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the true beauty and the beast ‘gay moment’

  • “who needs her when you’ve got us?”
  • “it’s never going to happen ladies”
  • “I’m not done with you yet” - “me neither”
  • LeFou looking dreamy and biting his bottom lip when Gaston says “picture it LeFou (…) adorable children running around while my love rubs my tired feet”
  • LeFou’s dreamy look turning into a frown the second Gaston adds ‘but what does Belle say?”
  • the whole Gaston song
  • “LeFou you’re the best. How is it no girl has snatched you up yet?” - “I’ve been told I’m clingy, but I really don’t get it” + the Look
  • the nose boop
  • the dance with Stanley at the end

basically pretty much all the lefou scenes were gay because he’s gay af it wasn’t even subtext it was obvious and subtle at the same time goodbye

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movies i can watch forever:

my family and other animals
the fall (2006)
the social network
about time
whisper of the heart
3 idiots

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hey lucy, i want to know more about movies. i watch a lot of movies and i really really love movies, but i just want to know more. i feel like a casual movie goer who just watches a lot of stuff. but i would like to know enough to like hold up a conversation with someone who knows about movies. but idk where to start!

“oh and also i dont even know what ‘knowing about movies’ really even is? like besides being able to name directors and actors”

hi! sorry i’m answering this so late, i’ve been really busy with work lately. SO! my biggest piece of advice is to develop more of a personal taste in film and go from there! start with what you like: a particular genre, sub-genre, even build off a director and actor’s filmography. for example: i used to be more of a casual film fan, then i started getting into indie movies. watching the oscars also helped me brush up on the highest praised films of any given year. then i started finding little sub genres i enjoy (i love modern indies, french films, anything A24 puts out, almost anything with really gorgeous cinematography, etc) then after you watch more and more, read up! i love wikipedia but some people prefer imdb. letterboxd is a great way to have casual conversations about movies on reviews and lists. the film stage is my other personal favorite source for film news, especially in the indie genres i love. look up crew members on movies you like in the given role they play: directors, actors, cinematographers, editors, composers. see what else they’ve worked on and explore more of their work. pay attention to little recurring things in movies you might wanna talk about later: compare and contrast. just start a dialogue about movies you watch, even with yourself, and as you watch more, just talk to people, even casually, with people you hardly know (i’ve been having tons of conversations with coworkers at the movie theater about movies lately) before you know it, you’ll have more knowledge by developing your own personal taste. conversations and knowledge will happen most naturally if you invest time in exploring areas of film you most enjoy


He told me he wanted to be perfect.
For me, for us both.
So I let him be.

His flaws, his insecurities that makes me fall in love with him.
But he wanted to be perfect.
Just like the hero in the novel that I read.
Just like the movie that we watched.

He wanted to save me from my sadness.
Little did he know he’s already my knight in shinning armour before perfect was his middle name.

Now, perfect is his anthem.
Wanted to be perfect, looking for perfection is what he’s aiming for.

He’s perfect now.
He’s becoming what he wanted to be.
He’s happy and I should be too.
But sadly, he’s perfect but no longer in his own way.
He’s different. He changed.
He’s no longer perfect to me.
He found somebody else that makes him perfect the way he wanted to.

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The Craft

Oh man The Craft was THE sleepover movie for my friends and me! We would do the “light as a feather, stiff as a board” thing and all! YES! I love The Craft and I still watch it every time I catch it on tv!

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Send me iconic movies you think everyone should’ve seen in their lives and I have to respond honestly if I’ve seen them!

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Questions about Klaroline that you don't have to answer :) Do Caroline and Klaus remind you of any characters from classic novels or movies? Are there any songs that remind you of Klaroline? What are your three favorite Klaroline scenes? What could you see Klaus doing for a living if he were a "normal", employed mortal? What do you see Klaroline as loving to do in their spare time? What are your btotps for both Klaus and Caroline?

Thank you v much for these KC-related questions :)

Sorry for my boring answers in advance haha.

Do Caroline and Klaus remind you of any characters from classic novels or movies? 

Literally anyone and everything I read/watch reminds me of them in a way LOL.

Are there any songs that remind you of Klaroline? 

Every Ed Sheeran + Sleeping At Last song ever! (my mind isnt working rn so i cant think of specific songs ugh!) 

What are your three favorite Klaroline scenes? 

THAT’S A HARD ONE Y’ALL BUT: GIVE ME LOVE 3.14! YOU’RE SAFE 3.21! YOUR LAST 4.23! + + + 8.16 YOURS KLAUS!! (i cheated but WHO CARES)

What could you see Klaus doing for a living if he were a “normal” employed mortal? 

Klaus the artist! Klaus the man of many talents even if he was human!

What do you see Klaroline as loving to do in their spare time?

Travel! Louging around doing absolutely nothing but drinking each other in for e t e r n i t y

What are your brotps for both Klaus and Caroline? 

Klaus: marcel and kol! // Caroline: bonnie, enzo, and rebekah!

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Across the universe, bring it on, and the way way back

I’ve seen Across the Universe multiple times, and I kinda love it? It’s The Beatles’s songs, so there was really no way for me to dislike it. 

Hell yes to Bring it On! It’s one of those movies I saw when I was a teenager and I still have to watch it whenever I catch it on tv! Plus, Faith as a cheerleader? What’s not to love about that? 

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Haven’t seen The Way Way Back, though, but it’s been on my to-watch list for a while. 

Send me iconic movies you think everyone should’ve seen in their lives and I have to respond honestly if I’ve seen them!

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I saw Beauty and the Beast yesterday and it was so awesome and beautiful and amazing ! I laughed, i crid, I was amazed ! I really hope you will love it as much as me ! Have a good time watching the movie ! - signed, a discret follower ;)


I swear to Walt Disney and Howard Ashman that I had the time of my life. I don’t remember the last time I’ve been this happy. Right now I don’t think anything can top this happiness.

My God… This movie was so much more than whatever I could have expected. I started crying the moment I heard the first few notes of the Walt Disney Pictures music and the highest tower of the castle showed up, followed by the fireworks and the Walt Disney logo.

I don’t even remember the last time I saw a Disney movie that made me cry and laugh so much as this one. Maybe nostalgia had a lot to do with my overflowing emotions, but still, it was a truly fantastic film. I cried at every song and music. I was shocked when the objects showed Belle to her room and Home from the Broadway musical started playing in the background!!! That hit me right in the feels. The music was present at everytime and it really was part of the whole thing of getting inside the movie. The sets helped a lot too!! At every moment I felt as if I was in that village, in that castle, in that forrest. What an incredible experience!!! Going back to the music, and with good reason, The Mob Song was the only song I wasn’t crying to XD I was definitely cought up in the moment of “Damn, sh*t’s about to go down…” than anything else. It was a very powerful scene. All the music numbers were done wonderfully and I hope Mr. Ashman (R.I.P.) was content with the reditions.

The prologue was so well done! I loved everything about the Enchantress narrating while the Prince was getting ready for the event. He looked terrific, in a good and scary way, actually. So much suspense! Simply put, everything was very, very well done and handled. The emotion, the happines, the longing, the suspence, the comedy, the surprise, the action, the love and hope. Everything and everyone were perfect in every way. I really loved every character, every moment, every known and new aspect of this Tale As Old As Time.It’s like falling in love all over again.

I could be here forever talking about this movie. Sadly I don’t have much time… For specifics feel free to hit my ask box anytime!

God bless absolutely everyone who worked on this movie.