Watch The Throne 2 Confirmed [video]

Last summer Hov & Kanye gave us the excellence that was the Watch The Throne album and it looks like there is more to come. Mike Dean, Kanye’s go-to producer and engineer, confirmed the album sequel is in the works.

Here's my opinion...

Watch The Throne doesn’t move me. It’s lyrical irrelevance, tho’ not totally surprising, was disappointing. Esp. being 2 of the most(Thee Most) relevant Hip-Hop artist of this era, I feel like they had an opportunity to create a major shift in content of today’s Hip-Hop, moving forward towards a greater acceptance of balance in popular music, via various subject matter, production styles, and overall envelope pushing. They could’ve EASILY influenced or supported brewing musical revolutions. But, I don’t think they maximized that moment, at least not with relevant social commentary & not even sonically. There’s a difference between Hot & Timeless(Classic). This project leans more towards the former.

I guess they can try again with WTT 2, but that will inevitably be a different moment to cease. Opportunity missed. This is not to bash JaYe, fans of, or WTT itself even. Just to say, as an artist, I was disappointed & unmoved by the content, & as a consumer/supporter of these artist I yearned for something else. BTW I do know how to separate the two(Which is important), even if at times it can be a bit more challenging to do so. Anyway, Hip-Hop needed it’s Throne Holders to guide us & usher in a validation of substance, definitely during these times where it lacks such, especially in the way of mainstream. They possess(ed?) the power to cause a market shift in one fell swoop, subsequently having the consumer demand more of said substance. Why they haven’t, at least in a manner that would swing the pendulum of popular music back into(or closer to) balance? You tell me.