watch your mouth sunshine


“you better watch your mouth, sunshine.”

“or what? you gonna shut it for me motorcycle boy?” 

the new guy stared between you both.

then you grinned and Daryl laughed, he threw his arm over your shoulders, “come on twinkletoes, lets continue giving the new guy a tour.” 

‘new guy’ turned to Rick, “are they always like that?”

“yeah.” Rick sighed, “you’ll get used to it.”

Survival (Chapter 1)

Vikings Modern Werewolf AU cross with Teen Wolf

Ivar Ragnarsson X Reader

Word Count: 2544

Summary: When Scott finds a set of names on the Deadpool that were worth as much as he was he took it upon himself to warn them before the hunters find them.

Tags: @cheyannnnerios @cafe-sabor-a-chocolate  @evilxcupcakexnik

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The pack had never expected to see that there was someone else that worth the same as Scott, the reason Scott was worth what he was is because he was a true alpha, they looked down the list and in the second part there was a name Ragnar Lothbrok with 25 million written next to the name, Scott scanned the list and there were a few others that he assumed were from the pack who shared the same name. “We have to find them,” Lydia spoke up.

“What?” Stiles asked.

“We have to find these people, there are going to be a lot of people after them and they won’t even know it, that looks like there is a whole pack and that means that there could be children,” Lydia explained and Scott nodded in agreement.

“We should ask Derek and Peter,” Scott suggested.


You sat next to Ivar at the boundaries of the territory, you and Ivar had been friends since you were little because you were a late bloomer, you didn’t turn until you were 10 or 11 and other had their first turn when they were around 5 or 6. Ivar, on the other hand, had his first turn at the normal age but it was more painful for him to turn because of his legs so while other children would change forms frequently you and Ivar were left behind which meant that you became good friends and deathly protective over each other. These days one was not found without the other. “What are we even here for?” Ivar asked he was sat on the stump of a tree that you both destroyed when you were younger.

“We’re making sure that no one gets inside of our territory without an escort or permission.” You reminded him.

“No one ever comes here they’re too afraid,” Ivar smirked over at you.

“That doesn’t mean that we stop doing our job.” You argued. “Plus you get to prove that you can do whatever your brothers can.” Ivar rolled his eyes at the mention of his brothers and looked away from you.

“Prince Ivar! (Y/N)!” Someone called you looked to see one of the wolves from the village. “The queen requests your attendance at the great hall.”

“Thank you.” You smiled as they hurried off you walked over to the horse that was tied to the tree and lead it over you help Ivar up even when he tried to smack you away and then you headed back leading the horse through the forest back to the village.

You were left to put the horse back into the stable, while Ivar walked across the village to the great hall where his attention was needed, he was born with weak bones in his legs but because of the healing gene his bones healed as soon as they broke, he was just left in a lot of pain when he used his legs too often. All of his brothers were already there and he wandered if they had all gotten the call at the same time, not that it bothered him, his mum would always wait for her favorite son. “Where is (Y/N)?” Aslaug asked.

“We took the horse she’s putting it away,” Ivar answered just as you walked into the hall, nodded you respect to each of the higher ranking members.

“What is it that you needed to tell us?” Aslaug asked turning to her oldest son, Ubbe.

“There are strangers roaming around the border of our territories, they haven’t tried to cross but they say that they want to talk to Ragnar,” Ubbe explained and you frowned, Ragnar hadn’t been there for years the best that they were going to get here was the queen.

“Well, father isn’t here.” Ivar sighed as he threw himself into a chair before gesturing for you to come over and sit on his lap.

“What does it matter, it seems that they will attempt to cross if we don’t give them an answer,” Ubbe argued.

“So tell them the truth.” Ivar shrugged.

“They won’t believe us.” Hvitserk, the second oldest, answered.

“Well, that’s their loss.” Ivar shrugged and you rolled your eyes.

“Is there something you want to say (Y/N)?” Aslaug asked catching your eyes rolling in their sockets, a small smile on her face.

“Well you have your best fighters and they each have a team, send one and the visitors will listen or die.” You said simply.

“Since you are so confident you should go,” Aslaug decided.

“Looks like we have some warriors to gather,” Ivar mumbled in your ear and you nodded.


From what Scott was told Ragnar was feared Alpha but the place that he was living now seemed to oppose the popular belief. “What do you want?” A voice asked and Scott could believe that voice belonged to an Alpha.

“We thought that you should know about something,” Scott answered carefully as he looked around in the dark building for the man that was talking.

“Really?” Ragnar asked.

“There is a deadpool for all the supernatural creatures of Beacon Hills you and your sons are on the list,” Scott explained. Scott then realized the absence of heartbeats, they were the only ones in the building. “Where are your sons?”

“They are not here,” Ragnar answered. “Who are you?”

“Scott…” Scott answered.

“And your friend?” He asked.

“His names Stiles,” Scott answered before Stiles could get himself in trouble. Ragnar nodded.

“Well thank you for the warning but my sons aren’t in Beacon Hills,” Ragnar answered.

“They are on the list worth almost as much as you,” Stiles informed him. “I’m sure people will go the extra mile.” Ragnar raised an eyebrow and Scott pushed the paper towards him, Ragnar took it immediately finding his sons names listed after him.

“Explain Alpha,” Ragnar ordered.


You put your arm down at your side ordering the wolves to stop, the outsiders seemed to already know that you were there you wanted to avoid a fight where you could that was seeming impossible though as you heard the rustling behind you, the wolves circled around you and you notched an arrow pointing it in the direction of the rustling. A man walked out of the bushes he had green eyes and dark hair “Who are you?” You asked.

“Derek.” He answered.

“Derek?” You asked, “am I supposed to know you?”

“Derek Hale.” He said again.

“Ah, prince of your pack.” You nodded, you heard the rustling behind you caught the scent of the coyote. “And them?”

“Malia. Don’t.” Derek warned addressing the person behind you, there was a soft growl from the body behind you and it causes a few of the wolves to turn around, their ears pulled back and teeth showing but again you put your hand out behind you and they stopped.

“What do you want?” You asked.

“We want to talk to your Luna,” Derek answered.

