watch this show without crying. i dare you

Japril Popularity with Fans

I’ve been asked multiple times why I think Japril is so popular with viewers. 

So here is what I personally think: 

I think it’s MAINLY because of the incredible chemistry/acting between Jesse Williams and Sarah Drew. 

Let’s look back to BEFORE the Japril romance was officially introduced. The natural chemistry with Jesse/Sarah was always there. You can see it in the smallest details. The classic Japril interactions. When two actors have genuine chemistry, it’s noticeable. It stands out to you. There is something unique about them. THEN fast forward to when the Japril romance started finally, that chemistry was just more showcased and emphasized. And again, chemistry is hard to explain. You either have it or you don’t. You can’t force it. That’s why lots of pairings have trouble on TV….because I think certain combinations of actors just don’t have the IT factor. And Jesse/Sarah DO have it to PERFECTION.

Add the fact that both actors are extremely talented and can act phenomenally…and you get a winning combination of chemistry AND talent. I mean TRY watching the episode where their baby died without crying. I dare you. Jesse ROCKED the chapel scene when Jackson was beginning for God to “show up for April.” Or let’s talk about Sarah’s superb acting when April said to Jackson “Did I tell you it’s a boy? We’re having a boy!” in one of the prior episodes. Their acting is TOP notch. And they work AMAZINGLY together. 

And yes, of course, there is the best friends factor. Japril were best friends first and FELL IN LOVE. What can be more amazing than two best friends in love? They are each others’ “PERSON.” There is no one else for them. To me, that is a SOULMATE connection. As Jackson told April “Even the things I don’t like….I LOVE.” To me, that says it all. Unconditional love always. (YES, even when they have their obstacles….the LOVE is there.) 

And by the way, I DO think they will get back together. Ellen’s tweet saying Japril fans will love the second half of the season….says it all.

As a side comment, Japril trended RANDOMLY today on twitter WORLDWIDE just because fans were discussing them. No organized campaign….nothing like that. Just fans talking SO much about them….that they trended. 

Keep the HOPE alive! :)