watch this show alright


I want to thank you for being such a big source of inspiration for me. I remember finding your channel back in 2012 by accident when I was looking for Amnesia compilations. I think you barely had 5k subs at the time? I don’t think you even had a webcam yet actually. I remember watching a vlog where you said that you wanted to upload videos everyday. You sounded committed and passionate about it. I’m someone who’s draws inspiration from passionate individuals and I thought to myself, “Alright, I’ll keep watching if you show me that you’re truly dedicated to this.”

You kept at it. I could see you were truly driven about making videos and I was curious to see where you were headed. Even today, I’m looking forward to watching what you do. Yes, I still watch your videos, though I’m more selective on which ones to watch. You still make me laugh and bring a smile to my face when days are rough.

The whole Darkiplier thing has been a weird and wondrous adventure with many ups and downs. Fun fact, I nearly scrapped him entirely because I got frustrated with the idea and I was unsure of where to go with the character. I took a long break from drawing him and my best friend @prismkitten-mivy has helped me rebuild his story. I have more plans for projects involving him in the near future and I’m ecstatic to share those ideas with the community.

I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to be apart of this charity. I’m still in shock over how many items have been sold and how much has been raised. Your community can do a lot of good when it comes together for these events. Thank you, for being a passionate and driven individual that inspires creative people such as myself. You’re a wonderful person Mark, and I can’t wait to see where you go from here.

BTS Reaction - You’re having an off day

Anonymous said: First I wanna say that your writing is really freaking lovely – your blog is one of my favorites now! Thank you for your hard work (´▽`) And next! Could I request BTS reacting to their S/O having one of those days where they’re kinda sad? Not for any particular reason – that’s just how they feel and need some time to recharge, and it’s something that happens every now and then. Thank you so much!!

Ugh, do I understand this!


When he found you sitting in bed, covered in the blankets, Jimin would look at you sympathetically and climb into the bed next to you. He’d lay down and pull you into his arms before quietly asking if there was something wrong.

“No, today’s just a sad day,” you sigh, burrowing into his chest. He’d put his arm around you and stroke your hair with the other hand but stay silent, wondering if he should ask if you needed anything. When he looked at your face, he’d see your eyes were closed and then would kiss your forehead, hoping that you’ll be out of your funk by tomorrow.


He’d walk in and see you curled up on the couch, wearing his sweatshirt. Your eyes were fixated on the TV, watching reality shows mindlessly. “You alright, babe?” He asked, shuffling over to the side of the couch and kissing your temple.

When you didn’t respond, his eyebrows scrunched and he walked back over to you and stood in front of your line of vision. “What’s going on, Y/N?”

You roll to your back and look up at Jungkook, “Just a sad day, I guess.”

When he heard that, he would gently pick you up bridal style despite your quiet protests, and carry you upstairs and into the bedroom. He’d plop you down and then ask if you needed anything. When you say no, he’d come around to the other side of the bed and let you lay on top of him, while wrapping his arms around you and hugging you tightly.


You’d be in the kitchen making tea when Namjoon walked in. He’d begin to talk to you, but when you didn’t answer and walked out to the living room his eyebrows would scrunch together in confusion. 

“What’s wrong, baby girl?” He’d ask quietly as he walked over to you, taking a seat beside you on the couch. You just stirred your tea but looked over at him with a shrug. “Just an off day, I guess.” 

Without missing a beat, Namjoon would gently take your tea from you and place it on the table. He’d lift you onto his lap where your face was nuzzled against his shoulder and your arms were thrown around his waist. He’d stroke your hair and hold you tightly while asking you what was up, if he could do anything for you, and other things to distract you from being upset.


He’d wake up to see you sitting on the edge of the bed, playing with your hands. Usually by this time, you were already awake and jumping on your boyfriend to get up, too. But J-Hope knew something was different this morning. 