“Our Luna?” You mumbled. “What do you think Ivar?” Ivar was nestled in the bushes a little bit away an arrow aimed at Malia’s head.

“Why not our Alpha?” Ivar asked and you nodded.

“Why not the Alpha?” You asked.

“We know he’s not here.” Malia glared.

“Seems like you know a lot.” You winked back at her. “Maybe we should take them back to see Aslaug.”

“Why?” Ivar asked.

“Because then you get to kill them for less.” You answered easing up and letting your guard down.

“That’s a good reason,” Ivar smirked as he stood dusting his trousers off. You gesture for the two to follow you as you met Ivar who was on his horse.


“So these men will kill my son’s?” Ragnar asked.

“There’s a good chance that they are going to try.” Scott nodded.

“What about the rest of the pack?” Ragnar asked.

“They’re hunters they’ll kill them too,” Stiles answered.

“Looks like I need to go home.” Ragnar decided “and you are coming with me.”


“These are the strangers?” Aslaug asked.

“They are.” Ivar nodded before sitting on the throne next to his father’s, he looked over at you and then gestured for you to come over when you did he wrapped an arm around you and pulled you into his lap, his free arm rested on the arm of the throne, his chin rested on his hand.

“What do you want?” Aslaug asked.

“We came to warn you of a threat to your sons,” Derek answered. Your Luna stayed quiet and Derek took that as a sign to continue. “We have found a list, a supernatural hit list and your son’s names are on it along with yours and your husbands, your whole pack is likely to be on the list.”

“No one has been attacked,” Aslaug informed them.

“Not yet but we want to form an alliance to make sure it stays that way,” Derek answered.

“There is no threat, I see no point in your alliance.” Aslaug dismissed and you watch Malia as she twitched in annoyance, before anyone could comprehend what was happening you had pushed yourself up grabbing the sword near the throne and thrust it out, Malia stopped into time to stop the sword from cutting her skin. “Careful of your next move they are easily angered.”

“It seems mother, they are weaker they wanted to make out that we needed them since we are stronger it would make betrayal less likely, but in reality, they are the ones that need our help to get rid of the threat to them,” Ivar explained.

“Once they kill us they’ll come for you,” Malia growled out and your eyes moved from Derek to her knowing that they were right.

“We know.” Ivar nodded. “We will be prepared.”

“Maybe it’s a good idea with Bjorn and Hvitserk taking some of our best to get rid of one of the hunting parties in the south we might need the extra help,” Ubbe suggested.

“I don’t think we need their help.” Ivar denied.

“I agree with you brother.” Sigurd nodded.

“I’m honored,” Ivar smirked back and you almost laughed at the brothers.

“Can you guys hurry up my arm is getting tired and if I drop this sword it’s going in her foot or abdomen.” You informed them, Ivar’s eyes shifted over to you as his head rested on his hands again, you glared at him “Make. A. Decision!”

“Watch your mouth darling.” Ivar winked.

“Watch your face sunshine.” You answered at the realisation that you were distracted Malia tried to grab the sword at her neck but you twisted it away from her and pulled it back dropping it on the floor in favour of overpowering her physically, you managed to get yourself behind her, you pushed her down on to the floor and placed your knee on her back pressing her head to the floor, you looked up at Aslaug and she nodded. “Alright here’s the deal,” You looked up at Derek. “It seems that they need more time to think about it so you can leave or you can stay as long as you promise not to try and kill anyone.” Derek looked between as before pulling out his phone.

“I need to talk to my Alpha,” Derek said, Aslaug nodded and you let go of Malia picked up the sword and made your way back to Ivar who pulled you down to sit with him.


Scott pulled out his phone and put it on speaker as they all got into the Jeep. “Hey, Derek.” Scott greeted.

“They want us to stay,” Derek informed them.

“Yeah stay.” Scott nodded although they couldn’t see him. “We’re heading to where you are.”

“Did you find Ragnar?” Derek asked.

“We found him.” Scott nodded.

“Slightly underwhelming,” Stiles mumbled and Ragnar raised an eyebrow at him before smirking feeling no need to prove himself to a human.

“Think what you like.” Ragnar finally spoke and the two glanced at him before going back to what they were talking to Derek about.

“How’s it going on your end?” Scott asked.

“Malia almost got herself killed,” Derek answered and Stiles’ eyes darted between the phone and the road.

“What!? You said you would keep her safe!” Stiles accused.

“That would be easier to do if she listened.” Derek said back “I have to go they want to show us to the room that we will be staying in.”

“Alright see you soon,” Scott said before hanging up the phone.

“She’ll be safe right?” Stiles asked looking at Ragnar out of the rear view mirror.

“Only if she learns her lesson,” Ragnar smirked.

“What does that mean?” Stiles speeding up slightly Ragnar only gave him a soft smile in response.


That night you and Ivar were up later than you usually were neither of you were conditioned to trust easily and so you were both up in the great hall where the fire was still burning, you were both sat in front of the fire everyone else had gone to bed long before now. “Ivar what are we doing?” You asked.

“Making sure that no one ends up dead,” Ivar answered eyes trained on the fire while his thumb moved gently across your waist, you were sat on his lap.

“What are we going to do when your father gets back, you know there is going to be a large split in this pack.” You mumbled, you hand coming up to play with the hair at the nape of his neck.

“It’s not obvious?” Ivar asked.

“To us yes… We side with your father but what about everyone else?” You asked.

“Does it matter?” Ivar asked.

“I guess not.” You mumbled, in these moments no one could be sure whether you belonged to Ivar or not but no one ever tried to test, those who were closest to you were the ones that knew the nature of your relationship. To an outsider, it would seem that the two of you were mated the way that you thought and behaved together supported this but you weren’t mated not that either of you were opposed to the idea.

“What’s wrong little wolf?” Ivar asked.

“If we leave who protects your mother?” You asked looking over at the throne that his mother would occupy in the next few hours.

“She will have my brothers, they are not the best but they will have to do.” Ivar sighed his eyes wandering to where yours were, he was worried about his mother too, there was a rival pack that had been waiting for the right time to attack and they may find it in the time that you and Ivar leave.

