An open letter to my husband

by reddit user VenomousHeroine

A friend of mine recently bought a second hand laptop from a busy garage sale, the seller said that the thing won’t turn on. Being the nerd that he is, my friend got it working and found a strange letter saved on it. He mailed it to me after I asked him if I could share it here. So here goes:

“Dear Matthew,

I’m writing to you to tell you that I know everything that you do not want me to know. I know you must dread hearing this- especially coming from me, but I really need you to listen to what I have to say.

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let me love you

word count:2020
Ryder Lynn x reader

song imagine but not with the annoying lyrics…

I walk the halls with Marley and Jake, heading for glee club. They’re holding hands and every now and then his thumb rubs over her knuckles to assure her he’s still holding hers. I sigh as I see how in love they are. I’ve never dated anyone which also means I haven’t even kissed a boy. Marley notices my mood drop and as my best friend she knows exactly what’s wrong, as always.

“you’ll meet the right boy in time, maybe sooner thank you think…” she winks and giggles walking into glee club, Jake trails behind her after giving me a smirk. I follow them with my eyebrows furrowed in confusion. I sit down and prepare myself for today’s assignment. Finn comes in not long after and heads for the whiteboard, he writes something then turns to us. He moves out of our way so we can see what he has written- in blood red ink is spelt ‘LOVE’. I shrink in my chair knowing all the couples are going to go to town with their ballads and I’ll sit and watch, alone, because I’m single. I lose interest for a few seconds as everyone mutters about their ideas of songs to sing, I pick at my nails tuning everyone out until I hear Ryder trying to get everyone’s attention. When he finally has he stands in front of us. I sit up straight again.

“uh, I’ve liked someone for a while now and I thought If I can’t say it I can sing it. I asked Finn for this weeks assignment.” he says nervously, pulling out a chair and sitting backwards on it. It’s almost directly in front of me and my heart jumps at the possibility. He starts singing and I instantly recognise it as Ne-Yo’s let me love you, one of my favourite songs of his. Throughout the song he stares at me, I blush and I even start to well up but don’t let the tears pass. When he’s finished he’s breathing starts to get heavy as he takes my hand in his. 

“y/n will you go out with me?” he asks nervously. I nod and smile. The glee club cheer and we get dismissed by Finn. As everyone’s filing out I take the time to speak to Ryder as he slowly packs his bag. 

“how long have you liked me?” I ask curiously. He blushes. 
“uh” he laughs nervously. “since I met you” he blushes even more. I blush too. “so that date?…” he trails off while staring at the floor. 
“tonight? or is that too eager?” I mumble fumbling with the strap on my bag. He smiles proudly.
“very eager” he smirks. “but tonight is great, Breadstix at 7?” he suggests. I nod and lean up to peck his cheek then leave. Outside Marley is standing with a grin on her face. She links her arm with mine and her smile widens. 

“I told you so” I give her a deadpanned look and she laughs. “now come on we have to get you ready for your first date” she squeals. I shush her. “what?” she asks. 
“I don’t want anyone to hear that I haven’t been on a date yet, especially Ryder” I mutter. 
“wait do you like Ryder too?” she yells. I shush her again and see Ryder and Jake standing off to the side, Jake grinning and Ryder blushing. We make eye contact and he smiles at me while mouthing ‘see you tonight’ I nod back and turn to leave with Marley in tow. 

We get to my house and start getting ready. She helps me with my hair, makeup and outfit choice. Everything has to be perfect. The doorbell rings at exactly 7 and I go to open it. I had decided to wear flats so I don’t accidentally fall over in my heels and make a fool of myself, I had put on a dress that is dressy up or casual. My hair is curled and I have a light smokey eye, but decided to not wear any lipstick. When I open the door I see the most amazing sight. Ryder stands there nervously playing with the button on his suit jacket. He holds a single rose and it takes me a moment to catch my breath before I finally mumble out a ‘hi’. His head snaps up to mine and he stops in his tracks looking me up and down. I shuffle nervously under his gaze. 

“what?” I say self consciously. 
“nothing, you’re just beautiful” he smiles. I smile back at him while grabbing my jacket and coat then stepping out onto my porch. He takes my hand leading me to his car. We drive to Breadstix making small talk. A song I love comes on the radio and I immediately reach for the dial to turn it up, apparently Ryder likes this song too and was also going to turn it up. I pull my hand away and blush, he laughs and turns the song up. I can’t help myself and  start to sing. He looks at me with a smile. We both end up belting the tune out together, Ryder all the while trying to drive safely. 

We make it to Breadstix and we exit the car. Ryder runs around to my side of the car and takes my hand. We walk into the restaurant and get seated. Throughout the dinner we eat- obviously and talk about everything. I feel that when we leave I know everything about him. He pays for the check much to my protest to split it and walks me back to his car. We get in and I turn to him. 

“can you not take me home just yet?” I whisper to him. He smiles and nods.
“where would you like to go?” He says. I think for a moment. 
“Let’s go the beach” I say. He thinks about it for a moment first then nods enthusiastically. We drive to the beach and I leave my shoes in the car when we step out. 
“you coming?” I say to him eager to feel the sand beneath my feet. 
“I’ll be there in a second” he smiles. I nod and go to find a good spot. I find one and stare out onto the sea, the moon peeking behind it. A strong arm wraps around my waist and I look up to find Ryder grinning holding a few blankets. He sets one down on the sand to lie on and we do, with the other he places over us. We sit for a while and continue to talk until I start to get tired and lay down. He lays beside me, our bodies facing and our noses nearly touching. 

“I’m really glad you asked me out, I never thought it would happen” I say with a breath of a giggle. He grins widely. 
“does that mean you have a crush on me too?” he raises his eyebrows. I whack his arm. 
“of course I do, I mean your amazing and uh-” I’m cut off by Ryder’s warm lips despite the coldness from the wind. It starts off slow but then it get’s really passionate. I pull apart biting my lip and blushing. 

“That was amazing” I whisper. He nods back while biting his lip. 
“that was the best kiss I ever had” He laughs. I look away from his eyes embarrassed. 
“that was my only kiss” I mumble but he hears it because he reaches for my hand. 
“really? I’m sorry, I didn’t know I just assumed your so beautiful I thought for sure you’d have had a boyfriend before” I cut him off this time with my own lips. He grins into the kiss and caresses my hip pulling our bodies flush against each other. I gasp at his sudden confidence and he pulls away with a smirk. Somehow we end up falling asleep. 

The next morning we wake up to the blinding sun. I’m spread across Ryder’s chest and his lips are pressed against my forehead while he grips my waist tightly but not so tight as to hurt me. I put my hand over his and trace his knuckles. He smiles tiredly and reaches for his phone. He looks at the clock and sits up quickly pulling me with him. He rushes to stand up and grabs my hand to pull me up to. 

