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@thunderpot yay!!!! finally got it finished <3 thanks for the support and creation of this cute au bruh ilu

may i introduce to you.. the au where everything is the same but they wear fruit costumes and quoting by thunderpot, “the au you don’t need, but what the world deserves” xD

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not really? hahah but i can see where you’re coming from since Celty is my bae 

his head is either non-existent; because i dont want him to be human, OR he lost it when he crashed in BH’s roof and BH used his powers to bring him back for reasons i cant imagine at the moment its 3AM here, hun holyfuck and he keeps the head as a souvenir(?) or a reminder to Dr Flug that he technically literally owes him his life


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Tom Bombadil: Eru Iluvatar?

Apparently there’s a theory that Tom Bombadil is Eru Iluvatar and it just makes sense because of so many reasons:

1. Hasn’t done a thing to defeat evil in the third age but stops to save a bunch of hobbits? Typical. Eru did nothing against Morgoth for CENTURIES, but when Ar-Pharazon wanted to live longer and was corrupted by Sauron, he literally sank Numenor.

2. Gandalf knows and trusts him, and Gandalf himself is a Maiar, the one Manwë trusted. Manwë was the king of the valar, appointed by Eru. In other words, Eru is approving of Manwë’s chosen Maiar.

3. The ring does not affect him. Why? He is above the Ainur, and the Ainur are not tempted. Also, Morgoth was in search of the flame imperishable, and his search possibly passed to Sauron, hence the one ring. In a way, the ring seems to belong to Bombadil.

4. SINGING. Eru made the music of the Ainur, and in his tales and even in LOTR, Bombadil has a lot of songs. A lot.

5. To the elves he was known as Iarwain Ben-adar, meaning ‘oldest and fatherless.’ To the men he was known as Orald, 'very ancient.’ To the dwarves he was known as Forn, 'ancient days.’ His title is 'elderest’ which just shows that he, like Iluvatar, was the first of all beings.

6. Going back to the ring, in the council of Elrond it was advised by Erestor that the ring was given to him since it has no power over him, which shows that the elves recognize him as superior.

7. Also in the council of Elrond it is said that he might just misplace the ring somewhere, which captures the essence of Eru Iluvatar: he doesn’t do squat because in the end he knows that it will all work out despite the evil of Morgoth and Sauron. There are actually some theories that Eru needed Morgoth to fulfill the song, that he was a necessary evil.

8. He was there before Morgoth was. In FOTR it was said that 'he knew the dark under the stars when it was fearless — before the Dark Lord came from Outside..“

9. In his song he states that no one has caught him yet because he is the master, alluding to Eru’s power over Arda.

10. He is always at the beginning and end of a journey. In the Silmarillion he is the first thing we see, and is at one of the last events, the fall of Numenor. In LOTR he is at the beginning of their journey and at the end, with Gandalf.

11. Overall, he is a really obscure, enigmatic character. We don’t know why he is here, what he is doing or how he is important to the history of Middle Earth. We just know that, as Goldberry says to the hobbits when they ask her who he is, that 'He is.’ That he is needed, despite having little to do in the events of Middle Earth, and that Tolkien put him here for a reason.

12. From Tolkien’s religious perspective it makes sense, comparing Eru to god. In actuality we don’t know a thing about god, regardless of religion. We know who succeeded him, who he sent, but do we know anything about the all powerful creator? No. Some deny his existence, others claim that he is just science, but there is a force that moves the world, and for Tolkien, a catholic, that was god. Tom Bombadil could have been the embodiment of what Tolkien thought Eru Iluvatar would take form as.

Sometimes I wish I let that girl have her way with me and she probably have made be sleep with her…
So I have a better reason to want to die… But I won’t because I care too much for the people around me