It’s the same shit all over again. I understand that you don’t like how the things turned out, but saying that you will send shitty messages to the author is completely immature and quite pathetic. Feel free to make your own story, but stop bashing the author

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The reason the loo hurts us so much was because of the baiting and giving us false hope. Now you have the creator of Vikings telling you point blank that he thinks a woman only chooses another woman because she was hurt by men and can't trust them anymore, along with saying the F/F relationship is something temporary. If that doesn't bother you...

LMAO how ignorant can you be?

first of all, it isn’t baiting. he isn’t leaking sex scenes and asking for likes and follows in exchange for BTS pics or invading wlw forums to give false hope. it’s season fucking 4 onto filming the 5th, they don’t need to queerbait.

second of all, there are tons of women (lesbians and bisexual women) who had been hurt by men and started dating women after, so congratulations on being a jerk and invalidating all of those women and their relationships.

so no. it doesn’t bother me because I’m not watching it for a wlw relationship (because there was no baiting) but purely for the story and the characters. will I be angry if she dies? yes cause it’s a statistic. but not everything is a code 307.

stop guilt tripping people and let them watch what they want. i’m a grown ass woman, I can make decisions for myself, thanks.

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can you draw me a baby carrot please?

so apparently someone has been stalking my blog and sending me anon hate periodically for months?? which is really, really uncomfortable wow

gandalf the grey and gandalf the white and monty python and the holy grail’s black knight and benito mussolini and the blue meanie and cowboy curtis and jambi the genie, robocop, the terminator, captain kirk and darth vader, lo pan, superman, every single power ranger, bill s. preston and theodore logan, spoke, the rock, doc ock and hulk hogan all come outta nowhere lightning fast and they kick kylo ren in his punk bitch ass, it was the awesomest battle that the galaxy ever saw the resistance looking on in total awe

 ADMITTEDLY ,    mistakes  were  made !

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Are any of the mods up for being friends :0? I kinda watch from the sidelines and unfollowed because my dash was spammed with recent events (ts usually not this much ill refollow when things are calmer) but if like, someone was interested in conversin with y'all in pm or something how.. how willin would yall be :0??

I would be fine with this. I don’t know if I feel comfortable sharing my blog with all of the events that’s been going on but in a private PM I could share of course.

–Mod Max

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Hope Neymar deletes his Instagram, people are too obsessed with it. Watching who he follows and unfollows & watching what he likes. It is creepy

No. I just think that Instagram should block those abilities. Seeing someone’s likes is causing too many problems.