“we have 15 minutes to get to school” he panics. I nod and we rush to his car. 
“wait we don’t have clothes, I can’t go to school like this!” I rush out. He thinks for a moment and jumps out of the car running to open the boot. He comes back with a bag. 

“I was supposed to stay at Jake’s the other night but he had to help Marley with something. It has a pair of sweatpants in there and a t shirt. I think there’s a jacket in the too.” he says handing me it and pointing to the back seat. I look at him sceptically then dive into the back considering the time. “I won’t look” he smirks. I nod sarcastically and flip him the bird. He drives off to school. 
“what about you, you can’t go to school in a suit…”I mutter pulling his jacket over myself. I admire myself in it for a second before looking up to him, he’s looking in the mirror at me in an indescribable way. I smile slightly. 
“There’s a pair of jeans and a t-shirt in there too, I’ll change quickly when we get to school. I nod then realise he’s driving. 
“okay” I say climbing back into the front seat. I check my makeup in the mirror and I’m thrilled to see it hasn’t smudged at all then I pull on my converse. When I’m done he grabs my hand. 

“this isn’t the exact circumstance but would you be my girlfriend?” he asks nervously, I squeeze his hand. 
“obviously” I grin and peck his cheek. He smiles and pulls into the parking lot, I step out leaving him in the car to change. I get a few weird looks as people walk past but I just smile at them awkwardly. A few seconds later Ryder steps out dressed in normal clothes. He instantly stops and looks me up and down.

“what?” I mutter. 
“You look so cute in my clothes” he whispers pulling my face up to his, he pecks my lips then we walk into school, straight to glee club. We walk in holding hands and the chatter of the room stops. We ignore them and sit in the back. The chatter starts again slowly until Kitty speaks up. 

“Are we all just going to ignore that y/n has arm candy?” She yells over everyone. Everything goes silent and  I slouch down in my seat. Ryder smiles really big. 

“were dating” he announces. 
“no shit sherlock” Jake laughs. I blush as Ryder grips onto my hand. 
“is nobody going to mention the fact that shes dressed head to toe in his clothes too?” Tina blurts out. I blush even harder and before we have time to reply Finn interrupts. 
“come on guys, we have regionals to prepare for, leave them alone” he says and gives me a wink afterwards, I smile gratefully. 

After glee club I leave the room as quickly as possible, I make it to my locker when I’m cornered by Marley, Unique, Kitty and Tina. They look at me expectantly and I groan. 
“We went to breadstix then we went to the beach afterwards, we accidentally fell asleep and we didn’t have time to go home so he had some clothes in his car, the shoes are mine but the shirt, sweatpants and jacket are his” I flush crimson as they ‘aww’ and hit my arm.  I see Ryder walk past with Jake, Blaine and Sam. He winks at me and I look away smiling. The girls see this and freak out even more. I sigh but continue smiling. 

“come on, let’s go to class” I say giggling.

Gryffindor Meets Ravenclaw - Part 2 (C.H.)

A/N: it was requested a couple of times

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Part 1 / Part 3


“So, is he nervous?” I asked Ashton as we made our way to the Quidditch field, trailing slightly behind Michael and Luke.
Ashton shook his head. “Calum? Nervous? Nah, if anything he’s probably just really hyped.”
I nodded. “Do you think he’s already flying?” I couldn’t help but ask since many of the players were already on their brooms in the air, circling around the pitch.
“Nope.” Ashton said without a second thought.
I gave him a look. “How are you so sure?”
“Because he’s standing right there.”
My head whipped around to see Calum casually leaning against one of the stands with his broom lying beside him.
My heart started to race when he took notice of our little gang approaching and his eyes met mine.
“Glad you could make it,” Calum told me as he embraced me in a hug.
I blushed. “You better be worth my sleepless nights, Hood.”
He winked. “I’ll make it worth your while.”
The sound of fake gagging and vomit noises were heard and we both turned to glare at the boys.
The three of them soon stopped and pretended to look elsewhere as if they hadn’t been interrupting.
I turned back to Calum as I heard a whistle. “Looks like you’re up, Hood.”
He smiled down at me. “Wish me luck?” He asked me as he grabbed his broom and started to mount it.
I took a step forward and made a bold move of kissing his cheek. “Good luck.”
The smile that graced Calum’s lips made me swoon and he gave me a cheeky little wink before he was up in the air and heading towards the field.

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The Exception- part 2

idk what I’m doing… I’m going somewhere with this I swear. 

Part 1

Friday afternoon, Nico’s phone began to buzz. “Hello?”

“Is it bad that I kind of want to get really messed up?” Will’s voice came, quick and frustrated.

Nico didn’t answer, his eyebrows furrowed. After a moment, he said, “Um… what?”

Will growled and huffed. “I saw him. I saw him with some other guy and they just walked right by me like it didn’t even matter and I’m just past the point of crying, I’m just angry. I’m angry and I want to forget and get stupid drunk or something.”

“Um, okay hold on there, party animal,” Nico chuckled. “Look, I know this club and we can go and probably get you a drink but you’re crazy if you think I’m going to let you get wasted. Trust me it’s not fun. We’ll just go and destress, and you’ll feel way better.”

Will groaned and sighed. “Fine. Whatever. I just… I need to get my mind off of all of this.”

“I’ll get to your dorm around nine.”

“Can I go to yours? He’s in this hall, and I really don’t feel like being here if I don’t need to be.”

“Sure.” Will thanked him and hung up. Nico sighed and shook his head. He’d been helping Will out with the breakup for two weeks. At first he would cry a lot. Then he seemed like he didn’t care. They’d watch movies or eat burgers and laugh and it seemed like he wasn’t heartbroken. Then moments like this would come up, and Nico would have to level out his emotions for him. Which was new considering he didn’t understand his own emotions half the time.

Nico got to his dorm after work and began working on some homework before taking a shower. His roommate was busy reading a book and didn’t bother to ask if he was going out. After taking a shower, he tugged on his jeans and left the bathroom in search of a shirt that hadn’t fallen to the floor and gotten soaked through.

“Hey Nic-oh,” Will’s voice trailed off and Nico jumped and turned to see Will sitting at his desk with rosy cheeks, his eyes scanning the empty desk.

“Whoa, hey!” Nico said, suddenly very self-conscious of his bare torso.

“Said he was here for you, so I let him wait in here,” his roommate called.

“Yeah, thanks,” Nico said. He chuckled and went to his closet, trying not to feel so tense. He pulled on a black shirt and his leather jacket. “Sorry, I was doing homework,” he told Will as he brushed his teeth.

