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Genera: Angst/Fluff

Anon: Can I request I.M and you first starting out the relationship but he’s very shy about skinship or displays of affection of any kind ie. looking into your eyes in a loving way or saying you are his gf, he holds your hand but doesnt really make it look like you’re dating, so you start to feel insecure and break down secretly about it and he finds you crying in the room and is really surprised?


The door bell rang, announcing a visitor to the cafe you worked at for that summer.

“Good morning, sir…” you trailed off, realizing the ‘sir’ that you just greeted isn’t just any ‘sir’.

Even though he had his hoodie over his head and his sunglasses over his eyes, you could recognize him easily.

“I’d like two Cappuccinos” he ordered and you internally fought yourself to keep your focus on the screen in front of you.

“Anything else?” You smiled nervously at him and he took off his sunglasses as he shook his head, smiling back at you.

You stared into his eyes for a few seconds before quickly looking away and proceeding to make his drinks.

“You’re holding the cup upside down, y/n” your colleague notified you and you quickly fixed the cup.

“Focus, y/n. Focus” you mumbled to yourself.

Finally, the drinks were ready. You carried them carefully to the counter where Changkyun waited to pick them up.

“Two Cappuccinos” you smiled.

You almost placed them on the table, but you just had to knock them over, making them spill everywhere.

“Oh my god! I’m so sorry!” You gasped, grabbing a bunch of tissues and walking to the other side of the counter to wipe the spilled coffee.

“What’s your name?” You heard him ask as he knelt down in front of you, wiping the floor.

“M-me?” You asked him in disbelief. He nodded.

“Y/n” you smiled at him.

“Y/n, you can go make the drinks. I’ll clean up” your colleague told you and both of you and Changkyun stood up.

You ran back in, making the coffee again for Changkyun. After you were done, you placed the cups extra carefully on the counter.

“No no! It’s on me” you told him declining the cost of the coffee.

“It’s nothing really” he chuckled but you shook your head making him place his wallet back in his pocket.

“I’ll be back in a minute” he told you and you nodded.

You waited impatiently for him, curious of what he went to do. You smiled to yourself and covered your mouth, squealing.

“That guy looks so familiar. Is he an idol?” Your colleague asked and you looked at him.

“He is! He’s Monsta X’s I.M!” You exclaimed and he opened his mouth in realization.

You were about to fangirl more, but you quickly held it all in when you saw Changkyun walk back into the shop.

“Here. Make sure you come. I’d like to see you” he smiled slightly at you before leaving the shop.

You looked down at the VIP concert ticket that he placed on the counter, trying to believe what just happened.

You smiled at the sweet memory of how you and Changkyun met eight months ago. You smiled wider when you heard the fans that were waiting by the gate cheer loudly, announcing the boys’ arrival.

You rolled down your car window and watched him walk out of the gate, trying to greet as many of his fans as possible.

The boys quickly waved at you before walking to their car. You waved back at them then got out of your car, running towards Changkyun and wrapping your arms around his waist tightly. You knew everyone was taking pictures, but you didn’t mind that at all. You wanted the whole world to know about your relationship.

“Let’s get in. People are watching” he told you quietly, not hugging you back.

You frowned as you pulled away and he just walked to your car, placing his luggage in your trunk then getting in the driver’s side. You got in the passenger’s seat and he drove away.

“I missed you” he glanced at you and your heart fluttered.

“I missed you, too” you replied shyly.

“Let’s go somewhere fun tomorrow. A theme park or a carnival maybe?” He suggested.

“You should rest. You just came back from tour” you pouted and he chuckled.

“I’m fine as long as you’re next to me” he smiled and you stared at him in admiration.

“Home sweet home!” Changkyun yelled the moment he stepped into his and your apartment.

You giggled, placing his backpack on the couch. He walked to the bedroom, placing his suitcase next to the closet before throwing himself on the bed.

“Changkyunie” you cooed as you walked into the bedroom and laid next to him on the bed. You waited for him to wrap his arms around you, kiss you, or at least look at you. But as usual, he didn’t do any of that. You moved next to him and attempted to stroke his face, but he got up quickly as if running away from you.

“I’ll take a shower” he said quietly as he walked to the bathroom.

You huffed and ran a hand through your hair. You got up and sat in the living room, watching TV while trying to forget that stinging feeling in your heart.