Chapter 2 

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Daryl x Reader - Loss (30 Days series)



–> DAY 1

–> DAY 2

–> DAY 3

–> DAY 4

–> DAY 5

–> DAY 6

–> DAY 7

DAY 8: Death of someone close

–> DAY 9

So, I want to do this challenge with the pairing “DarylxReader”.

I’ll try to upload a story everyday, I hope you like it!

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Fandom: The Walking Dead

Pairing: Daryl x Reader

(This chapter take place during season 3)

Warning: angst and fluff


Merle and Michonne were gone, and since everybody knows that Merle works for the Governor, we couldn’t help but worry.

“ I can’t believe Merle did something like that” I said  while walking with Daryl toward his bike.

Since we notice Merle and Michonne disappearance, almost everyone starts to prepare for the research.

“Well, it’s not that our group has a really good relationship with him” says Daryl.

“Well he’s an asshole”

At that he stops and turns looking  at me, grinning:

“You better watch your mouth sunshine, he’s still my brother”.

With that said, he get on his bike.

I get on too, circling his waist with my arms and laying my head on his back… I really like feeling this close to him.


While we’re running along the road, I can’t help to think about what Daryl told me about his past.

How could Merle be related to Daryl? They’re so different and, even if Merle did a lot of bad things, Daryl will never give up on him.

He doesn’t talk about his feelings and shit like that but I could read it on his eyes: despite everything he’ll always care about his brother.

Daryl abruptly stops the bike: “(Y/n) look at that!”

A little up ahead from us, there were some kind of building with a lot of walkers roaming around:

“There are a lot of walker… do you think they took shelter in there?”

“I don’t know, Merle is really impulsive, he definitely would fight all those walkers rather than hide, anyway let’s take a look”

Nodding, I get off  the bike and take out my machete while Daryl get ready with his crossbow.

“Are you ready sunshine?”

“Yes, let’s go”

So we spend time taking down all walkers that came near us, we fight and fight until we were covered in blood and guts.

“Hey Daryl, look at that”

most walkers I took down were killed with gunshot, they didn’t seem dead for long time and that was strange.

Even if I call him, Daryl didn’t come to me so I turn around, ready to call him again when suddenly I understand why he ignored me.

Daryl was standing still, crying.

He was looking at a particular walker, that slowly was making his way toward my man.

I get ready to take it down when all of sudden I recognize that walker: It was Merle.

He has a bullet wound on his heart like the other walkers.

I take Daryl hand into mine: “Do you… do you want me to put him out of his misery?”

“Nah… I’ll do it” Daryl sobbed and start walking toward Merle.

At first he just push him away, still crying, then, when Merle fall on the ground, Daryl takes his knife and stabs him on his head.

However his brother was already dead, Daryl start to cry and screaming in rage, stabbing Merle’s head repeatedly.

I rush toward him and I finally hug him, he bury his head into the crook of my neck, still sobbing loudly

“Sssh… I know baby, I’m here”

Seeing him like that broke my heart, I really wanted to cry but I had to stay strong for him. ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

When we got back at the prison, Daryl didn’t say a word and walked into our cell while I tell the others what happened earlier.

I also beg them to leave Daryl alone, he needs time to mourn his brother.

Later that night I walked to our cell; Daryl was laying on our bed, looking at the ceiling with red puffy eyes.

“Hey… you need to rest”

“I know…it’s just… I see him every time I close my eyes”

He sobbed again, so I decide to lay besides him, and hug him.

He looked like a little child: “Daryl, we will get through this together, I’m here for you”

He didn’t answer, he just lay a little kiss on my neck.   

“I’ll always be by your side” I whisper before falling asleep.


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When the kindhearted snap..

“FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Sunshine yelled as Papyrus pounded into him.
“I TOLD YOU. AH. WATCH. YOUR. LANGUAGE.” Papyrus yelled back at him.

Y/N stood there, watching the two go at it. Sunshine had managed to piss Papyrus off when he came to check upon Y/N to see if she needed any of his great spaghetti. He had grabbed the plate and smacked it up the ceiling, telling his -usually- polite self to stick it where even Undyne wouldn’t fight it. Papyrus had demanded an apology which was only rewarded by a cruel laugh and more insults. That’s when Papyrus reached his limit.
He had pounced onto his other self, bringing him down onto Y/N’s bed before tying his hands with his own scarf. Sunshine had growled and cursed as he was straddled by someone bigger than Y/N or Sans. He couldn’t flip them off in this position.
“BITE ME YOU 2D PIECE OF SUNSHINE!” He tried to bite the hand that had kept his arms strained above his head head.
Papyrus’ eye started to glow dangerously orange as he leaned down.  "YOU NEED A LESSON IN MANNERS"
His magic rippled through the room, shredding the clothes Sunshine was so adamant on wearing.
He wasted no time in gripping Sunshine’s legs, spreading him wide so he could press down against his pubis, rubbing his clothed hips against him hard.
Sunshine was swearing at the treatment he was receiving, his body forced to manifest his own dick by the delightful friction.
Papyrus stopped as he felt the other’s dick pressing against his pants hard, dripping already and staining him.
“YOU NAUGHTY SKELETON. ALREADY WEEPING FOR MORE OF MY DELICIOUS BODY NYEHEHEH!” He released his hold on Sunshine’s bound arms, to slap his face. “ ASK FOR MORE POLITELY” He gripped Sunshine’s dick and began to slowly stroke it’s head only.
Sunshine was losing his mind as he bit his now manifested ectotongue, refusing to beg for anything. Papyrus noticed the others determination to stay quiet and upped his game.
He moved his head down, holding the throbbing dick infront of him as he started licking from base to tip slowly.
Sunshine shivered at the feeling and moaned as Papyrus softly suckled on his leaking head.
“F-FUCK YOU SLUT. AT LEAST T-TAKE MORE IN!” Papyrus bit down at his shaft in a warning, earning a cursing yelp from his other self. He popped the shaft out of his mouth and glared up at Sunshine. “I TOLD YOU TO BE POLITE” He squeezed the dick before he propped himself up again, opening his pants and pulling out his own glowing hard on. He gripped Sunshine’s legs and spread him wide open, pulling his form towards himself as he plunged his dick deep into Sunshine’s entrance. Sunshine howled at the intrusion.
“FUCK!! YOU DIRTY MOTHERFUCKER! I-I SHOULD KILL YOU!” Papyrus closed his eyes as Sunshine’s hole clamped down on his dick. His other self was tight and hot! Oh stars, he wouldn’t last long. His control snapped as Sunshine cursed at him while his hole trembled and squeezed around Papyrus’s hard dick.
“I AM NOT A MOTHERFUCKER. Sunshine. APOLOGISE RIGHT NOW!” He growled at him as he started trusting in and out at a rough pace.
Sunshine arched his back at the painful but wonderful penetrations. “N-NEVER” He growled back as he tried to get used to the rythm.
This continued on for a few minutes, banter from Sunshine- scoldings from Papyrus, untill Papyrus managed to find the right spot and pounded into him fiercely. Bringing us back to the start of the story.