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Good Boys Don’t Whine

The laughter from Hoseok and the maknae line filled the house, as it had for the past almost two hours since they got home from dance practice. They were all in high spirits since they had a very rare day off the following day. The other members were scattered across the dorm enjoying every second of their short freedom; Namjoon was writing in the kitchen, Seokjin was watching some drama and, although no one was absolutely positive, everyone was willing to bet money that Yoongi had already started his hibernation.

“You pushed me! The only reason I’m losing is because you made me drop my controller!” Jimin’s whines did nothing for him against a strong opponent like Jungguk. Jimin continued to whine as Jungguk kept pushing and teasing Jimin about the video game they were playing. Meanwhile, from Hoseok’s bed where they sat, Taehyung and Hoseok threw whatever they could get their hands on at Jimin and Jungguk in hopes of distracting them since they wouldn’t take turns on the game. All of the giggling and playing wore Taehyung out as if practice didn’t do that already. He laid his head on Hoseok’s shoulder and wrapped his arms around Hoseok’s arm. 

“I think I’m tired now, hyung,” Hoseok laid his head against Taehyung’s and patted his thighs.

“Then just go to sleep,” Taehyung responded by pointing his finger in the direction of the wildly competitive members on the floor and cocked an eyebrow. Hoseok lifted his head off of Taehyung’s and stood up. 

“Don’t worry, Tae-ah, I’ll take care of everything!” Hoseok exclaimed brightly and flashed Taehyung a smile so brilliant that it made his heart ache a bit. He didn’t bother to watch Hoseok sabotage the fiery competition because he had seen it many times before. Jimin would always swear that Hoseok was evil, but Taehyung always disagreed adamantly. Hoseok was his angel and his hope, as Hoseok liked to be called, he’d sell his soul to the devil for just one chance to really be with him, no matter how ill-fated it was. If only…

“What the hell, w-we were playing that, hyung!” Jimin’s whines were so persistant and happened so often in a single day that they had become ineffective long ago. 

“Oh no, I tripped! Woopsieeeee~” Hoseok’s syrupy sweetness seeped out of his every pore as he lied straight to Jimin’s face. Jimin just rolled his eyes, mumbling something about Hoseok being the devil.

“You were never going to win anyway. We should have recorded that so the ARMYs could see how much of a sore loser you are,” Jungguk stood up and ruffled Jimin’s hair, grabbing the camera. “Look we still have time, it’s written all over your face that you lost to me. Again.” Hoseok threw his head back and laughed, following Jungguk in ruffling Jimin’s hair.

“Hey! Listen to me, Kookie, I’m your HYUNG, you can’t just make fun of me like that! Plus, the ARMYs would be on my side because I’m so cute and you’re so mean to me,” Jimin pouted as he stood up, taking the camera out of Jungguk’s hands.  Hoseok turned away from the bickering boys to see Taehyung had quietly set up his laptop and was already curled under Hoseok’s blankets, watching One Piece. He smiled fondly at Taehyung’s back and walked over toward him.

“Ah, TaeTae, find your own bed, I don’t want you here!” Hoseok playfully pushed Taehyung as he sat on top of his bed. Taehyung pulled one of his headphones, propped himself on one elbow and looked back at Hoseok. 

“Hm. I’ll get in my bed if you go get me a cup of water,” Taehyung’s response wasn’t loud, but it still grabbed Jimin’s attention.

“Divaaaaa! You are such a diva! You should be called princess, not Seokjin-hyung!” Jimin teased, saying ‘diva’ in a sing song voice as he grabbed a pillow at launched it at Taehyung, who quickly pulled the blanket over his head to avoid being hit. Hoseok caught the pillow mid-air and threw it back.

“Jimin-ah, maybe you should be called princess because you definitely throw like one,” Hoseok wrinkled his nose as he giggled at Jimin’s mock offense. He looked back at Taehyung and nodded his head, walking out of the room to grab a cup of water. Taehyung put his headphone back in his ear and turned his attention back to One Piece, tuning out Jimin and Jungguk’s request for Taehyung to join them in doing a video for the Naver V app. He always tried to watch one episode of One Piece everyday, but today he found it a little difficult to focus. He anticipated the feel of Hoseok’s warmth against him because they both knew he wasn’t leaving this bed. Taehyung silently wished for Jimin and Jungguk to go bother someone else. Suddenly Hoseok’s voice brought him out of his thoughts, even over the sound of the show coming through his headphones. 

“You guys should go play with Namjoonie, he’s been working too hard and I bet he’d appreciate you two wanting to make a video with him,” Hoseok wiggled his eyebrows up and down, pawning them off onto anyone else for Taehyung’s sake and it brought color to his cheeks. He couldn’t stop staring at his hyung standing in the doorway, hip leaning against the door frame, smirk playing on his lips, eyes bright and a cup of water in his hand meant only for him. Taehyung lived for the confidence that radiated from Hoseok like it was his only source of life. Jimin and Jungguk both shrugged at Hoseok’s suggestion and left the room, agreeing they should just film Yoongi sleeping instead. Hoseok waited for them to exit the room before shutting off the bedroom light and walking over to Taehyung, guided by the brightness of the laptop screen. He held out the cup of water with a smile Taehyung could barely see but could never miss. Taehyung paused his show and sat up, taking the cup from Hoseok’s hand and biting his lip when his fingers brushed up against Hoseok’s. Hoseok noticed him bite his lip and quickly turned around to walk around the bed to hide his own lip bite.

Does he know what he does to me with those luscious lips? Ugh, I wish I were that cup of water… Hoseok internally groaned because he couldn’t keep Taehyung out of his thoughts for even a minute second, he was always surprised when Taehyung didn’t notice. He knew that he was affectionate with everyone, that’s just the kind of guy he was, but sometimes he worried that maybe he was too obvious with the intense amount of affection and skinship he showered Taehyung with. He put his hands on him any chance he got, even if it was just a loving pat on the head. Every touch, look, or rectangular smile electrified him, like he was performing on stage, but only for Taehyung. 

Hoseok climbed into his bed and underneath the blankets, next to a distracted Taehyung. He laid on his back and stared up at the ceiling, mentally pleading Taehyung to abandon his anime and just fucking look at him. Anything would do. Taehyung must have heard Hoseok’s silent pleas because he glanced back at Hoseok’s face for just a moment to see his eyes closed with his arms behind his head.

