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I came here for Romano. Not spamono. I loved this blog but it's becoming a no for me. I'm unfollowing.

//okie!~ it was nice having you while you stayed :D (but I think u missed a small little detail when u followed ‘cause the first thing I did when startin up my fabulous blog was a headcanons page. From the start spamano was gonna be included, bud… sorry that you didn’t find out until I started drawing it like crazy XD)


I’m going to slowly detach myself from The 100. Everything is honestly garbage, and Comic Con just sealed the deal for me. My resentment has being accumulating for a long time now and S4 isn’t looking promising at all. I’m not watching. I’ve unfollowed the cast on Twitter and I’m no longer going to create any content for the fandom, or track any tags related to the show.

I won’t unfollow any of my friends who are still choosing to watch, I support them 100%. I’m not going to reblog any wank or talk about the show anymore. I still ship Bellarke and always will. I’m still going to read fic and reblog Bellarke sets I like that come across my dash, but I’m just done being heavily involved.

If you want to unfollow me since I’m not going to be producing stuff, that’s cool, no hard feelings. I just want to give you all a heads up. I’m a fangirl and shipper through and through, so I’ll always have shows and books to blog about.

The 100 is just no longer one of them.

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i'm not sure if it's the same person but someone on my dash was bitching about the APMAs being fake and awful and what-have-you but they were still watching it so i just unfollowed them ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ they wanna be salty then be salty but i don't want it interrupting my victory dance for pstump

like why complain about something

that you’re still gonna take part in

bandom is so salty like bye indie pop punk fucker 2000 💁