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Miraculous S2 Thoughts - Collector

The Miraculous tag is full of nothing but untagged spoilers for the first two episodes of season 2, so I just said “hell with it” and tracked down the first ep on You Tube.  If anyone wants to know where to watch the English dub of The Collector, message me :)

Since I seem to be one of the few people that hides spoilers for this show *SIGH*…


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Dating Bill Skarsgard Would Include...

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~ You learning Swedish in secret, until he hears you speaking his native language while talking to Alexander

~ Him being worried that “IT” would scare you but then he’s surprised when you love him more for how well he portrayed Pennywise

~ Reading “IT” together and finding everything wrong with the movie


~ Cuddling together after he gets home from a long day of filming

~ When you visit his family they all love you and he shows you how beautiful Sweden is

~ You fangirling when you go to the set of “IT” because you’ve watched Stranger Things and holy shit there’s Finn Wolfhard

~ When he finishes a film or show you guys have a weekend where all you do is binge watch your favorite shows together

~ Missing each other so much when he’s gone for interviews and filming in a different country

~ When you buy a house together you have so many books that there is an entire room filled with books and you call it your “Life’s Library”

~ You visiting him while he’s away, and neither of you want to leave each other again but you have to get back to your job

~ Having a somewhat large family, because you both love the big family life (You end up having 5 kids)

~ Him getting you a dog so you’re not so lonely when he’s away

~ Having a small wedding with only his parents and siblings and your parents and siblings and a few of your closest friends

~ Him being the big spoon and you being the little spoon

Taemin Rooftop Live | Back To You

There. Is. So. Much. I. Have. To. Say. About. This. Song. But to save all of you time, I’ll just say that this song is so beautifully raw and stripped down. It’s literally just Taemin singing over a guitar and it’s so different than all his other songs and I need it to receive all the love in the world. 

Support System | BTS

↠Pairing🍐: boyfriend!bts x significant other!reader

↠Genre📚: Fluff

↠Summary📖: They find original ways to show their appreciation and love for you.


Kim Seokjin

You had fallen asleep with your head in his lap; his fingers where slowly raking through your hair as you both watched a movie. As he watched your sleeping figure, he suddenly started to think about how supportive you are of him,  his job, and everything that comes with being his significant other. Now he felt as if he hasn’t given you as much as you’ve given him.

He was wondering how he could repay you for all of the love you’ve given him, you’ve even learned his favorite recipes, which are many, for when he’s too tired to cook for everyone. It was hard for him to think of something for you, you were such an easy person to please, he could give you a flower petal and you’d be happy about it.

With that being said he felt like something you would be incredibly happy about is having a day where it was just the two of you. You’ll have him all to yourself, he knew you would definitely appreciate that. And maybe some of his food too.

Min Yoongi

Yoongi had always thought about how supportive you were of him; it never escaped his mind. He constantly wondered how he would make it up to you, but you had done countless things for him, how could he ever make it equal?? He practically ruined your sleep schedule and you sleep just as much as he does, which isn’t very much or very proper to being with.

And one day the idea came to him, you love music, he loves music, and he knows he’s good at writing and composing -if he says so himself-. And that’s exactly what he did; over the course of a couple months he wrote lyrics and composed the music for the song where he told you how much he loved you for everything you do for him. He wanted it to be perfect, so that’s why he took his time making it, he wanted this song to have his full attention.

It was like one big appreciation post just in song form, telling you how much he loves you and appreciates everything you do for him, through something he loves, music, to someone he loves, you. He had put so much of his all into this song; he could already see your reaction in his mind. He couldn’t wait for you to give it a listen.

Jung Hoseok

Hoseok was someone who always showed his appreciation for you in little ways, but he felt that it was the time that he shows you in a grander way, in a way that’s more memorable than just some flowers. He thought for weeks what you would like, or what was something you really wanted, or something he did that you really loved.

Dancing, he knew you loved his dancing and on some occasions have asked him to teach you a dance or two. So what if he created a dance just for the two of you; it’d be your dance forever. He loved the idea so much he started on it right after the idea came to him.

It didn’t take him very long to create a dance to a song that the both of you love very much, whenever he dances his creativity flows. He was so excited to show you the dance that he was bouncing from wall to wall with the biggest smile.

