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Femslash Fridays with Izzy & A, Pt 9
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Feat. Pansy and Ginny, here to prove once again that opposites attract 

Pansy: Ginny. Against my better judgement, I am rather fond of you.

Ginny: [looks down, bites lip] I just wish you were there. 

Pansy:  [rolls eyes] That face isn’t going to work, you know. 

[This is, of course, a better tactic.]

Ginny: I’ll take care of it. 

[Weasley shoots, she scores!] 


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Assumptions Assumptions (Bucky x Reader)

A/N: Hey guys!! I’m so sorry that I took so long to upload haha, I’ve just been so busy with my job, I’m so sorry!! Anyways, this is a lot long than my usual fics and wow was it a ride to write haha and I’ll just like to say that if there’s any mistakes I’m sorry and I’ll correct it when I have the time😅 Enjoy!!

Request: a bucky/reader request where they both like each other but they don’t know so 1 night Bruce goes sees the reader to ask her advice on how to ask Nat out but Nat walks in on them and thinks there’s something going on between them so she uses Bucky to get Bruce & the reader jealous but it backfires bc then the reader and Bruce start becoming close friends to help each other get over their heartbreak? so then they go to Tony’s party (Bucky & Nat go together) & the reader is dancing to “I’m not gonna teach him how to dance with you” all silly with Bruce so Bucky & Natasha get jealous of how happy they look.Reader & Bruce go back to the tower early so Nat thinks that they’re going to have sex.BUT the reader & Bruce are just watching movies until the reader goes to check on Nat and sees her and Bucky making outand Bruce walks in to get the reader & sees to.Reader gets mad at Nat but then Nat tells the reader that she knew that she liked Bruce so the reader ends up yelling at how Bruce was trying to ask her out and how she would never betray Natasha like that bc she’s her best friend. so Nat & Bucky have to apologize to Bruce & the reader. Nat ends up with Bruce and the reader w/ Bucky. sorry its so confusing it just popped into my head. Xoxo

Warnings: some cursing

You sat on your bed with your back against the headboard as you looked through your phone, scrolling through Instagram as you hummed to a tune. It was a quiet night in the tower, and you actually enjoyed it, having some time off to yourself. You had just came back from a rather tiring mission so now you’re finally getting the rest you deserved.

Your fingers stopped as you saw a picture your friend had posted of herself and her boyfriend visiting Italy together. Looking at the picture, you wondered how it’ll be like if you went with Bucky to Italy or just travel together in general. You thought about how both of you would visit beautiful landmarks together, take cute pictures and hold hands but sadly it was just all a wistful dream.

Sighing, you locked your phone and placing it beside you before you slid down until you were in a weird position with your shoulders still leaning against the headboard but your back on the pillow. You let out another pitiful sigh as you wished you could tell Bucky about your feelings. You couldn’t help but fall for him the moment he gave you that bright smile after you two started talking more and more.

“What if he doesn’t even like me that way and I ruin our friendship by telling him?” You asked yourself. Keeping quiet, you sat up and ran your fingers through your hair. “Now you sound like some lovesick idiot, you weirdo…who even talks to themselves and acknowledges it like this? Hm, this is stupid.”

You turned your head to the door as you heard a knock, tilting your head slightly you called out. “Door’s open.”

The door opened and Bruce stepped in looking side to side before looking at you confused. “I thought there was someone else here, I heard you talking to someone else.”

You gave him an awkward laugh before clearing your throat. “So, what’s up, doc?”

Bruce scratched his head and gave you a sheepish look which piqued your interest, you moved to sit on the edge of your bed as you patted the space beside you for him to sit. He took a seat and breathed in before looking at you. “I know you’re Nat’s best friend that’s why I’m here and I-I’m planning to ask her out and I don’t know how to do it.”

You gasped as you clapped your hands, shocking Bruce as you gave him a big smile. “Nat would be so happy, I can’t believe you’re finally asking her out.”

Bruce gave you a wry smile. “Was I really taking too long to ask her out?”

You gave him a ‘yeah, you did’ look and he winced slightly. You chuckled and placed your hand on his shoulder. “Have no fear, doc, I’ll help you but just know that no matter what you plan, Nat would love it.”

“You think so?” Bruce ask, sounding a bit unsure and you nodded.

Suddenly the door opened and speaking of the devil, Nat walked in, making you and Bruce look at her in surprise by her sudden entrance. “Hey, Y/N, do you want t-Bruce?” Nat, noticed your hand resting on Bruce’s shoulder before turning her gaze back to the both of you.

You stood up with a grin, excited for your best friend, she’ll finally be able to go out with the guy she liked. “Nat, you came at an almost right timing, I-”

“Seems more like the wrong timing, sorry,” Nat said, cutting you off before turning and walking out of your room, closing the door behind her. You stared after her, slightly speechless.

“Maybe, I should’ve find you in the morning?” Bruce commented, breaking the silence as you turned to see him get up.

You stared at the door before looking back at the doctor, not really knowing exactly what to say but you just gave him a smile. “Maybe she’s just tired from the mission, y’know how cranky she can get.”

Bruce nodded. “I’ll talk to you in the morning, rest early. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” you replied as you watched Bruce leaving your room. You frowned as you thought about Nat’s actions. Shrugging, you decided to talk to her tomorrow, you walked to bed and switched the lamp off at your nightstand. You yawned, I’ll handle everything tomorrow.


You dragged your feet through the hallway, tying your hair up to a messy bun in the progress. It was you rest day today so didn’t bother dressing up well or styling your hair. As you entered the kitchen, you saw Bruce sitting there with Bucky, Bruce reading certain files pertaining to his and Tony’s new finds while Bucky was drinking coffee while kinda just zoning out.

Walking towards them, Bucky broke out of his reverie as he turned to look at you, a smile on his face. “Good morning.”

“Morning.” You smiled back, your face warming a little. It was too early and your brain isn’t exactly functioning now until you had your coffee but you know one thing for sure, and that’s Bucky looking way too good right now.

Bruce cleared his throat and you looked at him, he raised a brow and looked at you amusedly. You shuffled into the kitchen and grab your cup, feeling your face heat up more. “Shut up,” you mumbled.

