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We understand that the content that we create is, by our standards, it is family-friendly. That doesn’t mean that every family is going to find it friendly. But for what we see as family friendly, like everybody sits down, all ages sit down and enjoy, we still create that kind of stuff.
—  Rhett McLaughlin, Ear Biscuits 109
Bill Skarsgard Imagine

Bill Skarsgard x reader 

He pranks you when you visit him on the set of IT. 

your pov 

You and bill hadn’t seen each other in 3 months due to him being away for filming. He was currently filming his new movie IT. 

You had texted him the week before that you were visiting due to the fact that you weren’t good at keeping secrets. 

You were getting dressed in the hotel room, you decided to go with blue skinny jeans and just a comfy lazy shirt and you decided that you would braid your hair. Two simple braids. 

You left the hotel and got into your car to drive to the set. all the way there you had mixed feelings. You were excited to see bill again but a little scared because you were always one of those who didn’t handle being scared well. You hated scary things, well you didn’t hate them but you were just so easily scared. 

You got onto set and walked your way over to the director, Andres.

“Hi, you must be y/n” andres said. 

“yes that would be me, its so nice to meet you” you replied back. 

“”the pleasures all mine, bill has told me so much about you” you noticed that andres had this weird kind of smile. You were totally oblivious to the prank that was about to be pulled on you. 

“He actually has this picture of you and him in his trailer. it’s super cute.” andres said to you. 

“oh no, I bet I look ugly in it.” you replied back. 

“well let me show you” and with that you let andres lead you to bills trailer. as soon as you walked in you saw the humiliating picture of you and bill. it was when you were having a lazy day, and you were sure that you hadn’t taken a shower the day before. 

“Oh god out of all the pictures….” before you could finish your sentence you saw something to your left scream and come out you. you turned your head to the left and let out a blood curdling scream, and fell down to the floor. you were pretty sure your knees were going to be bruised in the morning. you sat on the floor holding yourself while hearing andres and bill and other, what sounded like kids laughing. you saw bill in his full pennywise costume. he was covering his mouth in shock because he wasn’t expecting you to fall down. he stopped laughing and walked towards you and bent down to reach your level. he was hugging you saying he was sorry repeatedly in your ear. the kids who where watching were no longer laughing. they were just watching in awe and saying stuff like “how does a murderous clown have a girlfriend, yet i’m still here single.” 

You looked up at bill and pushed him away. 

“I hate you so much.” 

“you love me” bill replied back to you. 

“next time you think of pranking me and scaring me, you’ll be sleeping on the couch.” 

“never again” bill said, “I love you and care too much about you to scare you again.” 

you smiled and thought of how lucky you were to have someone like bill in your life. 

Fixing Problems - Yoongi Smut

A continuation of “A Helping Hand”, where you and Yoongi are camp counselors that just so happen to fuck around when the kids are preoccupied. Counselors!Jungkook, Taehyung, and Hoseok have cameos. *any other name is one of the kids*

Taehyung and Jungkook had offered once again to take the kids to the place they wanted to go most, and they had all decided on the bowling alley. Meaning the cabin would be empty, and that the children would be 10 minutes walking distance away for 2 hours. You and Yoongi decided to join the kids for bowling, but you didn’t plan on staying. Not if you were going to get what you wanted by the end of the day…

The 12 of you walked to the bowling alley and as you approached the doors, Taehyung turned around saying, “WAIT WHO IS ON WHOSE TEAM?” Jungkook quickly grabbed Aera and Baekhyun, while Jinhee and Yongguk ran to Taehyung’s side. Key shrugged before dragging Namie to Jungkook’s side and Minhee and Sehun stayed rooted in their places behind Taehyung. Everyone looked at you and Yoongi’s entwined hands and waited for you to choose sides.

“We’ll just watch, guys.” Yoongi spoke up, before squeezing your hand and walking past everyone, holding the door open for you. You had sat down at one of the tables and he sat across from you, not letting your hand go once. You leaned forward on your elbows as you observed him looking around the place. His eyebrows were pulled over his eyes in concentration and your gaze slid down to his tiny perky little nose, the philtrum connecting to beautiful, pink lips that were pursed?

Yoongi had noticed you looking at him and he continued to “look” around the place while pursing his lips, hoping for you to get the hint that he wanted a smooch.

You blushed before leaning over the table and brushing your lips against his quickly before sitting back down. Yoongi was staring at you, shocked that you had actually kissed him of your own free will in a place as public as the camp bowling alley. You turned your attention to the two lanes in front of you two, as the kids had finally gotten their shoes on and were getting ready to bowl.

You stood up, letting go of Yoongi’s hand as you went to stand near the lanes, Yoongi joining you from behind quickly as he wrapped his arms around your waist and leaned his head on your shoulder. You grabbed his arms and leaned into his touch as he spoke in your ear.

“Do we have to stay and watch the kids?” Yoongi groaned whispered into your ear. You chuckled a bit, finally getting the little push of confidence you needed to initiate your plan.

“It’s funny actually… I was about to ask you the same thing.” You said at a normal speaking voice. You heard Yoongi’s breathing get a bit heavier and felt the hot puffs on your neck before you turned in his arms, leaning in to whisper the last few words.

“I seem to be having a bit of a problem myself… and I think you need to fix it this time…” You waited for an answer, but the next thing you knew, Yoongi had bent down and grabbed onto your legs while standing back up. You were hanging upside down with your face almost touching his ass, as you heard him shout to everyone else at the lanes.