“FUCK FUCK FUCK!” Sunshine yelled as Papyrus pounded into him.
“I TOLD YOU. AH. WATCH. YOUR. LANGUAGE.” Papyrus yelled back at him.
“P-PAPYRUS P-PLEASE!! OH!! OHH YESS!!! PLEASE!!! I’M SORRY! OK! PLEASE LET ME COME ALREADY” Sunshine was on the edge of release as he felt Papyrus swell inside of him.
“NYE-HEHE…THE G-GREAT PAPY-OH-RUS… ACCEPTS YOUR APOLOG..AAAH!” His hips stuttered as he filled Sunshine with his seed, his cock buried deep inside of him. The feeling of cum spurting inside send Sunshine over the edge. “PAP..FUCK MEEEEE….SHIT SHIT SHIT YESSSSSSSS”

Papyrus stilled his hips, glaring at Sunshine beneath him. “YOU. WATCH YOUR MOUTH AND APOLOGISE AGAIN”
Y/N couldn’t believe it so she took out her phone to catch the new round on film for later.

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Jessica's RPF Challenge

So I hit 900 followers and that’s a reason to celebrate, I was planning on hosting a challenge in honor of RPF Appreciation Day Saturday August 12, 2017. All fandoms are welcome, so now on to the challenge.

My challenge is Jessica’s RPF Challenge, as I said any fandom is welcome just let me know which fandom your writing for.

As for the prompts I’ve chosen favorite lines from shows and movies, the rest are situation prompts, they should all make for interesting stories.

So the rules are pretty simple choose an actor/actress and a prompt from below and message me with your choice.

You can write fluff, angst, smut, crack, just whatever you write be sure to label all triggers and warnings in your fic.

Please tag me @deanwinchester-smut in your fic and #Jessica’s RPF Challenge and #RPF Appreciation Day 2017.

Fics are due on RPF Appreciation Day Saturday August 12.


1. “I can’t wait for you to see it, I really can’t”

2. “Better watch your mouth sunshine"

3. “Yeah sure it starts out fun, but then there’s running and, and screaming”

4. “The Government wants to ban rock and roll cause they know it makes us horny, man”

5. “When you were pouring the Bisquick, were you trying to make pancakes”

6. “I know this sounds insane, but this is an insane world”

7. “The pain doesn’t go away, you just make room for it”

8. “Nightmares end. They shouldn’t end who you are”

9. “Does anyone else feel like a rainbow”

10. “The truth and reality hurts. So we lie, to everyone but especially to ourselves”

11. “I’m fine, I’m great, I’m horrible, I’m devastated, but okay”

12. “At the end of day, when it comes down to it, all we really want is to be close to somebody”

13. “I’m not happy and bubbly, I’m dark and cloudy”

14. “How am I supposed to get through the holidays without liquor”

15. “I don’t have a hickey, I was using a curling iron”

16. “People aren’t chocolates. Do you know what they are mostly? Bastards. Bastard coated bastards with bastard filling”

17. “After this you wanna go somewhere and get weird with each other”

18. “I’ve never had an orgasm”

19. “I love this moment so much, I want to have sex with it”

20. “I have loose morals and I’m living in sin, so. Still hoping that not being a potty mouth will get me into heaven”

21. “Loose ends make my ass itch”

22. “People in Hell want slurpees”

23. “I’ve got an idea, eeny, meeny, miney, moe”

24. “You see this? This is the kind of thing that just tickles my balls”

25. “If you’d like, I think it be enjoyable to screw your brains out”

26. “Holy crap, you are creepy as shit sneaking up on me wearing that collar with that freaky as smile”

27. “I lost my shoe”

28. “You are going to regret crossing me in a few minutes, yes you are”

29. “Sucks don’t it, the moment you realize you don’t know shit”

30. “Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake whole”

31. “Please accept this sandwich as a gesture of solidarity”

32. “I just slipped my dick down your throat and you thanked me for it”

33. “When you care about people, hurt is kind of part of the package”

34. “More tequila, more love, more anything is better"

Situation Prompts

35. Reader has anxiety

36. Role-play the character they play on TV in the bedroom

37. Relaxing night at home binging on Netflix

38. Cooking dinner together

39. Go for a walk and get stuck in the rain

40. Go to an adult store together

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Imagine being Dean's teenage sister during the zombie apocalypse and him leaving you under Daryl's watch.

“Dean, I am not staying here with him!” You yelled as your older brother began to walk towards the front gate. “Let me go with you, please.”

Dean whipped around quickly, his face like stone; hard and cold. You could tell that you had pushed it a bit too far this time by the glare he was sending your way. “Yes, you are. Y/n, we are going on a supply run! It’s dangerous, and the walkers are every where. You’re staying with Daryl, and that’s final. Understood?”

You rolled your eyes and nodded before walking towards Daryl who was standing with his crossbow in hand. He offered you a smile before saying, “Looks like it’s just going to be you and me for a while.”

“Yeah, so do me a favor and don’t speak to me or even breathe near me, got it?” You sassed.

He walked towards you slowly, that small smile no where in sight. “You better watch your mouth, sunshine. Your brother outta teach you a lesson or two.”