Bruce chuckled. “Morning to you too.”

Nat came in soon after, immediately taking a seat beside Bucky. You noticed and grabbed her cup as well. “Morning, Nat. Coffee?”

“Yes, thank you,” Nat replied as you poured yourself a cup and poured a cup for her as well. Nat turned to Bucky as she placed her hand on Bucky’s forearm, leaning closer. “Bucky, would you like to go lunch with me? I heard about this new restaurant that just opened a few blocks down and I wondered if you’ll like to go.”

You glanced at Nat as you took a seat beside Bruce and placed her cup in front of her. Bucky looked slightly confused before looking at Nat, seeing her give him a look to agree. He nodded as Nat smiled as she moved her hand up to his shoulder and gave him a squeeze.

Gripping the coffee cup a little tight, you felt a slight pang in your chest but you ignored it. You moved and stood up, your chair dragging against the floor and making everyone look at you. Giving an awkward smile, you grabbed your coffee cup. “I just realized that I have some things to do, you guys have fun.”

Once you reach your room, you place your cup on your nightstand as you plopped down in bed. Your mind wandered to Nat and Bucky just now. You frowned, Nat didn’t seem to be just asking Bucky out for a friendly lunch, she had her charms on, she was acting as if Bucky was a target she had to seduce.

You shook your head, she won’t do these kinds of things to you, she’s your best friend, she knows you like Bucky, of course she won’t do anything like that.

The knock on the door gained your attention, you stood up and walked to the door, thinking it was Nat but when you opened the door, it was Bruce. You felt a slight sense of disappointment but the relief of him here was more overpowering as you felt that you didn’t want to be alone right now.

“Y/N, are you sure Nat likes me back?” Bruce asked after he shut the door. “Because just now she seemed more interested in Bucky.”

You felt the pang of hurt in your chest come back again but you pushed it aside again. “No, she wouldn’t do that to me. She’s my best friend, we’ve been through so much together. She wouldn’t do that, would she?”

Bruce seemed to have sensed you getting more agitated by it and he gave you an assuring smile. “I trust you, Y/N, and I know you trust Nat. You’re right, Nat wouldn’t do something like that.”

You looked at Bruce and he opened his arms out to you, knowing you’re the type of person who likes hugs. You hugged him as you let out a sigh. You hoped that was the case.


You leaned against the bar as you sipped on some champagne, trying to find Bucky or Nat.

“Do you see either one of them?” You asked Bruce as he stood beside you, a beer in hand.

Bruce looked around the party, it was one of those parties which Tony organizes every time there’s something he thinks it’s worth celebrating for. Bruce perked up when he heard a catchy song playing, he smiled and place his beer on the table. “Com’on, let’s just have some fun tonight.”

You looked at him with a raised brow, he placed his hand out and you thought about it for a while before accepting, a smile lighting up on your face as the song ‘I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You’.

“I have to warn you though, doc, I can’t dance,” you said.

Bruce grinned. “Neither can I.”

Both of you laughed as the two of you just danced randomly to the beat of the song, doing stupid dance moves to make each other laugh.

Bucky and Nat watched from across the room, seeing how happy the both of you looked. Nat felt hurt, she never thought her best friend would do that to her.

Bucky felt his heart clench as he watched you laugh as you danced with Bruce, hating that it wasn’t him making you laugh like that. He didn’t break his gaze as he asked. “They seem really happy, don’t they?”

Nat turned to glance at Bucky before looking back at Bruce, not replying as the song started to end, watching as the two of you made your way to the bar and talked, smiles on both of your faces. It wasn’t long before the two of you moved through the crowd and left the party together.

Bucky looked away, the pain in his chest almost unbearable as he turned to Nat. She continued staring at where the both of you left. “They’re probably going to her room.”

“Let’s go to the bar,” Bucky said. Nat didn’t want to think about what the two of you were gonna do in your room but she knows that she wants you to feel what she’s feeling. She glanced at Bucky as she thought to herself, she hoped you still had feelings for him.


“I’m glad we left that party early,” you said as both you and Bruce sat on the floor as the end credit of a movie played.

“Having a movie marathon honestly sounds so much better but I had fun dancing just now,” Bruce replied and you chuckled.

“I couldn’t agree more.” You stood and stretched, a thought coming to mind. “I’m gonna go to Nat’s room, I haven’t had a chance to properly talk to her, you can put up the next movie first.”

Bruce shook his head as he stood. “It’s okay, I want to go see her too.”

You nodded as both of you headed to Nat’s room. You didn’t know why but the closer you walked the more nervous you got but you shook the feeling off. As the both of you reach her door, you knocked and waited for a while before calling out. “It’s me, Y/N, Bruce is with me, I’m coming in okay?”

No one replied and you opened the door and stepped in. You froze as you saw the scene in front of you. Nat was straddling Bucky as they made out, Bucky’s hands on her waist.  

Bruce entered after you, his eyes widening as he saw them as well. You clenched your fists, feeling as if someone just slapped you, hard. “Nat, what the fuck?”

Nat and Bucky pulled apart, Nat looking at you before looking at Bruce. “Ah, I see both of you are done with your little session.”

You couldn’t help but get angry as Nat practically sneered at both of you, striding forward, you grabbed her wrist and pulled her off Bucky. “What the hell is your problem?!”

Nat shrugged your hand off her as she glared at you. “What the hell is my problem? What the hell is your problem? You stole the guy I like and now you come barging in and getting angry at me?”

You growled as you grabbed both her shoulders. “Listen, I don’t care that you’re a highly-trained assassin or what not but I can’t believe that you would assume that I’ll do such a thing.” You knew that you were practically shouting in her face but you didn’t care, you were mad. “I thought you out of everyone would know that I would never do that.”

“But the two o-”

“Shut up and listen,” you shouted as you cut her off and let go of her shoulders, pointing at Bruce. “I was helping him because he was trying to plan a damn date and he didn’t know how to ask you out.”

Nat was speechless and you continued. “I would never, never, betray you. But it’s sad to know that my own best friend doesn’t even trust me.”

