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Headcannons for dating Veronica Lodge?? Please and thank you :)

  • Her always playing with your hair
  • Going to all the games to watch her cheer
  • many, many milkshakes
  • She talks a lot about fate and destiny
  • food from New York on special occasions!! (or when you’re sad)
  • you two don’t keep secrets
  • so much PDA
  • she wants everyone to know that you are hers
  • “The red is for love.” “Babe I love you…”
  • Veronica has the Best Kisser Award
  • She can’t stop smiling when she’s with you
  • Puts little notes in your locker
  • “Dear Y/N, You’re smile is as bright as the sun. xoxo -V”
  • you have to carry her bags sometimes
  • lipstick marks all over your face
  • don’t tell me she hasn’t tried picking out your outfit for the day. several times.
  • she’s super giggly when you’re around
  • texting in the middle of the night when the other can’t sleep
  • S L E E P O V E R S (with some brief makeout sessions)
  • she will fight anyone who is even the teensiest bit mean to you
  • if someone hurts your feelings, she’s ready to comfort you, aaand then find whoever made you feel this way
  • you tell her not to worry about it
  • she finds them and tells them off
  • that girl loves to wear your clothes
  • Her wrapping you in a blanket and watching movies and tv shows together.
  • You always falling asleep during the marathons and her adjusting your blanket and cuddling you.
  • Whenever she borrows something for you, you have to kiss her in order to get your stuff back.
  • She makes it her mission to cheer you up whenever you’re sad.
  • “You know I’d do anything for you, right?”
  • She puts on music and dances with you (and if you don’t feel like it, she dances for you ;3)
Truth Or Dare//Im Jaebum

Originally posted by infinitblaq

Pairing: Jaebum x reader

Genre: Smut

Summary:Anonymous said:

Hi can I request a scenario when reader and JB are cuddling watching a movie and they get bored and decide to play truth or dare. and it escalates to smut from there ^_^ Thanks

Author’s Note: I don’t know why this one took me so long to write:/ sorry guys!
xoxo Sara

“Seen it, seen it..” Jaebum murmured as he flicked through the movie channels you two had, one arm draped around your waist while the other propped his hear up so he could see over yours.

“You’ve watched literally every movie on these channels, Jaebum,” you chuckled softly, leaning your back against his tummy as you ran your hand across his arm.

This had been the first time in months Jaebum has had off; no practices, no meetings, no recording sessions. As the leader, Jaebum has to go in on days where the other boys don’t, and it does take a toll on him. So today, as his only day off, you’ve both decided to stay in and relax, watch some movies, and cuddle.

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