watch with mother

I rewatched the episode with my mother and she was like Ed Sheeran and his crew are probably the Westerosi equivalent of millennials and hence why they are nice people, they’re just young lads tired of all the wars and injustice committed by the previous generation but they got bills to be paid and have to put food on the table during hard times that is Queen Cersei administration.


Dany learning the truth about Jon’s past: A Thrilling Saga™

I have been playing Robobot so much lately. ESP Kirby is now my new fav ability along with the Yo-yo 


2001 vs. 2014

(bottom picture by yours truly)

It’s pretty amazing to see how much more developed Nintendo’s characters have become, so I thought a good way to demonstrate this evolution would be to harken back to one of the GameCube’s most treasured titles, Super Smash Bros. Melee!

The decision to replace the late Nana and Popo with Lucas and Villager came from these two reasons:

1) Lucas was meant to debut in the Smash series in Melee (replacing Ness), but Ness returned due to the delay of Mother 3

2) Animal Crossing was first introduced on the GameCube

I figured Pichu was best left as an empty space.

Anyways, enjoy this edit! If you want to use it, I would greatly appreciate credit :)

EDIT 3/8/2016

Good news to those who wanted a high-definition version of this photo! This version can be found here:

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cersei is over here poisoning tyene and making her mother watch her die slowly, and talking about wanting to flay lady olenna & hang her from the the walls of kings landing…..and some of y'all have the nerve to call dany the ‘mad queen’ for using her army & drogon to attack the lannister army?? you know, the people she’s at WAR with????

that is some serious mental gymnastics one has to do to convince themselves that daenerys is somehow worse that cersei 

Re-watching season four and realizing exactly why Beatrice was so attached to that baby doll, it seriously breaks my heart. She just shatters after Bojack throws it off his deck the same way she did when her father threw hers in the fire after she contracted scarlet fever as a child.

“Someday, this will be a pleasant memory.”