You gulped as you took a step back, Nat and Bucky looking at you, and for the first time in a long while, Nat had tears in her eyes. “Y/N, I-I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. How can I ever make it up to you, I just saw him in your room and I…I shouldn’t have assumed, I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry as well,” Bucky spoke up looking at you before looking at Bruce. “I shouldn’t have assumed as well.” Bucky looked at you and you stared back.

Nat turned to look at Bruce. “Bruce, I’m sorry, I was being childish and I shouldn’t have done what I did. I still really like you and I’ll do whatever to make it up to you.”

Bruce looked at you but you were looking at Bucky before looking to Nat, letting out a sigh. “Com’on, Natasha, let’s go discuss it in another room.”

Nat glanced at you before she nodded and followed Bruce, closing the door behind them, leaving you and Bucky behind.

“Y/N,” Bucky started as he took a step towards you.

“I like you Bucky.” You looked down as tears filled your eyes as the pain in your chest started fading, relief settling in. “I want to go traveling with you, I want to take cute pictures, I want to hold hands and visit beautiful landscapes with you. I-I…”

You couldn’t speak anymore as Bucky reached out and pulled you into his arms and held you close, kissing the top of your head, repeating that he’s sorry the whole time.

You pulled back slightly to look at him, a crooked smile on your face. “I should’ve ask you out long ago.”

“I should’ve too,” Bucky said. “This wouldn’t have happened.”

Bucky tucked a stray lock of your hair behind your ear as he gave you a small smile. “I like you too, Y/N, a lot actually and I hope that you’ll give me a chance and go out with me?”

You stared at him before breaking out in a smile as you tilted your head up and pecked him on the lips. “As long as you promise never to make out with my best friend again to get me jealous and pissed.”

Bucky’s answer was immediate. “I promise.”


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i guess that in general this whole teen Wolf situation made me realize how so many people just won’t let someone enjoy something that makes them happy and they rather just judge you and act like they are superior cause they like more artistic shows or whatever

Exo reaction to you moving into their dorm

Exo reaction to you moving into their dorm? Possibly even other members’ reaction as well? I love you work btw 👍👍👏👏😻👌

A/N: thank you so much for the request sweetie, hope you like it <3


Originally posted by angelofeternity

I honestly think Xiumin would be so excited to have you around the dorms and to be able to spend loads of time with you. He would go out of his way to make you feel comfortable and happy surrounded by the members but would also make tons of effort to make use of the new found time to take you out on sweet, private dates away from the dorm when he could.


Originally posted by yoonterlude

As much as Luhan would adore being able to see you first thing every morning, I think he’d be a tiny bit protective of you spending time with the other members too and so would be extra cuddly to make sure they knew you were all his. When you called him out on being clingy, he’d simply just blush, kiss you on the forehead and remind you that ‘it was because he loved you’.


Originally posted by ohyaahkkaebsong

Because of his busy schedule, this just meant you would be able to spend way more time with Kris making him feel super excited and nervous (even though he’d try and play it cool on the inside). Either way, the fact he got to see you everyday in person rather than on Skype or Facetime was enough to put a smile on his face everyday.


Originally posted by asstheticsuho

Living in a dorm with Suho meant you had his undivided attention. He would leave his work at work and when he was at home look forward to hearing everything about your day. He would be waiting for you on the couch when you got home most evenings to have your time to cuddle and catch up for a while while the other members got food. This was Suho’s favourite time of the day and he treasured every second.


Originally posted by parkchny

For Lay, living with him in the dorms would be all about the little things. From the way your hair sticks up a little in the morning, to the way your hands searched his in the night to the little post it notes on your stuff to remind you to eat lunch or finish your work, he’d just cherish the little things he wouldn’t otherwise have had for it not been for you living in the dorms.


Originally posted by sebyunie

A bit like Luhan, Baekhyun would want your undivided attention when hewas at home as now you were living together, you had so much more time to do things together! He would take you out alone, away from the other members regularly even if it was just for little quiet strolls hand in hand, little moments for just you two away from the chaos of everyone else in the dorms.


Originally posted by itsokay-itskpop

Of course, living with Chen meant all the more tricks and pranks he could pull- but gave you all the more opportunity for you to get your own back. You and the beagle line would regularly team up to pull pranks leaving Chen feeling flustered. He could never stay mad at you for long though and you apologizing, batting your eyelashes usually led to many a make out session in the end.


Originally posted by itsokay-itskpop

You living in the dorm made a very happy Chanyeol. He seemed so much brighter after seeing you and so having you move in was something that benefited everyone. It meant Chanyeol worked even harder to make you proud at the end of the day but still spent a ton of time with you doing silly things like playing video games, watching movies and maybe even making music.


Originally posted by creamchegel

Kyungsoo would be a little apprehensive at first, you would definitely be the only one allowed to touch his stuff or be on his bed. However, soon enough he’d love having you around, a partner in crime to annoy Chanyeol with and someone he could trust and talk to after a long day. Every now and again you’d look up when all the boys and you were eating or talking together and he’d be looking at you with so much love and adoration.


Originally posted by lil-duckling

Tao would love having you around and having you to look forward to when he got home made his day so much better. He’d regularly take you out for meals even if he was exhausted after a day at work, after all he wanted you to be treated like the princess he saw you to be. He loved how comfortable you had become around him and tried to have you become friends with the boys too.


Originally posted by fy-kimkai

Having you around made Kai so so happy. Just you walking into the room made it ten times brighter in his eyes and so the fact he got to share a dorm with you was enough to put a smile on his face and push him through the hard days. Occasionally when the boys weren’t looking, he’d wrap an arm around your waist and whisper in your ear so you knew how much he loved having you around.


Originally posted by wooyoung

With Sehun everything would be very relaxed. Occasional PDA but really, he’d just be happy to be in the same room as you even if it was just sitting there or being on your phones. He’d make a routine of showing you a song everyday just as a little thing to end your evening together but really, Sehun would just love having you about and would show it in his own, sweet little ways.

A/N: @ravyeolii I really hope you liked this!xx

Please bare in mind that EXO reactions just take a bit longer than GOT7 or BTS because theres more members so please bare with me! <3

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Turn it up! (follow-up to your basic "burn it up", sorry xd) BTS members reaction to their s/o being moody during her period.

