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Bernice, Sheepadoodle (3 y/o), Bleecker & Morton St., New York, NY • “She loves sitting in the window and watching the world go by.”

Many of us are happy on Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter but depressed and unhappy in reality.

Put yourself first - meaning don’t focus on telling everyone around you how happy you are. Remember that often, the people who are unhappiest are the ones who spend the longest on their phones telling the world about it.

We must learn to let others live their lives and focus on our own. We spend hours watching the world go by and we lose our own precious moments!

The other day an elderly gentleman, a veteran of the United States Air Force, came to the Museum with a potential donation. We often receive a number of walk-ins offering to donate some family heirloom and occasionally these items are ones that fit the Museum’s current collecting policy and needs. Such was the case with this gentleman’s offered timepiece.

The donor was stationed at a United States installation in Europe in 1959 when, for some reason unknown to the donor, the decision was made to throw away a stash of Hamilton Navigational watches that had never been issued or used. These watches, utilizing the amazing 4992B movement, were a work horse of the United States Army Air Corp / Air Force during World War Two and the Korean War. The Museum has six examples of this type of watch in the collection, some with clear service records, and others without.

The watch offered by the donor was one of several that he had been allowed to take, some of which he had given away to friends or relatives over the years. The watch he wished to donate had been the one that he had kept for himself and had rarely taken it out or used it. He had planned to use it on a mission to survey some areas of South America for the Air Force in the 1960s, but the mission had never materialized.

When the donor revealed the watch to us, it looked like it had just been issued. The case shows no sign of wear at all, the engraved serial numbers on the case back are as clear as they were the day they were engraved. Upon opening the watch (something the donor had NEVER done) the movement shone like it had just left the Hamilton factory. Needless to say, a watch with such a clear provenance and history, in such pristine condition was something that we were eager to add to our Hamilton collection here at the Museum.

We want to thank the donor for his service to his country and his generosity to the Museum for the donation of this watch. We hope you enjoy seeing it as much as we did.

We thank thee that thy Church, unsleeping, while earth rolls onward into light; through all the world her watch is keeping and rests not now by day or night. ~ John Ellerton


“I’m just one gigantic ball of rancid fear and self-consciousness. I’m entirely fueled by fear, so the fact that I knew it could be a catastrophic disaster made me unable to sleep, and made me work quite hard.” — Eddie Redmayne, b. January 6, 1982


…you know what it feels like to get booped off an edge. You just…let it happen and die a little inside is all.

You’re in my arms and all the world is calm. The music playing on for only two.

A very rushed drawing for soriku day because to day was busy, but I desperately wanted to put something out today. I won’t let something as frivolous as an occupation get in the way of soriku day. nope.
Mischief Managed | Harry Potter Fan Film
Before the Order. Before the prophecy. Before Harry. Remember to watch in HD! Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs are proud to present (and star in)... MISCH...

A new Marauders fan film has just come out, and let me tell you IT’S AMAZING!!!
I’ve never seen anything that feels so authentic and REAL, and the amount of effort and care put into this astounds me! This is such a lovely piece of fan work, spread the word and support everyone who made a Harry Potter film we’ve always wanted! ❤


It is, isn’t it?

Just so all of you know, I won’t be posting any spoilers for the new Steven Bomb on this blog until after its television release. I guess it’s pretty sad that it all got leaked early, but… what’s the use of feeling blue?

Me Preparing for a Binge Watching Session of Anime


20~ minutes = 1 ep (without ads/op/ending)

20~ mins x 3 eps = 1 h

1 season = 12 eps/24 eps

20~ mins x 12eps = 240 mins = 4 h

240 mins x 2 = 480 mins = 8 h

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But Percy singing ’How Far I’ll Go’ from Moana.