Oh god, I hope the darkness hides my inexperience, Taehyung thinks as he swallows his anxious feelings and closes his laptop, rolling over to face Hoseok. He lays his head on Hoseok’s chest and his leg over Hoseok’s legs while simultaneously wrapping his long arms around his slender yet muscular build. Hoseok responds quickly, like he would naturally, even though every nerve in his body is on edge from Taehyung’s touch. He knows this is just Taehyung being Taehyung, but, as always, he desperately hopes for something more. He moves his arms from underneath his head to pull Taehyung closer to his body, their separate warmths becoming one fire. Taehyung knew his face was crimson as he looked up at Hoseok in the dark of the room, but carried on with what his body was yearning for. He dragged one hand across Hoseok’s clothed chest, making sure to slowly go over his nipple with a touch more pressure before resting his hand right below Hoseok’s collarbone. Hoseok sharply sucked in a breath and tightened his grip around Taehyung, his mind reeling. He looked down at him to find Taehyung’s face mere inches from his own. He could feel Taehyung’s breath dance on his lips, and though Hoseok could only make out a silhouette of Taehyung, he could picture his lips in his mind clear as day. Taehyung craved Hoseok’s kiss so badly, inebriated by Hoseok’s smell, warmth, strength. His craving was far more intense now than it had ever been and he felt dizzy being in Hoseok’s presence, everything about him so intoxicating. Taehyung felt Hoseok move his arm up then shuddered as he lightly ran his finger up from the base of Taehyung’s neck, traced his jawline then slowly rubbed his thumb over Taehyung’s bottom lip. He swallowed down a whimper.

“Hyung?” Taehyung’s husky voice quivered from his lust overtaking his body, slowly then all at once. 

“Yes, Tae?” Hoseok failed to sound collected as the feel of Taehyung’s lip underneath his thumb made his confidence dissipate and his voice crack. Taehyung must have stolen at least some of Hoseok’s confidence somehow because the words he spoke did not feel like his own.

“Are you going to kiss me or not?” Taehyung’s words surprised both of them but he kept his cool, staring at Hoseok and taking his wide eyes captive. Hoseok faltered for a moment, then cautiously slipped his hand from Taehyung’s lip to the back of his head. He pulled Taehyung forward and their lips almost immediately melted together. Hoseok couldn’t control himself and kissed Taehyung, hungrily, a rhythm that both men picked up quickly. Taehyung bit onto Hoseok’s bottom lip before smoothing his tongue over the indents of his teeth, pulling a moan from Hoseok’s throat. Taehyung felt a tight ball of heat in the pit of his stomach begin to grow and warm his whole body, so he moved himself over Hoseok and straddled him, sharing his warmth and giving him the freedom to run his hands over Taehyung’s body. Taehyung realized the others were right down the hall, that the door was open and that they had thin walls, but he couldn’t help but want to do anything  possible to hear Hoseok moan. Hoseok’s hands glided slowly, painfully slowly, up Taehyung’s thighs before finding his hips and pressing his fingers roughly enough to leave bruises, making Taehyung gasp. Hoseok could feel himself getting hard as Taehyung’s lips left his own and travelled to his neck, leaving a trail of hot kisses, purple bruises and playful bites down to Hoseok’s collar. Hoseok hummed in satisfaction and pulled Taehyung’s hips down to grind into his already full erection. Taehyung groaned and took a fistful of Hoseok’s shirt, desperately trying to pull it off. Hoseok put his hands over Taehyung’s and pulled them off of his shirt, then pulled him down to leave a chaste kiss on his lips before rolling Taehyung over. Hoseok swung his legs over and lifted himself off of the bed, a confused stare following him around as he quietly danced to the door, closing and locking it. Hoseok never felt so mischievous, never ached so much for a touch, never quivered so much at just the thought of someone.