Intimidated, you walked back to the house in silence, refusing to look in his direction. It wasn’t like you to let all of your smart remarks slip like that. They were always stopped by your verbal filter, but ever since you joined up with Rick’s group things were different. Dean always preferred Carl with him instead of you. You had to show them that you were just as tough as the boys.

Daryl sighed and shook his head as he followed behind you. “Damn teenagers.”

Dirty Talk- Young John Winchester


Can I request a funny John Winchester imagine? The reader & him take a day off from hunting & the reader drags him to a lingerie store which leads to dirty talk? 🌺 You guys are amazing whatever comes to mind from you guys will be great

Warnings: Dirty talk

You had been working hard with John. You had taken down a whole vampire pack and it had only taken a week. You wanted to celebrate but your best friend said he didn’t want to drink. Spoil sport.

You decided to go shopping.

You stepped out of the slick black impala. You loved John’s new car. It was an amazing ride and barely made a sound as it drove.

You walked through the shopping mall with a hot pretzel in your hand. John moved your arm to take a bite and you slap his hand away. “Nope.”

“Fine I’ll get a donut and you and have any.” He smirked

You chuckled and looked around the stores, “Come in here with me?” you pointed to one.

“Erm y/n, that’s a lingerie store.”

“So?” you dragged him in and started browsing. “Ohh this one is nice.” You held up some lacy red panties.

He looked over at you and blushed a little before smirking. “I bet your ass would look great in those.”

“Maybe I’ll let you see sometime” you wink and continue to look through the panties. You hum happily to yourself and pick up another pair, this one more exposing than the first.

“Think about me when you’re wearing those darling.” He stepped closer and placed his hand on your hip softly.

“John we are in public. Keep your dirty mouth for when we’re at home” you chuckled stepping away from his touch and moving to the bra section.

He brought his finger to his lips in response. As you try to search for your size he steps to you again. “I don’t think you should get a new bra”

“And why not?” you smirk again not turning to him.

“I prefer your breast without something hiding them from me.”

“John!” you squeak and someone beside you looks at you both funny.

“Sorry. Sorry.” He apologises to you and to the shocked stranger beside you.

You sway your hips for him as you walk around again, knowing his eyes were on you and you loved the feeling of it.

After a while you brought two pairs of panties and matching bras. As you left the store you moved onto your tip toes to whisper in his ear. “You make me so wet Winchester.”

“And you better watch your mouth sunshine.” He smirked basically dragging you to the car.


Meeting you (Daryl x Reader)

Fandom: The Walking Dead

Imagine meeting Daryl before the apocalypse.

Please be nice with this one, it was one of my first imagines on Wattpad. My username there is LisyDixon066 

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“Yes grandpa don’t worry.”

You answer your grandfather as you drive down the small road leading to Macon. His old pickup broke down again this morning and he had asked you to bring it to the garage as long as it was still working. It could stop working again at any moment.

“Please don’t worry, I can handle it myself.”

“I’m worried because you’re not really local sweetheart. Those men prefer dealing with local people.”

You sign and try to reassure your grandfather. After a while you finally have the chance to hang up and concentrate on the road. You were actually from here, Georgia. You were born here and grew up here but you decided to move to New York for college. You had miss a lot even if you came back every summer for vacation. Apparently now you’re not considered as a local anymore. You were a stranger in New York (the southern girl they called you) and also a stranger in Georgia. Nice!

You arrived at the garage not long after. You parked the pickup in the front and climbed out swiftly, a soft smile on your lips. You look around you, bringing your hand to your eyes to shield them from the dazzling sun. You were wearing a simple white crop top and a pair of high waisted shorts with black converse. After all you were on holiday and you weren’t used to the warm weather of Georgia anymore.

You noticed a tall man looking at you from a motorcycle. You decide to ask him to look at your truck as you knew that he was working here.

“Hi sir! Excuse me if I’m bothering you this late in the afternoon but my grandfather’s truck seems to have a battery issue or something.”

You say as you try to be extremely nice to the man. You don’t know him but you have heard about him… And his brother. The Dixon brothers. They were known here but not really in a good way.

“Well well well! I can help ya’ here sugartits but the real question is can ya’ help me?”

You frown at the man not knowing what to answer. He laughs suddenly and takes a step towards you as you take a step back.

“What’s ya’ name princess?”

“That’s… Hm… (Y/N).”

You answer hesitantly and rub your arm, his smile making you feel uncomfortable. You were about to turn around and leave when someone screamed from into the garage.

“Merle! Leave her be!”

You turn around quickly, seeing another tall man walking in your direction. He was wearing a simple flannel sleeveless shirt and worn up jeans. He had a straight face but you could see so many different emotions in his bright blue eyes. He had short light brown hair that could be mistaken as blond under the bright sun. He was extremely attractive in your point of view.

“What is it little brother? Ya want her for yourself huh?!”

The older brother teased. You see the blue-eyed man shaking his head and stepping between you and the man who was apparently Merle.

“Leave her be.”

Blue-eyed says again, his southern accent rolling off his tongue swiftly. You loved his accent particularly. Merle laughed, thinking his brother was being too sweet and left with his motorcycle saying something like “women are only good for one thing…”. ‘What a jerk’ you think, still a little unsure of what to think about his younger brother.

“You okay?”

You hear the same attractive accent asking. You look up to be met with a pair of beautiful blue eyes. You had to take a deep breathe before answering the man.

“Y… Yes. Thank you, I’m fine.”

You smile at him and scratch your cheek before adding.

“Do you work here too? Because I’m actually here for my granddad’s pickup.”

The man nods his head and asks you to park the car in the garage. You quickly do it and wait near the stove while explaining the problem.

“I’ll fix it for ya don’t worry.”

The man answered you and opened the car’s hood, looking into it.

“It won’t be too long but 'will take at least an hour. Ya can stay here if ya want ya don’t seem that boring.”

You chuckle at his words and jump on the stove, leaning on one hand and crossing your legs.

“Well then at least can I know your name?”

You ask him with soft smile. He looks at you for a second before answering.

