I love science, not just because of the fascinating, wondrous things it reveals about the universe and our place within it but also, more abstractly, for its incredible devotion to knowledge and the truth. As a romantic at heart, I like to think there’s nothing more noble than this ruthlessly honest, meticulous, and strangely humble goal to understand the intricacies of life and reality.

아니 이게 무슨 소리죠!!! 저희가 오늘도!!!!..ㅠ으하 1위를 하다니… 
흑… 아미 여러분들 정말 사랑합니다 !!! 진짜 아니쥬 활동 미친듯이 열심히 할께요 .. 
가자 방탄!! 

No but what is this!!! Today as well we are !!!!..ㅠ euha 1st place…
Heuk… Really love ARMYs !!! We’ll work crazily hard for I NEED U promotions ..
Let’s go Bangtan!!

Trans cr; Mary @ bts-trans


Oi! Wake Up!

Being a revolutionary must get really tiring somedays.
…Sabo… Hack is so done with you, you need to listen to the report before Koala can send it!

Had lots of fun with this guys, and it took me way longer than I wanted but I’m kinda happy with the result, Hack doesn’t get the love he deserves and that bothers me a lot, he seems to be really close to Koala and Sabo (Koala said Hack and her had to deal with the consequences of Sabo’s selfishness) and most of the time he is out of the picture just for the sake of shipping, which is something I personally don’t like, besides Koala has TONS of things to offer as a character and I can’t believe people mostly focus on making her Sabo’s girlfriend =n=.

waifu demanded me to put close ups =v=)~

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