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Do you support 5SOS too? Do you agree that they're awesome?

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I think Luke is hot af BUT (watch as I lose followers over this) I’m not really a fan of 5sos and I don’t really like them or their music. But it’s just my opinion, I literally know only 1 song of theirs because Spotify (won’t let me fucknig live and shuffle) so I’m not really one to judge since I haven’t looked into them at all. 

To my dear followers,

You guys probably noticed i’ve been liveblogging and losing my shit for 2 weeks now. This is because of a local soap i’ve been watching lately. I’m sorry for all the capslock abuse and constant spamming about the show. It’s just that i have ALL THESE FEELINGS OKAY. You guys are a champ coz you haven’t unfollowed me (tho it’s totes cool if you want to, i wouldn’t mind). Anyway, i love you guys. Stay awesome!

P.S. Hi to all my new followers! I hope you know what you’re getting yourselves into.