“Daryl. Daryl Dixon. You?”

“(Y/N) (Y/LN). It’s a pleasure to meet you. And thanks again for sooner with… Well you know.”

“ ’s nothing.”

He simply answers and goes back to work. You couldn’t help but admire him while he was working. He was rather strong, his arms were muscled just perfectly and you couldn’t help but bite your lips having this man in front of you. Damn he was attractive.

“Like what ya see?”

He asks with a raised eyebrow. You blushed furiously but decided to tease back.

“I might.”

You say with a smirk on your lips. Daryl shook his head and looked down to hide the faint blush on his cheeks.

“You better watch your mouth sunshine.”

I hope that you will like it :) 

Xxx Lisy

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"Claimed" a Daryl Dixon X Reader

It was just another day in the life, the life of the living and The Walking Dead. Since the group had found an empty house to stay in for the night you and Daryl decided to go for a little walk, hoping to catch some squirrels so you wouldn’t have to eat canned food once again for tonight. You’ve known Daryl since the beginning of this new world, he saved you from a whole Hurd of walkers. Ever since that day you’ve been inseparable. Of course the group heavily made fun of that because you two were so…Sexually teasing each other constantly. When said things were brought up both of you denied it. But there was always a little bit of flirting…Grabbing at times but he was ‘just makin’ sure you wouldn’t fall’. Mmhmm. That’s what the hand shaped bruise on your ass says.

You two walked silently for awhile until you both heard a twig snap. Daryl instantly raised his crossbow towards the noise as did you with your gun. It was a man, dirty black hair, shirtless with some very worn out jeans on. Once he saw you two he raised his hands, “Wow wow wow, hey there I didn’t mean anything by that twig snapping. I swear it wasn’t my fault” he said with sass. You rolled your eyes but you couldn’t lie, He was kind of hot. Daryl notices you eyeing him so he stepped in front of you. “Who the hell are you?” Daryl asked. You rolled your eyes at Daryl for being so over protective. At least that’s how you saw it. You stepped besides him and kept your gun raised. “Names David.” The man said, walking closer to the both of you with his hands still up. You stayed wary of him. As always. “Anyone else with you?” You asked. “No. Don’t worry it can be just us later.” He sent you a sexy grin along with a wink. You blushed. It’s…Been awhile. He stepped closer and you swear you saw Daryl about to pull the trigger. It’s not even been a minute and he’s ready for him to be gone. But that’s just Daryl. “You best back off.” Daryl said in his deep, rustic voice in hopes of scaring the guy off. Instead ‘David’ looked at you. You kept your gun raised and ready to fire at him if needed. Though you hoped you wouldn’t have too. He definitely wasn’t sore on the eyes. “Is he holdin’ you against your will? Show me where he touched you” he stepped closer and you backed up. “H-He’s my friend. He wouldn’t do anything to hurt me.” You spoke up. Daryl’s anger and jealousy levels raised as his finger tightened on the trigger. “Now listen here, lover boy, if I were you I’d get movin’. And in the other direction.” Daryl warned him. The man just chuckled at Daryl and looked at him as he slowly lowered his hands. You tightened your grip on your gun, preparing for what you thought was a fight about to break out. “What? I didn’t do anything. Don’t get so worked up over words.” He chuckled then turned back to you. You looked at Daryl worried that he was going to beat the shit out of this guy. But he stood still with his crossbow still aimed at the guys head. “So…You got a group?” He asked. You gave him a look for such sudden question. “Look, I haven’t eaten in days, I’m just trying to find a warm place for the night. And in all honesty, you’re the friendliest-sexist person I’ve seen since the break out.” He smiled softly at you. You couldn’t help but crack a smile but you shook it away fast. “We got a group back a little ways. You can stay with-” Right before you could finish Daryl pulled you aside aggressively. Which was odd for him to act especially towards you. “No. Ain’t no way I’m lettin’ some-some fuckin’ dumbfuckin’ piece of shit like that around our group! Look at the way he’s fuckin’ lookin at you he’s a creeper!” Daryl whispered/Screamed at you. You just rolled your eyes at him and pulled away. “Daryl he’s just going to come back for night. Rick will decide what happens to him. And besides, when did you ever care if someone looked at me and thought I was good looking? You sure never seem to notice.” You rolled your eyes at him and went back over to the David guy. You explained about the situation and that the leader would decide but he could stay for the night. He smiled happily and kept thanking you.

You and David walked ahead of Daryl, talking, laughing, hell even flirting. Daryl only stayed behind a few feet so he could have a clear shot to kill the guy if he hurt you most likely. That and he couldn’t stop thinking about what you said earlier…Of course he thought you were hot and everything…He had deep feelings for you…Feelings you didn’t know about but shared the same for him. His jealousy was clearly obvious. At this point of the walk David was trying to impress you with his stories. You just laughed and smiled at them. And he smiled back. Daryl rolled his eyes in the background. “I’m gonna take a piss.” Daryl said walking off by a tree. You sighed and stopped along with David to wait. “So…Are you two…? Ya know” you simply just giggled at the thought and looks down to hide your blush. “No. We’re…Just friends. We go far back. He’s just protective of his family don’t mind him.” You replied and looked up at David. “Oh…I get it, good. So there won’t be a problem if I did this” he slowly leaned closer and closed his eyes, your eyes widened and you froze. This guy was nice and all but you liked Daryl. Just as his lips nearly touched yours a arrow shot between your faces, it cut only David’s face somehow but he would be fine. “Hey!” David yelled as he backed up and held his forehead. You jumped back and your eyes shot to Daryl with his raised crossbow “Daryl what the hell!? You could’ve killed us!” You yelled at him, completely furious that he’s jealousy almost got you killed. He tossed his crossbow on his back and walked in between you two. “Caught dinner.” He said picking up a possum that was running across and just between you two. You sighed deeply and David just looked shocked and confused. “C'mon let’s get back before dark.” Daryl said as he kept walking. You sighed again, “C'mon.” You motioned for David to follow. Which he did.