Kim Namjoon

All it took for Namjoon to realize how supportive you were of him was you helping him with some song lyrics he was having trouble finishing. And now he didn’t know what to do for you, he didn’t want to buy something for you and accidentally break it; that was his biggest fear whenever he bought you anything. He knew that you were a simple person with simple needs, so what was something that you would like??

To learn how he makes music, how all the buttons and switches work. All he has to do now is plan a date prior to that. He’d take you to your favorite restaurant, then for a walk and lastly to his studio.

He somewhat wondered if that was a good enough way of showing his appreciation, but he knew you enjoyed the simple things in life. Maybe he’ll even write a quick rap for you, and maybe he’ll buy you some jewelry and he really won’t break it this time.

Park Jimin

Jimin was laying in bed after you left to go home at two in the morning; he as thinking about how you didn’t have to come by at all. Sometimes he tells you to just stay home and get a good rest, but you always come by anyway and he hates that you’re not getting better sleep because of him. His thoughts trailed to everything else you do for: him, his friends, the staff members, and more. It was impossible for him to think of everything you’ve done.

Now he was thinking about something you would like; if he got you a gift you’d appreciate it, but you’ll be upset about him wasting unnecessary money on you. So, what was something you would appreciate from him, that costs absolutely nothing?? He started pacing back and forth and finally, it came to him.

Him teaching you his modern dance performance from SBS Gayo Daejun back in 2016, considering you loved it so much he already knew that you wanted to learn it, but didn’t want to bother him about it and waste his time. Maybe the both of you will even create a dance of your own.

Kim Taehyung

It wasn’t until you forced Tae and the others out for a day of fun to yourselves, did he realize you could have easily just left all of them to continue overworking themselves, but instead you went, spoke to Bang PD-Nim demanding telling him that he should give you all  the day off, because that way you’ll all work more efficiently tomorrow. And all he thought about the whole day is what he could do for you.

He even thought to ask you, but knowing you, you would say something cheesy like having him there was enough for you to be happy. But he’s almost always with you, even if you’re in the same room just doing different things. So, what could he do that didn’t involve buying him anything -so you didn’t get mad at him-. 

He suddenly got an idea when catching sight of the sea at the end of the dock of the amusement park you had taken them to. He thought of pulling you over and singing you a ballad and giving a mini-speech about his love and appreciation for you. All he had to wait for was the sunset.

Jeon Jungkook

Jungkook was deep in thought one day after you had left the dorms to go back home; that’s when he looked at the time, two in the morning. He knew you were tired and even when he told you to go home or go sleep in his bed you, but refused to sleep when he had to stay awake. This led his mind to wander to everything you’ve done for him since the beginning and one of those things is when you learned how to do male idol makeup just so you could help. The list goes on and on, he knew that there were things he’s somehow forgotten.

But one thing he was one hundred percent sure of was that he had to make it up to you. He didn’t it want it to be too grand because you’ll tell him off about spending unnecessary money on you, although he doesn’t care about money when it came to you. He’d spend his whole bank account if it was for you.

So what could he do that he knew you would enjoy?? Most likely a cover about a song that explains it all, and in the same recording, he’ll talk about his appreciation for you. Another thing he knows you’ll like is singing a cover with him because you have a good voice and love to sing, mostly with him. He stood from his bed and rushed to his studio to start recording this cover for you.


I marched for the last time ever last night, and I feel so fucking empty. I woke up feeling like someone I loved was dead. I’m struggling not to start crying again as I write this. Marching band has been my life for the past four years, it’s the only thing I loved more than FT. I had my friends, and the whole band as my family. We were all so goofy, and I got to watch so many of them grow up a bit. We laughed and cried and sang and played our hearts out.

And as they quickly mourn over the loss of just a show, and look forward to next season, my fellow seniors and myself are all out of tokens, we only have four. They’re all used up and we can’t buy any more. For that we all cry, because how could we not. We are forced to leave our hearts and our souls behind.

A lot of you won’t understand. Either you weren’t in marching band, or you weren’t on a group that was as special as mine.

We are the underdogs, the bottom of the top classes, almost there but so close. We are broke as fuck but we make up for lack of props, lack of base drops, lack of color, with our own spirit.

I was a part of something absolutely incredible, and now it’s gone. I just feel so empty and so sad.