“Hurry back, hyung,” Taehyung purred, giving Hoseok goosebumps without even touching him. Hoseok’s face grew smug as he sauntered back towards the bed, ever so slowly.
“A little impatient, aren’t you?” The way Hoseok spoke felt foreign to him, something he only imagined in fantasies. The confidence of the two combined kept bouncing back and forth between them, earning excitement from them after every word uttered and after every move made.
“Hyuunnggg,” Taehyung whine and crawled to the end of the bed in an effort to reach Hoseok sooner. Hoseok put his hands out for Taehyung to grab and he roughly pulled Hoseok towards him. Hoseok pushed Taehyung’s hands away from him and used his own to swiftly pull Taehyung’s shirt off of him, throwing it on the floor. Hoseok put his hands on Taehung’s shoulder, leaned in closely and kissed his neck, lightly. Hoseok’s breath ghosted over Taehyung’s ear as he whispered, roughly.
“Say ‘please’ when speaking to your elder, Kim Taehyung.” Hoseok began to take control, and the way Taehyung shivered was all he needed to let his desires come alive.
“Forgive me, hyung. I just wanted your hands on me.” Hoseok could hear the stutter in Taehyung’s husky voice as he submitted to him. Hoseok chuckled, and then shoved Taehyung onto his back with an intimidating force. Taehyung opened his mouth to say something, but completely lost his train of thought when he saw Hoseok remove his shirt, revealing a toned and taut chest.
“Say please, Tae.” Taehyung’s breath hitched as Hoseok crawled towards him. He reached up to run his hands over Hoseok’s chest as he lowered himself on to Taehyung, catching his lips with his own. Taehyung wasted no time in finding more ways to make Hoseok moan again, running his tongue over Hoseok’s bottom lip, requesting entrance, while moving a hand down to palm Hoseok’s cock. Hoseok moaned and pressed himself into Taehyung’s hand for more friction. Everything was happening so quickly and all he could think is that he needed Taehyung’s touch setting his skin on fire; he didn’t want to wait any longer because he had already be so patient for too long. Taehyung shared Hoseok’s desperation, and he knew it became more and more obvious. Taehyung pulled away from Hoseok’s lips and pushed his basketball shorts down to grab Hoseok’s fully erect cock, pressing his thumb across the head and swiping away the precome that had started to leak from him. Hoseok hissed as he watched Taehyung suck his thumb clean before beginning to pump him, slow and teasing.
“Do you want more, hyung?”
“Taehy-“ Hoseok whispered, breathily, his voice trailing into a quiet moan. Taehyung, trying to remember they had limited time, began pumping Hoseok a little more quickly in response. He leaned forward to lick up Hoseok’s neck to his chin until he neared his lips, but his lips hovered over Hoseok’s rather than meeting them.
“Hyung?” Taehyung’s voice was hoarse from being breathless, not that he minded. To him, Hoseok had never looked more irresistible than right now with eyes half-lidded, tongue rubbing his bottom lip and head rolled back from pleasure. Hoseok could only manage to answer with a hum since concentrating on anything while Taehyung’s hands were on him seemed impossible. Taehyung removed his hand from Hoseok’s cock to get his attention, and he got just that paired with a whine.
“I asked you a question, hyung, but you didn’t answer me.” Taehyung tilted his head and smiled as innocently as he could muster despite how smug he felt. “I want you to fuck my mouth, but how will I know if you don’t answer me?”
Hoseok’s eyes flew open in surprise and he was still for just a moment before cupping Taehyung’s face and rubbing his thumbs over his cheeks.
“If that’s what you want, Tae, then I’ll give you exactly what you want,” Hoseok’s voice was darker and more intense than Taehyung had ever heard before, but he decided he preferred it this way. Hoseok crashed his lips against Taehyung’s, their tongues exploring and dancing through Hoseok’s devilish smirk. Taehyung quickly flipped them over so that he was hovering over Hoseok, but his lips never left Hoseok’s as quiet moans filled their room. He pushed Hoseok’s shorts farther down his legs until they rested around his calves then detached himself from Hoseok’s lips, whines following almost immediately.
“Good boys don’t whine,” Taehyung scolds, taking control from the man who melts under his touch.
“You have some nerve, you asshole,” Hoseok grumbles, the corners of his mouth twitching. Taehyung tsks him and rubs a finger over Hoseok’s head again and, like a reflex, Hoseok’s hand finds Taehyung’s hair and gripped it as he moaned and arched his back off of the bed. Taehyung began to move himself downward, leaving filthy open mouthed kisses down Hoseok’s chest with spit-slicked lips, making sure to nip each of Hoseok’s hips enough to leave a mark as a fond memory for tomorrow. Hoseok whimpered as Taehyung kissed around his cock and sucked bruises into his thighs, his body jerking with every touch Taehyung made. Hoseok tightened his grip in Taehyung’s hair from anticipation making Taehyung grimace slightly from the pain, but then smirked at the thought of driving Hoseok crazy with nothing more than kisses and bites.
“Are you sure you can handle this quietly?” Hoseok tried to think of a snide remark, but he noticed right then and there that Taehyung always found a way to cut him off, though this time was a little different than the rest. Taehyung felt his cheeks heat up as he licked his lips and took all of Hoseok into his mouth until he could feel Hoseok’s cock hit the back of his throat. He concentrated on not gagging but failed miserably when all at once Hoseok’s hand painfully fisted his hair, bucked his hips up, and let out a sinfully loud moan that reverberated around the room. He knew everyone in the dorm had to have heard it, but the way Hoseok’s moan filled his ears was the same as the way Hoseok’s fullness filled his mouth: utterly fucking sexy.
“That’s a good boy,” Taehyung mumbled, briefly letting go of his cock to smirk up at Hoseok with swollen lips that were ruined with saliva. He knew Hoseok could take control at any moment but relished in the fact that Hoseok was the one coming undone. Taehyung took Hoseok back into his grasp and lazily dragged his tongue from Hoseok’s base up to the head, looking up at Hoseok while he swirled his tongue around. Hoseok’s mouth hung open as he watched Taehyung, feeling vulnerable under his gaze, yet he did not dare break eye contact.
“Tae, look at you taking my dick in so well,” Hoseok’s words growled low in his throat, making Taehyung blush so furiously and his cock twitch beneath his shorts. Hoseok smiled down at Taehyung, but there was nothing innocent about it as his fluttering eyes glittered with mischief. Taehyung became more aroused just from Hoseok’s look and slowly took all of Hoseok back into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks once before quickening the pace and gripping the base of Hoseok’s shaft, moving with the same rhythm. Hoseok squeezed his eyes shut and guided Taehyung’s head with the hand still tangled in his hair so tightly that tears pricked Taehyung’s eyes. Hoseok must have forgotten the others were still in the dorm because his moans grew louder as he came closer to completely coming undone.
“Tae, oh fuck,” Hoseok threw his head back as he breathily tried to form a sentence, but his words were barely audible over the moans that left his lips after each word. His vice grip in Taehyung’s hair got tighter as his vision turned white at the edges and he thrusted into Taehyung’s mouth, getting only a groan in response from Taehyung that sent vibrations all the way up Hoseok’s spine. Hoseok went completely over the edge and held Taehyung’s head in place as he came, letting out one last moan that made Taehyung’s skin tingle. Taehyung swallowed what he could and looked up at Hoseok, who was attempting words in between his heavy breathing.
“Holy shit,” Hoseok stared at Taehyung, “Taehyung.” Hoseok laid his head back for a moment, catching his breath before he sat back up and grinned, lazily. He put a finger under Taehyung’s chin, bringing him up so they were eye to eye.
“I think now it’s time I spoil you,” Hoseok slowly licked the cum that had dripped down Taehyung’s chin then up to his swollen lips. “Don’t you think so, TaeTae?” Taehyung’s body screamed with heat that made his face red all the way up to his ears.
“Please, hyung,” Taehyung begged quietly. He couldn’t take it any more, his cock throbbed unforgivingly in his shorts. Hoseok rubbed a thumb over Taehyung’s lips, tracing his jawline, down his neck and chest before stopping at his waistband. Hoseok leaned forward, taking Taehyung’s bottom lip in between his teeth and mumbled, “Keep begging.” Taehyung drew out a long, needy moan. Hoseok released his lip and roughly grabbed Taehyung’s cock over his shorts.
“Beg for it, Taehyung,” Hoseok’s voice sounded stern, but turned into a purr when he added, “Now.” Taehyung opened his mouth to beg and plead, his mind on overdrive from Hoseok’s firm grip on his cock, but they were both pulled out of their sex trip when loud bangs ensued on the door.
“What the fuck, you guys?! I fucking sleep in there, too, or had you forgotten?!” Jimin yelled, still slamming his fist onto the locked door before Seokjin’s gentle voice scolded him for his explicit language. Hoseok and Taehyung jumped a full bed length away from each other with looks of horror and scrambled for their clothes.
“Let me in this room. Right. Now.” Jimin’s voice dripped with venom that seeped through the door, poisoning the mood. Taehyung had jumped in his own bed, using his blankets to hide his now only semi-erect cock and his burning face. Hoseok smoothed his hair down after pulling his shorts back up and shot a smile in Taehyung’s direction, though he couldn’t see it through the blankets.
“To be continued…” Hoseok murmured as he walked to the bedroom door, unlocking it and swiftly stepping back to avoid a violent collision with Jimin or the door.
“Sorry, Jiminiiieeee!” Hoseok beamed, sweetly, as Jimin shoved him and headed straight for his bed, snatching his pillow and blanket before turning and heading back to the door.
“You guys are gross” Jimin mumbled with a pout on his face as he walked past Hoseok, out of the room, past an irritated Jin and down the hall.
“Don’t worry, he’ll stay in my room for the night. You should be more courteous of others from now on, though, Hoseok. Do you understand me?” Seokjin’s tired eyes stayed trained on Hoseok as he raised his eyebrows, asking for confirmation.
“I’m so sorry, hyung. I understand,” Hoseok scratched the back of his neck, sheepishly, hoping the deep red color blossoming on his cheeks wasn’t that noticeable. A muffled “sorry, hyung” escaped a pile of blankets that was Taehyung; Seokjin just sighed and walked back towards his room. Hoseok switched off the lights and walked towards his bed, collapsing on it with a groan.
“That went well, wouldn’t you say, hyung?” Taehyung’s head was poking out of his blanket pile.
“For you, maybe. You didn’t see their faces. We’re never going to hear the end of this,” Hoseok threw his arms over his eyes just imagining tomorrow’s awkward breakfast hell.
“So…. What about me right now?” Hoseok could just see Taehyung wiggling his eyebrows at him, even through the darkness. Hoseok didn’t move an inch.
“I said to be continued, didn’t I? Go to sleep.” Taehyung released an exaggerated whine then fell silent.
Please let me die in my sleep, Hoseok wished before he drifted off to sleep.

