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Watch The Throne 2 out in a few weeks?

It looks weirdly as if “The Throne 2”, the long-rumoured and much discussed sequel to last year’s fantastic collaboration between Kanye West and Jay-Z “Watch The Throne” will be out on 3 December 2012, according to,uk, where you can pre-order it for £9! What’s going on?

Ironically it is not listed on Amazon’s US site

I’m sooo excited aaargh… I’m DJing tonight but I think I’m more excited about a new Jay-Z/ Kanye album being just 13 days away! Wow, what a world we live in.

The listing shows the back cover and even the tracklisting:

External image

That second track, Young Folks, is the same as Kanye’s previous track Young Folks from the “Can’t Tell Me Nothing” mixtape and I think Throw Some D’s was on “Freshman Adjustment 3”. You know how I know? I’ve found samples of every track on this German site… So either at least two tracks are quite old, or this is a fake…

Hmmm… I f___ing love that I may have found actual big news BEFORE all those Pitchfork, NME, etc… If so- in your face mainstream media ; )


As the constitutional convention draws to a close, rappers from all across the country sign and ratify the #presyeezy document

“Watch The Throne 2” has been confirmed by producer Jahlil Beats!!! Jahlil Beats also revealed that he’s been recording music with his management boss, Jay-Z. Even though the Roc Nation producer couldn’t confirm where the songs would end up, he did confirm that Watch The Throne 2 is in the works.

Read The Full article Here:′-confirmed-by-producer-jahlil-beats/