Aw the ‘perks’ of having a uterus :>

Jin: He’s mature and old enough to know that any comment you say isn’t actually the way it sounds like during this time. He most probably has a stash of ice cream, chocolate and chips ready for you because he wants to make you happy whenever it feels like your own body is against you. He’d also cuddly you immediately whenever you ask for it. If you happen to yell at him he’d try not to take it seriously and he’d forgive you quickly when he saw how sorry you were.

Originally posted by apgujeon

Yoongi: He loves you but he’d be annoyed very quickly. He wouldn’t hide it, he’s blunt like that so he would just tell you whenever your mood swings would get too unbearable for him. If that causes you to be sad or even cry he’d be sorry and bring you chocolate or ice cream but as soon as he realises that you’re getting angry he’d head out. He wouldn’t admit it but he just simply doesn’t know how to deal with your mood swings.

Originally posted by dreamyoongi

Hoseok: He’d try his best to make you happy whenever you got sad or didn’t feel well. As long as you were happy he was happy. He’d make sure you had everything you were craving. If you got moody and yelled at him he’d be hurt, and he’d show it openly. He would think about it too much and at first, he would have a hard time accepting your apology. Although after some time he understood that’s just how it goes at this time and wouldn’t take your mood swings to heart anymore.

Originally posted by apgujeon

Namjoon: He’d be a little hurt if you go from happy to angry in a minute and yell at him. Of course, he knows what’s wrong and what’s causing you to be moody but he’d still be a little hurt if you yell. Although it’d be forgotten once you start crying and apologising. You’d explain to him over and over that it’s not easy to deal with and he’d understand you. He loves you to madness so he would he there for you no matter what. If you asked he’d even jog to the store for you in the middle of the night for a bar of chocolate.

Originally posted by bangthebae

Jimin: At first he’d be confused as to why your mood switched so quickly when you were clingy and happy next to him and then suddenly you yelled at him. You tried your best to calmly explain what was going on and he tried to understand you. Whatever feelings of hurt he had at your sudden outburst would wash away when he realised what kind of pain, emotional and physical, you must be going through and he’d hug you tightly and tell you what a strong woman you were, before getting you chocolate and whatever else you may want.

Originally posted by jimiyoong

Taehyung: He probably would be a little bit hurt at you yelling at him but he knew what was going on so he wouldn’t blame you. Instead, he would pull all his silly faces and moves to make you happy again, he’d laugh at how cute you looked when you got mad which only made you even madder. But when he brought all the snacks and sweets you liked so much you’d be happy again and he’d watch tons of movies with you until your mood swings were over.

Originally posted by itsrainingmin

Jungkook: He might be the youngest but he’s not dumb, he knows what’s going on with women every month but he’d still be shocked af when you’re happy one minute but crushed or angry in the next one. He’d try his best to understand you but don’t expect him to be understanding if you’re angry. He’s stubborn and that won’t change just because he loves you and knows you’re having a hard time. He’d still go out of his way to bring you whatever you might want and he’d be ready to give you cuddles whenever you ask for them.

Originally posted by apgujeon

girlwith-thecinder-blockgarden  asked:

Okay, I've actually been missing the pet au. How about one where their owner is dancing in the living room? Like they see her just dancing around having fun, smiling and humming? What'd they do? What'd they think?

Admin Mawile: (。´∀`)ノ

Shuu: He doesn’t have the slightest idea what you’re doing, and figures it’s better to just pretend like he didn’t see anything. 

Reiji: Whatever you’re doing, at least you don’t seem upset. He’s not used to seeing humans happy, and is left a bit on edge. 

Ayato: As long as you’re happy, he’s pleased too, and if he thinks he can get away with it, joins you in the excitement. 

Kanato: He does nothing but silently watch you from a corner of the room, trying  figure out why you’re acting in such a strange way. 

Laito: Since you seem to be happy, he’s content too, glad that his owner is in a good mood (and not one where you feel like punishing him). 

Subaru: It’s a bit weird to see an owner so happy, but as long as you’re not mad at him, anything is better than a bad mood. 

Ruki: It doesn’t make a lot of sense to see his owner acting so silly, but as long as you’re happy, he doesn’t have any room to complain. 

Kou: As strange as it is to see a human so happy, he’s just glad that you don’t appear to be in the kind of mood where he gets hurt. 

Yuuma: He’s more confused than anything by the way you’re acting, but at least you don’t seem like you’re upset. 

Azusa: Since you’re obviously happy, he’s perfectly content. After all, his owner’s happiness is what matters most in the world. 

Carla: Your behavior makes very little sense with what he knows of humans, and he deems it better to stay out of your way. 

Shin: It’s always safer to stay out of the way of an agitated owner, but how happy you seem has him lost as to what to do. 

Phichit and Yuuri’s bonds gives me life

Isn’t it wonderful how Phichit, despite being younger than Yuuri, a social-butterfly and a bit mischievous somehow managed to befriend Yuuri and that their bonds are so comfy that Yuuri admits that Phichit is his friend despite having low self-stem/anxiety and being in a foreign place with no familiar faces to rely on? I’m dying to know how they became friends, if they made a spin-off of Phichit befriending Yuuri I would watch it in a heartbeat.

