Say Goodbye (pt. 4)

It was Signe’s idea, if Sean is honest with himself, but he likes to think that he had a big part in actually bringing it to fruition. And of course, someone had to talk Anti into coming out again.

Now, as he hides behind the door to the convention room, watching the screen and watching the people enjoying his video, he’s so nervous and giddy that he can barely contain himself. When they see the first glitch, the audience starts to freak.

Anti glitches around in Sean’s head. He’s on edge. Sean can tell that much, but the glitch doesn’t say a word as they both watch eagerly.

The video goes dark for the first time and then reappears. The audience begins cheering wildly, and when it does it a second time, it’s Anti’s time to shine. He appears in a blaze of sporadic videos and giggles, glitching onto the screen with his signature bloodied neck. Signe had insisted on fake blood this time.

“Did you miss me?”

The roar of the crowd is almost deafening, and Sean takes step back, mouth agape. It’s a whole new feeling to see them react to one of his videos in person. Anti leans forward. He can feel their excitement charging him with energy like fire through his veins.

As the video goes on, the audience almost drops to an awed hush as the glitch conveys his envious message. “You found someone new! Threw me aside!” Anti whispers the words along with the video, “I’m not going anywhere.”

When the video reaches its crescendo and Anti’s final words ring out, the crowd starts to cheer again, and Sean can feel something inside of him spark wildly. Anti grunts in pain and starts glitching out of control. “What’s happening?” He coughs once, his head whipping around quickly at odd angles, and then he disappears. Sean feels the silence of it all the way down to his bones. He’s alone in his mind once again, and the video has ended.

Time to start the show.


Anti awakes backstage where he can still hear their excited screams and Sean’s playful banter with the audience. Their hearts are still racing. They hang onto his every word, but it’s all because of Anti. He looks down at himself, at his new body. He just needed that one last little push over the edge, and here he is, material. Whole. Well… mostly whole.

He traces his fingers over the cut along his neck. “Great, now ’m stuck with this,” he mumbles, but really, he’s so overjoyed, he doesn’t know how to react. And he can’t draw attention to himself, not here.

Anti stands, smelling the dust and the cold, recycled air of being backstage. Always in the background. He peeks around the curtain to look out at the audience’s excited faces. They did it, they gave him this, and it isn’t much of an existence. But it’s something.

And Anti wants more.


When the panel is over and Sean finally meets up with Signe again, Anti is nowhere to be found. “He just… disappeared,” Sean tells her. “When the video ended, something happened to him, and he disappeared.”

Signe curls a finger around a lock of her hair and nibbles at the corner of her mouth. “Maybe he appeared somewhere else? I mean, we have no idea how this works, right? So, anything could’ve happened.”

“I can’t believe ’m worried about him,” Sean mutters. “He tried ta kill me.”

“But he didn’t,” she replies. “For whatever reason, he doesn’t actually want to kill you. Even when he stole your body, he didn’t hurt you or me. So, maybe he’s not all bad.”

Sean takes Signe’s hand, lacing their fingers together and sighing. “Let’s hope not. Otherwise we may have just unleashed demon on the world.”

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I wouldn't call myself a fan of jakes but I do watch most of his videos just because they're really entertaining. I think the concept of the life style they live is super cool. Like imagine living in a house with some of your closest friends doing crazy shit everyday and being rich to top it all off

I wouldn’t call myself a fan either, I’m way too old, and I can easily tell when things are staged. But the concept of the Team 10 house is so entertaining, I just can’t stop watching his videos. In a way, I think Jake is a genius. He’s applying to YouTube one of Television’s oldest recipe: putting a bunch of good looking people in a huge house with cameras, and creating dramas, romances, bromances and crazy adventures. I think anyone could get obsessed with his vlogs, because it’s human nature to be curious about what will happen next. He jokes when he says he’s creating a new Hollywood, but I actually think it’s working. He’s building, with Logan, a massive empire. 