“Y/N? You okay?” He’d ask in a raspy voice, looking up at you. You shrugged and said, “I’m just not feeling well.” At that, Hoseok would sit up and gently pull your shoulder to make you face him. “You’re sick? Do you have a temperature?” 

“No..just an off day.” You said, and Hoseok’s eyes would soften. “Well. Then come here, okay?” He’d say, taking hold of your wrist and pulling you down beside him, where your cheek laid on his chest and his arm held you tightly against him. He’d rub little circles on your back to soothe you and occasionally kiss the top of your head.


He’d get home from work and notice that you weren’t being your bubbly self. You’d have your earbuds in your ears, and Yoongi could hear the music blasting all the way from the kitchen. He’d stand in the doorway and watch you for awhile until he figured he needed to say something.

“Hey. You okay?” He’d ask, walking over and gently taking one of the earbuds out. You’d sigh and look up at him, concern written all over his face. “I’m just having an off day.” You’d say. He’d take the other earbud out of your ear before sitting down next to you, putting an arm around your shoulders and holding you close to him. “Show me what you’re listening to, hm?” 

The two of you would sit there and you’d show him a bunch of songs on your playlist. He even got you to laugh once when one of his songs showed up and he pretended to absolutely hate it. As you were silently listening to one of his songs, he’d lean over and press a long kiss to your lips and then to your forehead. 


They didn’t call him Mama Jin for nothing. When he saw you sitting in the loveseat in the corner of the living room, staring out the window, he’d walk over with a cup of hot chocolate and pull you up out of the seat he could sit down. He’d then let you climb into his lap and the two of you would take turns sipping the hot chocolate.

“Just an off day, huh?” He’d ask as you shifted so you were leaning against his chest. His arms would be wrapped around you and you’d interlock your fingers with his. “Yeah. I’m okay though.” You’d say, looking up to kiss his cheek.


Walking in, he’d immediately be engulfed in a hug. You had a rough day, especially because Tae wasn’t there to make you feel better. “Woah, Y/N, you okay?” He’d ask. When you didn’t answer and continued to hug him tightly, he’d sigh and put his stuff down before putting his arms around you and hugging you back.

“Come here,” Taehyung would say, detaching himself from your grip and leading you to the couch, where you’d lay down next to him and be face to face. He’d wrap an arm around you and the other would stroke your face, before he leaned in to press a kiss to your lips. “I’m sorry you’re having an off day, baby.”

this killed me guys im dead

I don’t study on weekends. 

It’s the simple reason as to why when it comes to my days of productivity there is (and pretty much always will be) two days that I skip before I continue on with my days of productivity again.


There’s actually a number of reasons why this approach benefits me, and I think it could potentially benefit all of you as well!

1. Avoiding burn out

Most of my life I had an issue where I was studying a minimum of 6 hours on Saturdays and Sundays, and this was while I was also working 10 hour days as a waitress. All it ended up doing for me was that by Monday morning I was struggling not to fall asleep in my 9 am class and ended up playing Tetris on my iPad instead of paying attention to the class.

That last step is definitely not recommended.

By mid-semester, I was exhausted, grouchy, highly unmotivated to do anything, falling behind in all my classes, ridiculously stressed and tiny things would set me into a fit of rage or leave me crying my eyes out. Basically, not a good look. Also, definitely causes your mental health to deteriorate.

Taking at least one day a week off study to relax can definitely help you with this.

2. It creates a goal for yourself to finish the tasks, and you get a reward too!

Basically, it acts as a bit of a mini reward!

If you finish all of the things you need to do by Friday, you get to have the whole weekend off to spend time with friends and family, or just do things that you enjoy! If you aren’t finished, you can also take Saturday to catch up on work but at least you still get the time off on Sunday.

Up until now, I have barely needed to use the catch-up Saturday. The only times where this is something that I need to do is really when I have a couple of assignments due at once, but even this can usually sort of be planned out so that you can do them in advance. Trust me, it’s a whole lot less stressful if you submit it a few days early and can check and edit your originality, then praying that it’s alright when you submit it one minute before the deadline.

