely delighted that, at that moment, Harry would willingly have sat through Mulan for the remaining five showings of the day—until it was taken off the cinema’s list, if he had to. “It was so good!” she said now. “The bit where she—” She mimed stabbing an invisible Hun. “And then she—”

She continued play-acting her favourite scenes, which appeared to be all of them, and Harry watched her, relieved to see her smiling so much again. He had taken her to the cinema as an early birthday present, but also because going out in the wizarding world appealed to neither of them. He hadn’t been sure she’d like the idea of watching a film, nor had he any idea what was even showing these days, but he’d seen the word ‘Disney’ on the Mulan poster in the cinema’s entrance and figured that he couldn’t go too far wrong. He was right: Ginny had been stunned, then awed, then finally delighted by the film and all he cared about was seeing her finally smiling again after so long.

In fact, he was so busy staring at her that he didn’t see the small pothole in the pavement and tripped over, causing her to fall about laughing again. When he didn’t get up immediately, however, she stopped. “What’s wrong?” she asked.

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and after the storm ( I promise to hold you)

Rating: For general audiences

Pairing: Gavin/Michael

Summary: When Michael wakes up the first thing he notices is the buzzing in his ears. It isn’t unpleasant, just fucking insistent, and it makes his head thrum and pulse along with the noise.

A/N: Written for shaley, and was prompted by the video Seeing Her for the First Time Again. Go check it out if you haven’t seen it!

Another quick side note that I’ll be doing a lot more flash fics from now on, so if you have a prompt (a song, a scenario, a word) I really don’t mind if you leave them in my ask, just something to keep my muses going.

Hope you like it!

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