Taehyung woke up before Hoseok and stretched before untangling himself from his blankets and quietly walking to Hoseok’s bed. He climbed in beside Hoseok and propped himself on his elbow.
“Hoseokie-hyung,” Taehyung whispered, poking Hoseok’s cheek. Hoseok didn’t stir, even as Taehyung repeated himself in a quiet, groggy voice. Taehyung furrowed his brow then relaxed as an idea crossed his mind.
“Hoseokie,” Taehyung whispered one last time, slipping his hand underneath the covers to drag his fingers right above Hoseok’s waistband. Hoseok grabbed Taehyung’s wrist, more quickly than a just sleeping person should, and rolled them onto the floor with a loud ‘thump’. Taehyung’s shocked face and squeal had Hoseok doubled over him, laughing until tears welled up in his eyes.
“Hyung, that’s not funny! You scared me,” Taehyung feigned offense poorly, a smile pulling at both corners of his mouth. Hoseok quit laughing long enough to put his mouth to Taehyung’s ear.
“That’s what you get for not being patient. I’ll wreck you soon enough.” Hoseok ended his statement by stretching Taehyung’s shirt collar enough to the side to expose his shoulder, then sunk his teeth into him, pulling a tiny yelp from Taehyung’s trembling lips. Hoseok smoothed his tongue over the already dark bite mark followed by a kiss, then pulled himself off of the ground. Taehyung sat frozen in shock on the floor. 

Holy shit, Taehyung kept repeating in his head. Footsteps pattered down the hall and Jungguk appeared at the door, rubbing sleep out of his eyes.
“Hyungs! Are you okay? It sounded like someone fell.” Hoseok wondered if Jungguk’s innocent concern was really all that innocent or not. Hoseok flashed his brilliant smile at Jungguk as he extended a hand to Taehyung.
“Ah, you know how Taehyung can be,” Hoseok chuckled and turned, locking eyes with Taehyung as he accepted the help up from the floor. Taehyung saw the mischief shine in Hoseok’s eyes, the same look he saw last night, and heat flooded his body.
“Hyung, you’re so ridiculous, even when you just wake up. How do you even accomplish that?” Jungguk rolled his eyes, resulting with a pillow to his face that his sluggish body couldn’t avoid. Jungguk glared daggers into Taehyung’s skull as he bent down to retrieve the pillow.
“After I come in here to make sure you’re alright, you throw a pillow at my face?!” Jungguk continued to glare menacingly, while holding the pillow up. Hoseok laughed and waved them off as he walked out of the room.
“This is all you, Tae. Have fun!” Hoseok shot him a sly grin meant only for his eyes and Taehyung thought he might melt after seeing it. Until his pillow returned to him. To his face, to be exact. Hoseok disappeared down the hall towards the kitchen just as Jimin’s complaints of being left out started. As Hoseok walked into the kitchen, three pairs of eyes met him.
“Heard how much fun you had last night, hyung, though I definitely could have lived without it.” Yoongi snickered at Namjoon’s comment while Seokjin apologized with his eyes.
“Good morning to you, too,” Hoseok grumbled, walking past them. 

Saw this coming from a mile away, Hoseok thought, as he prepared himself for the onslaught of unnecessary comments he expected to receive for the rest of the day.
“Hey, Hoseokie?” Yoongi chirped, a dangerous smile spreading across his face. Hoseok turned around, sighing, already clearly exasperated but trying to remain chipper at the same time.
“Yes, Yoongi-hyung?”
“Cheer up now, you know good boys don’t whine.” Even Seokjin couldn’t hold it together at Yoongi’s words as the three of them began to laugh long and hard, clutching their sides and each other’s shoulders. Footsteps patter down the hall as the maknae line make their way to the dining area. Jungguk, Jimin and Taehyung trade looks of confusion as their hyungs laugh so hard that it looks painful.
“What’s so funny?” Taehyung tilted his head. Yoongi, Namjoon and Seokjin stopped laughing long enough to exchange glances then double over once again. Hoseok looked at the blissfully unaware Taehyung and rubbed a hand over his face, realizing how unprepared for this day he really was.

No Control

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“The problem is,” he said as he leans in, “If I kiss you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”

Summary: Moving across the country.. can’t be too bad right? WRONG! After losing your parents in a horrible incident you had no choice but to move with your uncle in Korea. You knew no one besides your uncle and didn’t know you way around but that all changes when your uncle hires that one boy… the boy with the bad attitude….

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Yoongi’s Point of View 

Kissing Y/N was so wrong… Not that I didn’t like it… I really did like our kiss. I’ve kissed girls in the past but nothing was compared to her…

Just the problem was I shouldn’t have kissed her…

When her uncle gave me the job… His number one rule was.. not to fall for his niece…

And I broke that rule…

I’m mad at myself because I thought maybe I can do this but now after sharing a kiss with her… it’s just going to be hard to control myself…

I continued to lay down in the tent with my headphones on listening to music to release my anger… And deep down inside I was hoping Y/N would come to the tent and ask me what’s wrong..

But the whole time I was here.. she didn’t show up…

I took off my headphones and sighed… Should I go check up on her?

I got out of the tent and just when I looked up I see Jimin and Y/N next to each other but looking at each other face to face…

I was going to cut them off but I stopped and instead listened.

“what?” you asked smiling.

“You really didn’t have to do this..”

“Do what?”

“Take care of my cut for me..”

“It’s the least I can do.”

They both stood there in silence and I started to see Jimin lean in.

Nope not having it.

“What’s going on here?” I asked annoyed and they both stared at me completely guilty…


Your Point of View 

“Yoongi!” you said getting up completely surprised.

Yoongi grabbed your hand and dragged you away from Jimin mad. Why the hell was he mad? 

“Yoongi let me go!”


You two continued to walk in the woods not knowing where the hell he was going to take you. But as last you two stopped and Yoongi lets go of your hand but looks at you annoyed.

“What the hell was that?” Yoongi asks annoyed and you just stared at him.

“Why does it matter to you?”

“What do you mean why does it matter to me?” Yoongi says with disbelief but your just crossed your arms and just stared at Yoongi. 

