honestly one of my fave things about binge watching tv shows is the inevitable christmas episode like it could be goddamn july and i’ll still get that nostalgic wintery feel as “have yourself a merry little christmas” plays softly alongside the burning hot sunshine coming through my window

how are we still having the “is hannigram canon?” discussion

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these two are blatantly, obviously, deeply, unhealthily emotionally entwined, if not outright in love. it doesn’t have to be sexual – emotionally (perhaps even romantically) – they are a pair. they are a duality, a “we” by their own admittance (“we are a zero-sum game”).

these gifs are not even the sum total of everything, either. it’s more a sampler of “greatest hits”. 

hannigram is canon. period, the end. 

can we move on now?

the most beautiful words in the english lenguage

High School (in tv shows): Hella dramatic, errbody sleeping with errbody, parties pretty much nonstop, 26 is the new 16, murders?, marriages?, business ventures?, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STUFF THAT IS EVER GOING TO HAPPEN TO US EVER EVER.

High School (in real life): Homework. 

In the movie the Truman show, as soon as Truman breaks his normal routine and starts figuring shit out, the actors around him have no idea how to respond. They don’t know what to do. Which means that this dude has been doing the same routine for YEARS. Same fucking thing every day. So much of the same that nobody knows how to respond when he takes even one step out of line.

Which begs the question…….why do people watch the Truman show? Why watch this boring guy go through his same boring routine every damn day?

In the film, the question “how will it end?” is repeated over and over, yet the creators of the show are FORCING it to continue by making sure Truman NEVER TRIES TO LEAve.

And yet the reason why people watch the show is to see how it ends!!!! They watch this dude go through the same routine every day of his goddamn life just because they wanna see if anything ever changes!!!!!

Is this why I watch sooperbloop????? Am I the security guards and servers in the Truman show who sit in front of their tvs all day every day waiting for something different to happen?????

Who is being played in the Truman show???????? Truman or ME??!!!!??