Ever since you got with Changkyun, he never held your hand or hugged you. He hasn’t even kissed you. Not even once. And thinking about that made you feel wronged somehow.

A while later, Changkyun walked into the living room and sat down on the couch next to you.

“My company’s having a party tomorrow. They invited you. Would you like to go with me?” He asked, not looking at you.

“Sure, yeah” you replied.

The next night, you and Changkyun were ready for the party. Wearing your best dress and jewelry, you hoped to attract him to you more. Maybe he would wrap an arm around your waist, or kiss you right behind your ear after whispering how beautiful you looked. You hoped for that to happen.

“Changkyun! And y/n! Nice to see you two” Jooheon greeted and you smiled at him.

“You look so amazing” he told you, glancing at Changkyun. You laughed lightly as Changkyun pushed him playfully.

“Alright alright!” Jooheon laughed.

You frowned slightly at everyone holding their dates. And then there you were, following Changkyun like a little puppy.

Slow music started playing and everyone grabbed their partner. You kept glancing at Changkyun who was standing next to you by the mini bar, waiting for him to ask to dance with him.

“Won’t you dance with y/n?!” Hyungwon asked Changkyun and you anticipated his answer. He just smiled at Hyungwon slightly and kept watching everyone dance.

You stood there next to him, holding back your tears. You hated that. He can’t even look at you for longer than two seconds.

“I’ll go to the washroom” you faked a smile at him before walking to the washrooms.

You got into one of the stalls and soon after you heard a group of girls get in the washrooms.

“You saw Changkyun and y/n. Seems like they’re on a fight or something” one of them said and you shut your eyes tightly.

“They didn’t even dance! I wonder what’s up with them” another one asked.

“It’s clear! She’s with him for his fame and money! And he’s probably keeping her for her looks” the third one told them and your eyes filled up with tears.

You waited inside the stall until they left. You got out and looked at yourself in the mirror. You took a deep breath and reapplied your lipstick before leaving the washrooms.

On your way back to the party, your heart felt heavy and your vision got blurry. You covered your mouth to stop yourself from sobbing. All of a sudden, your tears were smudging your make up and you had to sit down in the hallway.

You thought of what you heard the girls say earlier and you just cried. You thought of how people viewed your relationship. You loved Changkyun for him. Not for his fame nor money.

You kept crying. You’ve been holding this crying for eight months. You couldn’t stop the tears that kept flowing.

“Y/n!” You heard his voice and it only made you cry harder.

“Y/n!” His voice got closer and you quickly wiped your tears and stood up.

“Y/n-” he stopped calling when he saw you standing where you were.

“Where were you?! I was worried…” he trailed off. You avoided his gaze.

“Why are you crying?” He asked.

“It’s nothing. Let’s just go back” you walked past him. You felt his hand grab your shoulder and you shivered.

“What is it?” He asked again. You turned around and looked him in the eye.

“Changkyun do you see me as a woman? Do you like me as a woman?” You asked and he frowned.

“Of course! What are you even asking?”

“Then why can’t you hold my hand? Why don’t you dance with me? Why don’t you hug me? You don’t even look at me like all boyfriends do!” You broke down and he just stared at you, frowning.

“That is..I’m just worried you might not like that. I thought maybe it will make you feel uncomfortable somehow” he explained quietly.

“We’re dating, Changkyun”

“I know! But still! I worry about your feelings! I never wanted you to feel uncomfortable because of me or think of me as someone who would love you for your body only or anything like that!” He told you. You looked into his eyes and you can see the sincerity in them.

“Because I love you for you, y/n. I love your smile and I love your bubbly personality” he told you quietly as he wiped your tears. You just smiled at him and looked at your feet.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t know that bothered you” he whispered, wrapping his arms around you tightly and kissing the top of your head.

Your heart exploded. You never knew how lovely it felt to be in his arms, so close to his chest.

“From now on, I’ll show you how much I’m into you with every way possible, y/n” he smiled down at you.

After that talk with Changkyun, you fixed your makeup and went back to the party, your arm intertwined with Changkyun.

“Would you like to dance with me?” He asked you and you nodded.

He took your hand and pulled you to the middle of the dance floor. You placed your hands behind his neck and he placed his around your waist. You smiled at each other lovingly, before Changkyun started glancing at your lips.