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All the stuff you post about the various clone troopers got me to curious to watch The Clone Wars. It's better than I ever imagined and surprisingly deep philosophically. I'm only on season 2 but I'm already in love with Waxer and Boil. So thanks for helping me discover an awesome show to watch and a new fandom to join!

Awesome!  The show gets WAY better in season three lol, so kudos for actaully starting at the beginning.  So who are your faves so far?

Miraculous S2 Thoughts - Despair Bear

I did a post earlier on the first episode of ML Season 2 (The Collector).

Y’all have @butterflies—instead to thank for showing me where to find the English dub of the second episode.  As stated before, message me if you want to watch it.  I apologize in advance for the quality of the gifs.  Normally, I would credit the person who did the video, but I don’t want them to get in trouble in case they’re not a legit outlet.  I can’t read German, so I have no idea who they are o_o  

You can probably figure out where the site is on your own by the watermark on the gifs, though.  If you can’t, message me and I’ll send you the link privately.

Spoilers for Miraculous Season 2 are below the cut!

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Requested by anonymous (edited slightly)

”Who’s that?” Tim asked as the three batboys watched you tie up a few bank robbers. Dick, Jason, and Time had come together to stop a robbery that was taking place, what they didn’t know is that a random masked hero would show up and lend them a hand.

”I don’t know but I call dibs” Dick smirked. He was just about to make his way over to you when Jason grabbed his shoulder and pushed him away.

”Oh please Grayson” Jason sneered “they’re not your type. Besides I think they’d much rather talk to me”.
Both Nightwing and Red hood shot each other dangerous looks, all the while Tim slipped by them in an attempt to get to you first.

”While you two fight I’m going to go introduce myself”.


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uuuhhh if you wanted to write more of that single parent/nanny AU thing for that show with the hunky blonde guy i don't have time to watch but apparently read fic for anyway (haha) i would be totally on board for that...ya know. in case.

i mean you should definitely make time is all i’m saying. you’ve got 5 seasons of hunky blonde guy to gaze upon. fic set in this universe. 

Lucien entered the Beazley home, closing his eyes and inhaling deeply. Already, his nerves felt calmer and he felt more at peace. He tried not to worry that he was becoming too dependent on the way he felt when he was in this house; tried not to think about the fact that this was the only place that felt safe and warm; that this was the only place that felt like home. 

Before he could even hang up his hat and coat, he was tackled around the legs by two exuberant boys, “Lucien’s here!” They beamed up at him, small hands clutched at this pant leg. He returned their smile and ruffled their hair, “Evening, boys!”

“What are we doing tonight, Lucien?” Jack asked, holding onto his leg as Lucien stomped through the house, loving the sound of the boys giggles as he went for a ride on his leg. Christopher Jr. followed closely behind, eager to hear what tonight’s adventure would be. 

“Well, I thought we could go hunting for some fee.” He dropped his voice into a low whisper, dragging out the vowels and inspiring a sense of spookiness. 

Both boys looked at him in wonder, “What are fee?” They tripped over the odd-sounding pronunciation, eager to learn. 

Lucien explained, “They’re little fairies that live amongst the plants and green things, brewing up all sorts of trouble.” He smiled softly to himself before adding, “My mother and I used to hunt for them in the garden in our home. I thought you boys might like to do the same?”

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Have you watched 306 yet? Something was off for me, like the emotions were not quite right at times. Then I came on here and apparently I'm not the only one having this feeling.

Yes I did and I have to agree. I only know why some bits were off for me and as I’ve said a few times today already it has all to do with writing/directing/editing and the choices these show runners make. 

All that is great and good about the episode is pure Cait and Sam performing and making excellent jobs of their portrayals. The surprise, the hapiness the relief the rediscovering the awkardness the shyness the cuteness the passion the love the humor and tenderness and the longing and the pain and the doubts…it was all there and in the right places. 
But, pictures scene at printshop was screwed up badly in my opinion. Honestly, it kinda ruined the mood for the whole episode for me. Again the fault is not the acting, it was the way it was written and directed. Maybe it’s me having the books to compare it to and people who are blissfully oblivious remained happily so and enjoyed the exchange? 

Some may call me a drama queen and some may feel I am exagerating here but in order to express how I felt watching that bit I gotta be honest and say what the scene really spoke to me like. Here it is, and pardon if I hurt someone’s sensibilities. 