List of wonderful things that happened in the show that show their beautiful bonds:

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If you get in a relationship with this loser:
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>You'll get:</b> -A lot of forehead kisses<p/><b></b> -cuddling session with or without talking<p/><b></b> -neck kisses<p/><b></b> -hand holding<p/><b></b> -going out to have a dinner or something if you want<p/><b></b> -unexpected dates<p/><b></b> -unexpected presents<p/><b></b> -If we go out for shopping I will either hold your stuff or wait without complaining (you'll have to wait for me when I go to the music store or something you'll have to drag me out actually)<p/><b></b> -Tickles<p/><b></b> -Playful dates<p/><b></b> -some fights (Hey! Not everything is going to be happy and bright, I'll let you win time to time)<p/><b></b> -long car drives<p/><b></b> -watch a lot of movies with me and when I mean a lot is a lot (remember I told you that you'll have to drag me out of the store)<p/><b></b> -deep talks (ohhh boy be prepared for that)<p/><b></b> -Loyalty, friendship & protection<p/><b></b> -Messy handwriting (so you'll have to ask me a lot <<what's that? or What does it say?>><p/><b></b> -Dorky times<p/><b></b> -Weird questions, silly questions<p/><b></b> -I'll cook for you but I'll probably burn down your house down<p/><b></b> -Total silence (sorry sometimes I'm not into talking I'm not mad at you I'm probably just thinking or just observing)<p/><b></b> -Getting random facts about whatever in any moment<p/><b></b> -massages a lot of massage<p/><b></b> -Horror movies, musicals, comedy even documentary's all type of movies you are warned<p/><b></b> - bites (I like to bite a bit sorry)<p/><b></b> - You'll probably get photographed a lot by Me and ONLY ME sometimes you'll know sometimes you will not notice<p/><b>-A little bit of jealousy (Don't worry I'm not an asshole I'll tell you:</b> I'm a little bit jealous but whatever I trust us)<p/><b></b> -Stupid jokes<p/><b></b> -I'll help you out with stuffs you need even when you don't ask for help I will know don't worry<p/><b></b> -Long stares<p/></p><p/><b></b> -Hand kisses<p/></p>
Birthday boy- Joji

A request in which it’s Joji’s birthday and you want to do something special for him. And so, he wishes for you to do whatever he wants as the birthday boy. NSFW


He turns towards you, eagerly, ready to ask you the ‘dreadful’ question. You gulp, clutching your fingers together and fiddling with the fabric of your long shirt, sheepishly looking into his bright happy eyes.

“What did you get me, [name]?” 

‘Isn’t a cake enough?’ you think, but it was silly of you. It wasn’t as if you didn’t come prepared today, on Joji’s birthday…Besides, his tone is telling you that he wasn’t entirely serious, knowing that at his age, he wasn’t expecting presents anymore. He was fine with the presence of his friends around him—and your presence especially. Joji kept that only for himself, though.

But that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t want something from you; a gift—anything­—would made him very happy. Depending on your willingness and your imagination. A sign that will tell him that you like him back; but you seem troubled, red in the face and embarrassed by something. He cocks his head to the side, one eyebrow raising up, and watches you with interest—was it something he has said? Were you that upset that you didn’t get him anything? You know very well that he wasn’t going to get mad, it was just a silly birthday. Why should he be happy that he was getting older?

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Title: The Exception
Summary: in a town taken over by fear, a young couple tries to make their way back to each other.
A/N: It’s been a long time since I’ve last posted something, and I gotta say it was all my fault for being too lazy during my free time XD This one is based on what Lili said about the cute moments we’re gonna have while Reversal faces the civil war, and I really hope we can get a similar scene!! Hope you enjoy it, and I’m already sorry about what you’re gonna read! Please, tell me what you think!
It was a cold and silent night, as Elizabeth Cooper made her way through the southern part of Riverdale, with nothing but her uncharged phone in hands. She was all alone in those empty streets, facing shadows that extended for miles, and even if she was trying her best not to be afraid at that moment, Betty failed miserably whenever her ears captured a sudden noise her smart brain just couldn’t identify.

It’s just an animal, she would tell herself. A cute, defenseless animal and not the dangerous man who shot Fred Andrews and was entitled Angel of Death after spreading fear and horror around the whole town.

Oh, It was probably just a squirrel.

As she made her way to where her boyfriend was— which she was almost positive to be around that area— Betty remained alert for any sign of trouble. Her sea green eyes were widened, looking around the entire perimeter surrounding her as in a protective measure, and at the same time she was doing everything she could in order to get warmer, her perfect, pure mind couldn’t stop cursing mayor McCoy for not giving the Southside a decent street illumination.

She was definitely going to write an article about that as soon as she got home. During the long time she would eventually spend grounded, the Cooper girl would continue to do justice with her own words.

The idea of spending the next couple of months in partial house arrest, for as bad as it could seem, didn’t scare her, let alone made her regret the decision she made earlier that night. Thanks to the immature, civil war declared by the adults of Riverdale, both Betty and Jughead, for living in opposite poles of the same, small town, ended up being dragged into the middle of that mess. People gave him weird glares whenever he was around the North, and her presence around the South wasn’t really welcomed by everyone either. That situation created an indelicate discomfort whenever they visited a place that’s not Pop’s, and even if both of them loved that diner, it was impossible not to see that things were just getting worse around them.

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Dating John Shelby would include:

  • Playing pranks on him when you know he’s angry or stressed out about something at work to make him happy but it usually just makes him more mad like that time you threw out all the toothpicks in the house
  • And to get back at you he hid all your clothes when you were in the shower
  • Constantly calling him by silly nicknames like Johnny, Johnny boy, John John etc.

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Cuddle Urges (Jimin, You) Drabble

Requested by anon :)

“Y/N-ah?” Jimin cooed and you slightly jumped at the call, causing yourself to smudge your lip gloss just a little higher than the corner of your lip. You sighed as you grabbed a tissue and wiped the smear off.

Knock.. knock…

You turned around and saw Jimin leaning by the doorway, giving you a lazy grin. “Jagiya~”

“I’m done. I’m done.” you chuckled as you zipped up your bag. You turned towards the full-length mirror again, checking how you look. “Why are you so excited to go out anyway?”

“I’m not.” he drawled and you felt his arms wrapping around your waist, hugging you from behind. “I’m just excited to spend some time with my girlfriend.”

“Should I tie my hair up? What looks better?” You asked, holding your hair up as you stared at the mirror. Jimin looked at you through the glass, his chin on your shoulder as a thoughtful expression was etched on his features. 

“You look good either way.” He finally said.

You moved to the side when he started nuzzling your neck, tickling you in the process. “Jimin~”

“What?” he chuckled and you turned around, curling your fingers against his soft locks.  He sighed as he leant against your touch, his hands moving down your back–to the hem of your shirt, lifting it up slightly so his hand was touching bare skin.

“You’re incredibly touchy today, Jimin.” you commented, removing his hand from your back.

