81 Thoughts we all had when watching GM the Real World/Sassy Halter Top/The Other Side

1.     Why couldn’t they pick one damn name for this episode and stick with it that’s all I wanna know

2.     Riley is such a cutie

3.     But oh my god farkle is so hot

4.     And ive never shipped smarkle so much

5.     What is riley doing pls stop ur ruining this for yourself

6.     Riley ur a mess stop it hurts me to watch

7.     Oh but when farkle wins WATCH THOSE REACTIONS this is farkle winning and riley LOSING ok listen up kids

8.     I know whassup

9.     Cory talking… blah blah blah

10.  Smackle oh my GAWD I am on the floor

11.  More of cory blabbing pls let this be a fun episode

12.  Cory makes me think too deeply

13.  Ah but same maya so same

14.  The theme song OMG

15.  It’s such a bop im out of my seat and dancing

16.  Is it just me or is maya’s outfit v subpar

17.  Also that straight hair that she apparently “copied” from riley

18.  How were we supposed to buy that BS of a storyline

19.  Anyways back to the episode at hand

20.  That lollipop moment, gay as fuck

21.  How is riley actually this naiive I don’t buy it

22.  Im so confused rn why does she not know this

23.  maya throwing her sweater at her GAY gay I say

24.  LOL auggie is neglected af

25.  Ironic riley is the best riley

26.  No one cares about auggie and Topanga scenes LBR

27.  Topanga deserves better

28.  This is all so ironic

29.  Since riley knows nothing and rowan is SO FUCKING WOKE

30.  This part is like good tho, it needs to happen

31.  However the random clicking is quite awkward

32.  I wish they showed what it was that was on da screen

33.  Farkle pays to keep riley happy it’s canon

34.  Cookie day what the FUCK


36.  Zay’s reaction to riley OH MY GOD

37.  This cookie is only ok

38.  And he crumbles the cookie same

39.  Ur my new dark leader same

40.  Ok when u see excerpts from the promo and compare it to whats happening rn ur just like tf no

41.  Did maya name it SABBY MCGEE LIKE SABRING AND then there’s ROSIE MCGEE

42.  Rilaya af and SO extra

43.  Zay is done w dis shit

44.  Same tbh can I get out of this hole pls

45.  I didn’t ask for this

46.  Ok who is 2 shoes louis

47.  Like a homeless person?

48.  These kids need to take the drama level from 2834709870496 to like -7136 bc this is too much

49.  Ok me when I come home from school alright

50.  Like I eat the entire house down

51.  The deep deep debate talk

52.  Riarkle is so real in this episode

53.  And maya has been me the whole time I love her

54.  Zay is a king bc hes so real and ah

55.  I don’t know who raised her either

56.  Riley stop being deep

57.  Too much for me

58.  Ok but that line was so fucking pure help

59.  Is it just me or do riley and maya cry a lot over simple things

60.  Like id be so embarrassed to cry in front of my class over something like pollution maybe I’m cold hearted

61.  But then again I like cry watching every episode it’s unhealthy

62.  They make me so emotional

63.  Zaley! I don’t ship it romantically but hey cute tho

64.  And rowan’s voice is actually really good

65.  Song choice however

66.  Not so good

67.  This two shoes louis shit

68.  What the fuck

69.  I love this new nickname, maya papaya

70.  This guy don’t need two dollars

71.  Do u see his nice ass blazer

72.  And his clean hair

73.  This guy is a creepy rapist im convinced

74.  Ya he be buyin drugs

75.  Taking money from cute teenage girls

76.  Am I the only person that thought the same thing

77.  Or is my mind just too deep in the gutter

78.  Prolly

79.  Ok that wasn’t a bad episode

80.  But like personally I was not impressed

81.  But im SO here for the zaya that’s gonna be in GM Bear so who cares

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