Now that we’ve covered the why let’s go onto the how:

1. Get organised

This is what I’m going to emphasise the most. I generally just use to-do lists in my bullet journal, under the headings of different days.

This is organised by looking at the required readings for the week, any assignments due in the coming weeks and revision for different topics that have already been covered (which means you’re more prepared when it comes to exam time).

Now split all of it up. You have a class with readings on Friday? Then you’re going to want it done by Friday? That class has 70 pages of readings split into 6 sections? Then try to do two of those sections every day until you’re done with those readings.

2. Don’t worry about being too pedantic

This one seems contradictory.

Basically, I don’t worry too much if I haven’t accomplished all of the tasks in the day, as long as I have started all of them. Some days I have more motivation and also brain capacity to get through things quickly and understand the content I’m looking at.

Using this system, I’m usually still ahead by the end of the week! Like last week, I’d accomplished everything on that week’s to-do list, and also some of the stuff that was carried over to the next week! Just keep doing a little bit every day and you will get there.

But do remember that you do have to put a certain amount of time and energy in otherwise you will fall behind. Currently, Monday and Tuesdays I work 9-5, get home around 6 and do a solid 4 hours of study a night. Same goes for the days I have classes, including study during breaks where I have the time.

3. Have a plan for how to relax

This is another one that probably seems odd but was touched on earlier.

It can be super hard to switch from a really intensely studying mode to a mode in which you are allowing yourself to relax and not to worry about things. I have the awesome benefit of an amazing boyfriend who balances me out, and just being with him helps me destress. He also makes me feel like a weekend cuddled up on a sofa, not moving except to get up to eat and binge watching a weird tv show is 100% alright and completely worth it.

If you don’t have any friends who can help you to snap out of the studying mindset when you’re doing nothing, then you need to plan a way to achieve that!

Plan to spend some time doing something with your family. Plan to go out to the movies with friends if they’re free. Go do something that you and someone you know enjoy. Just make sure that you write that plan down in your bullet journal, and you go out and make the most of it.

Just imagine Hiro having a breakdown at school, trying very hard to hold back his tears as he tells himself while walking in the hall “keep cool Hiro, don’t let them see you cry” to finally go cry in a toilet stall (ʘ‿ʘ)

"You can't just sit there all day."  (a Walking Dead One Shot, Caryl + Sophia).

Obviously AU.

Just a little Daddy Daryl sweetness for you (and for me, hahaha) before you go to bed.  Daryl comforts Sophia.  That’s it.  That’s all you’re getting, lol.

Could be set in the same universe as “I’m dying."  Doesn’t have to be.  You decide.     


“You can’t just sit there all day.  Been a couple of days now.” 


Tucking her pink nose between her updrawn knees, Sophia gazed up at him with tear-swollen, blood shot eyes.


She looked so sad and so pitiful, pale beneath her freckles, that Daryl felt his resolve start to crack, but a throat clearing quietly in the hallway outside the kid’s bedroom had him squaring his shoulders and trying again.  “C’mon,” he encouraged gruffly.  “Ain’t doin’ yourself no good holin’ up in here.” 


Fingers toying anxiously with the hems of her pajama pants, the preteen shook her head and mumbled a refusal, her frayed pigtails putting an exclamation point on the whole matter.  “I don’t want to.” 


He sighed.  “Know you don’t.”   His hand hovered in the air for several indecisive seconds before he gently cupped her head, the rough callouses catching in the silky softness of her hair.  “Know you don’t,” he repeated.  “But we all do things we don’t want to sometimes.”  


Unconsciously leaning into his touch, Sophia sniffled in answer.  Her eyes gravitated to her open laptop and her chin wobbled again.  “It’s not fair.” 


“Life ain’t fair, Sweetheart,” Daryl told her.  “Never has been.  Don’t mean we give up and stop tryin’.”


With another look at the wallpaper on her computer and the image of the young man smiling there, she gave him a brave if watery smile.  “He wouldn’t want that.” 