His hands slowly moved from your waist to your face and held it softly. You closed your eyes as his face got closer to yours. And the moment he kissed you, you felt like time had stopped.

After that kiss, everything changed. Changkyun couldn’t keep himself from you. He hugged you every chance he got. He looked at you in admiration whenever you laughed or smiled. He held your hand tightly to make sure you won’t walk away.

And he kissed you whenever he felt his love for you was overwhelming.

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My headcanon is that Kakyoin became a ghost and followed Jotaro to his death, and Jotaro became aware of his spectral follower when he almost died from Kira's bombs with Koichi. Once he realized, he started forcing himself to do things Kakyoin likes, like watching sumo on TV and not skipping Sting's songs on the radio and stuff. It still hurts him, but he wants Kakyoin to be even a little bit happy. They hung out when Jotaro was in coma in part 6. Sorry, very Kakyoin based hc, love your blog!!

Now this is a sad headcanon I can get behind… bittersweet… Sad yet good… I love it thank you

@blackthorny and i made up an headcanon here us out

  • like neil and nicky go out one night and nicky gets neil super drunk, and then neil gets a tattoo on his chest with andrews name on it
  • so neils comes home and andrew is like fuck i told you to watch your drink, im gonna kill nicky. and he lets neil sober up before they go to bed
  • and after a while of just watching tv and drinking coffee, neil is like “something is stinging on my chest”, and andrew helps him take off his shirt to take a look, and that’s when he sees the tattoo
  • at first he’s just without words. he just stares at his own name on his boyfriends chest
  • but after a sec he repairs himself and he says “what the fuck did you do” and he gets up and takes two steps back from the couch
  • and neil is confused so he looks at his chest and he sees the tattoo and he’s like “oh, right” 
  • and neil’s so flustered because he doesn’t remember getting it and he doesn’t want to scare andrew off, so he just stares at andrew and andrew stares at him
  • and after a while neil finds back his voice and finally he says, “i don’t regret anything.”
  • and one sec later andrew takes two steps toward neil and he kisses him roughly
  • “i hate you” he whispers against neils lips, just before he softly kisses the still sensitive spot on neils chest with his name on it and takes neil to the bedroom
Preference #1 You're ill and he takes care of you (Requested)

Ashton: You were laid on the couch with Ashton, you watching tv and he fiddling his phone, when you felt a sting in your head, like a two seconds pain and you cursed under your breath. "You okay babe?“ he asked and stroked your hair. "I’m fine, don’t worry” you said and smiled up at him. Ashton got up to go get his charger, and you went back to watching tv when you felt the pain again, sharper and for a longer time this time. You hissed and closed your eyes, rubbing your temples to try and ease the pain, but it wasn’t working. It just kept getting worse and soon you were close to tears because of it. "Hey, what’s wrong?” He mumbled as he crouched down next to you and rested one of his hands on your head, stroking you hair lovingly with his thumb. "Migraine, I haven’t had it in like 2 months, I thought this was over" you mumbled and curled up, rolling onto your side and bitt your bottom lip when a sharp sting of pain hit you again. "Come on, let’s get you to bed" He said and got up, carrying you upstairs and gently laid you down on the bed, before walking over to the window to shut the blinds. “I’ll get the aspirins” he said. "Thanks babe" You sighed and smiled softly at him when the darkness took over the room, letting your eyes relax. "Anything for you" he said as he left to get the pills. He thenreturned with them and a glass of water. “Here ya go” he said  before kissing your forehead softly. You took two aspirins hoping they will work or at least ease your pain.“Now get some rest, I’m not going anywhere” he whispered and smiled when you cuddled close to him and closed your eyes, your breath soon evening out. 

Calum: “Ugh” you groaned as you sneezed for what seemed like the hundredth time that day, making Calum laugh a little. "You okay babe?“ He asked. "No, this fucking cold is killing me!” you groaned as you flopped onto the couch "Ouch…" you mumbled as you hit something hard and when you sat up you saw that it was his phone. “Oops, sorry” you said. "Don’t worry about it, I should learn not to leave my stuff everywhere" He said and giggled.“Okay” you said, nodding. "You know what? I’ll go make you a cup of tea and get some snacks and you can choose a movie and we’ll have a movie marathon for as long as you want" he said and kissed you softly "Yay!“ You cheered and got up to go find your favorite. He laughed and went to the kitchen to get what he said and when he came back the two of you cuddled up under a blanket and started to watch Mean Girls. "Thank you for this Calum, it really cheered me up” You said and smiled at him after the third movie of the night. "No worries babe, I just want you to be happy" He said and you “aww’ed”, making him blush. "You’re too cute, love you so much” you cooed and ran your hand trough his hair before kissing him softly, smiling "Love you too babe" He whispered.