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hi cher, I'm from singapore too and I saw your ask about d**kosh and I just wanted to ask if you felt the same feeling of utter discomfort watching bambam with him bc even tho I don't watch his videos, I know enough of him to know that he is not the nicest person and that he has to be using bam & the boys for fame and that worries me bc I'm sure to bam, he's finally found a good friend who he can be himself around outside of the group bc it's hard making friends as an idol and I don't want bam-

-to realize that he doesn’t actually have a true friend and get hurt :(

tbh my opinion as deekosh is about him as a person and entertainer. how i feel about his friendship with bambam is basically how i feel about mark’s friends? as long as he doesn’t hurt bambam i’m whatever and will just basically ignore him/crop him out of pictures but the fact that he not only made fun of bambam’s english AND try to insinuate bambam to say something borderline racist was what set me off. furthermore, yeah fanfictions happen. it is a known fact kpop companies do know about ships etc. what upset me was how deekosh read out those fanfictions without sparing a thought on how he might embarrass or upset the writers who wrote that and know that your idol watched someone embarrass you? that probably isn’t the best feeling in the world. a fandom should be a safe place for everyone.

bambam has a huge social circle and if you ask me do i care about deekosh being his friend? i don’t care as long as he doesn’t hurt bambam. it’s not like we can tell who bambam should befriend you know? but just because he is bambam’s friend doesn’t mean he get a green pass from me and that i will turn a blind eye to all his problematic side you know? i don’t give free passes to the boys when they did something wrong too so i won’t give free passes to their friends.

i hope people realize that admitting that got7′s friends can be problematic&make tasteless joke =/= me sending their friends hate like why would i bother to even do that??

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I REALLY like your BNHA AU and I saw that you wanted to do a sad AU where Fem!Izuku died after giving birth of Kachan son. I REALLY want to see this AU with your awsome art ! ;-; (i'm a fan of Clannad AND BNHA eheh)

I really never watched clannad, lol, but know a little of the story… and I’m bad with angst, sorry anon, no drawing this time, but imagine this:

The child grew up watching a video of his mother debut, saving people with a smile.

Katsuki doesn’t like to watch that video because is painful for him to look at her so lively, saving people like she always wanted to… and he can’t help but miss her, but he never said no to his child asking to watch the video again, and again.  


I. Am. Absolutely. Disgusted.

A dear follower of mine pointed me in the direction of the Instagram post of Mark kissing Amy’s cheek, and told me to read the comments. What I was met with was absolutely appalling. It was a fine mixture of delusions of grandeur, inability to assess real life from fiction, and just a bunch of hate for Amy.

First of all, let’s talk about what I like to call the “Delusions of Grandeur,” or “Mark should be dating me!!”
No. He should not be dating you. Most everyone who writes these posts is 12 or below, and seem to think that they are 20-something, pretty, smart, and funny enough to be with Mark, and that by watching his videos, he is rightfully theirs. No. He is not yours. First off, he can’t date you because there are laws to stop 27 year olds dating 12 year olds. Second off, he does not owe you anything. He makes videos, you watch them, it’s all jolly good. But when you start thinking that he owes you anything, you’re 100% wrong. You are not a true fan if you really, desperately believe that Mark should be dating you.

Second of all, inability to assess real life from fiction, or, the dreaded Septiplier shippers. Sorry folks, but this ship is exactly why people started going against people shipping real people. The shippers start to lose hold on reality and start thinking that Septiplier is real, and that anyone who goes against their precious OTP needs to be killed. Well, listen. We’re in the real world here, and in the real world, Mark and Jack are both straight, and both have girlfriends. Your inability to understand a small joke between friends has basically driven them apart, by the way, so I really thank you for that.

Finally, I’d just like to say, that anyone who spreads hate in the Markiplier or Jacksepticeye community is no longer a part of it. They’ve been saying that from the beginning. So, your little hate rants against their girlfriends is not only disgusting, but excludes you from the fandom. Any rude or derogatory language towards Amy and Signe excludes you from the fandom. If you loved Mark and Jack that much, would you really be saying such things about the ones they love?