“He wouldn’t,” he somberly agreed.  His hand slid down to cup her smooth cheek, his blunt thumb catching the shiny tear that escaped despite her best efforts.  “He was a pretty good guy.” 


Sophia’s nostrils flared as she fought to control her emotions.  In the end, she surprised them both by launching herself into his startled embrace, her skinny arms winding tight around his waist and her tears soaking into his gray shirt.  “…the best.”   


Her words were muffled against the fabric but Daryl caught enough.  Dropping an awkward kiss to the top of her hair, he took a step back and stared down into her upturned, trusting face.  “Got some of that Rocky Road ice cream you like.  S’in the kitchen.  You give your mama one of them hugs like you just gave me, know for a fact she won’t say nothin’ ‘bout you ruinin’ your appetite for supper.” 


Sophia gave his waist one more lingering squeeze.  “I’m so glad you married us, Daryl.” 


Choked up as he caught his wife’s touched, teary blue gaze in his periphery, he could only nod and offer up a gruff “Me, too.”  When the kid excused herself to go wash her face and change into some fresh, clean clothes, he turned to the doorway.  “Can come on in, you know.  Thinkin’ it’s safe.” 


Sheepishly, Carol stepped over the threshold and let her shoulder lean against the wall.  She eyed him with pride, her lips curling into a soft, loving smile.  “I’d say you handled that pretty well.  Better than me even.” 


He shook his head in disbelief but a small part of him was pretty pleased with himself so he didn’t protest further, just welcomed her as she walked into his waiting arms and pressed a sweet kiss to the well of his throat.  “Don’t want her watchin’ that show no more.  All it does is disappoint her.” 


“Me, neither,” she agreed, standing on tiptoe to feather another kiss to his stubbled cheek.  “He really was one of the best characters.  A cinnamon roll too precious for this world.  Definitely crush-worthy.  I still can’t believe they killed him off.  It really killed the heart of the show.” 


Daryl snorted into the kiss she attempted to give him on the mouth.  “Stahp.  Cinnamon roll?  Please.” 


Carol grinned at him, tugging him down to kiss him soundly on his smirking lips before revealing, “Sophia thinks you’re a cinnamon roll.” 


“She does?” 

The Night Before (SMUT WARNING) - Jai Courtney

This part is set the night before the first chapter, ‘The Morning After’. I wasn’t originally going to do this but I had a feeling that someone would ask me to do it and someone messaged me mentioning that they would like to see what happened the night before :) so here it is!

Word Count: 2159
Read this on AO3 here.
Read the first part here.
Anon message inspiration here

Jai’s feet were resting on the coffee table when you got home. He greeted you with a smile and muted the television show he was watching. “Hey, baby. How was work?”

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The Show

Jack Kelly x Reader

Medda opens a door and gestures inside. “Here you are. A nice, private box for you two lovebirds tonight.” 

Jack steps forward and kisses Medda on the cheek. “Thank you, Miss Medda.” “Oh, anything for you, Jack Kelly. And for the beautiful (f/n) (l/n).” 

You smile and step forward to hug Medda. “Break a leg, Medda!” 

She smiles softly and squeezes your hand. “Thank you, sweetheart. Now you two have fun! Try not to get in too much trouble.” 

“No promises,” Jack responds with a cheeky grin. Medda laughs, and you gasp and slap him on the back of his head. 

“We’ll be fine, Medda,” you amend. “Thank you.” Medda nods with a smile and then, with a swish of her robe, she sets off down the hallway to get ready for tonight’s show. 

Jack closes the door of the suite behind you and takes your hand, pulling you into his arms. “You know I got no intentions of actually watchin’ the show, right?” 

“Well, you better! Medda got us in here for free, and I don’t think she’d appreciate it if you-” You’re cut off with a kiss, and you gasp as Jack pulls you close, leaning into you so you arch your back into the kiss. After a few more minutes of kissing, you pull away, blinking up at Jack with hooded eyes. “Alright, compromise,” you gasp. “We watch some of the show.” 