Claire: Here she is, our daughter Brianna.
Jamie: Oh, what an awful name.
Claire: She’s named after your father. 
Jamie: Ok…yes there she is…allright *looking at the photographs like he’s seeing some cards. He finishes and hands them back to Claire. Stands up and grabs portrait of Willie to show it to Claire*
Jamie: I do have one of those too, a son. My son. Here he is. Look at him, he is blah blah blah blah *looks at his watch* Oh damn it I gotta go, 


There’s a fine thin line between being shocked at the appearance of Claire and taking it all in little by little and making it look like was all so nonchalant he didn’t even care. Like it hurt to see him ask Claire why did she come several times and she having to ask if he wanted her to go because she was not wanted. I already know the explanation for that seeing how they had him conflicted from the very beginning wanting to tell her that other secret so I know he was just testing the waters to see if she really meant it and would stay once she found out but still…

Gosh I don’t know, maybe the problem here is all me and people are celebrating the reunion and I am miserable of my own doing but I can’t help it.  

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just figured/found out im an entp;. What does this mean for my life? I got the impression we’re snarky bitches. To which I say FUCK OFF but hey I want your thoughts. Any intro to entp guides? I wanna know stuff

Oh yes. I have much guide. See below. 

  • Dance!
    • Everybody knows, ENTPs love getting down to the sweet sweet beat. So turn on that Britney Spears and show the world that backstreet is in fact… back. 
  • Binge-watch Freaks and Geeks
    • Nothing screams ENTP like some geeks and some freaks. Teens? Puberty? Bad boys and matheletes? It’s all there, and it’s all ENTP. All of it. 
  • Go to a Food Truck Event
    • Self explanatory
  • Get into an argument online and write half of a novel to shut the other person down.
    • This is a basic rite of passage for ENTPs. We always know we’re right and we’ll prove it with a mixture of both snark and bullet points. It’s only half a novel because you’ll get bored mid statement.
  • Get a dog, name it Monkey
    • Irony is a fun joke for the fam. Always lighten the mood when you call your dog over. It’s never not funny. Just say the word dog all the time, and when people think you’re talking about your dog, just be like, yo dog, you mean Monkey? They’ll be flat on their backs laughing. Great joke. 
  • Buy a fur coat
    • Why not

This is the helpful guide I received upon graduating into my personality. I hope you can use this to move forward in your life making the most prudent of choices. Remember, what makes you different, makes you beautiful. Go forth and prosper.

So instead of cancelling The Loud House, some people just want them to take Lincoln away?

Excuse me? What?

That’s dumbest thing ever. He’s not just some side character that you can show once and never see again, he’s the freaking main character

Not to mention that the family literally wouldn’t be the same without him? What would be the point of the show if Lincoln wasn’t there. After all, it started out as a show about 1 boy with 10 sisters

I wouldn’t watch the show anymore if they took Linc away. Not just because he’s my favorite, but because he’s an important part of the family too and it would actually ruin it.

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Watching a shirtless Hal ride a stallion bareback really gets you in the mood. So when he decided that a swim in the dam was a good idea, you decided to show him just how much you were in the mood. After all, there was nothing better than riding a cowboy the same way he rides his horses. Bareback and full of passion.

OoooooooooooOooooooooooh my god

Sinful Sunday™

So when the inevitable stupid ass thing happens and Alex and maggie break up, are they going to have a scene with Alex drinking herself into a stupor and when Kara finds her she’ll just slur out “You were right. I’m drinking them dry” or are they just going to ignore that Kara said it and gloss over the hurt that Alex is going to feel? I hate this breakup. So much. All over hate it and I’m not even watching the show even more. But I also hate that the CW is def not going to actually show us how Alex will feel. I’ll bet all my life savings over that.