“Am I?” he asked innocently before pulling you in for a warm hug. He rested against the crook of your neck while you swayed from side to side, caressing the back of his head.

“You seem tired.” you said in a worried tone, thinking if he was getting enough rest from his schedules. BTS has been going nonstop with promotions, concerts, and interviews that you wondered how it was possible that he can be standing upright and asking you to go out on a date. "Are you sure you want to go out?“

"Mhmm.” he hummed, hugging you tighter. You let him hold you for a while but when you realized that he had no plans of letting go any time soon, you chuckled and tickled his ear.

“Jimin, you’re gonna have to let go if you want to go out.” you joked and he chuckled slightly.

“Do I have to?”

“We can always stay here and just…cuddle?” you suggested and you felt him pause, as if thinking about it.

“But…” he bit his lip. “Won’t you get annoyed?”

“Annoyed?” you asked incredulously as you let go to look at him. “Jimin, why would I be annoyed if we stayed home?”

He shrugged, looking like a pouty little puppy that you had to resist the urge to pinch his cheeks. “I–” he sighed, taking hold of your hands and fiddling with your fingers. “Come on, Y/N. I hardly get to take you out on dates with my busy schedules. I’m supposed to be doing boyfriend-girlfriend stuff with you like any good boyfriend should.”

You smiled at his cute reply, finding it sweet that your boyfriend would think that way. But at the same time, it made you frown at his dismay, sensing how he really thought you would be annoyed at him for not spending much time with you. “Jimin–”

“I just want to make you happy. While I’m here.” he gave you a small smile and you wrapped your arms around his neck, hugging him close.

“You don’t have to take me out to make me happy, silly.” you said as you kissed his shoulder. “I’m happy as long as you’re with me. It doesn’t matter what we do.”  

“You sure?” he asked quietly and you nodded. “So you won’t be mad if I asked you to just stay at home and watch some movies on the couch?”

“You kidding?” you grinned as you let go. “I’d love that! There are some movies I’ve been wanting to watch and I just bought new DVD’s.”

Jimin grinned cheekily before pulling you out of the room and into the living room. He sat down and pulled you onto his lap, nuzzling himself against you instantly. “Then let’s stay here.”

“Uh… Jimin?” you poked his cheek, which was nuzzled against the crook of your neck. “You have to let go for a while so I can set up the movie.”

Jimin paused, thinking about it before looking at you with a playful grin; the one where his eyes turned into crescents. “I changed my mind. No movie. Stay here and just cuddle with me.”

He hugged you tighter, his warmth engulfing you like a blanket and who were you to argue? Jimin’s cuddles were simply too sweet to resist.


Who wants to cuddle Jimin? I DO

haha hope you guys enjoyed this!

Web Masterlist | Mobile Masterlist

After the intense drama watching I’ve been doing, coupled with the madness that is my real life at the moment (work drama! buying a house! insert other grown up adulting things here!) I was really in the mood for an easy kdrama. Not too brainy, not too emotional, just some silly fun, and I think so far this fits that bill.

It’s got a cast I love - how happy are we for Kyle getting all these opportunies? Also, when will I stop calling him Kyle? Hopefully never. I love this nonsensical inside joke. Anyway. This is nothing groundbreaking so far, it’s the tried and tested story of spoiled rich guy meeting strong poor girl and learning about life - and I have to say, this is one of the best (and simultaneously ridiculous) set ups I’ve seen for having the rich guy cohabiting in the poor girl’s house. 

Minor spoilers below the cut!

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anonymous asked:

do you know about the youtube channel "every frame a painting"? i thought it might be something for you considering how your art feels more like a movie in a sense (but that might be kinda weird to say but i don't really know how to put it otherwise) a-anyway i think you might like it?? and again i love your art and you're a very big inspiration!!

Oh man, I didn’t! Thank you, this is so thoughtful!  I do look at 1,000 Frames of Hitchcock and follow blogs like @thefinalimage and @visionsoflight for casual consumption; I love seeing this stuff broken down into accessible, digestible information (excluding that silly post where people slapped the fibonacci spiral haphazardly over Mad Max stills…)  Like, watching and studying film has done as much, if not more, than doing master copies of static images… I want to make compelling sequences, I want to portray what’s in my head with accuracy and dynamism. I’ve learned to love light and colour and what it produces regarding depth and atmosphere.

again, thank you: i’m so, SO happy to hear this about my work!  this is exactly what i want, and i’m trying my best.  my favourite class in all of college was Cinematic Storytelling, where we learned to construct images, existing and imagined, from studying film stills and production art, like so:

(Sleeping Beauty, Metropolis)

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Albus/Scorpius headcanons

Both Albus and Scorpius continue their education after Hogwarts. Scorpius studies History of Magic to become a teacher or a scholar, though I’m also keen on idea of Scorpius becoming a Healer and treating history as a hobby. Albus becomes a Magizoologist, a Potioneer or a Healer (I’m not sure which career suits him the best, though I definitely don’t see him as an Auror).

Harry and Draco rent for their sons a little house. They want Albus and Scorpius to focus on their education and not to worry about money and jobs so they pay the rent and give them money for life during the boys’ studies. Besides, what’s a better way to spend their fortunes than to make their children happy and comfortable? Harry does the same for James and Lily.

I imagine most post-Hogwarts schools are located in London or other big cities but Albus and Scorpius prefer to live in a smaller town. They like peace and quiet and an easy contact with nature. There’s a lot of meadows and forests around their town where they love to spend their free time.

They travel to schools via Floo network or Apparition. Scorpius passed his Apparition exam at the first attempt but Albus failed. James laughed at his younger brother and teased him for being so small and still having problems with Apparition. Of course, Albus passed with flying colours on the second attempt and is now better in Apparition than Scorpius who hates it because it makes him sick.

A few times a month Albus and Scorpius travel to London or other cities to meet with their friends or to go to a nice restaurant, cinema, theatre, concert, etc. They avoid big parties, discos, these kind of stuff, it’s definitely not their cup of tea. Because of Scorpius’ obsession with history, they also visit a lot of historical sites and museums, both magical and non-magical. Albus likes these visits as well, Scorpius’ stories about interesting historical events and figures are far more fascinating than professor Binns’ boring lectures.

