okay i am through 9 episodes of lucifer (because it’s consumed my life) aaaaand i have finally hit official residence in the deckerstar (is that what the ship is called yes?) trashcan

after she came to see him after the priest died and they played piano together, that was what did it, it had been brewing for a while but i literally whimpered out loud through that entire scene

(help me)

Can’t have enough Sonic Boom in my life. I mean, I was bored out of my mind during the TMNT Hiatus, I should have watched this goddamn show earlier, it made me laugh and have a very good/silly time these days. 

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Plus it dragged me back into the Sonic Fandom which was one of my first fandoms and OH BOY THE MEMORIES

“gillian where tf did you go”

I, uh, am getting caught up in another soul-sucking ship. The slow burn will surely kill me and if any of you watch a French show where there’s a goddamn two person love quadrangle front and center, you should definitely talk to me about it

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Okay. So I started watching Farscape on Netflix and I couldn't get past the first fifteen minutes of the pilot. Which is strange, considering the similarities between my TV likes/dislikes and yours. It seemed to me like they tried to cram too much in the first ep. You're the 'awesome sci-fi' chick that I follow, and your breakdown of the show a while back was the reason I started watching in the first place, so I'll defer to you. Should I give the pilot another shot? Does it get better soon?

Yay I’m the awesome sci-fi chick! I like that I’m that.

And oh my goddddddddd yes please. Do stick with the show! I know it seems like a lot to wait for as the first half of the first season seems to be something lots of people have had some restraint with because it’s not really at the a point in the show where the mythos is growing; there’s a lot of standalone episodes but in the very least those can be appreciated for the world building and character building. Which is quite an important thing for a show to do, I think. Most shows are always something that you need to take more patience with in a first season. This is the beginning, things are being fleshed out, the stories are getting their foundation and the characters need to be those you care about first and when that happens, you are more invested in the story to come.
I think once you get around to The Flax and especially A Human Reaction (one of the best episodes of the series!), you’d be more sure of sticking with it, more invested and dare I say obsessed.
Then the last few episodes of season one bring in the beginnings of the always wonderful 2 and 3 parters Farscape does so masterfully, plus the cliffhanger season-enders they always do. Nerve and The Hidden Memory is the first two-parter and it’s a very good example of just how well Farscape does with these episodes that run straight on with the story. As for the season one finale, Family Ties, it pretty much blows the mythos into full force by introducing the arch-nemesis for John with Scorpius. Then from season 2 onwards, it’s pretty much full-on mythos. But by then the standalones they do have are usually so well done and you care so much about the characters you don’t mind.
Farscape is the one show out there that I think pushed the boundaries on story-telling and didn’t draw from a lot of tropes that many shows can have. John and Aeryn, there’s never a frustrating will they/won’t they strung out ploy. They will. It’s set from their first meeting. As for the others, the individual characters are all at the beginning selfish for their own needs but come to be a crew, and a family over time. It’s seriously my favorite show ever, I know I flip back and forth but in the end it really is #1 in my heart. And I just wish more people out there could see it and love it the way I do. It’s definitely a show that rewards you if you stick with it!