  • me: *makes one post saying i'm more worried about jewish people in the current political climate, than i am of pewdiepie potentially losing money after making antisemitic jokes*
  • you demons, flooding my inbox: pewdiepie is an innocent 27 year old child, and if you watched his videos instead of listening to all the lies the evil mainstream media feeds you you'd know this! he wasn't being antisemitic, he was just paying poor foreign people to humiliate themselves by writing antisemitic hate speech on a sign! all those times he made antisemitic jokes in the past doesn't count, because they're just jokes! he even made a half-assed apology video were he spent half of the time whining about how unfairly the media is treating him, what more do you want? also here's an endless amount of #standwithpewdiepie videos you have to watch where famous youtubers defends him, never mentions the recent rise in antisemitism, and plays into the alt-right narrative that all mainstream media is fake news! so as you can see, pewdiepie has never done anything wrong, and if you as much as imply otherwise you're being a mean bigot who need's to be taught a lesson in respect™ from markiplier :)
SovietWomble Prompts!

(Because his videos are the funniest and most uplifting thing I know)

“Me and my flip-flops are ready to go.”

“I am now poor.”

*Alone in the woods* A: *weirdly calm* “There’s something walking towards us from behind you guys.” *B and C freak out*

“How can someone be so cute?”


“I thought you were watching?” “Yeah, I was, I stopped paying attention.”

“My scuba suit protects me from your bullshit.”

“God, fucking damn it A, you piece of…good job.” “What was that?” “I’m rebranding myself as the nice guy.” … “You lasted all but 7 seconds.”

“Surprise!” *explosion*

“English is not my first language, okay?” “You’re American.”

“A, what’s wrong with him?” “Many things.”

“I have got a plan!” “Which is?” “A terrible plan.”

“I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to you when you’re not eating.”

“A, I think you should take one for the team and run off as bait as the rest of us survive.”

“I’m under attack by a bucket!”

“I haven’t heard a word of the briefing, I was too amazed by the hand gestures.”

“We have a small technical issue.” “Which is?” “I seem to have run out of bullets.” “…it’s been five minutes.”

“You need your medication, come back here!”

“Why do you have a gun, A?” “’Cause it’s Thursday.”

“You lied to me!” “It’s not my fault you’re an idiot.”

“I really like dolphins, I wanna see one!”

“You can’t have a secret dance club, we have a job to do!”

“I’m a funky janitor.”

“If A starts saying something odd, just ignore him/her/them.”

“There are civilians in the village.” “I think the way you pronounce that is acceptible casualities.” “NO.”

“So you’re now just gonna kill people for just being tempted for deserting?” 

“I’d like for you to know you are a piece of human shit.”


“Turns out these are just the noises A makes when he/she/them is alone in his/hers/their room.”

“Clearly we lead different lifestyles.”

“Were you dropped on your head as a child?”

“SHUT UP, I’m trying to impose Zen you dumb bitch!”

*inhales helium* “Fuck you A.”

“Do NOT search that on Google!”

“I don’t know whether to eat Pringles, breathe or laugh!”

“He’s never gonna shut up about that now.”

“No more button pressing, okay?!”

“Everything is black, is this heaven?”

“Really? You’re gonna hide under the building like a house cat?”

“A? Can you stop touching my knee?”

“Um, my vision has gone green.” “You have green sunglasses on.” “Ah, that might be the reason.”

“If you’re not on a no-fly list somewhere in the world, someone is not doing their job.”

“Don’t open that.” “Wha-” *explosion* “…You could have told me you put a freaking bomb in there!”



“Did you see the way my hips were moving?”

“Are you in the habit of tattooing everyone unconcious?”

“My echolocation was not very effective.”

“My tummy hurts.”

“Is he going to go sulk in the corner?”

“That’s um… staggeringly unhelpful actually.”

“No, I’m having a snack, leave me alone.”

“Do those things and then jump off a bridge.”

“Look, think of it as science.”

“A,” “Yes?” “I want you-” “I want you too!” “-to…” “Oh we were talking about something else, my bad.”