Albus always wanted a dog. He loves long walks during which he can relax and think about many things and a dog is a perfect walking companion. He wants a loyal friend, whom he can tell about absolutely everything without fear of being judged, who will never betray his secrets. Obviously, Albus couldn’t take a dog to Hogwarts and he didn’t want a dog just for two months a year (besides Harry and Ginny warned their son that they wouldn’t have time to care for a dog during Albus’ absence) so he had to wait a long time to finally get one. When he returned home after seventh year, the best gift he’d ever gotten was waiting for him – a beautiful and happy puppy (at last Harry learned his lesson and understood that there were better presents than old blankets).

The dog is medium size; as Albus is small, he needs a dog that won’t be larger and stronger than his owner. It may be a border collie (I have one so I’m biased) or a dog which Sam Clemmet has (does anyone know what breed it is?).

Scorpius loves Albus’ dog and treats it as his own. Despite his best attempts, he wasn’t able to teach the dog not to sleep on the bed (Albus wasn’t helpful at all) and it drives him mad when he sees dog’s hair on their clean bed sheets. But he adores watching Albus interacting with his new friend, how happy and carefree he is. Scorpius especially loves secretly watching his boyfriend talking to the dog. Albus says funny things in such a silly voice when he thinks he’s alone with his dog. Once he caught Scorpius eavesdropping on him and was so mad that he didn’t speak to him for two full hours.

Contrary to popular belief, Albus and Scorpius like sport. They’re just not fond of quidditch, they prefer individual sports, with less risk of contusion. They like swimming, skiing, jogging but above all cycling. It allows them to visit countryside, spent a lot of time outdoors and, what’s important, they can chat all the time during this activity.

man i just love baking & quiet libraries & sleeping puppies & plants & ghibli movies & feeling satisfied when youve finished chores & compliments & getting warm clean clothes out of the dryer & when someone genuinely comforts you after youve been crying & finishing your tea before it gets cold & hearing 2 people get along when they usually dont & fresh fruit & the way your muscles react to laying down for the first time that day since you got up that morning & seeing a pet get really happy when they see you or hear you talk & when you watch a movie for the first time and realize its your new favorite & when youre certain someone is going to be mad at you but theyre not mad at all & happy crying & feeling proud of your friends and/or family & falling asleep next to someone who loves you & i could go on so long i have so much love

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I really like your work! Good job!!~ As we all know, Valentines is coming up! 8)) {Kuroo, Akaashi, Tsukishima, Oikawa, Iwaizumi}'s reaction to their S/O saying that they are too busy to meet during the entire week including Valentines, but appearing at the boys doorstep when it's almost midnight on Valentines, chocolate in hand, face red and panting from running over! ("Did I make it in time???") Thank you!!

“In time for what? I was just about to get into bed, but since you’re here now you can come join me!” Kuroo winked and his S.O. smacked him with what little strength they had left. “So, what’s going on ____? It’s past your bedtime.” They huffed and looked away, shoving a small box into his hands as if to shut him up as quickly as possible. He unraveled the careful wrappings and ribbons to see Valentines chocolates, all slightly disfigured from either the rough delivery here or poor craftsmanship. “…Pffft!” A snort of laughter was not what his S.O. was expecting, nor what they wanted to hear after days of hard work. “Hey wait! I’m not laughing because they suck or anything! It’s just… I knew it! I knew you were acting weirdly for some reason. I just wasn’t expecting the reason to be so cheesy! This is something straight out of a teen romance novel!” He couldn’t stop himself from laughing harder and when he finally regained his composure, he cupped their sulking face in his hands and forced them to look him in the eyes. “Hey hey don’t be mad! I never said I didn’t like it because I love this and you know I love you, especially when you do silly things like this.” He grinned sweetly, like a child, at them and kissed them just as innocently, as if it was a way to make up for all the previous teasing. “Happy Valentine’s Day ____. You’re the purrfect one for me!" 

"Stop ruining the moment you stupid cat!!!”

”_____, you do know how late it is right?” Akaashi lead his winded S.O. into his house, watching them jump onto the couch to catch their breath. “Is something wrong?” They hung their head off the arm of the couch, shaking it vigorously and wordlessly handed him a small box, still too out of breath to form sentences. The box was wrapped in a delicate pink paper and decorated with cute ribbons… he knew exactly where this was going. “_____…. I expected nothing less from someone amazing like you.” He laughed softly and affectionately ruffled their wind-tangled hair. “You spent all week avoiding me, sprint all the way to my house and knock on my door at nearly 12 am just to deliver me handmade chocolates? You’re adorable you know?” His S.O.’s eyes widened because my god Akaashi’s grin accompanied by his laughter was just the sweetest thing to behold. He bent down and kissed their cheek, ignoring all the sweat and grime on their cheeks from the long sprint to his house. “Thank you ____. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

”_____? Why are you here?” Tsukishima raised an eyebrow at his S.O’s figure hunched over to catch a breath. “Couldn’t this have waited until tomorrow?” They looked up at him and desperately shook their head in breathless disagreement, deciding that it would be best to skip all the explaining and get right to the good part. They shoved the box into his hands and slowly slid to the ground. “…Is this a Valentine’s gift?” He didn’t even need to open it as the pink wrapping and ribbons were enough of a giveaway. “You know you didn’t have to run all the way here just to give it to me today. Tomorrow would have been fine. I would have been just as happy.” His S.O.’s disbelieving expression wasn’t unusual because frankly, Tsukishima’s current facial expression wasn’t exactly the picture of happiness. Irritated, he knelt down and pinched their nose shut, enjoying his moment of sweet revenge as his S.O. squeaked in surprise and their face contorted into a silly expression. “____, you know I mean it. Even if you didn’t get me anything, I would be happy enough with you. But, in the end, you still got me something so….” He pulled his S.O. close and kissed them softly, lingering for a few seconds before retreating shyly. “…Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Whaaaat ____-chan! What are you doing here so late? Are you planning a late-night rendezvous with me? How romantic!” Oikawa flashed his S.O. his signature irritatingly shiny smile, one that he saves for the best of his fangirls (and them!). They threw a small package at him, knowing that his perfect reflexes would enable him to perfectly catch it. “Oooh what’s this?” He eagerly opened it to reveal the small and slightly crushed chocolates inside. “____-chan..!!” His cheery laughter sounded throughout the street as he picked up his S.O.-who was on the ground from sheer exhaustion- and gave them a bone-crushing squeeze that surely only the strongest of athletes could pull off. “I was disapppointed you know?” The tone of his voice suddenly dropped a few octaves to show his now serious attitude. “I really wanted to spend time with you, especially on Valentine’s Day. You avoided me so much that I thought you were mad at me! But, seeing you all flustered like this and running to me in the dead of night…. you’re so cute ____!” He pecked them sweetly on the tip of their nose and giggled at the sight of their face, flushed from their exercise and his embarrassing actions. “Thank you for making this unforgettable _____.” 