Once you arrived at the house David was already making a great first impression on the group. Which pissed Daryl off and led to him storming up the stairs, the important part was that he grabbed your arm and brought you with him. “Daryl what the actual fu-” Before you could finish he took you into his room and slammed the door shut. Right as you were about to question him again he presses his lips against yours, giving you the most deep passionate kiss you’ve ever had or could imagine. Your eyes were wide as you slowly relaxed into it and kissed him back. In the mix of your tongues fighting for dominance and his hands exploring your body you both ended up on the bed. As the kisses deepened he removed your pants and you kicked off your shoes before hand. You broke the kiss to quickly remove his vest and his shirt to which you threw on the floor. He gave you a quick kiss as he pulled off your shirt and tossed it into the floor along with his. Your wrapped your arms around his neck as he slowly slid his hand underneath you and unclipped your bra. He reattached his lips to yours and your hands moved down to his belt. Once it was gone you unbuttoned his pants and he slid them off revealing him to be boxer-less. His member was already way past hard. You bit your lip and he snapped his fingers, your eyes shot to his which he was looking down at you with his deep blue eyes. “Eyes on mine, Sunshine.” He winked and you bit down on your lip harder. You slowly ran to he hands down yourself starting from your collarbone and to your panties. You gripped onto the sides of your panties and went to tug them down as he placed his hands on top of yours. You looked deep into each other’s eyes as you slowly slid your panties down your legs with his help. Once they were gone you leaned back up and kissed him. He ran his fingers through your hair as he pressed you down to the mattress using his body against yours. His other hand explored your body all the way down to your thigh where he caressed it up onto his waist. He started kissing down your neck, playfully bitting in spots causing you to moan out. He looked up at you as he kissed down to your breasts and started sucking on them as his member rubbed against your center. You moaned out and gently tugged on his hair “God damnit Daryl just fuck me!” You yelled and He pulled his head away and looked up at you “You best watch your mouth, sunshine. Might have to-Punish you” he said with a wink as he slowly entered you. You moaned out, letting your head fall back onto the pillow feeling something you’ve been waiting for a long time, pleasure. You bit your lip as he sudden sped up his thrusts, going harder, faster, you were forced to place your hand against the headboard so you wouldn’t slam into it. You moaned out louder, tugging on his hair with your other hand as you wrapped your legs around his waist, letting him go deeper. “What’s my name?” He demanded to know as he slammed into you, his sack slapping against your ass most likely leaving marks. “D-Daryl…” You bit your lip. “Daryl who~?” He asked again, flipping you over and pounding into you from behind. You screamed and gripped onto the head board, getting closer to your high by the second. “D-Dixon! Daryl-Fucking-Dixon” you said In between moans. He grinned and wrapped his arm around you, pulling you back and holding you to his chest as his other hand rubbed little tiny quick circles on your cilt and he continued thrusting into you as you partly sat on his thighs, “That’s right. And you’re mine,” he said bitting your neck leaving a big mark. You screamed with pleasure as you tightened around his throbbing member, hitting your high with a brick as it felt like. You screamed out his name, he grunted as you caused his high to hit. He let his seed fill you to the brim as he thrusted in once more, “Claimed.” He stated.

You both calmed down after a little while and cuddles took place, you went back down stairs fully dressed. Everybody looked at you both oddly. You started blushing deeply concerned that they all just heard-that… You and Daryl sat on the empty couch in the living room with everyone else. They continued to stare but soon went back to their conversation. Just as you went to sit down besides him he grabbed you gently by your hips and sat you down in his lap and kissed your ear. This caught everyone’s attention considering this was not how Daryl usually-or ever is in fact. It especially caught David’s attention. When Daryl notice him starring he grinned and whispered in your ear, something for you to repeat aloud. You blushed deeply and bit your lip, “I’m…Claimed.” You said loud and proud like he had told you too. God this was embarrassing, but hot as well. David at that moment got up and walked outside as everyone else went silent for a few seconds. Daryl grinned happily into your neck as he wrapped his arms around you. “Damn right.” He said with a smirk.

{This was requested by: dixonimagines . Written by: Me!}
{I really hope you like this, and thank you so much for the request! I tried my hardest I hope it’s what you wanted. If not feel free to message me and I’ll do my best to fix it!}

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The Dixon Temper

( I had this Idea in my head for a while. I hope you like it. gifs not mine ) 

Description: Daryl is Negan’s prisoner, When Negan brings him with to collect half his supplies, Daryl’s little four year old daughter is walking with her mother and sees Daryl. She starts running to hug Daryl and Negan stops her and tells her she can’t talk to her daddy. She decides to have a little temper tantrum.

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Y/n  was watching her four year old daughter Shiloh play with some other little kids in Alexandria. Shiloh hasn’t played with these kids for a while. Seeing as she has been missing her daddy. All Shiloh knew was a bad man took him. That the bad man will be making visits from time to time. 

Y/n heard car doors slamming shut and a pounding on their gates. She turned and saw other mothers were going over and getting their kids to bring them inside their homes. 

“Shiloh come on over here now sweetheart.” Y/n shouted for her daughter. 

Shiloh looked up and went running over to her mommy. “Mommy? Why did all the kids leave?” Shiloh said with a frown. 

“You remember what I told you about the bad man?” Y/n kneeled  down in front of her daughter as Shiloh started to nod. 

“Well he is here now and they don’t want their kids to see him. They don’t want them to be scared.” She tried to explain as much as she could so Shiloh would understand. 

Shiloh took her mother’s hand and they started to walk towards their house which was near the front gate. The gates opened and there he was. Standing there with his smirk and talking to Rick. 

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“You’re early.” Rick said with fear in his eyes.

“Truth is I miss ya Rick.” Negan said sarcastically. “But you should know I can come here whenever the fuck I want. whether you like it or not.” Negan said smirking. 

Rick turned his head in a different direction, that’s when he saw Daryl standing there. He was cut and bruised up. More than he ever saw him before. 

Originally posted by noisysunday

Shiloh turned her head before walking up the porch steps and she saw her daddy, standing there. “Daddy!” She shouted and ran towards everyone by the gate. 

“Shiloh no!” y/n shouted running after her. 

Shiloh almost made it to her dad when Negan stopped her. 

