a lot of what I have been doing lately is thinking about girls, and thinking about how much I love girls. girls are so soft and beautiful and I’ve been thinking about loving girls - about walking with my fingers laced with another girl; or how soft girls’ lips are to kiss; or what the curve of a girl’s waist feels like - but also the supportive friendship of girls and the possibility of just lying on a bed and watching friends together, resting your head on their lap… or maybe how it feels to lie on your back next to another girl and look at the sky and how that feels soft and safe and good. i love girls. 


Small gems like her are as easy to lose as a cell phone, but instead of just getting a new one from the store you have to snatch it out of the air, lock it in your bathroom, and re-indoctrinate its entire system of beliefs


laughing baby byun for my baby love @flowerboybaek​ 

yes, natasha romanoff is free to want a relationship with whomever she would choose. yes, natasha romanoff and bruce banner have an understanding on some level in that both have been forced into being something that they never wanted to be. that part has never been the subject of debate. 

we’re not displeased because natasha has chosen to pursue a relationship with bruce instead of steve/clint/bucky/whoever.

we are displeased because in order to make her the subject of a romance, joss whedon has stripped her of her best characteristics and forced her into the role of the pining damsel in distress.

we’re not displeased because we like a ship, we’re displeased because we like natasha romanoff

Sometimes I wish I let that girl have her way with me and she probably have made be sleep with her…
So I have a better reason to want to die… But I won’t because I care too much for the people around me

“glenn’s death is canon in the comics sweetie. there’s nothing the writers could’ve done to change that” “it’s negan’s fault glenn died not daryl’s. the writers made daryl punch negan” "protect daryl uwu”

Dating Jun (SVT) Would Include:

Another one! I’m trying to be productive lmao let’s go :)))

  • You meet him one day at a show
  • You’re one of his backup dancers for their next comeback and he’s been admiring you for your skill and passion for ages but he never said anything
  • But when Seventeen win another music show award and you congratulate him he starts gushing about how brilliant you are and then something starts
  • After a few months he asks you out and of course you agree
  • You thought he was flirty before whoo boy you see him now
  • Uses really cheesy pickup lines on you even after you start dating
  • “So do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”
  • “Junhui we’ve been dating for 2 years isn’t this getting old?”
  • Couple items
  • Mostly tees and shoes and shit
  • Loves showing you off
  • To everyone
  • Has more than once bragged about you to a stranger whilst you watched and shook your head XD
  • Kissing and holding you around the others as if to say “yep she’s mine”
  • Is all over you in general
  • Really clingy
  • Loves hugging you because then he can show off his strong ass arms as well
  • Back hugs when you’re cooking or unsuspecting or whatever
  • Normal hugs most of the time
  • Sleeps spooning you
  • Also loves it when you curl up to his side so he can wrap his arms around you and feel like he’s protecting you :’)
  • Likes to kiss you slowly and deeply to work you up
  • Is a hella big tease
  • Does that and acts sexy to get you really hyped up before deciding he wants to watch TV or smth
  • Meanwhile you’re whining incessantly bc how dare he whilst he laughs like the lil shit he is
  • Long ass makeouts
  • Lots of em
  • That are really lazy like your just straddling him on the couch and it’s a regular day but he decided why not lmao
  • Holds your ass or your hips whilst you do and 99.9% of the time you’re gonna end up naked there and then oops
  • Slow passionate sex
  • Rough kinky sex
  • You never really know with this man he likes to keep it interesting  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Pouting when he’s jealous and whining because he wants your attention gIVE HIM ATTENTION
  • Loves it when you kiss that pout away just saying
  • Both of you helping each other with Korean
  • Playing video games together till like 2 am
  • And getting really competitive
  • And binging on so many sweets that you feel a lil lightheaded XD
  • Singing to you / getting the boys to sing to you when you’re upset
  • Recruiting the help of sunshine line when cheering you up bc he wants to make you smile but he’s panicking because he doesn’t quite know what to do???
  • Or if you’re ill or on your period or whatever he pulls you so your legs are over his and your cuddled up to his side and rubs your back or smth like. He’s very comforting to have around.
  • Really romantic outdoor dates or dates laying on top of one another binging on films there’s no in-between XD
  • Always mocking him for his old films bc he’s so fucking CUTE
  • And him just going along with it because whatever he’s famous he doesn’t care B)
  • And he’s heard it all from the boys
  • When he’s down he’ll literally ask you for hugs and kisses till he feels better
  • And ofc you’re more than willing to cuddle with him and stroke his hair and talk to him and stuff until he feels okay
  • Being able to sit in silence and still love every moment together like. You’re one of those couples everyone envies bc you’re so perfect together you always have fun together
  • Doing random dances together all the time
  • Both serious choreographies and silly little dances XD
  • Going to performances to cheer him on and seeing him do better because of you
  • Going to practice for the same reason
  • And because the boys love you because more often than not you bring them snacks and drinks and bring Jihoon coffee when he’s working late and drag Junhui home and just
  • You look after them
  • For which Seungcheol is also grateful :’)
  • Doesn’t want to order Chinese or eat Chinese food ever
  • Bc he likes to cook it for you the way he was taught
  • Kissing your cheek a lot
  • Kissing you a lot in general
  • Your lips are so soft he just can’t resist okkkkkkkk
  • Gets all gross if someone flirts with you like. He will shove his tongue down your throat to make a point XD
  • He’s kinda a greaseball but he’s one hell of a gentleman and he’s 100000% lovable jfc I’m crying
  • Constant compliments
  • “Baobei?”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Just wanted to tell you I love you.”
  • ^You get that a lot
  • Because more often than not he doesn’t feel good enough for you but he treasures you more than anything and just wants you to know
  • And bc he knows you tend to feel the same sometimes :’)
  • So give him all of your love because you know you have all of his! Anyone else can see how crazy for you he is, and even the members have to admit they’re jealous of how great you both go together ^^

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