List of Het Ships Healthier than Karamel

1. Percabeth (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)

2. Hazel/Frank (Heroes of Olympus)

3. Jason/Piper (Heroes of Olympus)

4. Wondertrev (Wonder Woman)

5. Abby/Jed (The West Wing)

6. Donna/Josh (The West Wing)

7. Parker/Hardison (Leverage)

8. Clarisse/Joe (Princess Diaries)

9. Kim/Ron (Kim Possible)

10. Snowing (OUAT)

11. Rey/Finn (Star Wars)

12. Han/Leia (Star Wars)

13. BatCat (Batman)

14. Harry/Ginny (Harry Potter)

15. Molly/Arthur (Harry Potter)

16. Salex (The Bold Type)

17. Jane/Pinstripe Guy (The Bold Type)

18. Sutton/Richard (The Bold Type)

19. Spitfire (Young Justice)

20. Robin/Starfire (Teen Titans)

You all want healthy heterosexual ships, go watch these shows/read these books and leave your dumpster fire behind.

wherethewildthingswerent  asked:

Moment of honesty, it's amazing meta writers like you who've really opened my eyes and made watching TV (and Supernatural specifically lmao) a completely different experience for me. You're like little Spocks; very attentive to detail, great at splicing important info from otherwise-misleading statements (cough PR cough) and just generally being very logical people. Makes me feel more appreciative and positive about this show than I ever had before! Thank you so much for doing what you do! 💙

Ahh thank you!!! 

I love the show so much and I love being able to delve into all the things that make me love it and I love how we can all enjoy it together! Massive shoutout to all my meta writing friends too :)

all nerds are created equal

ok, I just want to say that whether you have spent years reading all the comics, watching every episode of every series, and can hold an hour-long conversation about any given captain or you just watched the first trailer for discovery and are really of excited to start watching the show YOU ARE A VALID TREKKIE AND I AM SO HAPPY TO HAVE YOU IN THE FANDOM. the star trek fandom is lucky to have such creative and dedicated people so don’t you ever let someone tell you that you aren’t a ‘real’ fan’ because you haven't watched everything.

Through the Veil Challenge Day 20
  • Day 20: Pick a movie or TV show that both you and a spirit friend/family member will enjoy and watch it together

Today I actually felt connected to sit down and watch a couple of movies with my spirit family. We are actually continuing to watch movies. The first movie I showed them, cause before this I haven’t gotten everyone together to sit and watch a movie in a long time. But the first movie was Kubo And the Two Strings and then I put on Maleficent (which is one of my all time favorite movies). During the course of watching the movies together the landlord came by and raising hell about she needed to come in and bait for bugs (cause we live near the woods) so me and my partner got to cleaning the house (still got more cleaning to do) But I didn’t stop the movies because I was cleaning I kept the movies going telling them to enjoy and tell me what you think about them. I had a couple who are still here watching the credits of Maleficent with me and some went back home. I told them you don’t have to stay here and watch movies with me if you don’t want to, I am not ordering you do to anything. I said that because I could feel boredom and the not really wanting to be here energies from some of my companions. I know they have lives too and I respect that entirely because I know that they don’t hold it against me when I forget about something for them when my life gets hectic. They remind me when everything calms down. (sorry for the rant) Over all this was an awesome experience I will have to add this to an offering list for my spirits as well as finding out which movies my companions like and watch them with them. 

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Holly I've been watching your vids for awhile and think the way you talk about certain subjects are just dandy! So I wanted your opinion on what kind of drawing tablet would be good for a beginner who has no idea about tech stuff

uhhh it really doesnt matter, you dont need anything big, the bamboo tablets are really good for beginners, I have recent videos where I show off other tablets. Its all personal preference.

Someone: “Well, the clothing of the time period suggests that this fantasy actually took place during this century, so it would be impossible for–”

Nerd, there’s a woman shooting ice from her fingertips and a girl whose tears can bring back the dead, time periods don’t mean diddly when you get wizards involved, a world with magic and trolls could learn how to cheaply mass-produce clothes and therefore change fashion quickly. 

Furthermore, if Frozen did take place in the 1830s, we wouldn’t be seeing crossbows and broadswords, we’d be seeing flintlocks and rapiers.

I’ve watched a TV show where a warrior princess saw the baby Jesus shortly after helping David beat Goliath, and I think she met with Cleopatra or Helen of Troy, and I loved it all. If this TV show with unbreakable rocks and raccoons and Asian children and crossbows and pirate ships wants to eventually mention the ice-throwing queen to the north (who canonically would not be known yet, her parents are still keeping her hidden because of her powers, and they’re still alive because they haven’t gone to the wedding, so…), then that’s fine. It’s not gonna happen because continuity, but don’t you go stepping on my conspiracy board.