“Well, well, well, Who do we have here?” Negan asked with the same smirk he had on his face from when he was talking to Rick. 

Shiloh looked up at him with a mad look on her face. Daryl and y/n both knew that her temper was going to get the best of her. 

“Who are you cutie?” He asked Shiloh. 

“Shiloh Dixon.” She said proudly. 

Negan started to laugh a little and turned to look at Daryl. “You made this thing? How’d you get something so cute.” Negan said trying to get under Daryl’s skin. 

Y/n came over to get Shiloh. Negan’s smile just got bigger. “Well it all adds up now as to how cute this little girl is. She sure got her mother’s looks.” 

Y/n started to blush but didn’t say a word to him. “Come on Shiloh.” She said grabbing her hand. 

“No. I wanna see daddy.” Shiloh swiped her hand away and crossed her arms. 

“I’m sorry honey but that is not going to happen.” Negan said to Shiloh.

Shiloh kept getting a worse look on her face. “I want to!” She shouted at him. 

“Nope, now go with mommy there and play with dolls or some shit. Daddy has work to do.” Negan said coming closer to Shiloh. 

Shiloh got so mad that when Negan got close enough she kicked him in the leg. One of the men went to pick her up to pull her away from Negan she bit him on their hand and made them cry out in pain. 

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“Well little one, that wasn’t nice at all.” Negan said in a calm voice. 

“That brat bit me!” the man who tried to grab Shiloh shouted. 

“Well that’s your own fault. You wanted to teach her a lesson she taught you. Besides you know better than to go after women or children.” Negan said defending Shiloh. 

Negan turned his attention back to Shiloh. “Now where on earth did you learn to act like that?” Negan got down to Shiloh’s level. 

Shiloh shrugged and kept looking at Negan. Negan looked up at y/n. “You didn’t teach her that now did you?” Negan asked y/n. 

y/n shook her head now. “Her temper kinda runs in the family. What can I say she got her father’s and uncle’s tempers.” Y/n shrugged. 

Negan nodded. “Stubbornness too I assume.” 

“Yeah.” Y/n nodded her head. 

Negan brought his attention back to Shiloh. “I’ll make a deal with ya kid. You go play at home and don’t be a pain in the ass I’ll let you have a little visit with your dad. Does that sound good?” Negan said and looked up at y/n. 

Shiloh looked up at her mommy. “Yeah I guess.” She said with a grumpy voice. 

y/n took Shiloh home for her to stay out of the way out there.Shiloh just kept looking out the window seeing her daddy walk back and forth with things to load up in the truck. 

“How much longer?” Shiloh whined a little getting sleepy. 

“I don’t know baby. Not much I hope.” Y/n replied to her daughter. 

“He’s coming!” Shiloh shouted and ran to the door and opened it. She ran right to Daryl’s arms. They hugged each other and didn’t want to let go. “I miss you.” Shiloh cried into her daddy’s arms. 

“I miss you too.” Daryl said tearing up holding his daughter in a tight hug.He looked up and saw y/n there standing watching them. 

Daryl held onto Shiloh and walked up towards y/n and hugged her. “This is a pretty picture.” They knew that voice and all turned around. 

No one said anything. “So your buddy Rick plead your case for you. So I guess your staying. But I told Rick if anyone and I mean anyone gets out of hand I will drag your ass right back with me.” Negan threaten. 

Daryl nodded and turned his attention back to his family. Once Negan left Daryl and his family walked inside. Daryl went to see what there was to eat. 

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He found himself a jar of peanut butter. On his way to the living room he grabbed himself a spoon and went to sit down. Daryl started to shovel the peanut butter into his mouth and fast as he could. 

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“Easy there baby.” Y/n said watching Daryl eat. “I can make you something else. You don’t even like peanut butter.” 

“I honestly don’t give a shit. I’m starving.” Daryl replied between mouthfuls. 

“They didn’t feed you?” Y/n asked sadly. 

“They did. You just don’t want to know what.” Daryl replied putting the empty jar of peanut butter down.

“What shit they feed you?” Shiloh asked sitting on the floor. 

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Daryl looked up at Shiloh. “You better watch your mouth sunshine. You don’t talk like that ya hear me?” Daryl said in a stern voice. 

Shiloh nodded and ran to give him a hug. He smiled and hugged her back. 

After the hug Daryl went to take a shower and get into a clean pair of clothes. By the time he was done Shiloh was already in bed in a deep sleep. Daryl looked in at her and shut her door. 

He went to his room who he shared with the love of his life. “She was pretty tired huh?” Daryl asked getting under the covers in bed. 

“yeah. Missing you takes a lot of people.” Y/n smiled and kissed Daryl. 

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After a long time of not being able to hold or touch each other they finally got to. Afterwards they stayed up talking about how things were going around Alexandria and if everyone was coming together. 

Daryl wasn’t ready to tell y/n or anyone else for that matter what he had to go through at Negan’s sanctuary. Y/n wasn’t going to push him for those details. She told him she’d listen if and when he was ever ready. For now she just wanted him to rest. 

It wasn’t long after they stopped talking that Daryl was asleep. Y/n watched Daryl sleep for a bit moving his hair out of his face. She kissed his shoulder and cuddled closer to him. They both fell asleep, both happy to be in each others arms again. 

Narrow Spaces

Daryl Dixon Imagine

based on a request. It’s smuttier than originally planned, but I hope you like it nevertheless.

You and Daryl are out on a run when you get trapped in a small room.

word count: 1021

“Run!” Daryl grabbed my wrist. Trailing me behind him Daryl ran towards the next best door that looked like there was no dangerous threat waiting right behind it.
“Get in there!”, Daryl commanded shoving me into the room and slamming the door shut behind him.
We had been trapped by a horde of walkers while we were scavenging an old hospital. We found more than just a few useful items but now it looked like we were about to pay for them with our lives. Not a very good deal. We had found ourselves being surrounded by a bunch of walkers. It was as if they had appeared out of nowhere, but maybe we were just not careful enough. And now we had to pay for it.
“That was close.” I sighed with a pounding heart. I’ve never been this close to death.

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