“Why are you acting so jealous?” you asked him and he continued to stare down at the ground. 


He looks up at you and you just stared at him annoyed waiting for him to respond.

“I don’t want you kissing any other boy..”


Yoongi just stares at you and you continued to wait for him to say something. How were you suppose to understand him if he didn’t try to make you understand him…

“It can’t be because you like me.. There is no possible way.”

Yoongi looks up and he looked at you confused.

“I don’t think annoying and irritating was your type.” 

You began to resay the words Taehyung mentioned in the car on how Yoongi described you. If Yoongi did like you.. he wouldn’t talk about you in such a negative way to his friends..

“You’re right, I don’t like you..”

Hearing those words leave Yoong’s mouth made a stinging feeling come out of nowhere.. You really do like yoongi.. but hearing the words I don’t like you just made you feel like complete crap.

“Then why are you jealous?”

“I’m not, I just don’t want Jimin with someone annoying and irritating.” he says coldly and he walks off just leaving you there speechless. 

Then what was the kiss about? You couldn’t help but to feel your eyes water but you took a deep breath and leaned against a tree…

That kiss didn’t mean anything..


You walked back to where the tents were and found the boys around the fire with the fish Taehyung caught..

“Hey! Y/N over here!” Jimin says waving at the empty spot next to him but you just smiled and shook your head.

“I’m not hungry..”

“Are you okay?” Jungkook asks you and you smiled.

“Yeah just tired.”

You glanced at Yoongi and looked at the way he didn’t bother looking your direction.. Instead he continued to stare at the fire in front of him with his hands in his pocket.. 

Maybe coming to this camping trip was a mistake?

You walked back to the tent and just made your way in. 

You could of been someone else and go next to Jimin and act like nothing happened but you couldn’t do that… Yoongi was there and you weren’t ready to look at him.. After all he clearly doesn’t care about you..


You looked at the little tent door and see Jimin right there.


“Are you sure your not hungry?”


“Are you okay?” Jimin asks you and you just shrugged…

“Just homesick,” you lied and Jimin smiles.

“It’s only been a day..”

“No not homesick at my uncles house.. i miss my hometown.. i miss how things used to be.”

Jimin sat down next to you and looked at you.

“Are you also upset because Yoongi told you something mean? Because if he did… he’s always cranky and no one understands why.”

You smiled and looked at him.

“Nah I’m okay,” you said and Jimin smiles.

“Good, so does that mean you’ll finally come out and eat fish with the rest of us?” he pouts blinking his eyes repeatedly and you giggled.



You stared at the fire and a flashback came back…

As you continued to stare at Yoongi he gently cups your face with his hands and slowly starts leaning in making your heart race faster and faster as he got closer…

At last his lips brush against yours but didn’t touch yours just quite…

“The problem is,” he said as he leans in, “If I kiss you, I don’t think I’d be able to stop.”

“Then don’t…”

He looks at you one last time before at last he pulls you into a kiss. A real slow kiss you’ve been waiting for…

What was the kiss all about? If Yoongi didn’t like you why did he he even make a move? 

You sighed and glanced at Yoongi who seemed to be lost in his thoughts. What was he thinking about? 

Ugh why do you care so much!?

“Y/N,” you shook out of your thoughts and looked at Jimin.


“Do you maybe want to go for a little walk around the woods?” Jimin asks and you were about to reject his offer but what was the point?

“I would love to,” you smiled.

Jimin and you both got up from your spots and walked off.


Yoongi’s Point of View

I didn’t mean to describe Y/N… as Annoying and irritating but it just slipped out.. When I first met her I didn’t bother trying to get to her know her and just closed her off. And because of me closing her off, I immediately judged her without getting to know her and I described her as someone she’s not… 

I was going to her how I felt but as soon as she resaid the words Taehyung said in the car it got me annoyed because I didn’t mean to describe her using those words… So I just basically lied to her telling her I didn’t like her at all and just left her there…

There was no possible way to confess this time…

Was it too late??

I glanced at Y/N and see Jimin talking to her and the way she smiled as he spoke to her… 

For some reason watching someone else make her smile made me feel… kind of hurt.. Because I wasn’t the reason behind the smile..

I watched Y/N and Jimin both getting up at the same time and walking off.. Where were they going?

Was Jimin going to make a move oner?

Was I losing my chance?


Your Point of View 

You followed behind Jimin and at one point you two stopped and you looked at Jimin confused.

“What are we doing here?” You asked him and he pulls out his hand.

“Do you trust me?” Jimin asks you and those same words were the words Yoongi told you… 

Stop thinking about him..

“Yes,” you smiled.

You slowly placed your hand on top of his and you two began to walk together again. You had no idea where Jimin was going to take you but hopefully it was far away from Yoongi.

At last you two stopped in front a tree and you looked at Jimin.

“We are going to climb up,”

“We are?”

Jimin giggles and shows you an easy way to climb up. As you followed behind him, you two were now sitting on a tree branch looking at the wood in front of you. Jimin looks at you and then points at the sky.

It was sunset, making the clouds a light shade of pink. It was beautiful.


Jimin was staring at you as you looked up at the sky,

“Wow is right..”

You looked at him and butterflies grew in your stomach.

“This is beautiful..”

“You are..”

You began to blush just hearing those words come out of Jimin mouth and he smiles. 

Jimin continues to stare at you as you did the same and the moment was perfect… If Yoongi didn’t want you.. what was stopping your from kissing Jimin..


Yoongi’s Point of View 

I got up from my chair and Taehyung looks at me.

“Where are you going?”

“I’m going for a walk,” I said walking away and Taehyung gets up and follows behind me,

“Why are you following me?”

“Because i want to.”

I didn’t say anything after that and just continued to walk. Honestly I was going to try to look for Jimin and Y/N… I tried to ignore that they were gone but I began to think what if they kiss this time… What if Y/N falls for Jimin.. I mean I know I already fucked up my chance but I couldn’t see her with one of my friends..

“Where are we going?” Taehyung says excitedly as he moves her eyebrows up and down.

“I don’t know yet..”

We continued to walk and Taehyung began to talk to me but to be honest i was ignoring everyword he was saying.. He would say something but it would go in one ear and leave the other.

“LOOK! it’s Y/N and Jimin!” he says pointing at a tree and I looked up and see jimin and Y/N staring at each other… I felt like the moment was getting repeated all over again..

I felt my hands fist by my side and I sighed.. They were about to kiss…

“They are cute together,” I hear Taehyung say next to me and I continued to stare at them…

“Right?” Taehyung asks and I looked at Taehyung and looked down.. 

“You like her don’t you..”

I looked at Taehyung and my eyes widen.

“What, no!”



