watch your damn kids

So I’m a lifeguard and the amount of people that leave their small children (like 5 and under) in the beach areas (where the water starts from nothing then gets gradually deeper) of the pool unattended. And whenever I have to tell them that they need to be with their kids, they always ask stuff like “why? Isnt that why you’re here?” Like????? No bitch????? I’m here to watch everyone in this pool, not babysit your damn kids.
On a different occasion, this lady left her toddler (like a year and half old, could barely sit up by its self) and she walked away from her kid, sat down, and TOOK OUT A BOTTLE OF VODKA. The other guards saw it and our manager came out and told her that alcohol isn’t allowed inside the facility and that she needed to be with her child at all times. She became all angry and belligerent and then said that she was going to just leave and drive home. We didnt let her of course and had to call a cab once she calmed down but like??? What the fuck???? Does the safety and wellbeing of your child mean nothing to you???

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“Truth or dare, Steve!” Wanda asked.

“Truth!” Steve replied. A sigh of frustration went around the room.

“The fifth time, Rogers! This is the faith time you’ve picked truth! Just pick a damn dare!” Tony said angrily.

“Watch your language around the kids” Bucky hushed them.

“I told you we should have played cards against humanity instead!” Sam crossed his arms. Making a pouty face, still salty about everyone choosing truth or dare over his pick.

“Some people aren’t ready for that kind of thing.” Clint glared at you are Peter, the youngest ones of the group. Implying that you guys hadn’t already plays.

“I take great offense to that, just so you know.” You laughed.

“They’re old enough to play, you know that. And like this is any better, someone was already dared to dry lap dance me.” Nat huffed. 

"Let’s get back to the game, if possible.” Peter pleaded. But to no use. Sometimes the Avengers could be the worst.

Guys, just PSA, that post going around about pokemon go and being an adult and not being weird with children is by a pro life blog.

Not only that, she’s part of a group that has been trying to demonize plan parenthood and who is with a pregnancy plan center, who are know to trick women out of abortions, keep women in a hostage situation (like stealing pants and locking doors until you sign something that you won’t get an abortion) and other gross shit

Like, do you need to spread her post? Adults, don’t be creepy with kids! Realize they are minors and you’re an adult, don’t ask them to go outside alone!! Parents, watch your damn kids. Wow, done. Common sense people, can we stop giving the pro lifer attention?????????