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Also, when I went to college One Piece was in the middle/towards the end of the arc (sorry I forgot the name) of where they were in the mermaid land and the pink haired girl (I am so sorry, I am/was such a ridiculous huge fan but college has been intense [as it is for everyone ehe]) if I want to watch it from there, can I? But I'm also confused because I remember reading the part when they were all separated...was that before or after they were reunited? I am so confused & don't know what to do

They were separated before they were re-united. Sabaody Archipelago Arc (when they get separated) to Amazon Lily Arc (focuses on Luffy). After Amazon Lily Arc, episodes 418-421 focus on The Straw Hats’ Whereabouts. Then Impel Down (still focusing on Luffy) happens and after that 453-4556 is again Straw Hats Whereabouts. Then Marineford Arc and then Grey Terminal Arc, followed by last Straw Hats’ Whereabouts episode with 506ish to 515ish. Then re-united, to Fishman Island Arc and then Punk Hazard Arc and then current Dressrosa Arc!!