He grins. “Deal.” And with that, he kisses you again.

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Me: *in Transformers hell* Heck yeah doing all the giant robot-OC !! (I have posted only one but trust me I have more… just not all “fleshed” out yet)
@auggusst : You should watch the “Transformers Prime” show. It’s good.
Me: Alright why not.

Me: HOLY SHIT THE SHOW IS GOOD! (I love them all but my favs are: Optimus -daddy- Prime, Ratchet “I needed that”, Italian boy- Wheeljack and “Givemeback” Dreadwing !!)
I like the art style a lot too! They’re all cartoony but not too much and… Waiiit a minute…

(pictured above, left: Megatron ; right: Ironfury my TF OC) 

note: ye sI misgender my OC intentionnally cause I needed the pun to work. (Ironfury is a she)
note2: upon drawing them both I realised they have more than just the eyebrows. They both have round thigh, spiky hands/shoulders…

Michael Imagine #5: First Time Seeing Him Onstage

“I just want to stop the show for a minute,” Michael said in between songs. “So everyone can say hi to my girlfriend, [Y/N]! This is her first time watching me on stage, so I’m super nervous. Let’s make this one of the best shows ever, yeah?” The crowd screamed as the lights flashed all around the arena.

“Yeah,” Calum added. “We gotta make sure [Y/N] wants to come back to our concerts in the future, so everybody scream!”

Luke shook his head. “Nah…I think you can do better than that!”

Ashton started to bang his drumsticks together. “I think the only way [Y/N] will ever want to come back is if every single one of you loses your voices screaming tonight! It’s gotta be crazy loud in here because Michael really wants to impress her, so everybody go crazy for MICHAEL CLIFFORD!” The audience shrieked in excitement.

I laughed and gave Michael a thumbs up from my seat. Michael smiled and pointed to me. “She’s giving me a thumbs up, everybody! That means we are off to a great start! Let’s see how great this show can be, alright?”

I loved watching my boyfriend do what he loved on stage. That was definitely a great show, but let me tell you, once Michael and I made it to the hotel, I had an even better night that night.

@ OB 5x02

So with a new comeback there’s going to be a lot of posts about voting, streaming, buying, and things like that to support the group for this one. We here at thatssobap just want to make sure everyone who does not have time or money to do so knows that you are still valid fans.

You do not HAVE to do anything other than like B.A.P’s music to be a fan.

If you have work/ school and have to wait to watch a repost of a show instead of watching it live, it’s alright. Take your time. Use the pause button while you squeal over things you like.
If you have any personal reasons to not share links, pictures, or videos of B.A.P on your other social sites then that is understandable and valid. You do not owe anyone an explanation for it. You should feel safe and comfortable on your social sites. Always.
If you don’t have the money to buy the album as soon as it drops it’s okay. You’ll get it when you can. Until then enjoy listening in other ways like YouTube videos or audio posts on Tumblr.

You are valid and as important a part of our fandom as anyone else. You are supporting B.A.P in your own way.

Keep up the amazing work, Baby! We’re super proud of all of you!

So turkish is my first english is my second language alright
I never watch movies or tv shows with turkish dubs, but whenever i get distracted by the show, i do hear what they say but 2 minutes later i go “wait, did they just speak turkish?” and i rewind the movie, only to reveal that they were in fact speaking english
Is this a common thing amongst bilingual people or just a weird thing my mind does, idek

I Can Help - Brady Skjei #4.2

Originally posted by jaromeiginla

about/request: request for brady sending off his girl to the airport for a 1 year course overseas & he’s being moppy & slightly sad cause season is starting soon. can you do that?

warnings: none

authors note: yeah so i thought the request fit well to make a second part to this so i did it and ugh it’s cute i think and i just love brady in case you all weren’t aware i do so here’s this i hope you like it!!

word count: 1009

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