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Gone in November

Hi I’m Natalie, long time Jack fan, very occasional poster- been living with depression for about 8 years now.

Gone with November was an interesting video for me. The video itself didn’t make me cry, but (apart from the occasional douche I had great pleasure in reporting) reading the YouTube comments and then here on Tumblr have made me well up.

Something Jack has always made me feel is that we’re never alone. Sometimes I watch his videos so, like he says, he’s there. He’s keeping me company.

The amount of supportive posts, stories and advice being shared, well, it’s a beautiful thing.
I’m sure he would be proud of each and every one of the community.
Stay strong guys.

newmanyorgan  asked:

Hi, I watched the video you, twistgrim and friends did, But I'm curious, what exactly IS a color script? I'd imagine it's just picking the right color for a particular scene..? But I'd rather ask the expert.

Hey there! A color script is usually an ensemble of several thumbnail-ish character and background paintings based, or not, on storyboards, with the purpose of taking care of aesthetic and emotional weight of colors, in order to shape up a cohesive and functional visual narrative.

ok but dating Nathan for a while and you finally decide to start living together despite his crazy training schedule because it’s harder being apart from each other than it is dealing with him waking up at 5am to go swim and after a week or so you get used to it all and you sleep through his early alarms and on the weekends you sleep in to the point where he’s coming home after training and after breakfast and you’re still laying in bed and it just makes him smile and he pulls on his cosy sweatpants and a hoodie and crawls into bed next to you and you’re half awake at this point and you open your arms and he lays so his head is tucked beneath your chin, all 6′6″ of him, and he’s warm and he smells like chlorine and you quietly ask him how practice is and he talks about it for a little bit before he’s yawning because he usually takes a nap between practices and so you just happily snuggle under the comforter together and fall asleep until it’s time to do it all over again.


watch his video get deleted fuck 

23 Days Of Liam (DONATE)
Day 13: Liam + Music ➸ Liam beatboxing during Little Things

The bet(s)

Nursey would do anything for a bet. It didn’t matter if there were no stakes; if the magic words were said, anything could happen.

Dex first learned of this one Sunday their junior year. The two were in the attic. Dex was reclined on his top bunk, flipping through a C++ textbook, and Nursey was sitting backwards in his desk chair, leaning forward on what was supposed to be the back as he watched YouTube videos on his laptop. After five consecutive episodes of Harry Potter Puppet Pals, Dex had requested that Nursey switch genres.

“Would you turn that shit off Nurse,” Dex said when Dumbledore inevitably popped up naked and Nursey predictably guffawed.

“Come on, Poindexter, this is classic,” Nursey replied, not turning from the screen.

Dex agreed with Nursey in actuality, but he had to voice his disagreement on principle. “There is a time and a place,” Dex said gruffly. “Do we need to ban this too?”

Nursey sheepishly grumbled, “No. Whatever, mom.” Last weekend Nursey had put a Wii controller through the mirror on their closet door playing bowling. The Wii was now hooked up downstairs, banned from the attic along with any other form of exercise, virtual or otherwise. Blanket forts were banned the week before that after Nursey pulled a bookshelf out of the wall. Before that it was the Cotton Eyed Joe.  Dex was a martyr.

Nursey typed something into his laptop. The Elder Swear cut off and was replaced with the soothing burble of flowing water, then “Today, we will do the firefly pose. First, let’s breathe. In, 1, 2, 3. Hold, 1, 2, 3. Out 1, 2, 3.”

“Is that really necessary? Does she think you weren’t breathing before?” Dex asked. “You really go from Harry Potter Puppet Pals to this?”

“Shut up. It’s relaxing,” Nursey breathed in and held on command. “I need to find my Zen. Probably something you could use too. Your blood pressure’s running a little high these days”

Dex ignored that last part. He didn’t know what Derek Malik “Chill, man” Nursey Nurse needed to find, but he didn’t think Zen was it. On the screen, a slender woman contorted herself, first laying on her stomach, then balancing on her hands and bending her legs so her feet were hooked over her elbows from behind.

“How on earth is this relaxing? It looks painful,” Dex remarked, grimacing. “I bet you couldn’t even do that.”

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DAY6 x Wonder Girls - Like This (Young K and Wonpil focus)

I feel like so many people are making Ash going to Alola a lot more complicated than it’s actually going to be. Honestly, I think that Ash is going to win the League. Then it immediately goes into the Team Flare arc. The Flare arc takes them pretty close to the end of the XY series. Once the Flare arc is over, I can see Ash, being the winner of the League, being given the chance to battle Diantha–but he loses to Diantha, setting the motion into place that he still has much to learn about Pokemon before he can become a Pokemon Master–even if he has won a league now.

What happens after that? Well, the same thing that always happens. Ash says goodbye to his companions and makes his way back to the Kanto region. Ash determines that he needs to branch out and try something different. Someone (Professor Oak) brings up the possibility of him traveling to the Alola region, stating that there are plenty of Pokemon there that Ash has never seen before, and totally new challenges that can continue to push him towards becoming a Pokemon Master. Deciding that he wants to take up that offer, as always, Ash leaves his Pokemon behind, gets his spiffy outfit change courtesy of Delia, and flies away to Alola with Pikachu at his side.

I don’t think it’s going to be some big, complicated thing, and I do think it’s going to follow the reset pattern that Pokemon always follows. But that’s just my opinion!