“Yoongi, you came for a walk to look for Y/N and Jimin.. I’m not dumb..”

I sighed and just gave in.

“It’s too late now…”

Taehyung looked at me and then looked at Y/N and Jimin slowly leaning in.

“Y/N! JIMIN!” Taehyung screams and my eyes widen as they both looked our direction and they looked scared and caught off guard.

“Your welcome,” Taehyung whispers in my ear and I looked at Y/N who was looking at me… 

She looked hurt…


Telling her how i feel…

Will lead us to where i want us to be…


To Be Continued

Midnight Whisperings ~A Joshifer One-Shot~

A/N: *Soft gasp* I wrote something again? Is this real life? Thankfully yes and yes lol! This one-shot is a bit different than my others however, because its origins are more on the depressing side of things.

Jennifer has been crushing me lately, with interviews such as [x] and [x]. And wanting nothing more than for her to be comforted and happy, I decided to write just that. I hope you all enjoy it, especially since I’m on the rusty side of things lol!

And without further adooooo…

Midnight Whisperings

The thoughts consume me. They rob me of sleep. They have me awake at who knows how early, and manifest as tears pricking my eyes.

I know I shouldn’t worry. I’ve been told countless times not to. But I do.

God I do.

It’s one of those nights, one of those terrible off nights, where the weight of my career threatens to crush me. Where I feel so helpless and alone. Where I feel like almost nothing can hoist me away from the ever-creeping fears.

…Almost nothing.

Because in the swallowing darkness, there’s a warmth, a reassurance. There’s someone who is always there for me no matter what happens. There’s someone who can help me overcome the largest obstacles. There’s someone who loves me unconditionally when it seems like no one else will.

And so I reach out to him.

My best friend, my lifeline, my rock, my love.


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anonymous asked:

Durian talks a big talk but the girls and your videos are much higher quality than his and get way more views. I find myself skipping so many of his but never yours. Idk I do like him but get bored with the repetitive content? He thinks everyone should work harder except him. I agree others should upload more but he can work harder on quality imho. What do you think? What should he do to make his channel more popular?

haha yeh the boy does talk a big talk! I’m going to answer this one in detail now so I don’t have to again. I’ve been giving Harley advice on his channel for a long time but daddy knows best 😉He has limiting beliefs surrounding his ability to succeed. In other words he tells himself certain things that prevent him from taking suitable action to boost his channel to the next level. He basically thinks girls know nothing about YT and because I’m an ‘aesthetic’ girl that’s the ONLY reason anyone watches me or any girls on Youtube. Which is of course sexist bullshit. :) I often don’t show my body at all in my vids but people still tune in. He ignores the fact that I (& others) put hours more research, work and editing (love) into our videos which makes them often more engaging and keeps viewers returning to our channel. If we make repetitive, often sloppy videos a lot of people (except the loyal followers) start to lose faith in our content and go elsewhere.

The irony of the whole ‘female youtubers have the advantage’ attitude is that many of the top Youtubers ARE actually males! Pewdiepie, HolaSoyGerman, Smosh, ERB, TheFineBros, NigaHiga, Alfie Deyes, Marcus Butler, Tyler Oakley, Shane Dawson, JoeyGraceffea, even Vegan Gains now. These guys did not let a story in their heads hold them back. Harley will of course have an excuse as to why they can be popular but not him and that’s what continues to be his biggest limiting factor that holds him back.

My tips to my old mate Harley:

* Suck it up, squash the ego and listen to the feedback of others - especially those with more successful channels than you (regardless of gender). For example, I’m on around 6 million views for the month and Harley is on about half that with many more uploads.

* Throw in some celebrity-style videos with good research and editing. It’s a strategy that has been shown to work time and time again. He has made them in the past but they’ve been sloppy.

* Instead of saturating his audience with up to 5 or more face videos a day, put out ONE higher quality video per day with a little more care and editing. Same message of course. Or at least a few times a week of that style. Doesn’t have to be a fake production, just more love into the video to support his arguments. A video he spends more than 3 mins on making. Vegan gains is a good example of a male who uses editing and creativity to his advantage and now produces high quality videos viewed by many. Taking some tips from him would be good for Harley too. 

* Stick firmly to the topic when delivering a video.

* As much as possible include compelling evidence to support his views in the video.

* Say ‘shit cunt’ less

* The trolling can be a lot of fun but it’s important to find the ‘troll balance’ or else people will naturally begin to not believe what you say. 😂

* Drop the “females will always do better”, “I’m not in a certain demographic so i can’t succeed like others”, “I’m a skinny dude so no one wants to watch” attitude. It’s not a productive viewpoint and is stifling his creativity and potential. 

Harley obviously has a loyal following and has many hours of great advice that we love however he currently isn’t engaging enough of his subscribers. It’s not about putting endless hours into making one video perfection but about finding the balance, taking notice of what works, and delivering a neatly packaged powerful video that ppl want to share. So yes in a nutshell HE needs to worker harder on his content VS upload frequency. This is not at all about CHANGING Harley or who he is but about helping him tap into his full channel potential. Time to take it to the next level baby! 😜 #noshade


Squid Sisters’ Splatfest Performance favorite moves

an open letter

dear kimyugyeomsgirl, previously asianboyswhy:

i find it really funny. like, hilarious, even. the fact that you are a self-proclaimed “not-racist” while you stereotype asian girls, while you insult us, belittle us, and step on us. you think you’re not being offensive when you say “asian privilege.” but you’ll never have to face real repercussions for the bullshit you’re saying because you’re white.

but you’re not gonna understand that.

instead, understand how many asian girls you’ve hurt in the past few days. by calling us all ugly, calling us all submissive, boring, shy, etc. you’re just hiding behind a computer screen and it’s really fucking pathetic that you’re hurting my people with your words.

and this is all because you’re jealous that asian guys won’t date you. please.

i ask you to leave my people alone. i ask you to stop hurting girls and making them cry. we’ve ALL heard these insults before. we don’t need to hear them again or ever. you can recreate your blog five times, but i’m never gonna stop being angry because this is an issue that too many people overlook.

i’m calling you out and i’m tired and sick of you.

Every time I post something non fitness related on my Instagram, I lose like ten followers? It makes me sad. I’m just tryna find balance here. My life isn’t all just fitness, muscles and working out. I have a life too. I struggle. I watch movies. I eat junk. I cry. I want to show that side too because with the highs come the lows and I think it’s important to show both.

I have a recurring dream where I’m driving in a car to Bloomington down 37 no one else is on the highway and it’s not my car because it’s fast and it’s light and it doesn’t smell like my car it’s too new and it’s falling apart around me first a glass window flies off then a tire and bolts and a door follow and I watch them all hit the pavement in my rear view and cause sparks but as I lose each piece I gain speed but before I reach Bloomington I wake up.