Luke: “Shit!” you cursed as you got up from your bed and ran to the bathroom, emptying your stomach for the fourth time that day. While there you felt Luke’s hand rubbing soothing circles on your back and you sighed as you sat back, exhausted. "You should go to the doctor babe…" He mumbled, eyeing you worriedly. "I’m fine, it’s probably just something I ate, you know I have a weak stomach" you said before giving him a smile to reassure what you just said. "I’m not going to force you to go, but you’re going straight back to bed” He stated. You smiled and he added “I’m also going to be taking care of you today” you laughed. "Fine, I’m just going to brush my teeth, okay?“ you said and stood up, still feeling a little weak so Luke helped you up. "Now, you okay?” he whispered and kissed your cheek. "I’m fine, just give me a sec and I’ll go to bed" you answered and started brushing your teeth and slowly made your way to bed, where he was waiting, playing with his phone. He looked up when you walked into the room and smiled, putting his phone down. "I just had told the boys I’m not coming today" he said softly. "No, babe… You should go, I’m not gonna be much fun anyway, I’ll probably just be sleeping and throwing up all day, you’ll get bored" you said and laughed half heartedly. "If you think I’m leaving you alone when you’re as ill as you are now you’re so wrong. And don’t worry, they understand" he reassured you. "But I don’t want you to get ill too…" you mumbled and laid down. "If I do it’s your turn to take care of me I guess, at least that way we’ll be even" he joked, making you laugh. "Fine. Stay, thank you though Luke, I love you" you whispered and closed your eyes as you felt him cuddling up close to you. "I love you too babe. Get some rest, I’ll be right here when you wake up" He whispered and kissed your forehead.“Okay” you yawned and rested your head on his chest, your breathing soon evening out as you fell into a much needed, deep sleep. 

Michael: You were home alone in your and Michael’s apartment, you’ve been lying in the couch for about half an hour, zapping trough the channels and yawning. You’ve been feeling weird and dizzy so you decided to take a short nap. This nap resulted in you sleeping for about 4 hours, wrapped in three thick blankets. When Michael came home at six you were still asleep and he frowned when he felt how hot your forehead was, yet you where shivering really bad. He decided it would be better if you rested in the bed so he picked you up and smiled lovingly when you stirred and looked up at him. "Go back to sleep love, I’m just taking you to bed" he whispered and kissed your forehead. "Thank you" you mumbled and closed your eyes, the fever bringing you down. He smiled and quietly went upstairs and laid you down in your shared bed, before laying down next to you and covering you with a blanket. You woke up several times during the night because of how hot you felt your body, you felt like it was on fire, but when you finally woke up in the morning you had a damp cloth on your forehead and Michael was sat next to you, watching tv and holding your hand. Next to you, on the bedside table, was your breakfast, it made you smile. "Morning love, how you feeling?“ Michael asked, smiling at you. "Better, thanks… And thank you for taking care of me tonight, I’m really sorry for waking you up” you said apologetically. "It’s fine, don’t worry about it. I’m here to take care of you" he said and leant down to kiss you.


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Give Me Love Chapter 21

College roommates AU where Karma is not entirely fond of lesbians and Amy is unfortunately her roommate.

“Are you joking?” her mother says, voice pinched with disgust and fear.

“I’m not,” Amy says and even though her voice is shaking, she still sounds strong.

Karma should hate her. She has every reason to but she doesn’t. Instead, she loves her even more.

“How dare you.” Her mother’s voice is stark cold, making Karma shudder. “I would never let my precious daughter be contaminated by the likes of you!”

Karma covers her mouth, bile rising in her throat. Please, Amy, she silently begs her.

“Even if your precious daughter loves me back?”

A/N: I need to finish this fic before Faking It comes back. I have nine days to do that. Wish me luck.

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