“I didn’t appreciate your insults to my mother yesterday.”

“I have an auto-sniper and exactly zero shame.”

“Ahahahahaha, you’re so- fuck you.”

“Whenever you do something awesome it’s ‘Oh look at me’ but whenever you screw up it’s ‘Oh we’re a team’.”

“You are actually hiding in a hedge.”

“Don’t worry boys, pappas’ got this.”

“I know Psychology, I use it on you.” “What do you you mean you use it on m-” “Nevermind.”

“I’ll hit you.” “Sorry.”

“A continues to amaze me.”

“We only had about three hundred bullets, and you’ve just wasted all of our ammunition in case we get attacked?”

“Dude, something’s happening.”

“I literally have no control over myself.”

“I just wanted you to know that I genuinely despise your existence you piece of shit.”

“In my eyes A, you are a beautiful caterpillar.” “What?!”

Oh no, what appears to have happened?”

“I will not leave you A.” C: ”I will.”

“I do not trust you, turn around!”

“Where were you guys when they were trying to BLOW UP THE FRICKING BUILDING?!”

“Sorry, is this supposed to be spooky?”

“I technically landed.”

“Make it interesting…nOT THAT INTERESTING!”

“I thought there was a guy in front of me but it was my own shadow.”

“Well we can tick ‘genocide’ off our to do list.”

“That’s a lot of dead people.”

“You ran in front of a machine gun?!”

“I don’t have Medi’stuff’, I didn’t expect the two of you to be this incompetent.”

“Stop parkouring and come get this jewelry.”

“Gayness?” “Gayness.”

“I don’t want to look because I’m scared.”

“Something just went ‘boom’.”

“Okay, that wasn’t where I left it!”

“We’re gonna go around the tornado.”

“No, no, no, don’t you dare say you can’t fly! FLY!”

“You’re so useless it’s not even funny.”

“Hey guys, I have an idea, why don’t you fuck off?

“I’m going to hide and if that fails…surrender.”

“Dipshit?” “Hmm?” “….the fact that you responded to ‘Dipshit’…”

“I have been trapped in my bathroom for the last 3 hours.”

So, I finally watched some videos from the blue boi @crankgameplays, and now I just really really really want to be his friend??? I like him

“Use your smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.”

Happy happy birthday to the super amazing @therealjacksepticeye! I’ve been trying my hardest to remember to draw something for all of the people I greatly admire for their birthday, but I’ve already forgotten some ;-;

Anyways, I definitely did not want to forget Jack’s because he has a big influence on my life, even if I am just watching his videos through a screen, and I’m sure that a lot of people can say the same. My favorite feature of Jack is his smile because no matter who you are, you can’t not smile with him and his goofiness. On my bad days, even if people around me are giving me a hard time, I can at least know that if I click on one of Jack’s videos, I won’t have to worry about him changing or his smile fading. YouTubers like Jack really manage to brighten up my entire day and I am very, very thankful for that. So, the least that I can do is draw a little something for this very special day for this amazing person.

Thank you so much, Jack, and I hope you have the most amazing and wonderful birthday!

davekat au: dave has a youtube channel where he reviews things. just… things. his most popular video is 17 minutes of him eating an apple in slow-mo, occasionally pausing to describe the precise details of the apple experience. he’s so deadpan that no one can tell if it’s a joke or not. karkat binge-watches his videos in an exhausted, insomniac haze at 3 in the morning, and then sends him an exhaustive 10-page mostly incoherent rant about how his channel is confusing and pointless in all caps. karkat promptly passes out and, the next morning, assumes it was all a strange and elaborate dream, until dave’s next video is a totally deadpan “review” of karkat’s “concerns.” the video gets over 100,000 views and its own meme. it launches dave into internet fame. karkat has never been more infuriated in his life. he rage-messages terezi, who owns a popular shitpost blog, who says OH Y34H 1M MUTU4LS W1TH H1M and then copypastes dave’s url. fast-forward 5 months and they’re dating