“Do you know what time it is? It’s dangerous for you to be wandering the streets so late at night!” Iwaizumi herded his S.O. into the house, mentally preparing a stern lecture. “…Wait, what did you mean by “making it on time?” He raised an eyebrow as they handed him a small package that was crinkled from being so tightly grasped in their hands. Inside were chocolates, rather bruised from the bumpy ride, but adorable nonetheless. “You made these for me?” His S.O. nodded wearily, squatting on the floor and too out of breath to answer him in words. “Is that why you’ve been avoiding me all this time?” They nodded again, albeit now with a cheeky grin across their face. Knowing that his precious S.O. spent all week thinking about ways to make him happy, imaging all the work they went through to make some chocolates just for him… he really needed a moment. “…You’re unbelievable. You could have just told me you know? It would have spared you a whole lot of trouble.” He knelt down and brushing away the fly-away strands of hair from his S.O’s face, he leaned in and kissed them firmly on the forehead. “I would have been happy even if you didn’t give me anything. Being with you is enough of a gift. But… thank you for the chocolates. This means a lot to me.“ 

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so i have this idea in my head that teen wolf is terrible. i'm not sure if this is something my brain made up or something i heard often enough that it moved in via osmosis, but you seem to like teen wolf, and i like you, so i'm curious.... is it a good show, or is it a bad show that just supplies characters and a premise which happen to be useful for fic? or maybe there is some other appeal? i watched part of ep 1 one time & i know the "my mom does the shopping" thing but that's all.

Okay, so in college, my roommates and I came up with a term to describe certain movies and tv shows– Incredibad.

Incredibad means that something is ridiculous, a bit silly, doesn’t make a lot of sense but is nonetheless worth watching. It’s what you watch when you just want to enjoy the madness– you’re not in the mood for drama or anything intellectually stimulating or even a particularly witty sitcom. You just want to watch something… crazy. You want to watch something incredibad.

Incredibad media usually includes a supernatural or scifi element (but not always); attractive humans; and usually everyone is happy at the end of the day. It is not something you should feel bad about watching. Some of our examples of other incredibad things are: many of the original DCOMS (we just watched the 13th Year the other day- DEFINITELY Incredibad), The Covenant, X-Men: First Class, and well… you get the point. We once had maybe the most intense arguments of our college dorm about whether HSM counted as incredibad (we decided the first one was an honestly good movie; the second two were incredibad.) You might not re-watch incredibad things very often, but they are fun the first time around (or ten years later!)

For me, Teen Wolf is the ultimate incredibad show. It’s wild, it’s ridiculous, the CGI is not good. But that doesn’t mean the show is terrible. It is really good incredibad television. The characters are awesome and super fun to put in different situations, the plot is interesting enough that it’s not boring, and there are enough fun people in fandom that it is nice to watch and know what is going on. (Also, the sterek fic is some of the best fanfic I’ve ever read tbh.)

Again, incredibad is not an insult. It’s just a way to manage your expectations of what you are about to watch. So, if you want to watch Teen Wolf- don’t take it too seriously, relax, grab a beer, and enjoy it!

Sleepy Hollow. (Spoilers and trigger warning, and very long)

Almost three years ago, I was laying in my bed, home from college.
I was on medical leave because (trigger) I wanted to kill myself. I was a shell of my former person, empty and lost. Nothing felt tangible and everything was motionless. I needed to escape from my own thoughts, just for a little while, so I decided to try a new tv show. My mother said she thought I would like this weird new show called Sleepy Hollow. So I put on the pilot and that was it. I was hooked.

This show incorporated mythology, literature, humor, and incredible special effects to make something entirely new. I was in awe of the acting and the stories, and suddenly I felt the smallest tickling of inspiration at the base of my skull. This show screamed to me: Sometimes reality isn’t always as it appears to be, and the truth is not easily discovered. It was fun and evocative and I was in love with it. I found myself wanting to indulge in more media, to read and watch movies again, the faintest, earliest reminder of who I used to be.

I watched this show religiously. I would watch it live and then watch it again the next day, to pick up on everything it had to offer. It renewed my sense of purpose in a weird way; it reminded me of my passions for creating and art, and made me want to continue trying to be a performer and creator. When the fandom started turning on it towards the end of season 2, I quietly defended it and never gave up hope.

I was obsessed. I freely admit that. I have an addictive personality and it’s easy for me to fall into the traps of television and movies. And 3B gave me a little more hope. Ichabod might finally admit he loves Abbie, Abbie may finally get some peace of mind and a bit of happiness too. All of the hopes that we had for this show, in one episode, destroyed.

As I watched the finale, I felt my chest start to burn. I was mad. I was SO mad. I felt betrayed. How could they do this? WHY would they do this? Everything that was beautiful and believable came from the chemistry and bond between Crane and Mills. And now they’ve ripped out the very heart of the show.

I hate myself for being so mad, so upset over a silly tv show. But this show was an opening for me to head back towards the light during the darkest part of my life. And now I need to move on, because this tv show isn’t going to be there for me anymore. I’m grateful for what it gave to me, but it’s time to walk away. If it does (by some act of providence or perhaps evil) get renewed, I won’t be watching.

Thank you, Sleepy Hollow. Goodbye, Sleepy Hollow.