“BOWLING ISN’T OUR THING, WE ARE GOING TO ENTERTAIN OURSELVES SOMEPLACE ELSE. SEE YA. TAEHYUNG TEXT ME WHEN YOU ARE HEADED BACK.” Yoongi hadn’t even finished yelling and he was already at the door. His last words were thrown at the two counselors. The both of you were a good 3 minutes from the alley before Yoongi set you down, asking if you’d rather be carried on his back. You agreed and hopped on, hoping that the ride would be a bit less bumpy.

On the way to the cabin, you had passed another group at the carpetball alleyway. Their counselor, Hoseok (who’d had a bit of a crush on you) rose an eyebrow at the two of you and Yoongi stuck his tongue out before running past him.

“DON’T WORRY Y/N I’LL FIX YOUR PROBLEM VERY SOON.” Yoongi yelled out, and you turned back to see Hoseok’s brows furrowing as he watched the two of you disappear down the trail.

The two of you had reached the cabin in a little less than 8 minutes since Yoongi was nearly sprinting his way to the cabin, obviously excited to ‘help out’. Yoongi immediately set you down, before attacking your neck with his lips. His teeth nipping and biting at the sensitive skin just under your jawline. You pulled his hair by the nap of his neck, choosing to attach his lips to your own. You were surprised at the speed Yoongi thrust his tongue into your mouth, nearly fucking into it.

You whimpered into his mouth as his tongue continued to massage yours in varying rhythms. You nipped his tongue as he pulled away and he smirked at you before opening the door, lifting you up into his arms, and walking through the threshold. He slammed the door shut with his foot and locked it before walking over to the couch and throwing you in the middle.

He went to his bedside table and put his hat and phone down before walking towards you, lifting his black jersey off of his body as he made his way over. He threw it across the room before asking you a question.

“Now Princess? What seems to the be the problem today?” He said, as if he were examining a patient. You felt light-headed as you shakily answered him.

“Well, I’ve b-been a bit frustrated recently. Kids are all over the p-place and I find myself not being able to relax.” You said, feeling proud that you only stuttered twice, despite how anxious you were to just get to it.

Yoongi took off his grey t-shirt, while standing a foot away. You were sitting straight up on the couch and Yoongi suddenly sank to his knees in front of you. He grasped your chin in one of his soft hands, and you couldn’t help but run your eyes up the veins in his arm as he tilted your chin up. He looked you over, eyes hooking onto the beginnings of the mark he started to make right outside the cabin door, before he hummed to himself.

“Hmmmm… I might know just the solution…” He said before leaning in and attaching his lips to the exact spot he was staring at. He immediately started to suck hard, pausing every couple of seconds to nip and lick it, before he felt that a definite mark would be left in his wake. He then continued to drag his tongue up your jaw, until it settled right between your lips. You felt his tongue intrude your mouth for what felt like the 30th time that day, and moaned.

He took the opportunity to spread your knees apart with his hands at that moment, and then he hiked your skirt up, feeling for the waistband of your underwear. Your face already starting to heat up in desire as you remembered what his hands had done to you before. He slowly dug his fingers into the elastic on both sides of your hips and pulled them down, only breaking the kiss to watch as they slipped past your thighs.

You looked up at him anxiously, waiting for him to do something.  He looked back up at you as he smirked before reaching his hand down to… pull your legs to the end of the couch. He looked you directly in the eyes as his head started to lean down and didn’t break eye contact as he let his tongue lightly brush your center. The fact that you couldn’t see his tongue, made the feeling that much more intense, and you were seeing stars before he had even started his game.

Your hand naturally reached down for his shaggy hair, and you almost jumped as you felt the cool metal of the ring on his necklace touch the inside of your thigh. You tried to think straight, but when Yoongi literally pressed his face into your core, all rational thought had been thrown out the window, and you found yourself pulling him against you desperately.

The noises were driving you crazy, as you heard him lap up your wetness, his slurps and heavy breathing mixed with yours were the only things heard in the room. You felt him flick his tongue against your clit and your back arched as the hands situated on your thighs were suddenly removed. Your eyes widened as you felt his fingers spread you before he lathered his tongue up and down your center. You could literally feel the explosions going off in your stomach as you felt the spring in your stomach coil tighter and tighter. His fingers gently stroked the edge of your entrance before his tongue delved in. You bit your hand to prevent from screaming out loud as he continued to thrust into your hole at an alarming speed. He pulled his tongue out before he growled against you.

“Princess it’s just you and me, no reason to hold back your screams.” He said before thrusting his tongue deeper than you thought possible. You didn’t hesitate this time and cried out, letting your frustrations known. “UGH FUCK, YOONGI. SHIT, PLEASE.” You said before blushing, not used to speaking like that, well at least under these circumstances. Yoongi, cheered on by your pleads, took the time to slide his tongue from your hole up to your clit and he began circling his tongue with it as your back arched even further.

The spring inside of you was about to burst, and Yoongi must have known, since he took the moment to press two fingers into your entrance, quickly finding the spot you needed pressed the most. You threw your head back as his tongue continued caressing your clit and you felt the spring release. You screamed his name at the top of your lungs as you felt yourself get lost in his tongue. As you were riding your orgasm out, he bit your clit harshly, allowing even more pleasure to accompany you on your trip to heaven and back.

Yoongi made sure to lap up all the cum that he had just caused you to release, pulling back with a satisfied smile and a wink as he licked his bottom lip. You were still breathless and you don’t know whether it was the way he licked the two fingers that were previously stuck in you, or the fact that he leaned back down, whispering, “Let me make sure I got it all” but you found yourself blacking out with only one thought on your mind.

The kids are going bowling more often.